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  1. This drama was a thrilling ride from start to finish I'm glad I watched it. I almost wish we got a second season with another group of resetters, I mean this road is there and someone we'll end up finding it even if it's in 10 or 20 years... Anyway it's such a cool concept it's fun to imagine different scenarios with different people (not everyone can be as awful as Mr Hwang lol).
  2. Episodes 9 and 10 (or 17-18/19-20 if you prefer) were intense and I was screaming internally the whole time because of SH lol. All I hope at this point is that we get a last reset to fix everything and bring back people to life (especially Bae Jung Tae, dude deserved better, he wasn't perfect but still better than the majority of the resetters, I can't help but love him ok). But what about the mysterious professor? Is the train accident just a red herring? Will the leads kiss at last? I feel the last two episodes have many answers to give us and I hope we won't be disappointed by the ending.
  3. This drama is really exciting and each episode is killing me with its suspense and revelations ! But I'm starting to wonder if there are true innocents among our "resetters". What if Ms Lee is just trying to take revenge on all of them ? She is saying she's just bored, but we can't trust what she says. Ahhh I wish I waited a bit more to binge watch this drama because the wait is killing me !!!
  4. After episode 4 I can say I'll keep watching this drama. I like our main leads (their scenes where they work together and their conversation on the phone were nice) and the pacing is good.
  5. Before the 2nd season starts I wanted to write what scares me, before all my hopes are crushed : I really hope Young Shin survives this season, I'm even more worried because we didn't see him that much in the trailers, so does that means it's the end for him ?!
  6. I'm a bit confused about something, at the end of episode 6, what does So Jin smile means ? Did I miss something ? I'm a bit scared about what it could means...
  7. Spoilers for episode 3 but I'm wondering :