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  1. It's Liang Jie's birthday today (16 Jun). Without fail again, XZL wishes LJ happy birthday again! LJ's reply: Thanks
  2. @lovehuche lol....here you go......But i want to see more kissing scenes “The Eternal Love 3” Fans Say No More Kisses Please, Xing Zhaolin Concurs credit: https://dramapanda.com/2021/06/the-eternal-love-3-fans-say-no-more-kisses-please-xing-zhaolin-concurs.html Mo Liangcheng: I want to kiss, Xing Zhaolin: No, you don’t. The Eternal Love 双世宠妃 which started out as a typical time-travel drama has gone to the modern day for its second season and back to ancient times again for its third season. This time, the story is set in a matriarchal society.
  3. Some kiss compilations by fans! Eng translation: Tan er - Must not be more than three feet away from me MLC - Don't say three feet, not even three inches
  4. upcoming ep 13 preview! Eng translation: Tan er - I'm the princess! Must listen to me. Mo Lian Cheng - Say that again Tan er - You wanna rebel? MLC kissed Tan er repeatedly MLC - Say that again
  5. New stills! Here's the trailer with english sub! Read in weibo that liang jie will be acting dual roles....one is Tan er, hmm....maybe the other role is as the queen since she is the princess.....Mo Lian Cheng lost his memory in EL3 and Tan er is trying all ways and means to get him to remember his past!
  6. For those who loves SWL's smiles like me, enjoy the video which i posted in Feb 2020 last year.
  7. Think this has yet to be posted. SWL posted the below in his weibo on 31 Dec 2020: 宋威龙: 祝大家新年快乐奔向2021吧~ SWL: Wishing all a happy new year. Towards 2021 ~
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