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  1. This has been my problem since it first ended airing. After watching it raw, I’ve become numb from the frustration of waiting for the subs. Though I am doing my best to watch other stuff in the meantime. Will have to binge watch again the entire thing after it’s complete. @Table122000 re: what you said, “We finally get to see Zhou Shi being confident” and “how much Wei Qing has changed.“ This is why I love this story so much. We see their growth and transition of indifference, disgust, irritation, anger, etc to friends/romantic interest with dependence, trust, faith and a growing awareness of each other’s strengths, abilities and attraction. It never gets old. Apologizes if my words are a bit jumbled...it’s 1 am and my eyes seem to want to do something other than stare at my computer screen.
  2. Oh seriously?! How did I miss that?! lol. Thanks for sharing!! And Sorry to @vietgurl4ever206 No offense to you; I was not aware of ep 24 trailer out. However, I am with the rest of these peeps; still rooting for a HEA! Jiyao!!!! On the topic as you mentioned; I too wanted to know...Would someone please clarify why SW was at that company where ED confronted him in the first episode? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hmmm. Not recalling this scene. Are you sure you have the right series? It’s only up to episode 16 on maplestage. Right? He went from a dull, expressionless man to a wily pursuer. Love it! In reading the novel, I love how he corners her into doing what he wants. Hahaha. Loving the cute antics of the leads. She’s such a cutie pie, how could he NOT fall for her?! lol. Waiting for eng subs will be hard since I’m liking it so much.
  4. I need a “hubba hubba” reaction emoji to express my thoughts. HAHAHAH!
  5. Oh see...I had no idea that happened! Interesting. Thanks for sharing!!
  6. Yeah I noticed that as well. But its uploaded at PP’s with English subs now. Ms Xue seems to be an opportunist, (though I’m not sure if the actress is fully capable of bringing out the character’s traits. Like the actress isn’t as seductive as she’s supposed to be...maybe too nice.) I don’t know. It just comes across as awkward pawning over WQ. Maybe the character is supposed to entice WQ to sell the gallery? WQ’s Mom is cray cray. Blinded by her love for her husband and hatred for her son are twisted. A rational person would go crazy trying to explain things to someone who doesn’t respond to logic. ZS gives us such nice comic relief. I love the balance between serious dramatic moments and laughter to lighten the mood, without being too over the top.
  7. Yes! Throughly enjoyed for sure. This drama pulled me out of lerk mode and now into checking soompi daily. LOL. I know!! It’s so sweet!! Can’t wait to squee with ya all. @raziela I really love what you said about XF and FF. After the main leads, that couple is my next favorite. XF’s character gets more animated around FF; he comes out of his shell with her, and he pulls out the nurturing side of FF’s. It’s so adorable seeing them two take care of each other. Like when she found him and wrapped the fur around him, but then he tried putting some of it on her since she was barely wearing anything. lol. So sweet! Slimy uncle... Can’t wait for his scenes to be over already! Heh. Unfortunately FF doesn’t know yet how creepy he is. Yet, did ZX ever tell FF that he came onto her at that party? I don’t recall. That BBQ scene is hilarious! XF asking for more meat, omgoodness...I loved it. Either the whole restaurant is PP or that’s ZX’s favorite BBQ place cuz at one point she even brings WQ there. lol. And mean girl is stinky, extreme stinkiness. The actress is doing a great job of being an amazingly annoying mean girl. lol.
  8. ROFL!!!! Now THAT’S the enthusiasm for AIL that I appreciate greatly. Drama Addiction Land: Its where I have been for the past few months since stumbling across AIL. Happy to know that @angelangie and I aren’t the only ones on soompi that are addicted. When AIL was still all raws, I’d watch all the episodes over and over in case I missed something. Do you know the TW drama called “ToGetHer”? Jiro Wang and Raine Yang. It’s old school, classic, the theme beat never gets old. One of my old time favorites if you can’t tell, seen it over and over til my DVDs are scratched. That’s what “AIL” feels like to me now. It’s fun, not boring (well...maybe in some places), and I can repeat watch till I’m satisfied. Now that the subs are flying out weekly, I can’t wait till it’s all done and I can binge watch it all the way through. AIL is low-key, but at the same time, it has this pull that sucker punches you in till you feel like you’re suction cupped to the window. Or maybe that’s just how I feel about it...lol. Happy to know there’s more out there who are addicted.
  9. I’m up to 5 (or is it 6? I stayed up too late to watch) and I LOVE it so far. The bickering and flickers of attraction are so sugary sweet. They have these heart stopping moments that kinda remind me of moments in About Is Love. I love the themes of her being into voice acting, and him into making violins/music. It has the feels like the way a Japanese drama is written...especially with the first “couple date” at the horror house. lol. Yet, there’s so much more to the story than what I can understand right now. (I will be depending on my Chinese fluent pals for spoilers! Please! lol!) Hoping this will be someone's next project to sub, however, there’s so many GREAT dramas out right now, we’ll have to be really patient. Edit: Ooh! @pad-hari You found it too. Good!! Spoiler about the bow n arrow scene
  10. @angelangie Ohhh this looks cute!!! Thank you for tagging me along with everyone else! Gonna like this paring...I love their dynamics so far. And she’s so tiny compared to Riley’s height!! *squee!* Off to read novel
  11. @raziela @pad-hari If I may add my thoughts about XF’s “interest” in FF and ZS...I feel that he’s more interested right now in his “older sisters” welfare. Yes, he may have attraction to FF that he isn’t yet aware of yet or not ready to explore, but his attention is more focused on who these girls are associating with. I mean, he’s fully aware of how WQ can be a bully, and he obviously doesn’t like the Uncle. These young women are XF’s “home” now; they provide shelter, food, and company that he’s not had for a very long time. They give him warmth and dote on him in a way that his “older brother” in the orphanage did. So surely he’s wanting to preserve that line and protect his sisters. Though his efforts may seem clumsy and infantile, and end up with him needing their assistance...but that is the beauty of XF. lol.
  12. Sorry to cut your post...but I liked what you say here about the differences of the usual tropes. I feel that this drama in general is really a fresh take on the different reverse roles played out. It keeps me hooked onto even the dullest of characters. With the raw episodes, I had skipped through some of Ming Cheng and Qiu Jing’s scenes, but now that these episodes are subbed I am getting more invested in their banter. The guy who usually ‘shuts them down’ is now totally flabbergasted and as you mentioned, he’s now rendered speechless! It’s fun to watch. And regarding the mean girl and ZS’s classmate: oh, they have a purpose! lol It may not really be the truest form of angst, but this isn’t a melodramatic Kdrama. However, jealousy can lead people to do unexpectedly dramatic things. How these two are linked to our main leads...well I won’t say more.
  13. lol. I take it, it wasn’t as bad as you thought. So I can watch it now? Hahahaha. Kidding. It’s been a busy week with a sick family, so I haven’t had time to watch much. Can’t wait to see next episodes. They look fun!
  14. Would someone kindly explain how HBQ knew she wasn’t related to CY? Did that woman who poisoned her reveal who HBQ really is? And why her birthdate being in April made such a huge impact for CY? Thank you
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