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  1. Netflix Korea video with Song Joong ki, Director Kim Hee Won and SCreenwriter Park Jae Bum is out with English subtitles. It's really interesting and fun. I just wish it was longer! I would seriously listen to them do commentary about every single episode. I'm glad she gave us a more hopeful interpretation of the ending! I really enjoyed finally hearing from JYB about her role and the drama. i love her describing the drama as a "miracle" and a "gift" SJK thought of him as a guardian angel for Vincenzo. The screenwriter and director talk a bit
  2. More new Vincenzo content! SJK will be having a post-drama interview with Director Kim Hee Won and Writer Park Jae Bum for Netflix Korea. The video comes out on the 23rd Congratulations! I read on Twitter he didn't have an agency before this so it is lovely news. Hope good things keep coming for all of our lovely cast. Apparently, we didn't miss anything. TVing are liars and there was nothing new except a couple more seconds in the torture scenes. Korean fans are really angry Thanks for posting! It was a really, really good interview.
  3. Sorry for doubting you J-Wide. I'm so excited we are actually getting an interview and a beautiful new photoshootJYB looks so hot in the new pictures but I will miss her gorgeous, thick shiny hair. I suppose her new role called for shorter hair and considering the short gap between finishing Vincenzo which she worked on for so long and starting her next drama, it probably makes it easier to get into her new character if her look is very different. SJK's new GQ photoshoot looks so gorgeous too I know, right? I'm surprised Soompi haven't translated more of SJK's interviews Th
  4. I would love to see them act together again either in a season 2 or another drama/film It's a pity it is rare for Korean couples to star together in the same drama more than once. I understand your priorities about what the drama needs to feature lots of haha Thanks for this video and the SJK video. It's nice being able to understand when the accounts add English subtitles This Twitter account has corrected/clarified quite a few of the Netflix translations and she made a way more accurate translation of the ending conversation between Vincenzo and Cha Young. This
  5. Thank you for posting. So nice of his agency to provide English subtitles. I wasn't expecting the video to be so emotional Working on this drama was obviously a very positive and special experience after the difficult time that he had before. I hope he continues to be happy and successful The questions were really good and his answers were so engaging. Not only is his voice so deep and relaxing but his answers are so insightful and interesting Also LOL at him admitting he is a cry baby and when he was talking about how cool Vincenzo is
  6. Thanks! I adored him as Mr Nam. It's very unusual decision for JYB's agency to decide no post-drama interviews. This is what all agencies dream of for their up and coming actress: winning the lead role in one of the hottest and most popular dramas of the year and the subsequent publicity. Thanks for this article. OMG! I did not know he used to be an idol He must have been such a pretty boy! Actually, I just looked at their pictures and I think he looks way better now...maybe it's that early 200s styling LMAO Now he is very handsome in a mature way and he is an
  7. I know! We have been with this drama since February. The pain of withdrawal is real Very cute fanart of Vincenzo and Cha Young
  8. I'm hoping for at least a magazine interview now as it looks like she didn't do the usual round of post-drama interviews I'm really enjoying the interviews from the rest of the cast though. I'm not sure why they cut their BTS scenes together because I'm sure there were a lot and usually dramas play up the couple BTS chemistry. The BTS were so short at first too although the got longer as the drama progressed. This thread on Twitter compiles the deleted scenes that we know about but I'm sure there are tons more: I wondered why they took it down. Thanks for
  9. *Sigh* Maybe she and her agency have just decided not to do any On the plus side at least a new endorsement was announced for JYB today SJK had two announced recently and KDY had one announced too. Happy for them all. I hope we hear about other Vincenzo actors getting deals Get money! Apparently, there will be hours of cutscenes on the DVD and we know just from the making videos that they deleted a lot. If you do buy it, come back and tell us about the good ones hahaha Thanks for posting! It was so fun and nice to get a bit more Vincenzo now we have to face our firs
  10. You are welcome! Those are just the ones i could remember off the top of my head but every new interview they all talk about their adlibs and improvisation. Seems like it was such an enjoyable and creative set to work on. Non-nominated guests do attend Baeksang but I don't know about Baeksang this year. I would think the guestlist would be restricted because of Covid. No, they don't have a Couple award at Baeksang. I am so sad how she is nowhere to be seen after the drama. I was looking forward to her thoughts on the drama. Her interviews are always delightful b
  11. Yes! It's amazing to see the contrast. Although as cute and funny as the behind the scenes I have to admit I can see why the scene was kind of messy onscreen because they were literally working out how it was going to work as they shot it. I remember I mentioned after episode 19 the blocking and timing of the scene could have been improved but now I can see they didn't really have time. The competition is tight but I really hope they can win. I think if nominations had come out a bit later after Vincenzo had completed it would have received even more nominations. It'
  12. Thank you for posting. The contrast between the amount of fun, chaos and laughing when they were filming the CY hostage/HS death scene compared to the violent, dramatic showdown onscreen It is such a bittersweet feeling to watch So much sweetness, fun and laughter with this amazing cast and crew but also knowing it's finally time to say goodbye to them after all these months. I'm really impressed with the amount of flexibility the director allowed the cast and all the great ideas they came up with. In the cast interviews all the actors have talked about how many of the now famous and memora
  13. This post is so, so so brilliant and insightful. I hadn't even thought about the meaning of the images in the nightmare and the addition of his mother and stopping the cycle of capitalism that oppresses the weak. Or that his conversation with the monk and identifying himself with Vaisravana allows him to see a greater purpose and also believe that he is worthy of some love/affection. The finale is certainly controversial and brave. I do really love that this drama made us think and has led to so many interesting conversations here. The morality debate conversation between @Nonam
  14. Very much enjoying reading all the many comments, posts and debates about the ending and the writer's intent. It is interesting because watching episode 17 to 20 I was thinking the drama had become exactly what a lot of people wanted it to be at the beginning. Remember in the early weeks of the drama when many people were complaining and disappointed by the light tone, it wasn't dark enough, there was too much comedy, Vincenzo was too tame, his wins were too small, he needed to go back to his brutal mafia self, etc..? Then people gradually began to accept and love the story, the characters an
  15. LMAO! He sure did! Thanks very much for sharing the SJK interviews @Le_Amarant and @bee_wannabe This drama has made me appreciate SJK so much! Love reading his insights and knowing that this drama and his experience has been such an important and special one for him - emotionally and professionally. Netflix and it's crappy translations didn't properly the flirtiness (and hotness) of their kiss conversation correctly. Thank you to this Twitter account which has been doing the good work and highlighting all the missed nuances in the NF translations: Vinc
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