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  1. I agree with this. Although some people have complained that the actors aren't expressive, I think they play their characters in a restrained way, which suits their roles as a 1000 year old snake and an introverted scholar. I loved watching them fall in love in the first half of the series, those scenes were beautifully done and well paced. I think they had lovely chemistry. (Also, could Ju Jingyi be anymore beautiful? Its ridiculous!) I love the Xiao Qing actress too, I think she is easily the focal point of many scenes. Also, as a character Xio Qing is really fun, and she is passionate. I found the main couple became a bit bland after a while - but their lack of passion isn't the actors fault (I've seen the legend of Yun Xi), I think it is the way they are written - they're too good, and wholesome, and slow to anger. Unfortunately, at the stage you're at, episode 27, I already found the multiple criss-crossing story arcs bad, as in unnecessarily complicated, repetitive and unoriginal. None of the side characters are that interesting - Prince Mu, the general, the water god - and AHHHHHH! the sight of Ruyi saying the same stuff and acting like the same spoilt child again makes me want to cry. Has anyone noticed how handsome the actor playing Fa Hai is? Just saying.
  2. Poor Connor Leung. Clearly he’s still stuck with the same stylist who dressed him as Mei Zuo
  3. I only got round to watching the end a few days ago, and now I'm rewatching. Aww, I love the fun romantic mood of the earlier episodes The angsty episodes weren't half as bad as I'd imagined. You can see throughout the melodrama that unfolds that O Sol always loves SK - I had been so worried that she would start to blame him and become emotionally cold. Watching it after such a long gap, I also really appreciated how well they built up the character relationships in the first part of the drama. Seeing how much the Gil family relied on each other emotionally since the mother passed away, you understood the tight knit family bonds that made OS reject SK - because her father and brother's happiness came above her own. Also, I was very moved by the scene when grandpa sees SK after he's back from America, so I feel bad for ranting about him on here earlier... Grandpa clearly had his own problems and wasn't driven by malice, but by an obsessive drive to control everything around him. And in the end he hurt himself more than everyone else.
  4. This may make sense once I’ve watched the episode, but I’m miffed they wasted a scene on OS having an ice-skating date with the doctor. I mean, we had roughly two episodes (half of 14/15/and half of 16) of no happy OTP and they do that? That’s a scene they could have used on babies! Rewatching the kissing scene and it makes me so happy. I love the way OS runs to him, how she pulls him into a kiss, and then during the kiss she cries because she’s so happy!
  5. Urgh! Get back together! Like now! I’m dying over here!!! Thanks to you guys posting the clips, by the way! I feel like we’re some sort of live investigative operation, haha.
  6. I’m feeling much better about the time jump now that I know it happened in the webtoon, and isn’t just a lazy device from the writers. Also, knowing that after the time jump OS still considers SK her boyfriend in her heart makes me super happy, as my worry was always that she gave up on him. Fingers crossed they follow that in the drama. Happy endings! Happy endings for everyone, please!
  7. I love that scene where he reaches for her hand to ask her to come back to work (that @Jillia posted above) Sun Kyul is so handsome when he’s serious, hilarious when he’s awkward, and so adorable when he’s happy. I think that’s why I love him so much. He’s got so much range as a character. While I have a huge weakness for tsundere leads, I admit that they are not completely realistic sometimes, being too cool for school and all that. Both KYJ and YKS have done such a wonderful job making these characters three dimensional. Solkyul look like a real couple in love and I think that’s why I’m head over heels for this drama!
  8. ‘There's one thing that I hope it will be included in the drama version. After went back to Korea, Sunkyul didn't meet Ohsol face to face right away but wandering around her first without her knowing. One time he asked two kids in neighborhood to meet Ohsol and ask her a question. "Noona, do you have a boyfriend or not?" Ohsol then said that she has a boyfriend. When Sunkyul heard this from these kids, he's shocked,"What? She has a boyfriend? Haa that's right it's been 1 year, there's no way a cutie like her still single after all this time." Ofc what Ohsol means with boyfriend is Sunkyul lol.’ This is SO cute!!!! They’d better have this scene!!!! This will almost make up for the two year gap! (You can tell I’m so excited because of all the exclamation marks, haha)
  9. I still haven’t watched episodes 14/15 yet, but I am allowing myself to watch happy clips from 14 and I am so in love with our OTP that it makes me sad seeing them in the knowledge that a 2 year separation is coming their way. I’m thinking of ways it could be acceptable to me: 1. if right before SK leaves for the UK (?), OS runs to him, tells him she loves him and she will wait for him. SK still leaves, but not as a completely broken human being. Also we know they will stay faithful while waiting for the other to go through whatever they have to to heal. *I know the above is unlikely given the bit in the text preview which says they try to forget each other, but this is the part that grates at me the most. Even if they get back together, the fact that they both have tried to move on means that they both mentally and physically abandoned the other person. That’s different from, say, if one person thinks it’s not fated and gives up while the other one perseveres, because there’s still a connection. If they both give up, then you just have people rekindling a former love, which is not as passionate. 2. Before SK leaves, OS comes to declare what an idiot she has been and that she sees he has not done anything wrong. Everyone else sees sense as well, hurrah! Angst over! SK and OS start their own cleaning company (I feel like OS is genuinely happy doing cleaning work. What made her sad was when she was trying to be like everyone else at the beginning, and when her dad kept telling her to do an office job), OS and SK get married and have babies. Lots of family life montages. By the way, was Daniel Choi’s role in all of this revealed in episodes 14/15? As in, what does he have to do with OS’ mum’s death? And were OS ‘S dad and OD ok about being lied to?
  10. It looks like there is an apology from grandfather at the end, and I know this thread should be for lighter and more supportive comments, but for me I don’t think I can buy a redemption arc for him. He is too evil. He ruined SK’s mother’s life by forcing her away from SK’s father and SK; ruined SK’s life by depriving him of love and causing him to have misophobia; then he tried to ruin OD’s future by interfering with the disciplinary committee. I think that’s too much unforgivable life ruining for one person. (I’m excluding OS’ mother’s death because I don’t know the full story, but I’m assuming it was an accident, as in not corporate manslaughter, as he’d be in prison if it were that.) I really hope everyone ends up ignoring him and has nothing to do with him ever again.
  11. Urgh! Nooooooooo! Two years is way too long. Their reunion will be bittersweet. Even if there is personal growth, their romance will now be characterised by a sense of melancholy. That is not the mood I want to feel with this OTP. I don’t want them to have missed out on a big chunk of each others’ life. And it seems a cop out if SK’s misophobia is just fixed in the blink of a time jump. I feel depressed because the more I think about it, the more likely it seems that a time jump is the only plausible way to deal with the issues they have created surrounding OS’s family. I say created, because I’m very aware the drama in this romcom didn’t have to go down such a dark path. I understand @Jillia saying the two year jump will help them mature, and while part of me wants to accept this (for my own sanity), the other part is still very annoyed that this drama I love so much might end this way. There is nothing that says you can only mature as a person alone. Almost everyone does better with the support and love of a significant other, and their support doesn’t necessarily mean you are dependent on them. In fact, having their support gives you more confidence and strength. I think having OS and SK find their way together (let’s go find the sea together! Away from the artificial lights! - What was that then??? ) would have been much more satisfying. I love how it was OS who took SK out of his lonely world, and SK who helped OS find her self-confidence and self-worth. If they could continue down that path, that would show that they just needed to find the right person who gave them the right support to flourish, and equally importantly (as I think SK’s inability to trust the people he loves has been a recurring theme) SK could have finally found a person he could put his whole trust in. But who knows! Maybe they will surprise us! (*Delusionally hopeful*)
  12. That’s it! A pox! A pox on the writers house! I’ll hold off watching until the final episode is out. I can’t bear to watch SK suffering so much. I can’t understand what will make OS soften towards him now if even thinking she’d lose him in the car crash didn’t. Urgh! It had better not be one of those endings where time passes, they meet each other again and smile... and then we get the credits!!!!!
  13. I just watched the balloon scene, and I see what you mean about cute overload. (Also, who is cutting the balloons free? ) But I actually really love it. They remind me totally of the giddiness and sweetness of falling in love. In that way, the non-stop kissing and smiling is very realistic to me. Also, one of my main complaints about romcom/drama is when they build up the OTP getting together so much we get very little screen time of them being a happy couple. I have wasted many an evening watching scenes of hugging, forehead kissing, or even a glancing scene (Omg! How creepy do I sound? Haha) because the dramas haven’t offered much more.
  14. I will wait to watch eps 14/15 too, but if they haven’t resolved anything by the end of 15 l might have to take drastic measures and hold off watching anything until the final episode is broadcast. I am so disappointed in OS right now
  15. I just realised that 5th Feb is New Year, so there’s a chance they may postpone the penultimate episode I think Korean New Year is very similar to Chinese New Year (I’m Chinese), and the night before New Year is a huge deal - it’s a national holiday and everyone goes home to have dinner with their family. Fingers and toes crossed people! I don’t think I can wait 2 weeks to see OS and SK finally happy! Especially if they make both eps 14 and 15 all tears and drama.
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