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  1. Just delurking to see how much I love the scene with Aeshin and Dongmae. Second lead syndrome to Dongmae. Our Chilbongie is going to break hearts once more with his one sided love. I love the holding her shirt scene which holds sentimental to their past, and the moment he fell in love with her. His character already spell tragic so I'll be packing tissues to prepare for it.
  2. @atgirlina I agreed. They do look tired which I would say contribute from the shooting given their screen time and the hot weather which could definitely exhausted them.
  3. @dramaaddiction same here. I like how he treat others when it comes to the matter of Fuyao. He can be ruthless
  4. Agreed. Wuji value Fuyao life more than his life. I believe he said so before that her life is valuable (somewhere along that line) when he rescue her from Consort Princess and gave her his energy. And his action definitely shows how important she is to him. That he would defy his father and fight against the guards for Fuyao. He even stab himself for her when Qi Zhen held Fuyao hostage. So those evil girls better watch out cause 1 harm to Fuyao and Wuji will return it back x2. Hence we love love our Prince
  5. Just a novel and drama comparison topic since I am just curious. @dramaaddiction I thought it would be too. Well good to know it is a confirm
  6. I think we got sidetrack with what possibly reason contributing to the rating but overall, I think as long as we love the drama, it's all that matter. Back to the matter at hand with our beloved drama
  7. I do remember the issue with Tangren in the days. I am surprise to hear that she is hated given the success of 3L3W but I guess that's celebrity life. You can never win against people. You'll have fans that love you and fans that'll find fault to hate you. Never a win-win. Regardless I do love Yangmi and Ethan. Whatever personal life is going on with theirs, it's their business but drama wise - their acting and chemistry is amazing and I love them for this role.
  8. That's good to hear. This drama is going into my all-time favorite fault along with 3L3W for sure. I love Wuji portrayal of his role and can see no one else but him on it. A prince role like no other prince <3
  9. I love this drama and agree that this is Ethan finest role so far as Wuji. I think internationally, the drama is a sucess given the love it has. Back to the drama itself, so I am taking that the route of the drama in term of kingdom will be for Fuyao (since she has to go to 5 kingdom) would be: Taiyuan (which is done) Xuanji Tiansha/Fufeng together Tianquan (final kingdom since the full politic will eventually kicked in here) since Then firmament as the final battle
  10. Just want to say thank you for all the updates. I cannot be more happier that today is Monday and thank you for all the sharing. You guys are spoiling me with all the updates and the hotness in Wuji. Should be focus on work but my mind is all Fuyao and Wuji. I'm lovin' it
  11. I haven't read the novel yet given it isn't fully translated yet. But I do hear that there is difference to it. Please do translate, would love to hear what the screenwriter say @Wotad you don't sound like a nag at all. I am sure many are grateful for the reminder, myself include since I am a bit guilty on the aspect of forgetting to put spoiler earlier on since I keep lurk and de-lurk so apologize to that.
  12. I just went with the assumption that no one asked because probably Consort Princess had it cover up since she believe Fuyao is her daughter at the time. Can't have her believed to be daughter tangle up with dead body. I'm not sure with the novel. I really want to read this novel but so far, only up to volume 2 chapter 18b is translated so I'll patiently wait for the completion before reading. But I do hear that there is a lot of changes between the novel and drama (which is expected in sense). Fuyao from novel has 7 admirers out of the 8 main guy but of course, Wuji won her heart from what I heard
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