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  1. at this point i dont even know who to cheer for to be the king... YM who is crude and evil? or Gwanghae who is blinded and paranoid? both seem like a bad option. Or even ND who has no desire to be king? Gwanghae shows no sign that he will redeem himself anytime soon. he honestly had the chance during this episode's ending... but well... i honestly don't want ND to be a king either. i dont know how having ND as king can be a satisfying ending. i just want ND and DJ to live freely with each other, not tied down by the responsibilities of a monarch )):
  2. because they've been fighting for so long hahah and we thought the political mess was gonna be wrapped up in today's episode, but it seems like we still have more to continue with the political story
  3. The last episode will air next week. everyone i'm honestly quite shocked, the fighting sequence has been needlessly long when the only important parts were in the beggining, when the queen declares ND's identity to the conspirators, and the end, where the king finally appeared. i feel like those were the only few scenes that mattered but we got a whole lot of fighting inside. even political sagueks dont have such long sequence's... even mishil did not have one episode dedicated to her death. although the ending was frustrating, the conversation between the king and ND was really gripping as they are finally voicing their feelings for one another
  4. guys its the second half of the episode and they are still fighting in the palace HAHAH when will this end. even Yangmyeonggun's coup in moon that embraces the sun did not last this long HAHA.
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