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  1. Thank you for highlighting this...I was bawling buckets of tears when I saw him giving that hair tie to her. I was like, “wait! You’re just giving her that?! NOoooo! Kiss the stars out of her!” [But then she’d probably slap some handcuffs on him and then he’d be in big trouble there...he don’t have time to be arrested with time counting down (Also, he don’t need sexual assault on his “record” along with being LJH’s family’s suspect perpetrator in 1994)... lol. I digress.] Going back to your thoughts: it was very poignant how he touched her. That skin-on-skin memory has to last him another 4 years (her time; I can’t calculate the timing of the in-between worlds place) until he can hug her, IF he can hug her in time. I loved how he slid his fingers up her wrist and lingered there, like he was imprinting that touch into the deep recess of his brain. And I have to comment on how that must have impacted JTE. His touch must have seared into her memory like a hot iron. So much that in 2020 when she remembers her memories of meeting him in Gwanghwamun, that she tears up and says “If I don’t do this now, I’ll probably regret it later.” And hugs him hard. I absolutely LOVE this drama!
  2. Delurking. Love love love everyone’s theories, rhetorics, explanations, recaps and sharing pictures/videos. Thank you, oh wise ones! *airhugs* Not sure this has been discussed yet: Edit: Yes it was. Hah! Sorry, I was 5 hours late to cover this. My thoughts on LL: now that the 2020 LL was killed by his 1994 past self, he ceases to exist in 2020. Because the 1994 LL will continue to do exactly what the 2020 LL has done already. Yo-yo Flute Boy/Girl says, “So, the traitor failed to save himself. Instead, he created the monster that he is today.” So he’ll go to 2020 doing the same things, and then travel to 1994 AGAIN to try and persuade his past and get killed AGAIN. It’s a loop that he can’t get out of...maybe. LOL. (My thoughts are a bit sketchy) UNLESS, 1994 LL has gotten wise enough when he realizes that the coup failed and changed his plans (again). BUT somewhere in this second loop, LL gets caught by JTE and SJ and that’s why we see that scene in episode 1 in the police station with a bloodied LL in handcuffs. Probably due to whatever genius things 2020 LG does to the future-past. I’m not 100% sure about this, but wanted to contribute some thoughts. Who else is a tad confused of all this timey-wimey shenanigans, like YoYo-Flute Boy/Girl hoped LG wouldn’t lose his timey-wimey way back to 2020? “Will he return safe and sound without getting lost?” Also, I never played the game (haven’t logged on for a few days-hello 300+pages!) but I always thought it was LG that saved himself. Lee Min Ho’s stature cannot ever go unnoticed. *wink, wink* (Shout out to City Hunter fans!) Thanks again to ya all’s contributions. This has been an extremely fun ride reading.
  3. @skibbies Wow, thanks for the eye opening background! That may affect a lot of people who have LOL connections on whether they’ll watch this or not. As for myself, I am one of those in it just for pure entertainment. Since I know nothing about the players nor the game it doesn’t hit my emotions in a negative light, however, I can see how those who are completely aware of the reality would be in an uproar. Had you not said anything, I’d be oblivious. So thank you for enlightenment. When I was on dramapanda website, I did notice that some of the characters names are different than the novel, so perhaps they are changing things up, but that doesn’t make it right. All things considered, plagiarism is a very serious issue, so to those whom are deeply affected by it may choose to avoid watching this drama entirely. Thankfully, this forum has a mature audience that allows both sides to have their say and be civil about it too. Thank you again @skibbies Appreciate you sharing what you know behind the actual story.
  4. Hi everyone! Can’t wait for this to come out. I’ve read the English translation of the novel up to what’s currently out, and love it!! Love the strong, quirky main leading lady. I hope they maintain her persona from the novel to drama. And of course the smitten tsundre male lead. Cannot wait to see Xu Kai bring this character out. A Shout of Thanks to @sugarplum892 for opening up this page, and @angelangie for your ever consistent drop of visual goodies. We can count on you to always give a feast for the eyes! Do we have an air date? I saw on mydramalist it’s supposed to be in December, but I wondered if that was definite.
  5. @Table122000 Thank you for sharing that video clip!! Made my day seeing those lovely people back on screen, even if it’s a teaser for season 2. Cannot wait!!! Can we ask for no voice dubbing? I’d love to hear Yan Xi’s original voice...
  6. WHAT?! A second season???! Oh my. I’m dead. @angelangie Thank you. You just gave me the best present of 2020. Is there a video preview yet? Since I’ve been away from this forum for awhile, is everyone healthy and staying safe while amidst world conditions?
  7. @Songbae My list of recommendations: The World Owes me a First Love About is Love Well Intended Love (and now there’s a Second season airing!) Gank Your Heart Put Your Head on My Shoulder A Little Thing Called First Love My ultimate favorite: LoveO2O For something that was low key good in its hay day, have you ever seen “ToGetHer” with Rainie Yang and Jiro Wang? This is a 2009 Taiwanese drama, and Rainie was also an original cast member of the 2001 Meteor Garden series. Rainie also starred in one of the first Taiwanese dramas I’ve ever seen called, “Devil Besides You”. It’s totally cheesy and cringing since it’s taken from a manga. But I admit, it’s one of those that got me started on watching Asian dramas back in 2007 when I was bedridden pregnant, and had nothing to do. lol. And if you’re totally bored of Chinese, Korean dramas have a wide selection, and there are some awesome Japanese dramas too. Just check out the various sites and see what floats your boat. Jiayo!
  8. Yes, I’m in the same angry boat as you. Feels like we got cheated. That “old fox” as you say had WAYYYYYY too many scenes than what YS should have had. Seems like many would appreciate a second season too! Fortunately for us who’ve been burned, there will always be another drama out there to heal us. Heh.
  9. @angelangie @pad-hari I’m crying for an ending that was happy, but left me still wanting more. Maybe a season 2? That’d be great!! ***Please don’t read my spoiler if you haven’t seen the last episode. I’d hate to ruin people’s bubbles.***
  10. No, no I meant the female lead (main lead)!!! I should have clarified her name in my post; can’t even recall her name now as I type this up. Hahahah. YS is way more memorable to me than her! Hahahahaha and I agree with you and everyone else about FX. I guess what this drama is all about: Finding HFX’s True Heart. Questions are: Will she be true to her heart? Or will social norms continue to dictate how she walks? (I’d prefer the first...he’s way more cute than the uncle. Hahahahahahahahaha)
  11. @pad-hari What did the notebook say?! Please say you know...lol. Hello ya all, I don’t often comment, but I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts so far, and of course those who’ve dropped many lovely clips and media info. Thank you! So it sounds like the last two episodes may be the only chance the OTP has to get together...? Unless...(this is my hypothetical ending) they make the ending about how she remains a single lady, fully knowing what she wants in life, just waiting for YS to come back from overseas, and then they get together two years later. I swear...if they make that scene of them hugging at the flower shop be the end scene...I’m gonna cry bucketsfull of tears for a drama-that-started-with-promise-to-a-drama-that-ended-on-a-sucky-note-despite-the-last-second-HE. They have been so miserable and frustrated not together that I’ve held off on watching the latest episode in Netflix cus I’m tired of being depressed and wanting to slap the ML for being a dull rag doll without making decisive decisions. Hah. (Yet...I still keep on wanting to watch more. Sick disease I have.) Anyways, let’s hope they do have a good ending. Please, drama god (director!!!) give us satisfaction for twisting our hearts and bleeding us dry.
  12. Wow! I wasn’t aware that they’d make a second. Exciting! According to Wikipedia, “Season two wrapped production at the end of summer 2019 and will be released February 13, 2020 on Sohu TV.” So a little less than 2 weeks (if Wiki can be trusted)!!!!!
  13. @angelangie Hi! I have been watching this series on YT up to ep 13. Mind if I ask you a translation question?
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