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  1. The other kiss in the epic interrupted bed scene was an adlib? Well some naked dongyoon adlibs would have been nice too dongjoo should have stripped her man.
  2. What is the difference between cpi and the other one? Good for tale of nokdu finally getting the no. 1 spot that they rightfully deserve.
  3. Not just asian but I'm sure mostly for other countries too cf would bring in better income because the payout is higher than the amount of time and effort needed. That and I assume fan events such as fan meetings and stuff. For singers the highest income would come from concert tours and merchandise plus royalties. I would not be surprised if singers made more money than actors overall especially those like iu who dabble in both fields.
  4. I'd think so too. They'd have to generate enough income to sustain the functioning of the entire agency instead of just being one of several contributors. Do you know how much she earns per drama? Though I think cf salaries possibly contribute more to profits but not so sure about that. Well with the popularity boost they've both just received it should help sustain their agencies financially while opening up better script opportunities for greater success.
  5. She has her own agency doesn't she? Read an interview by jang dongyoon who also recently set up his own agency and they don't even have an office or business license yet. The stress from the struggles is understandable. Good of her to persevere and find her own success.
  6. If they don't win best couple the award show is rigged without a doubt. Both best couple and acting awards should be won by them and the other cast members. When does kbs announce nominations does anyone know? Less than a month is left it should be out.
  7. Is this related to the drama that everyone was mentioning? If it then there shouldn't be anything to worry about anymore. Both love alarm and tale of nokdu that she did this year were great dramas. I enjoyed them thoroughly as I'm sure did many people.
  8. Surprising they even had a dating rumor? Understandable because of the level of chemistry they had.
  9. The dress is pretty for sure but the make up could be better though I'm not seeing why anyone would complain since kim sohyun looks gorgeous. I'm still hungover from tale of nokdu and can't move on to anything else. Reading the interview by her I can say she has great thoughts and speaks well. For a young person her words are very mature, calm and well thought out. I get why jang dongyoon said everyone will like her. Based on the interviews her personality is very likable and I remember reading interviews from song kang and jun garam on soompi and they both praised her similarly.
  10. I've been trying to watch other dramas for a week but the hangover for tale of nokdu is so strong I can't move on. Better to just camp out here and read all the interviews that get translated and posted here by kind souls. I can feel the affection the casts have for each other just by reading the interviews here and seeing all the pics that they keep posting. The message from the director is basically how we all feel about the drama and he did great leading the team. I want to see them all getting properly rewarded at the kbs drama awards because they deserve it.
  11. She lived as dongjoo this whole time. They all lived as their characters and I usually don't watch historical dramas but I loved this more than modern dramas. Could not be happier that kim sohyun and everyone did the drama. Definite fan of the director here. He had me since the kiss scene demo. I'll be more than happy if they all work together again. I don't know how often that happens but would root for it. If I had to pick between them I'd pick noh heekyung as an ideal writer to work with but kim eunsook is a ratings magnet. Hard call between quality and popularity. That said I'm just going to trust her choice of roles because I've loved all the roles I've seen her in so far. She is very cool.
  12. I've read on soompi that another drama that just aired is getting promotional activities in China. Any chances tale of nokdu could get similar promotions? I can't come to terms with giving up this drama plus I think they deserve more popularity and love. When a good drama doesn't get the right amount of appreciation it stings as a fan. I do think this drama has enough international popularity to warrant some promotional fan meetings or events.
  13. It hasn't even been a week but the withdrawal symptoms are already severe. The drama has wrecked me.
  14. When it comes to fitting a role she fit them even in the other dramas I've seen of her. It seems like she is good at picking her roles but for tale of nokdu she made the character a real person. She did a similar thing in love alarm which is why I noticed her acting but the character itself was too tragic and it must have burdened her. Luckily for tale of nokdu the character is not tragic so kim sohyun was able make dongjoo even more realistic and relatable. I mean dongjoo was out there doing things her way and kick richard simmons saving people and being the level headed mature female lead you almost never see in dramas but they exist in real life. You can't not love a character like that.
  15. Must say kim sohyun looks absolutely goddess like in the wedding scene with the flower crown. Extremely beautiful I kept staring at her throughout those scenes.
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