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  1. Perhaps someone can tell me: I am curious to know from those who have read the novel (or understand the raw Chinese episodes), approximately how long has Zhou Fei been away from her home, traveling with Xie Yun til episode 38? It’s hard to tell if it’s been 1-2 years or just months, unless it was stated and I missed. From the novel, I thought, she was 13-16 years old when she left originally, but as the remainder of the novel isn’t fully translated into English, I do not know the length of her worldly travels with him. Anyone know?? More episode 39 spoils.
  2. Hello to all, I hope you don’t mind me dropping in for a bit. Thought you’d all get a kick out of this Ep 39 spoiler (Warning! It’s a spoiler! Don’t click if you don’t want to be surprised.) It’s been years since I tried adding a link in soompi so my deepest apologies if I have technical issues.
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