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  1. Thanks....I saw the picture but I didn’t see the caption which made me wonder if I see the right picture.... So why did she remove her caption? If truly it doesn’t have meaning behind it, & that her fans speculation were wrong, she didn’t have to remove it right, unless you smart people guessed it right & she got panic & remove it....just like her PSM unnie, who close the comment section when fans started linking her post to SHK & HB...I mean she can just say that she got melancholy with song since she’s watching the drama or something along the line... And HB has to choose a picture from the time he was 28 too...hmmm...was he the one choosing it or did someone else choose it for him? Someone who love their pictures when they were 28? Carry on from where they left off, so to say... Also in Korea, when they say they’re 28, they’re actually 27... WW ended in Dec 2008, they started dating not long after, which means in early 2009, and they both turn 27 that year international age & 28 Korean age. Tho SHK’s real birthday is in November 1981, her official birthday is in February 1982, and I remember reading somewhere long ago, one reason HB refused to call her Noona is because of that. Btw any idea why would someone hacked a fan shipping account in social media?
  2. Where do you hear the manly voice? Also may I asked when did SHK posted picture with ‘When I was 28 ‘ caption? Just curious because I don’t see it in her IG
  3. Despite his cool & tsundere image, from what I've seen over the years, HB is just a simple, easy going & down to earth person. He doesn't think complicated & hardly goes out of his way to beat around the bush. But he is someone with guts & principle. I remember long ago, after WW ended, both him & SHK were preparing to go to Japan together to promote WW. At the time the rumours of them dating were circulated around, just like it normally happened after their other dramas ended. What surprised me was HB's side first admitted to the relationship, which caused SHK to withdrew from going to Japan. Tho I know its because they didn't want people to focus on their relationship instead their drama, it was kinda disappointing to me. Why can't he reveal their relationship after their Japan event? But then that's how HB is. If he is in a relationship he would say so because he put his gf's feeling before him. When he was asked abt being in a relationship, if he does he won't deny even if it cost his popularity. How many celebrities would willing to do so? They gave all bull$ abt protecting the girl but they actually protecting their popularity & endorsements. Imagine how the gf would feel seeing her bf telling the world I'm single & available when they already living in together. The same happened when he was with KSR. When people caught on he's with her, he just admitted it...and at the time he still didn't have a hit drama/movie after returning from the army but it didn't stop him from admitting his relationship. That's why I believe him completely when he said he is not in a relationship with his latest leading lady. He denied the relationship not just once but 3 times already. If he is in a relationship with that person he would already made public long ago. I don't think he would go against his guts & denied his relationship. Funny thing is abt Binkyo reconciliation being hype up....sure, let's just say it probably caused by some die hard fans wildest imagination but why do many feel so threatened? In YouTube alone, there are many who tried to come up with HB so called denying Binkyo rumour, to a point HB sincere letter to his fans thanking them for their dedication & voting him so he can win the popularity award in recent Baeksaeng Award, also being deciphered by them as HB denying his relationship to SHK And they also work so hard trying hard to prove & justify Binkyo doesn't happen again....c'mon if they're confident with their ship, why don't they just chill & enjoy their ship....unless deep down they know their ship has sunken irl.
  4. Very true....check out his interactions with his MOTA leading lady. Their playful flirting was way much worst that most of the time I forgot the girl is happily dating her cute actor bf. But well, they’re professional actors, tho it was supposedly “bts” they knew professional video camera are following them around so to sell their “offscreen” chemistry as well to raise the drama’s rating. With or without camera rolling, so long they’re on set, they’re working...unless of cos they themselves claim otherwise, just like HB & SHK many years ago, on WW set. And so far beside SHK, HB has never claim nor admit having a relationship with his co stars... so if it Is true he has a relationship with his recent co star now, what stopping from admitting the relationship? Especially since both are already 30 going on 40 already..not that too young to get married stage... @leek Ermmmm...that wud be me... but then again, I ship HB with KSA from MNIKSS, with HJW from SeGa, just as onscreen couple of cos... but funny thing is, it’s hard for me to ship him in Cloy, no matter how I tried. I’m a sucker for romantic dramas & easy enuf to ship the onscreen couple as per their drama characters....the again probably I’m one of the super minority who simply can’t see or feel any chemistry between the HB & his latest drama leading lady
  5. They probably got brain freeze when they saw him that they forgot to see & take note of anything else
  6. Happy to see Koo seems to have move on from the unhappy phase of her life. She seems more radiant & happier these days. Just hope & wish she’ll put her acting career back on the track. The sooner the better... really miss seeing her on the screen with new characters.
  7. And that’s how they met Mr Sunshine ....and got burnt (sorry, can’t help myself, adding this)
  8. Yeah, I hope too if he is truly in relationship with that person, just confirm it as he always did. However knowing HB’s record he never denied his relationship even when he was still a newbie & just gotten recognition with MNIKSS. At the time he was in relationship with a new unknown actress yet he never deny his relationship. After breaking up with that person & later having a relationship with already a hallayu star SHK, instead of denying he confirmed it too. When being pressured by SeGa fans to dump SHK & date HJW, he simply ignored them. I suspect it was SHK who let go of their relationship because the pressure & hatred she got at the time were too much for her handle. Yet again, after she broke up with HB, nothing happened between him & HJW. They prove they were just colleague & nothing more. He’s not necessarily has reconciled with SHK but how many times again has HB’s side denied his relationship with SYJ? I think that should tell us something.
  9. Which is why I’m boycotting her ex’s work for now....yeah, sure, I’m one petty fan who are bias on my favourite actress...SHK might wronged him all she might but he was still her husband at the time!!! He shouldn’t have humiliated her such way. The last thing he could do for her was to protect her pride. Why cant he just filed for the divorce quietly, let their company made the announcement once everything was settled? Really made me wonder, he was that pi$$ because maybe he still could not really win her heart... Btw I just realised today while watching Revolutionary Love, starring KSR (HB ex), from certain angle she really resembles SHK a lot...well, just saying And sharing my 2 cents... SHK was with PSM in All In, and as SHK’s fans, we know SHK tends to be close to actresses she work with, and still keeps close contact with most of them. Choi Ji Woo is one of whom she work with in the 90s & still close till today. So is Song Yun Ah from Hotelier. So no surprise here if she remains close to Park Sol Mi especially when they spent quite a lot of time in US while filming. PSM & CJW are close friends too since their Winter Sonata days. Other words these actresses run in the same circle of close friends. And the same withPSM’s husband Han Jae Suk, who is on the same celebrity baseball team as Hyun Bin, so no doubt they’re close. So of cos it’s a big thing when out of the blue, PSM posted WW ost abt past love, (btw thanks to all who share the song & its translation) and got cheeky response from SHK. As an older close friend, why would PSM rub salt on SHK’s wound for no reason right, unless the song means something good happening in SHK’s life right now, don’t you think so too?
  10. Hi, can anyone tell me what is the WW OST title that PSM posted on her IG, and may be the song translation too. I’m curious to know why the hype just because SHK simple comment to it.
  11. Honestly SHK & HB is soooo 10 years ago... there’s already SJK & KSR in between.HB is at peak of popularity once again with CLOY, fans shipping him with his costar so hard, they diligently trying to prove they’re in a relationship despite HB’s side have come out & denied twice. While Song2 fans still hope for their reconciliation, out of nowhere Binkyo rumours came out. At first thought perhaps it was just Binkyo shippers being playfully wanted to avtivate the Binkyo fandom, but it continues being persistent from Chinese media making more suspicious. And the connection between old mutual friends & staffs of the ex couple started to reconnect lately...and of cos no denial from both side. So why does it has to be HB, an ex who supposedly in a relationship with his costar, and not good friends like JIS or KDW? What exactly did Chinese media know that we don’t? Could it be just like the drama, a couple who break up, got back together after a decade? If so then I’m so happy for them
  12. Its okay for divorcee to fall in love again, but to be with a friend who has been by his side all the time he was in love & married with another, wouldn’t it create complications such as comparison & inferiority later on? Sure SHwa has men in her life but was never serious enuf with any of them to get married to them. Uju mom is different, he must have love her so much to marry her & to even willing to forgive her if she wants to come back to him. But still if SHwa choose to be with IJ, its still fine because at least she understands him in & out, and will definitely be a good mom to Uju