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  1. Another good eps 1. do san is very smart but very timid person. Maybe dal mi can change him. 2. this drama comes from good research,i mean the tech maybe can be real research 3. Second lead syndrome hit again,well it always be and always will. 4. Cute interaction between dalmi and dosan,their height difference is very big so dalmi is so small beside him.
  2. tvN drama 'Start-Up' OST Lineup 2 Gaho CHEEZE Ailee B1A4 Sandeul Red Velvet Wendy BOL4
  3. Dalmi journey as ceo of samsan tech begin. This drama kinda felt real ,Not everyone can be a good ceo(steve jobs fired by apple or another founder company hired ceo because lack of understand how company works). Cant wait for next eps although dalmi knows about dosan lie.
  4. so there will be second lead syndrome/one sided love (based on this chart)
  5. eps 3 is good the reunion of the family (dal mi mother actually cares about her,but its because unfortunate event in the past that makes them seperated),the shy akward and cute moment nam do san and dal mi,they never dating and suddenly after they met, they became official lol. cant wait for eps 4. btw for people who curios about the writer of start up previous work,well she is park hye ryun. actually this is third colab between her and suzy *she loves suzy so much lol (dream high,while you were sleeping and now start up),she also writes pinocchio and i can hear your voice. as
  6. Anyone now the song when nam do san appears in front of dal mi,seems like song when prince appear in front of his princess and with dreamy tone . So far so good,although its kinda predictable storyline .
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