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  1. Seo Ye Ji’s Tiny Waist In K-Drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay Has Got Everyone Talking credit: She has what K-netizens call an ant waist . South Korean actress Seo Ye Ji has been hogging headlines lately, thanks to her role as a super stylish children's book author in It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. The K-drama also stars Kim Soo Hyun, who plays a caregiver at a psychiatric ward. In the latest episode, there was a scene which showed Ye Ji's character at the hospital dressed in an all-pink two-piece outfit that accentuated her tiny, tiny waist. Viewers clearly couldn't get over what they saw as they immediately went online to react to the 30-year-old actress' ant waist , a term that K-netizens use to describe a very tiny waistline. “Can all her organs fit in there? No way! Her waist is smaller than my thigh!” commented one netizen. While some netizens were envious of her svelte figure, there were also those who felt that the 1.69m-tall Ye Ji’s tiny waist might be the result of digital retouching. Truth be told, it probably all boils down to genetics. According to some netizens, Ye Ji's mum and older sister, who both worked as air stewardesses, are equally slim. Then there were the concerns about her physical well-being. “She's too skinny now. She could stand to gain some weight,” wrote one netizen. Ye Ji's waist isn't the only body part that has gotten people talking. Soo Hyun created a stir in the drama's third episode when he bared his chiseled abs. In that scene, Ye Ji's character bumps into a shirtless Soo Hyun in the hospital's changing room. When she reaches out to touch his abs (can you blame her?), Soo Hyun immediately grabs her and spins her around. Of course many netizens took to Twitter to leave thirsty comments about the 32-year-old actor's abs after the ep aired. “Kim Soo Hyun, how long have you been working out?” a fan asked, while another hilariously tweeted: “Search history: Kim Soo Hyun abs, shirtless, wet look.
  2. Some fan's posting. Why are they sitting so far apart? credit as labelled
  3. Interesting facts about our OTP. In SYJ's video, they talked about her suffering from sleep paralysis for 4 months during the filming of 'Save Me'.
  4. Here's the eng sub for the BTS . Who is the 2nd actess on the left ? @stella77 @softestfairy Thanks , I thought it's her. lol credit as labelled
  5. Hi, no worries. Personally i find that Mr Honesty has average story line. I don't really like the ML, watching it just for LJ. So far, I didn't see any director cut dvd of YAMD in weibo. I've saw in instagram regarding the sale of YAMD dvd though. @lhynne You can see them in modern clothing for 2 eps in EL2. Enjoy both seasons as there are many sweet scenes of our OTP, especially in EL2 and the character of LJ in EL is very different from YAMD.
  6. Here are some of my favourite that SYJ worn in the drama. Pics credit from kdrama_fashion instagram What: ZIMMERMANN Dress $1,360
  7. She's so sweet to her fans! I really love all her outfit in this drama. Is this a new dress in the upcoming eps?
  8. This was posted in XZL weibo during the filming of Marry me. He really loves to act!
  9. credit as labelled Finally found his post. This was posted by XZL on his weibo on 2 Jul 2019. He said there are 3 nude/bed scenes in YAMD. The day after tomorrow he will be filming the last nude/bed scene. If I remember correctly, we only seen 2 bed scenes. So where is the last bed scene? He also said since the end of March (2019) after taking this drama, he have eaten Carbohydrate for less than five times and his weight has dropped from 81kg to 69kg, and his body fat decreased from 20% to 12%. Starting on the 5 Jul, he wants to eat pizza, burger, hamburger pizza, pasta steak, spicy soup crayfish, mutton skewers, beef skewers, lamb chops, meat buns ,stinky tofu, hot and sour black bean noodles, barbecue mutton, scorpion grilled cold noodles, egg filling cake, hot and spicy noodles. This boy must have been deprived of delicious food for 3 months! He was indeed very disciplined as in the end, he didn't eat any of the stuff he mentioned as he said it was not easy to loss so much weight. BTW, his current weight is 74.5 kg as he posted in oasis recently that he needs to loss his weight to 72kg. XZL: 这部剧三场脱戏,后天最后一场脱戏拍完。从三月底知道接这部戏到现在,吃碳水不到五次,从81kg,减到了69kg,体脂从20%到12%。5号开始,我要披萨汉堡汉堡披萨意大利面牛排胡辣汤小龙虾羊肉串牛肉串羊排肉夹馍臭豆腐酸辣粉炸酱面烤肉羊蝎子烤冷面鸡蛋灌饼麻辣烫烩面