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  1. Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun walked the red carpet together
  2. Thanks guys for sharing these photos- JDY looked amazing! Love the suits and his hair was styled to perfection. Hope he keeps it that way for the drama awards!
  3. Soompi article which translated some of what Kim So Hyun said about JDY in her interviews: https://www.soompi.com/article/1369051wpp/kim-so-hyun-talks-about-chemistry-with-the-tale-of-nokdu-cast-rumor-about-dating-jang-dong-yoon-and-more
  4. Soompi has a clearer translation of Kim So Hyun's interviews: https://www.soompi.com/article/1369051wpp/kim-so-hyun-talks-about-chemistry-with-the-tale-of-nokdu-cast-rumor-about-dating-jang-dong-yoon-and-more
  5. @Sky8lue and @ucylucy thank you for sharing these translated interviews! The more I read about JDY the more I respect him. He seems really down to earth and clearly knows his own values. I love that he still visits the grandmothers he met on The Gashinas!
  6. Awww he looks cute in those wrap-up photos! Though it is a bit strange not seeing him with a topknot after all these months as Nokdu .
  7. I cried so much watching the final episode, both sad and happy tears I think this is one of my favourite finale episodes of a drama ever. Everything wrapped up in a satisfying way and I am just sooooo glad that Nokdu and Dongjoo and everyone they care about get to live happily together after . Something I feel this drama has done an outstanding job at is maintaining the consistency of each character's characterisation through the big and small moments. I have also loved the use of repeated themes. Some of my favourite scenes in this final episode were: I will remember you for a long time Tale of Nokdu! And thanks everyone on this thread for your weekly enthusiasm and shared joy at this wonderful drama! Until we meet again!
  8. So this is how they shot the scene where Dong Joo aggressively takes off Nokdu's clothes There really wasn't much space at all!
  9. Nooo I don't want this drama to end But on a really shallow note, how does Nokdu/JDY manage to look super dashing and handsome even while wounded and covered in blood?
  10. Nokdu's purple robes suit him so much! JDY looks really cool in all of the fight scenes, it's great he does at least some of his own stunts.
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