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  1. I feel like the rollercoaster at the end of this show was unnecessary. There was enough conflict with their age gap and his chaebol family. I hated they added the terminal illness trope when this story seemed to be going on a path of anything cliche until the pulled that Richard Simmons *rages* look, if it were up to me and they did bring the terminal illness in (it would have been useful to finally put perspective in the parents on their extreme control of their son and letting him go) I would have liked if for once the male lead could give the female lead a CHOICE in deciding wh
  2. The only thing is when male leads try to defend female leads like DS tried to with her evil stepdad and breaking the glass, he still went on his knees and begged for forgiveness after where most leads I see would have more dignity than that. Honestly I lost all respect for DS when he backtracked on his impulsive move and begged that hateful chairman for forgiveness.
  3. @zenya22 @Jillia @szne09 @celebrianna @starfangirl @partyon Sorry to bother you guys, but it’s hard for me to follow along this show not knowing what their slang means. What do they mean by documentary and filming and scenario? I try to look it up with con artist or scammer slang in search bar, but haven’t come up with any answers and to leaving me just really confused, misunderstanding the dialogue in show.
  4. I hope so too chingu, I am rooting for this ship. I thought as well that not meeting DS till the second or third episode meant he may be the second lead. And how JP and DM have crossed paths before as kids but not her and DS, which usually the trope is the female lead ends up with the male lead that knew her as a kid, so I don’t know. I think it’s too soon to tell but the fact that if DS goes to US for three years or something happens where there’s a three year time jump and DM has been still working under JP all those years, I can see them getting closer. Especially if JP finds out about her
  5. Can someone please explain to me what they mean in the first episode by documentary and mug? There is lingo or slang in the con artist world that I don’t understand nor am able to find the definitions online because they think I’m talking about mug shot, but the character was sayin how the female has a good mug. And that the other scammer made a documentary? Though they were doing a sham church? So what does it all mean?
  6. Thank you as well chingu! so here’s some thoughts/predictions/theories I have for the upcoming episodes since I have binged 1-10 and still have some details fresh in my mind. terminal illness-when JP first recruits DS, he asks DS what the main guy in dramas are like (wish I had exact question but it was something along those lines) and DS replies terminal illness? I do wonder if this is a foreshadowing that one of them will become terminally ill-I am leaning towards JP. Interesting enough in his first letter he discusses grief and how it awakened him to appreciate
  7. Thank you Chingu! This has also been bothering me..is IJ really the girl on the swing her dad referenced about?
  8. Was there ever a reveal of what DM’s answer was when her grandma asked if she preferred the old DS vs new one??
  9. Can someone spoil this for me and explain the story for someone that hasn’t seen it but considering to and wants to know ahead of time in case I end up just wasting my energy and time in a show I will be disappointed in? My heart can’t handle any of that. At least, what do you guys mean by the incest twist?
  10. Oh great *facepalms* The toxic cancel culture from identity politics and political correctness from US is starting to poison SK. Please don’t ruin It please
  11. Yes there were a few plot holes...like the actress patient that I was worried would show up in the las episode and cause trouble for our couple in the mom’s place. Or that MY never actually had a heart to heart with JR on why she was so possessive of her when they were young and clear the misunderstanding. Or how in the world MYs mom went from being almost dead, to getting plastic surgery and successfully getting a fake identity to fool the doctor and even become head nurse.
  12. Incredible show with a great ending, something rare these days where mot current shows I either skip or drop it in the middle. Major feels in the end when oppa owned his independence and dream. Overall beautiful story and I hope I find my own soul family like that
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