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  1. aaaahhhh, i hope tomorrow they will air 2 eps back to back (1 hour per ep) like extraordinary you,,,, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. I dont think BK already know about it. In the morning, when DH ask BK where is he last night, he kind of shock because he dont know where was he. But I believe he will know in the near ep. I am shock when DO announce her engagement is canceled
  3. Im sooo curious, what is Baek Kyung side story? Why his father use him, and he is scared of his father? and why he is so mean to Dan Oh? I think he have a reason, maybe it is about his biological mother?
  4. well, in the next ep, he still be a jerk. aishhh. i want a sweet scene between DO and BK!!!! and somehow i feel DO and BK have a good chemistry, cant feel any chemistry between haru and DO (sorry) yes, haru is a good to be true. ahahhaa, but still bad boy will grow on many girls ahhahahaha. lol
  5. jezzzz, Baek Kyung always act like a jerk!!! be a good boy pleaseeee. I want to see BK smiling, aishhh And somehow I think he know that DO is look after extra number 13
  6. is Haru can't speak??? PD nim should add "almost paradiseeeee" song in every juda and namjoo scene! hahaha, that song keep playing when i see them. lol
  7. aaa i see, that woman hahaha. how can he change there? will he change his clothes with dong joo clothes? wow ahahahah Btw tonight ep is full of loveeeeeee, they are into each other but not yet sure, need some trigger hahaha
  8. AGREEE!!! The ending sooo hilarious ahahhaha, Dong Joo looks like want to eat nok du ahahhaha. Can someone give me a spoiler what she gonna do? btw, who is the woman that hug nok du?
  9. I think its a common sense in that era, that woman should have long hair. Short hair is a shame for woman (imho) ------------------ I love the first ep. And YES! the main girl is aware of male lead as a man not woman. Love it sooo much! The police widow are sooo funny! I hope they can help our hero to catch the assassin. Looking forward to next ep!
  10. i just finished watching all eps of love alarm. AND I DONT UNDERSTAND THE END OF THE STORY is she come to the event to ring her alarm???? I want her to be with SO!!!! #now i hope i never start to watch this drama, The ending is in cliffhanger, damn! i should watch till they are in busan before the accident!!! gosh! NETFLIX you better make season 2!!! ##is this true? https://meaww.com/netflix-love-alarm-season-2-jojo-chose-between-sun-oh-hye-yeong-original-webtoon-plot-yook-ji-duk-gu - I AM SUN HO TEAM!
  11. Dont worry, i find a lot of fans in their youtube video. THIS DRAMA IS SOOOO HILLARIOUSSSSSSSS, Im laughing sooo hard when I watch it hahahaha., I wanna see how lee do hwi will be stressed and then follow his boss wholeheartedly hahahhahaha
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