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  1. From your mouth/keyboard to the director-writer's ears. Let's hope they can get the storyline back on track and continue more in the vein of episode 6. Give the audience what they want! Haha at your nicknames. I'm glad we are finally seeing some character development and relationship development as a result of their new circumstances and the humour is back. These are the kind of episodes we should have been getting last week to keep the audience invested in the story and the characters instead of all the focus on the killer and killing these past few episodes which turned a lot of viewers off. I think the same about the abyss which is why it didn't make sense CM didn't even try to get it back, discuss it or at least mention it. Nothing. They just sent YC to jail still with a powerful marble that has caused so much chaos in his pocket. It's like the plot and CM+SY just forgot about it! Those scenes are so cute especially as that is how CM must have always treated her. Just that SY is only starting to appreciate and notice it now
  2. Haha! Same! It's so frustrating because this is such a great concept and the leads are great but the writing and poor narrative choices ...so many missed opportunities...When I think how fantastic this drama could be in the hands of a more talented and competent writer *sighs* Agreed I don't understand Seo's motives yet either. There's definitely no love lost between them so why help YC? Another thing is from the meeting with Shady Seo's (adopted?) father it seems like he might know something about YC's crimes.
  3. I thought she was using a new phone that Min's mother's staff gave her. The scene made no sense. How did YC know it was her to respond? This girl is so desperate to stay safe that she's lying about being pregnant to a very wealthy and powerful family but she doesn't have the self-preservation to not meet up with a complete stranger in the middle of the night in a secluded area knowing that Young Chul is out there. Even in normal circumstances and not hiding from an abusive serial killer, any woman would say no way to meeting in those circumstances. I also don't understand why she didn't just lie about who SY is. Not like YC would know any different. That's the thing that bugs me about the writing. I wouldn't mind so much if Yong Chul outsmarted everyone just because he is so intelligent. The problem is that Young Chul isn't especially intelligent but the writer often has the other characters do stupid things for plot convenience to give YC the upper hand. There are several ways to interpret this but the simplest one will suffice for this drama. It means “you become what you hate.” That’s the interpretation most applicable in this show. On the surface, it acts like a magic ball with a power to revive the dead into the form of its soul. But in a deeper level, when the individual’s soul is filled with revulsion for something or somebody, the abyss ball resurrects the individual into the image of this hateful monster found in his soul. Btw she/he also was able to predict the death of cha min by foreshadowing on how Se Yeon keeps on saying "Do you have a death wish?" to cha min lol. I bet that woman was revived from the looks of his husband she hated him maybe.. This is so interesting and a great interpretation but, to be honest, I don't trust this writer to think of anything that deep. Pretty sure everyone agrees that the writing is the weakest part of the drama and doesn't do the concept or the actors the justice they deserve. In the hands of a better writer this drama has all the ingredients to be a huge hit. The idea is a very good one but tvN should have either told the writer to scrap the serial killer sub-plot because that aspect of the story is clearly not his strength or had an experienced writer work on this. Still, we are enjoying the drama despite some of the issues and we can hope they have taken note of feedback and try to remedy some of the critiques of the drama. Regarding the ratings, the only dramas that have broken 10% for tvN in this timeslot are 100 Days My Prince and The Crowned Clown. So far the ratings for Abyss aren't amazing but they aren't bad for a Mon-Tues cable drama especially considering the poor reviews of the past episodes.
  4. @greezlybee answered some of these. i'll try to answer some too! I think they were two different flashbacks from different ages. The first flashback was when she was a little girl because her mother was still alive. The second flashback was when she was a tenenager and her mother had already died/disappeared which is why she says to YC that she knows he killed her mother. There are 3 boys: two on the swing and the one standing in the background. I feel like the audeince are supposed to focus on the creepy looking kid staring in the background. I thought he looked a bit like the young Shady Seo in the ep. 6 flashback with young Young Chul so that might be a clue... Judging by the preview for next episode they made some kind of deal. I cannot stand her HJ's character! She is nothing but trouble CM should have just left her dead sorry not sorry. I wasn't sure about that part either. I don't think HJ knows. Knowing YC she is probably dead LMAO! You and me both! This part made no sense to me either. The different ways people are reviving doesn't make sense at all. I think just another unlucky victim. Haha! Yes! I loved these scenes. Especially how she was low-key impressed but as soon as he looked up she was acting like she didn't care. I'm so glad we got some lightness and fun back this episode. I feel so sad for her too. I still think they should try tbh. It's so heartbreaking for SY especially now CM has his life back I had the same thoughts as @greezlybee that CM was referring to a new tenant. I didn't think she was moving in because she said to CM she was just going to get a few things before they went back. But now you guys are making me think maybe she is moving back which is weird. I know SY is brave but that couldn't be me
  5. Just finished episode 6! I really enjoyed it. It was a big improvement over the last few episodes IMO. A much better balance with the episode focused on our leads. We finally get some character development and get to see more of CM and, especially, SY's feelings after their revival, comedy, little flutter of romance, cute interactions, CM back and AHS speaking English (). Some intriguing developments, Young Chul had less screen time, the mystery and murder stuff was happening as a sub-plot and not over-taking everything. I'm definitely looking forward to next week's episodes now. Thanks for the translation
  6. Good to see all your reactions to today's episode are a lot more positive Looking forward to watching when I get home!
  7. They didn't explain but I think she was just using make-up. She basically just needed to draw in her eyebrows and get some concealer and foundation to cover up her skin lol! Cha Min looking handsome in a suit. This is more of the type of content I want to see! I didn't notice that. Well-spotted! I also think HJ will eventually come around but currently she is annoying. I appreciate Dong Cheol too. He is very adorable. It was so sweet how he covered SY's eyes and so cute how nervous he was to give the press conference.
  8. I don't think all the violence is necessary even if it is a crime drama. It doesn't need to happen onscreen or show us all the dead bodies. There's nothing new in those scenes and we already know what YC is and how he operates. The screen time could be utilised better on the characters we actually care about as you said. The drama seems to have forgotten about the rom-com and isn't make much use of the new body premise or SY and CM's relationship. Maybe we can hope for something in episode 6? They are best together! HJ was useless except for helping SY to finally make a link to her and YC. I felt like they just had her in this episode so SY had someone to interact with. How long is that stupid girl going to lie about being pregnant? It's going to be pretty obvious she is lying in a few weeks! I agree PBY did a great job shouldering most of the episode alone. I'm looking forward to their reunion too. She was so happy in the preview! It will be nice to see them together again. However, unless we learn something new next week it does seem like killing off Min was pretty pointless apart from a convenient way for YC to get the abyss marble. Thank you!
  9. Sad about the ratings but I'm not surprised. They aren't listening to the criticisms from last week ( I didn't read the K-nets reaction for this ep. 5 yet as I expect it won't be good): No one wants to see so many Yong Chul scenes or scenes of him killing people. We all know he is a violent murderer. We don't need to see each victim and how he kills them. He isn't an interesting clever or appealing villain. We know nothing about his motives (not that they will justify his behaviour) and there is no suspense as we are following him around all the time so we know exactly what he is doing. Even if they shot the violent scenes, there is no reason they can't cut them out. I'm wondering if the actor playing Yong Chul is expensive or something because he gets so much screen time lmao! Anyway, ep 5 Seyeon was smart working mostly on her own in this episode. PBY did a great job carrying the ep. Except I don't understand why it still took so long to just ask Hee Jin why she lied. It would have made things a lot easier! And I wonder how she knew YC would take out the abyss orb when he was near Min. I guess she was just hoping he would. LOL @ Corpse!Min in a wig! Not how I was expecting him to be revived. Unfortunately it looks like YC still has the orb but I don't really understand what he is going to do with it. This guy just goes around murdering people indiscriminately so what is the benefit of a orb that resurrects the dead to him exactly? What happened to the revived landlady? After this episode it's obvious that Hee Jin and Shady Seo are Young Chul's kids. We also saw young Hee Jin was ugly so that might have something to do with her revived look. YC was also abusive back then and likely killed HJ's mother. Looks like YC goes after Seyeon's family next I'm glad Cha Min is back next episode.
  10. I have no idea what happened as I can't watch right now but all your reactions are hilarious
  11. Thank you for the stills @lingx2 Thank you for the recap @turtlegirl Thank you for the links @adqu It's really appreciated!
  12. Thank you for the stills. I like their couple name! Now I hope we start to get some couple moments in the drama soon lol! I agree we will see those scenes today. I wonder how YC lured CM? The BTS pictures are so great and make me smile too! I'm glad they are all also having fun filming. So I see tvN are finally posting some proper clips before the episode and giving the drama some promo... Maybe I'm wrong but I think that is Seyeon in a wig. I think she might be pretending to be someone else-possibly Hee Jin?-to lure Young Chul. I had the same thought. I was surprised by how little SNS content we had before. I guess because neither PBY or AHS post much on social media. Well, the pics are very nice to see so I'm not complaining
  13. I love seeing their the BTS pics. So adorable! So funny they are releasing them knowing we won;t have any SY/CM in this upcoming episode. So #freetheforwhead Min might be how we can tell it is revived x 2 Cha Min lol! Hello! Glad you have had a chance to watch 1. I just went back to watch ep. 1 and Rule number 1 is definitley that they are revived into the form of their souls so now I am back to being confused about why SY and CM came back as different people, Young Chul as his father and Hee Jin as a an "uglier" version of herself. Maybe @turtlegirl is correct and it is a malfunctioning orb! 2. Interesting! Maybe temporary because CM can be revived more than once. Maybe only the owner can be revived more once and the ownership reverts back to him once he is alive? I also wondered the same about his face. Doesn't that mean if he is revived he will come back with a different face? The changing colours of the Abyss must be significant. It only went green after he revived his ex. Now blue in YC's hands in the preview for next week. Somebody needs to learn the alien's language so they can actually read the manual This is definitely a writing flaw some k-netz pointed out too. Like you said it was for plot convenience but there should be police presence and a nurse would be checking up on him regularly. I don't know how it works in South Korea but in the Intensive Care in my country the nurses are always in the room with the patient. Definitely never ever would the patient be alone in a room with the door closed. Another thing i don't get is why didn't SY or CM ask the ex-fiancee why she lied and who was making her lie? Obviously it's for plot convenience but it would have made more sense if they had just asked her rather than CM's dumb plan that he couldn't go through with and got him killed. Actually I was surprised SY only released in ep. 4 in the cafe that YC might have revived in a different body too. I thought they had already reached that conclusion as it was pretty obvious! It is a syringe. It isn't easy to see but there is a very fine needle at the end. I'm #TeamBangs (this is so weird to say as we call those a "fringe" here) but he looks good with the exposed forehead too! Thanks for the pictures and subs @adqu
  14. Thank you! for the video. Ahn Hyo Seop is so handsome and cute He has a such a nice smile too. I wish he got to smile more in this drama. These interviews by Abyss look fun but I guess we are not going to get any English translations
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