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  1. Rewatching the final episode, although I still love that it gave me a happy ending for the main couple, I share the same disappointments as a few of the commenters above. - I am sad about Jin and Sahui. I mean, if they could make up happy endings that weren't logical (CP as king), they could surely have given us a happy ending for them! - The secret plan they'd been working on for ages was just begging the King in public? He could have quite easily called GJR a liar and then where would we have been? And it was so short! - I really wish we had an ending scene which shows how the CP and Rim are still like brothers. I feel like the whole drama caused a rift between them and I never saw a resolution to it. I loved the way CP was such a big brother to Rim and was protective of him. Although there was a bit of animosity, it was because Jin was torn between his loyalty to his father and Rim, but he never actually disliked Rim.
  2. This looks like he will kiss her and then, given how serious he looks, go on to assume his responsibilities as king. I’m really disappointed. I really hate sad endings! The first half was a good mix of comedy, fluffy romance with some mystery and politicking. I didn’t expect it to go all melo on me. @mundaliv I agree that SSK is very beautiful in hanbok, as is CEW. The hairstyle is very severe for females in sageuks, so I'm not surprised some people wouldn't suit it. Although, maybe I'm just speaking for myself since the other ladies - Mo Hwa, the Crown Princess, Sa Hui and the other apprentice historian - all look beautiful too!
  3. How amazing did Prince Dowon look when he pulled that sword on the soldier?? I mean, it looked so good that I will ignore that it's totally inconsistent with his character, who is a bit weak and coddled, to be so good with a sword. @sirena82 I'm watching episode 19 now, and having read your comment, I'd like to think that you're right. After all, the CP's response to GHR was exactly that - the people are uneducated, and they are easily frightened - it's ill-conceived and arrogant to think that with just a few conversations their outlook will change. How can you teach people who cannot read or write, have likely never left their home town - so cannot understand many societal concepts which are only imparted from books? It has to be a gradual process. I haven't yet got to the part where clearly the CP starts acting against Prince Dowon yet though, but I feel that given his character so far, and that his goal has always been to free the royal family from the second state councillor, he could actually be behaving like that as a show? You know how often they show us scenes that make it look like our protagonists are losing, but actually they've been colluding with the others all along? That's what I'm hoping will happen. If CP turns out to be like his father, I would feel really cheated as I was actually invested in his character. Anyone really unnerved with how casually they are just bandying about that historian's daily records? The ones that everyone has been searching for for 20 years??? Of which there is only one copy?? When Prince Dowon was just going to rush off with them to confront Queen Dowager? The King?? (not sure who) I was like 'NOOOOOO YOU COMPLETE IDIOT! They can just rip it out of your hand and tear it to shreds and then it will have all been for nothing!' Read it and make a copy!! Make lots of copies!!
  4. Haha @ that comment when I scrolled down and just saw a picture of GHR holding back tears while hugging a hat.
  5. Maybe for Tanya to persuade the people of Arthdal to accept him they will do the sacred dance together. Since Aramun is Asa Sin’s messenger, he would have to do something that would prove he knows Asa Sin, and not just Tanya. Momo tribe are amazing and I am still totally in love with Xabara. Although for a moment I actually thought they were going to turn into mermaids when they dove in after Eunsom Haha. I love the way Xabara never gives simple orders like ‘go save him!’ It’s a rallying cry like ‘Warriors of the water! Charge!’ Although... I have been wondering whether that’s the Momo tribe’s role fulfilled? I mean, they repay kindness - if he saved Xabara’s life and she saves his, aren’t they equal now? I don’t think I saw them in the trailer for next week (I’ll check again later, but I think they only mention the Ago tribe?) But... maybe she owes him a bigger debt because he saved her child as well? Or they will team up to revenge Sateunik? I really wish they’d just tell the Momo tribe about Sateunik already and we get to see the Momos in full attack mode! What is is happening to Tagon with the undereye bags?? I hope not madness, because that would be a bit of a cop out, I feel. Tagon is a brilliant villain because we can empathise with him - he’s complex, and intelligent, and you can see why he commands loyalty. He strategises and doesn’t do things without reason. I would like Eunsom and Tanya to go head to head with Tagon as a King (who bet his whole life on the principle that the ends justify the means) who believes in bringing the tribes together under one powerful leader, rather than in a union which can be broken up. (The way Mihol is always holding Arthdal to ransom over the secrets of the Hae tribe is an example of the union being fragile). I would be disappointed if Tanya and Eunsom were to go against Tagon as a brutal madman who has lost the essence of who he is. It would make him too much of a ‘evil baddie’ which is not what 16 episodes so far have presented him as. And it would mean that Tanya and Eunsom are not presented with a proper interesting moral dilemma. I really appreciated the writers showing Tanya choosing to punish the Asa clan because it gave her a real dilemma and forced her to stop playing the innocent. Arthdal/Civilisation is complex, and there is no simple right and wrong sometimes. I think it would be good for the writers to give Eunsom a similar dilemma. As much as I love him, he and Saya have had very little character development. They are who they were at the beginning.
  6. I love her voice when she’s rallying her tribesmen, it’s so strong and deep! I also love that she can alternate between looking girly (like when Eunsom bandaged her arm) to powerful and scary (when she rides up to confront the Daekan (?) force with her tribe). *goes off to begin fangirling Erika Karata *
  7. I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed with LR’s character development. LR should be quite a complex character: - He’s gifted in literature - he wrote as Maehwa because he was compelled to write, he was heartbroken when the king made him stop. However, it seems like the Maehwa arc was only used as the meet cute, and just dispensed with. We don’t really see him as an accomplished writer, reader or intellect anymore. - He’s had a painfully lonely childhood. And occasionally - like when he told HR she could cry as much as she wanted to when she was at Noksodaeng (??) because nobody would hear her - you get a sense of it, but again, not much. Also, only one part in the first 12 episodes - where he goes to Pyongyang - has given him a real opportunity to be more than a two-dimensional character. There has been no character growth since then - and it almost seems like Pyongyang LR has been forgotten. That’s my problem with the writers though, and not CEW, who has played the gender role reversal very well.
  8. Does anybody else sometimes think HR might be Mo Hwa and her ‘brother’’s daughter? There’s a big age gap between her and her brother, and Mo Hwa always seems to look really shocked when she sees HR. I dunno... I just really want to know who she is!!! I’m so impatient, haha. Also, I just want to say how much I love Min! He is the best. That is all.
  9. I actually have a different view on the ending. I think LR will become King, because it’s not a choice he can make, it’s a responsibility he was born with. I think his growth arc is about him discovering that he is not only kind, but strong willed and braver than he thought - these are qualities for a king. Remember that in MDBTC (another fluffy sageuk to compare!) the CP becomes king but it’s not all doom and gloom.
  10. It’s the Chinese character 愛 meaning ‘love’ He’s such a sweetie. Are they going to execute Min??? Whyyyyy? OMG! Love the historians though! Seemed like jerks at the beginning, but actually a really spirited and close group. I’m totally with you! Let the big romance commence!
  11. Oh no! This seems super plausible I did wonder if CP dies as well, as they seem to have set his character up as the one who protects people from the King’s actions. I can imagine him sacrificing himself for Prince Dowon I just finished watching episode 8. Although I love the plot I hadn’t been super eager to watch it because I knew it didn’t progress HR and LR’s relationship. After watching, I did enjoy the progress of Min and LR’s relationship though And you guys are right about CP and Sa Hui’s chemistry. He’s so affected by her. I really love her. She’s doesn’t get flustered by anyone and nobody can predict what she will do. I’m intrigued by the Mo Hwa storyline though. Have no idea who she is, but as an aside, I love how much her husband eunuch cares for her. He’s so sweet! Give me some romance this week though!!! Pretty please! I want HR to realise she’s in love!
  12. I loved the way LR looked when he saw HR was also going to Pyongyang! I’m going to go watch it again! I’m really reeeeeaallly hoping for more romance. I love their interactions but HR is totally friend zoning him!! Also, I really appreciate the way HR is written and played by SSK! Often, when they make a female character plucky and headstrong, they make her stubborn and brash - someone who is rude, gets into trouble but is actually very soft inside. I love that HR doesn’t get into childish fights with people and she isn’t reckless - she considered her fiance’s feelings when she ditched the wedding, and she didn’t take the young girl who may have smallpox no matter how awful it felt to do so. I also liked how she put Min in a tight spot by pointing out how nice he was to her to come to Pyongyang. It was done in a matter of fact way, not in a bashful way. She very mature, even if she’s a bit naive about love.
  13. Maybe Min gets smallpox It was so ridiculously brave of Min to go along on the expedition I don't ship him with HR anymore, but I still love him anyway!! Loved today's episode. I was really moved when Lee Rim got angry. Cha Eun Woo was front and centre of this episode and I though he did a brilliant job. I'm very disappointed in HR's brother and Sa Hui though I also feel like everyone is out to get Mo Hwa! Run, lady, RUN! Empress' side had better start doing some smart politicking, because it looks like everything is heavily weighted on the second minister's side! Is Ho Dam a medicinal book? I wonder if the King thinks public knowledge of medicine will lessen his importance because then nobody will need royal rituals, so that's why Ho Dam was banned, and Mo Hwa was made public enemy number 1. They do talk about the importance of royal rituals a lot! But then... it isn't clear what it has to do with Prince Dowon. I thought it looked like Prince Dowon recognised Mo Hwa at the end actually, what do you guys think?
  14. Someone mentioned in the thread that they think The Story of Ho Dam was written by a historian. It’s most likely the true recorded story of the old king’s death and LR’s birth. Perhaps the fact that Ho Dam, as the work of a historian, is being suppressed to try to change the historical record will be what forces Min to ally himself with CP/HR and LR. I think he won’t become political in the sense of trying to actively assist a coup - I think that would stray too far for his character - but he firmly believes that historians hold an important role in the system of recording truth for posterity - therefore anyone that is suppressing the truth is someone he will actively work against.
  15. I love Cha Eun Woo as Lee Rim. I don’t understand all the mockery of his bug eyed look. Since this is a comedy, his facial expressions are supposed to be exaggerated. And when he smiles, ahhhhhh super super super cute! I didn’t really like him in My ID is Gangnam Beauty, this character suits him much more! However, I don’t feel the chemistry between LR and HR While I enjoy their interactions, I feel like she’s a significantly more mature character than he is and isn’t attracted to him at all. I know their romance will blossom later, but usually even at the beginning there is chemistry which they build on, no? Like a lot of you I feel she would really spark with CP or Min. CP has recognised her intelligence, but also realises she has an arrogance that needs to be tempered - and I feel like she’s found a man she can respect and learn from in him (previously she’s been disdainful of men except from her brother). I also really love Min - from the way he looks at her you can tell he’s very impressed and curious, but he’s currently not in a position to help her. I really want a love line there because you can see he would really love and value her ... but simultaneously rooting for no love line there, because it would definitely result in a sad ending for him! @Carmarie I also picked this up after Arthdal Chronicles finished. So glad I did! Nice lighthearted series to watch before season 3! Didn’t want to get into anything too demanding.
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