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  1. Watching episode 1 and I can see potential for sad ending. But they can’t do that to us, right??!!! I’m only watching because I want a happy ending for the main leads. Yun Xi’s ending was too ambiguous for it to count as a happy ending for me.
  2. Actually, all the points you make are exactly what JJ makes YS apologise for before she takes him back. I feel like where LiS is so successful is in giving us a modern mature FL. One who is proactive and intelligent. We see her fight with the ML, but not over minor things. I like how she trusts him 100%, and that her getting angry with him in these later episodes is about how he should trust her back. And the show treats it well, she loves him so she doesn’t overreact, she just waits for YS to get it. It’s very mature. Very often MLs don’t apologise and FLs just stupidly misunderstand
  3. Minor annoyance, but when JJ goes to find Xiao Chuan in ep 28 she phoned Li Li, who then volunteers to go with JJ to see Xiao Chuan because ‘he’s not good at communicating with people’. In what way does Xiao Chuan need Li Li to help him communicate with the other people? He doesn’t have social difficulties, he just likes computers and is focussed on his start up business. It just seems like another way for her to claim a connection with him, which is my main problem, the way she sees all her lame interactions with him as special when it’s all in her head. Rant over, haha
  4. I wonder if the fact they’ve got big stars means that big brands are sponsoring them? Luo Yun Xi has huge star power at the moment. Lots of male actors play CEOs in suits but I think Luo Yun Xi knocks it out the park for wearing the suits well and stylishly. I’ve never really noticed a C-Drama with such expensive and well put together outfits before. Kdramas have it down to an art, but C-Dramas have always been behind. I really love Qiao Na, she’s always got a Victorian spin to her outfits and gothic make up. It makes her stand out. Someone on MDL mentioned the ab
  5. Skimming through the most recent episodes (like skimming for OTP moments and not listening to any dialogue or plot, so correct me if I’ve got it wrong), but it seems like YS has to go rogue to uncover the truth about JJ’s dad. Maybe he breaks up with her and doesn’t tell her why because if she knows she could be in trouble as an accomplice, and so she believes he’s just another cold hearted investment banker who plays dirty. As for DL, I guess DL admits he was part of what happened to her dad and she can’t forgive him?
  6. In the clip DL says it’s Lin Tai Mo who is behind it. I’m excited about a whole new big bad and storyline I didn’t predict. God, I love this show!
  7. @Zay❤️ Thanks for the clip! It’s super cute! I love our couple. I’m rewatching because they’re just too sweet. Episodes 20/21 were so good that I almost forgot that they have amazing scenes in the first 19 episodes too! It’s rare for there to be so many great OTP moments throughout the entire series. The dialogue for the clip you posted goes: girls: Oh wow! He’s so handsome! The aunt beside him can’t be his girlfriend, can she? She can’t be! YS kisses JJ JJ: how could you do that in front of so many people? YS: What are you thinking? How old are you? Getting jeal
  8. He doesn’t have any kissing scenes in Ashes of love, but he really shines in the emotional scenes. I’m glad Bai Lu isn’t too self-conscious to look like she enjoys the kissing scenes, and to kiss back properly. Zheng Shuang (Yang Yang did all the kissing in Love 020 and she literally stood there like a plank!!) and Ju Jing Yi (needs to maintain innocent idol status so has pretend kisses or pecks) are the main ones that come to mind. Bai Lu is a proper actress and I love that she isn’t shy in her comedic acting too. That octopus scene is great and also she quite often does th
  9. I think she was trapped in an elevator and YS saves her. That’s what the episode note says will happen in ep 26 (on the broadcast schedule). But there’s nothing in the dialogue that tells you what happened.
  10. translation of the notes on this https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4554946173996091 18th - pushing elevator doors with bare hands happens today. 19th - mutual protection (both sides acting to protect the other) 20th - literally means ‘chase wife to the crematorium’ but I think it refers to a romance genre where a ML who has been indifferent goes all out to chase the FL. I’m a bit confused by this, so maybe it refers to the second leads. 25th - you’re playing with fire 26th - war of the bed zones 27th - Marry me (in English)!
  11. I read Chinese and it doesn’t say anything about the episodes, but I love that they pre-warn you when the angst is coming! Let’s hope it’s accurate that it’s a break up only for one day! I’m going to have to skip watching next week. I can’t have the sadness without the reunion straight after!
  12. Actually, maybe YS finds himself in danger while investigating her dad so he breaks up with her to keep her safe? Aaahhh, this is driving me nuts! Hate, but also love, watching in real time! Awww, I just saw YS and DL in the ep 26 preview. So cute. I really hope DL doesn’t do anything evil, he wanted to be a better person before and I hope he does become one.
  13. My new theory is that JJ’s mum forces the break up. Since YS knows nothing about it, you’d have to make up a complete fiction to implicate him. And he would fight for JJ, or at least run after her, and in the short clip of her slapping him he doesn’t seem to do anything. I now think YS breaks up with JJ, leaves MH and JJ stays at MH to prove herself to her mum. It’s the lesser of two evils, to have JJ still love YS and just think he’s a jerk is better than her thinking he caused her dad’s death and lied to her.
  14. I was undecided about him. I’m not sure whether it’s him as an actor who is stiff, or the character is meant to be awkward. He looks so much like a serial killer when he’s serious that I’m uncomfortable when he laughs. But given his background, I can accept he doesn’t know how to behave normally, as he has played a role his whole life. He also goes to extremes, like completely breaking down when he’s upset. I’d give Kido GAO the benefit of the doubt until I see him in something next. He was in Legend of Fuyao and I didn’t get any serial killer vibes there, in fact, I quite liked him,
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