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  1. Just want to express my thoughts on this drama, VIP. I'm really hoping for a happy ending for JS and SJ. Like love is sweeter the second time around 'coz they been through heartaches and they know what went wrong in their relationship so they can work on it to avoid it. I'm thirsty for their sweet moments as a couple. I'm hoping for season 2, where JS and SJ will get back as a couple.
  2. Just finished watching the subbed final episode... mixed emotions right now... my thoughts for the king..does he knows that his son is alive that's why he asks favor to Yulmu to let Queen escape the palace?
  3. I haven't watched the last episode but... OMO! I was spoiled by the vid clips and seems we're blessed by the lovey dovey scenes and kisses from our couple..I'll be waiting for the bts off last episode kissing scenes..
  4. what if the King tries to fool YM? he's plotting something to YM to be arrested so that he can protect his throne/ to protect his son, Nokdu.
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