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  1. Missing DoDal & Namzy Came across this, when Nam Joo Hyuk came as a guest in Unexpected Business Out of so many numbers he can choose from, 10 & 10 must be a beautiful number, right? Not just because Suzy was born on October 10, or his first kiss scene with Suzy was shot on 10/10/2020, right?
  2. The problem is not abt her controlling her bf, as what her company said, it was just lovers spat whatever, it was the bf who made his choice to abide his gf unreasonable request instead of just ignore her & be professional in his work. SYJ’s issue now are 1) several people who came out & claimed they were bullied by SYJ during their middle/high school 2) A couple or so staffs claimed her bad attitude towards the staffs 3) She lied abt her academic background These were the reason she was dropped by her cf & cancel their contract with her. For sure those
  3. Actually she came not solely for SA. It’s actually her realisation that her mother killed SA for her to get a into the school, thus wanting to win the award for SA, so the dead can forgive her mom
  4. Just finished episode 13, and I’m like but again I understand. They need some kind of purpose & reason for 3rd season. Anyway for all his crime & cruelties, lifetime imprisonment is just like a vacation to JDT. Evil guy like him would have his lackey everywhere. And he must have stach some money & assets somewhere, especially illegal money, also to avoid tax. Anyway, I still believe OYH isn’t the one who kill MSA. Up until now there’s no solid evidence of OYH killing MSA beside her own fuzzy, distorted drunken memory. There wasn’t any solid evidence that shows she was t
  5. I still don’t believe it was who SSR die in season 1. The picture in her handbag just doesn’t make sense to me. Why would SSR carry around the picture in her handbag? Also I wonder why did JDT went out of his way to keep the twins biological mother identity a secret. He kept her picture in his safe, so nobody knows who she is & how she looks like. But now he knew Logan or someone who broke his safe knew abt her. I suspect it was JDT who called the twin biological mother to the penthouse & he killed her, put YH & SR pic in her purse, so no doubt of her identity & frame YH for m
  6. I have suspected this from last season. One bcs OYH hardly speaks to RN abt her father. Two, bcs her mother in law didn’t care at all for her granddaughter. Also, OYH had been in a relationship with HYC for a long time, when YC dumped her & marry SJ, it’s unlikely YH to fall in love with someone else so soon after, then marry him around the same time as YC & SJ, and gave birth to RN abt the same time SJ gave birth to EB. My bet is, not long after YC break up with her, YH found out she’s pregnant, her late husband probably a friend who likes her & offered to marry her. That’s why YH
  7. But the girl who fell down the stairs has long hair, and Rona is the only one with long hair. I think the girl is not dead but probably in coma. Rather than SK, I suspect it was EB who pushed the girl off the stairs. EB has every reason to hate RN. RN has the best vocal, JSH likes her & now she becomes EB’s dad daughter. EB pushed MSA off the staircase once, so she could has done the same to RN. And frankly it’s not even impossible if she was the real culprit who pushed SMA to her death SR is dead for one, at least for now, even if she’s alive I don’t think she has the heart
  8. Hi I’m new in this forum. I just finished Penthouse 1 few weeks ago, and now watching the ongoing season 2, which led me to this forum while waiting for next episode. Its been interesting catching up with many views but one thing that keep bugging me since season 1 is in between her drunken state memory YH believe she was the one who pushed MSA to her death. Do they have any other solid evidence that shows YH pushed the girl beside her own confession, which based on her mess up memory? As I recalled in earlier episode whenever she was drunk she had this delusional memory of doing
  9. Suzy's A tempo : To be Young And he shared all their nicknames himself
  10. I think not yet. Still checking. So unlike HB. Usually he doesn't go out of his way to deny a relationship. Let's wait for his confirmation first
  11. Found by some eagle-eyed fans. Its cute. Look at NJH mouth, its like he's saying "Love you" to SZ But of course it can be thank you too but I prefer to think he said Love you
  12. I think this clip is the best that explains Dalmi’s reply to Dosan’s question
  13. Honestly I don’t think much abt Namlee relationship because they were friends for so long before getting together. They shared same group of friends & mingle with the same crowd, so its hard to not see each other. The thing is usually ppl will delete their ex photos from social media if they had ill or bitter feelings towards each other, or the pictures were too intimate that would make their current partner uncomfortable. From what I see the ex picture in his ig were those during their drama filming days. Bts and some from their modelling work, which to me is inappropriate if he delete th
  14. Let's spazz all about this explosive visual couple.... Our gorgeous couple Nam Joo-Hyuk ~ 남주혁 Born February 22, 1994 (age 26) Busan, South Korea Occupation Model actor Years active 2013–present Agent Management SOOP YGKPlus Height 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in) Bae Suzy ~ 배수지
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