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  1. Great job! Thanks for sharing your beautiful MVs @Yi Gui I know! We won't see her for a long time At least the re-scheduled Japanese fan meeting should take place in November. Hopefully, she updates her Instagram more too. It's sad we can't embed Instagram pictures anymore. I suppose I can post the links but it's not the same. I was going to try to post more pictures on the thread from IG and it's hard to find good pictures of JSY on Twitter.
  2. Exactly. The reason they gave this drama the golden Sat-Sun evening slot is because of the cache of landing Kim Soo Hyun's comeback drama and they had negotiated free cameos from Soo Hyun in CLOY and HDL which generated a lot of buzz but I don't think TVN had any illusions this would be a huge Crash Landing On You, or even, Hotel Del Luna sized hit after seeing the script. They know this is not a drama that will appeal to the majority of viewers. They knew this drama was a risk. The story and themes are dark and uncomfortable, the lead male is downtrodden and repressed, the lead female is strange and unlikeable, the setting is an unglamorous psychiatric facility in a country where mental health is still often a taboo topic, the storytelling is slow, complex and non-linear. All those things considered the ratings so far are actually pretty good (even though it would obviously be great if they could go higher!)
  3. Agreed. I was hoping to see more of her I can't wait to see his artwork. I also loved how well the hospital director interacted with him. I understand that but a relationship that is built only on accommodating the demands and emotions of only one half of the couple is not a relationship. KT is uncomfortable with a lot of her actions and I don't think it's fair that his feelings should be set aside because of her disorder. She is exhausting and, frankly, I think dealing with MY as she is now would just be another burden to KT on top of his responsibility for his brother. He deserves more than that. Some ASPD sufferers can have meaningful behavioral change through therapy and commitment so it's not impossible. i don't think MY's ASPD is so severe that this would be possible for her. MY's never cared enough to try to make changes before but I would like to see her try for KT. I do agree that they will both teach other many things.
  4. Kwak Dong Yeon was fantastic in this episode! I hope he got paid a lot of money because he really gave his all-in every way-to this role This! I was thinking it's so sad that KT seems to believe he has to choose. He seems to not even allow himself to hope for anything more. The scene with ST where he tells his little brother why he is saving up for the camper van was heartbreaking and heartwarming. Perhaps a minority opinion but at the moment I am so much more invested in KT's scenes with his brother than in the scenes with MY. I hope KT and MY can develop a friendship and help each other platonically before taking things any further because currently I don't ship them at all. They both have way too many issues they need to work through and she needs to start respecting him and his boundaries before they should pursue anything close to a romantic relationship.
  5. You are the second person (apologies, I can't remember the name of the other poster) to mention the Great Expectations vibe and I definitely agree. I think her mother could turn out to be the Miss Havisham who has moulded and brainwashed MY. The glimpses we have seen of MY's childhood home certainly has that Victorian gothic feel, so does some of her wardrobe and the torn drapes reminds me of the decaying Satis House. I rewatched episode 2 and I noticed the theme of facing your trauma comes up repeatedly. It's obviously a throwback to the first episode and the moral of The Boy Who Fed on Nightmares story; it is referenced when KT is looking for jobs and reads about the Director of OK Hospital who talks about the importance of facing your trauma to heal; when KT teaches MY the butterfly hug and she turns around and tells him a trauma should be faced head-on. Finally, in the end of episode 2, KT accepts he has been running away and is ready to return to his childhood town and face his trauma.
  6. That's very helpful! Thanks for clarifying the meaning. I like that too about not sugar coating it. In other dramas they would try to dress it up as love at first sight or something but Moon Young is just, like: I'm obsessed with you, I missed you so I'm following you here Yes, the young KT is really good and the young ST too. I'm looking forward to more of their flashbacks to see what shaped KT into the person he is today. That's a great surprise! I wasn't expecting a cameo from KDY. He is so handsome and a great actor From what I can Google translate he is playing an inpatient son of a politician?
  7. So so glad we got a happy ending for this lovely gem of a drama and our trio/family. I'm glad I gave this chance as it turned out to be such a pleasure to watch. This is the first drama I've watched with Yook Sung Jae and I am now a fan. looking forward to his post-service dramas. Yeomradaewang was also an awesome character. I really enjoyed the deities we met in this drama and would like to meet more. This is one of the few K-dramas I think could comfortably accommodate a Season 2. I agree. It was a good episode but I found the pacing a bit off and the editing disjointed in places. I think it might also be because I find scenes with WH boring as he was such an uninteresting villain so i just wanted to get past his scenes. Also not sure how Chief Gwi came back but-whatever- I'm just glad that he did!
  8. That looks gorgeous! I hope it is as nice as the picture. Oh my gosh! So cute! He does look like a fennec fox @thistle is correct about the drama name. Lovelines aside the drama is a mess plotwise anyway so I wouldn't recommend.
  9. For anyone who is also in love with Moon Young's wardrobe I found an IG account that is identifying her incredible fashion looks as well as some of the other clothing in the drama: https://www.instagram.com/itsokaytonotbeokayfashion/
  10. Thanks so much for the link. Two things really stood out to me: the part about how in the fairy tale, a good protagonist defeated a witch and took over a prince and alcohol makes her bad side come out which @yonosoydulce quoted AND my favourite, Kim Mi-Kyung, is playing her mother!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for these scenes. Thank you so much for the translations @stroppyse They are well-written and insightful. Definitely giving me a better understanding of the characters and making me more and more excited for what's to come in this drama. - Jae Su is such a good friend. So they are not childhood friends? i wonder how he knew Joo Ri then? - Kang Tae's description is so sad. No matter how much he loves his brother it must be exhausting for him especially with the itinerant lifestyle they have to live. - I wonder what this Scent of the Soul MY is looking for could be? Empathy? Love? - Sang Tae's description I especially like "it’s just that he was born this way. It’s not abnormal, so please accept him as he is" and the comprehensive litst of things he likes.
  11. I really like Samshin's character and actress. She's so fun and occasionally crude but then you will get serious scenes that remind the viewer she is an important deity. Loved the three ladies getting their karaoke on in today's episode LMAO! I know exactly what you are talking about. We still have PTSD from that other thread and drama. Definitely no "weird writing" here She was fun! I was surprised by how well the young actress fit in these actresses who are 20 to 30 years older than her. OMG! Same! I wasn't going to watch this drama because of HJE but I'm glad I gave it a chance because she is much more tolerable here and I would have missed out on a lovely drama. Thank you for the preview. I have to admit I find WH a dull and one-dimensional villain. I was hoping we would see a little more depth (for instance @thistle and I speculated he might have had feelings for WJ) but it really seems like he's just a standard plotting, over ambitious power hungry villain I think this is where more episodes might have come in handy as they could have developed the character (and other Joseon characters) a bit more in the flashbacks. I definitely agree about Yeorin. The hanbok styling was much more flattering for her than her usual modern clothing. She looked really good! Weol-Ju's hanbok inspired clothing is so pretty imaginative. A lot of her modern outfits were really stylish too. Great work from the stylist for the show.
  12. Thank you so much for the links! I wanted to know more about the actual deities.
  13. Thanks! I really want to know more about Joo Ri. She seems sweet and relatively normal compared to everyone else but I'm sure she has her secrets too. Something about the interaction with MY at the hotel was very unsettling. I'm also curious where Jae Soo fits in and how and why he ended up wandering around with them. He didn't run away at the same time as the brothers so I wonder how they ended up reconnecting. Will he return to their hometown too?
  14. I love that song by HEIZE. It's a real grower the more you listen to it, the more you love it. The script is so pretty! Thank you. That was a good review. I agree with her gripe that the story could have worked very well without the typical childhood connection trope. Sorry for cutting your post. My understanding is Sang Tae condition gets worse during that period during the warmer period of the year when there are more butterflies around. I think he is was afraid as the "butterflies" killed his mother and he was (unconsciously?) running away from them too but now he is ready to confront his fears by returning to their hometown. I agree about the directing. I enjoyed Episode 1 and there were many absolutely gorgeous shots but I also think it was a bit disjointed and confusing in places. I hope this director and writer will be careful to balance their artistic vision without alienating the audience. It seemed like in some scenes the director prioritised style over substance and the narrative (for example, the vomit scene added nothing and was distasteful and unnecessary IMO). I was disappointed but not surprised when the ratings fell last Sunday as I can understand how episode 1 would have alienated some viewers expecting a more straightforward narrative. I do think Episode 2 had a much better balance with better flow, narrative and humour whilst still maintaining some lovely stylistic touches (for example, the scene showcasing Sang Tae's joy when going to see Moon Young) so I hope the drama will capture the audience back and ratings will increase. Thank you so much for the subtitles
  15. Moon Young's manager is hilarious! I hope that we still see more of his character even though Moon Young is taking a break from the company. Thanks very much! That's a good start!
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