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  1. When & where she's gonna held the exhibition? I assumed it gonna be her art exhibitions, wonder will it be in Korea or in a different part of Europe, since she did one in Paris last November...cant wait to hear more
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but Er Shu means 2nd Uncle right, since his character in TSOML is the 2nd son. Which means Feng Shu is Uncle Feng & FengGe means big bro Feng... So the younger generation actors call him uncle, I wonder if they call Huang Xiao Ming uncle Huang too And heartiest congratulations to the Feng couple for the arrival of their new family member. Hope he'll grow up to be as tall as daddy with good looks like mommy.
  3. I wonder if our Ms Koo has a plan or being offered to do a drama this year? Also if she has plan to go back to acting at all? I'm missing her on small screen. I've been rewatching Angel Eyes, since its my favourite omong her dramas. I hope she will do another melo just as good, if not better. I simply love her acting a mature, adult character than the younger type...and I think she looks very beautiful in AE. Anyway many married actresses return to acting after married & their shows gets high rating viewers. Lee Boyoung, Jun Jihyun, Lee Nayoung to name a few, so I hope despite whatever difficulties she still find courage to continue acting.
  4. Hi, this thread is hardly moving these days...doesnt anyone stumble across our couple doing groceries, dining, shopping, attending weddings or even walking their pets? They seem hardly spending time together, during her birthday last year she was in Paris, alone & during his 1st jewellery brand exhibition, she went to Africa...I wish they wud spend more time together...
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