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  1. Finally caught up. I feel so sorry for HH and his breakup. And as much as I dislike JK, I do hope that she and HH can work it out later and mend their relationship again even if now, it seems to be impossible. Seeing the flashback, JK at some point did truly love HH and her feeling for JY was stemmed from jealousy of where he was standing with his talent which sadly, they don't understand the burden he felt being on that stage. With JK case, it seem that competition had gotten the best of her and was what made things spiral down. Those flashback and her winning (what seem to be second
  2. The sad thing about her claim of being and knowing JY for 15 years is that, it's not about the length of time. Friendship isn't about who knows who the longest, it's about understanding the person at best. In her case, although she may had known JY for 15 years, but it doesn't seem like she fully understand or is aware of his loneliness, his lost of passion for music, and his problem especially since with JY, he doesn't even open up to her about his situation or the burden and indebtedness he felt towards her family and the foundation. JY may not be fully open with SA about everything particul
  3. Been silently lurking here and there. But decide to comment I am completely in love with this pairing of SA and JY, that they understand each other and how observant they are with one another. I really cannot wait until they both fall in love with each other. Although I know that, it will take awhile given how much JY is going through - the burden of feeling indebted to a foundation, the burden of his family circumstances, and his feeling. Part of me hope that we can eventually hear SA plays the violin and that her violin will move JY heart the way his piano had moved her heart. B
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