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  1. Live recap of today's ep from drama milk. Luckily the kiss with HY is not real! https://www.dramamilk.com/melting-me-softly-episode-8-live-recap/
  2. Woah, I think MR replied that if it was other person, she won't kiss that person. This is in response to his question whether she would kiss anyone if it is any other person. And MDC's temperature kept going up.
  3. This KBS interview was so funny. Even the men screamed when Nokdo walked into the men's bathroom wearing hanbok. And JDY actually likes getting attention. He did get alot of our attention during the BTS of the kiss scene. Look at KTO's aegyo, he looks so flustered doing it.
  4. Nokdo's little bride is so strong that she can crush an apple with her small fist! No wonder Nokdo seems to be scared of her in the 1st ep
  5. Hi, did an english translation of Bie's latest interview. There are some questions relating to this drama. Check it out!
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