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  1. Dear Friends, wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come
  2. @triplemsorry for this late reply. I was really busy and out of town. I just finished watching MBC 2018 award this evening on 394. I am so happy Secret Terius has done well and won many awards. So Ji Sub for Daesang!! yes!! he deserved it!! The kkoko kiss between So Ji Sub and Kang Ki Young, gosh!! so funny. hahahahah!!
  3. @mabelialong phewit!! Where can we get So Ji Sub calendar?? It will really make my 2019 brighther
  4. I already finish watching Master's Sun and now watching Oh My Venus. After that I will continue watching Phantom. I missed So Ji Sub so much
  5. @triplem I love seeing SJS daddyish Joon Joon in the bts. Why dont he just get married and have own kids. He surely can be a good daddy. I l was laughing so hard watching the BTS
  6. My withdrawal syndrome is worst than I thought. I'm not in the mood to watch any k drama yet. But I marathon Master's Sun last night because I miss Terius so much
  7. Bon get himself a handsome little brother. A narcissistic Wang Min Nam who named his shop Handsome Man coffee shop. muahahah!! I am having a withdrawal syndrome already. I just finished watching Episode 31-32. I think I have to stop watching K drama for a while. Seung Gi appa and Terius doing kko ko. I laughed so hard at this scene. Also, I love cute scene between Bon and Joon Joon. Playing hairdresser and doctor.
  8. OMG!! This is so Mr and Mrs Smith. In the end, AR become spy also.
  9. That's it?? No Namsan Tower visit by our couple for mojito? sob!! sob!!
  10. I know the feeling. It feels like I lost someone close to me. pls dont let JYT die
  11. @triplemThe most awesome group in this drama is our KIS group. Where you can find a group awesome ahjumma who basically control and rule their throne in King Castle??
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