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  1. Ta Gon and Taeilha are the characters I'm the most curious about but I'm sure they're all interesting in their own ways. I need to watch the drama to know if my first impression was the right one ^^. And you, which are the characters you're the most interested in?
  2. I don't want to bring negativity but I wish people would stop comparing any new heroic fantasy tv shows with Game of Thrones. It's a popularity thing but popular isn't equal to good. For me it seems more similar to the Legend from MBC aka The Story of the First King's Four Gods.
  3. I really enjoyed the first episode, the ending was intense, it was like watching the finale of a tv show but it was only the first episode !Can't wait to watch the characters development !
  4. It's true, the subs are better now and I'm very grateful about it because I truly enjoy this drama. I never feel bored watching an episode. But I'm scared about the ending .
  5. Someone hold me episode 6 ended with a damned cliffhanger!!! This is why I don't like to watch ongoing dramas
  6. I watched the first three episodes and I like the drama so far. Clearly it's not perfect but I enjoy our 2 protagonist's relationship so much, I don't really care about the rest. The subtitles aren't great though and I hope to find better translations later since Netflix picked it up.
  7. I can't believe LK is dead . His life would have been so different if he run away with Woon Shim when he was younger... I want to applaud Kim Sang Kyung for his acting as Lee Kyu, he's trully talented and I hope to see him in other dramas and movies. Another great episode that makes me long for the last one (but I'm a bit scared too). Please dramas gods be good to us!!
  8. I catch up with the latest episodes and since episode 6 I'm truly addicted to this drama. I wonder how the story will end (I hope for a satifying ending). Now I don't know if anyone will be able to answer my question but do you know when the complete ost will be released and if we'll get a physical version of it? Because I'm ready to buy it.
  9. I have to admit they look really good together . Despite my love for Han Ji Min I was hesitant to start the drama because I wasn't sure it was for me (I prefer sageuk, fantasy or SF dramas) and I'm not the biggest fan of Nam Joo Hyuk, but after seeing gifs and this photoshoot I want to give this drama a shot.
  10. What a good surprise! I can't to seethese both act together and I want to know more about the plot and the characters asap!! 2019 is spoiling me lately
  11. @triplem Wow the Queen actress is really disliked, saying she doesn't look like a queen is a bit stupid because what did these people think rulers looked like? Supermodels?? It's a bit ridiculous... And Bae Doo Na isn't liked too apparently: is there a controversy surounding her that I'm not aware of?
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