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  1. I think not yet. Still checking. So unlike HB. Usually he doesn't go out of his way to deny a relationship. Let's wait for his confirmation first
  2. Found by some eagle-eyed fans. Its cute. Look at NJH mouth, its like he's saying "Love you" to SZ But of course it can be thank you too but I prefer to think he said Love you
  3. I think this clip is the best that explains Dalmi’s reply to Dosan’s question
  4. Honestly I don’t think much abt Namlee relationship because they were friends for so long before getting together. They shared same group of friends & mingle with the same crowd, so its hard to not see each other. The thing is usually ppl will delete their ex photos from social media if they had ill or bitter feelings towards each other, or the pictures were too intimate that would make their current partner uncomfortable. From what I see the ex picture in his ig were those during their drama filming days. Bts and some from their modelling work, which to me is inappropriate if he delete th
  5. Hi, I know the clip was a part of a drama NJH did when he was young, tho I thought it was from Cheese in th Trap, and has nothing to do with Bae Suji, but the humour in it was he was into some girl named Suji & years later NJH actually has a scene walking towards a real life person named Suji too Found this beautiful clip that sum up Dodal love story And how hard was it for us not to ship Namzy for real when they’re like this bts
  6. Actually I believe she did once, her co star SJ from GFB. However she was too young at the time that they denied it. And if you followed her at the time, it was very suspicious from the time she left her house to the the time she met him However that was years ago...she was 19 at the time & he was 24, and both have long moves on. Tbh I was kinda suspicious abt how suddenly Suzy was linked to NJH abt 2 years ago. It started with both were offered to act in C&HM, but both turned down the offer. Later Suzy was chosen to be Dior Korea model, not long after NJH was chos
  7. Tho in the beginning I ship Injae with Jipyeong but later in the story I ship Injae with the last single San
  8. My thought exactly. Dosan entered Sandbox not knowing Dalmi has entered too. Exactly! I know Jipyeong probably developed genuine feelings for Dalmi at some point but its definitely not 15 years back when he was still a teenager, nor the first several times he saw her after they grown up. And most of all more than being in love with Dalmi, he was more afraid of the feeling being push aside by Halmeoni & Dalmi, now that they have the real Dosan. It was clear from his expression when Dosan told them he’s bringing Halmeoni along on their date. Instead of him, Dosan becomes t
  9. Sometimes wonder if its Dodal or Namzy Still can’t move on. Hoping they’ll be the next power couple for real jist like Rain-KimTaeHee, KiTaeYoung-Eugene, KimWooBin-ShinMinAh
  10. Oh dear, Soop is really spoiling us with DoDal or is it Namzy now? Ending credit by Soop
  11. Its already ep 16, is it just me but I feel like time flies so fast during this drama’s period. I feel like I was just eagerly watching the promotional countdown casts clip, prior to ep 1, & before I know it, its already over. What I love most about Start Up is the simple and uncomplicated plot but beautifully executed. I’m very happy with the ending. Its not rush, carefully thought & ties up every end nicely. From the epilogue, on DS & DM’s desks, we saw photos of them with family & friends. Which cleverly said it all ~ that their company
  12. I don’t understand why there’s the need for these fanwars between teams. Because all the actors done their job perfectly. They made the characters come to life the best they can. Back to the story, from the very beginning it was never a complicated love story. Its very straightforward. The love story has always been between 2 strangers, Dalmi & Dosan, all along from teasers & promotions. How they meet? That’s where Jipyeong & Halmoni comes in. Because of what they did 15 years ago, writing letters to Dalmi using Dosan’s identity, created the confusion, hence Dalmi meets
  13. What abt Bogum? He’s a great guy too. I’m just as happy if Suzy is with either Bogum or Joohyuk. However I lean more towards Joohyuk because Suzy seems more girlish & comfy with Joohyuk than she’s with her any other costars. Also tho they looks good together, they seem to have set certain boundaries & neither cross the line. Anyway the way JH & SZ seem to comfortable with each other lately made me wonder if they are already close even before Start Up but have to act formally in the beginning of the drama. Come to think of it they share several close friends like IU, Bae
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