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  1. oh!! hi!! my fellow Malaysian. hahahahah!! #stayhome #staysafe sis. yeah, I agree with you. Hong Jo human need new clothes though he wore So Lah step brother's clothes?? In one scene Hong Jo human was flipping through the closet. Oh!! my!! I cannot imagine the story twist since So Lah step brother's return home
  2. Yeah, I am in Kuala Lumpur. Are you Malaysian too?? I am thinking is my Putih is L but then looking at his flabby tummy, I change my mind. hahahaha!! Remember, you dont owned a cat. The cat owned you. We are their slaves. hahahahaha!!
  3. I am hook into this drama because of the cat and L of course!!! I want a cute cat like L toooo!!! I am cat crazy lady. I have 8 cats . One of my fat male cat name Putih. He is white as Hong Jo with big green eyes hence his name is Putih. Putih is white in our language. He and the other cat name Mickey are the most affectionate cats in our home.
  4. That will be me with flying cockroach. I am ok with lizard, rats, worms but please!!! not flying cockraach