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  1. I definitely see the YJG resemblance in still pictures but I find in videos the resemblance is much less obvious. That promo scares me!
  2. @lynne22 Great post! I definitely agree with how much I love Team Phoenix's journey and the growth of XL, growth of PX as individuals and their bond. Also what you said about the characters choices. Agreed. That's the only way I can tolerate this storyline as a plot device for QY to go back to commentating. Well, i think it's a bit of both. He definitely appreciates her hard work, talent and and passion for commentating first before he falls for her. Those are the things that allow him to open up and give her a chance after he had initially dismissed her. LT is very serious about commentating so even if he has feelings for QY I don't think he would support her if he didn't believe in her ability. I wondered the same thing too about how it might have turned out if Miya wasn't faking because things were looking pretty bleak. Thanks for posting the pics. I didn't notice they were different motorcycles until me mentioned his bike collection. He must have been making pretty good money in e-sports if he had a collection of motorbikes at 25. LMAO! I just noticed in the second pic there is a tiny fangirl on the back of Big Baby Blue all like "Sorry Qiu Ying. There's no room for you!" @skibbies Many thanks for sharing more of your thoughts on the novel in comparison to the drama. - I loved PX and his lollipops in the drama too. I just love how the character turns out to be so different from what we initially expected when he was first introduced.. - I am surprised XK is more of a playboy and flirt in the book. I wonder if it's the writing or Wang Yibo's interpretation that made him colder. In the drama I got the impression that he hadn't looked at another girl after Miya until Qiu Ying came along and unexpectedly stole his heart - Really appreciate both yours and @themarchioness explanations about "like" versus "love" in C-dramas. It has confused me for a long time why couples in dramas who appear to be very much in love use "like" rather than "love" because to my Western ears "like" seems to sound rather tame. - about that instant hotpot. That's pretty scary if it's supposed to be a single serving AND they are too lazy to go out. With the size and additives it must be unhealthy in the long run especially if they are eating it as often as the characters in GYS - Thank you for link with the behind the scenes videos. Really enjoyed watching the videos even though I don't understand. The BTS of the suitcase scene is so entertaining. I love that Shu Wen actress is like the older sister even BTS. The boys were having a lot of fun! Looks like Wang Yibo is not as mature as Ji Xiangkong Also I was thinking all through the drama that Sun Ge's actor barely looks older than the juniors and it's the same in this bts where just looks like one of the boys in the suitcase race! - Thanks for telling us more about the sequel. Sounds really interesting that it focuses on a female gamer and her experiences in a male-dominated field. Pretty timely now as I am watching The King's Avatar where there are quite a few female gamers so it stood out to me even more in GYS we only ever saw two professional female gamers: Shu Wen and the unnamed female gamer at Dream Journey Cafe. - Summer in the book sounds different from Summer in the drama. Also following on from our earlier conversation it sounds like Drama!Summer definitely has the money! - sounds like QY in the book is a much more damaged character than the drama
  3. Thanks for explaining the difference between "love" and "like". I've always been fascinated by the difference and why couples in Asian dramas (I've noticed the same thing in K- T- and J-dramas) say "like" rather than "love". I do think given the weight of the words and the situation he should have told QY he loved her to show he was serious about her and their relationship. ~sighing for the hundredth time at XK's poor communication skills~ Anyway, like you said: This drama is really good at these types of gaming scenes where there is so much going on and you can just feel the energy onscreen. It's interesting because I have started watching The King's Avatar and I find the group gaming scenes so sterile and quiet in comparison to Gank Your Heart. I guess because GYH relies more on the actors for the gaming scenes and TKS relies more heavily on the game graphics. I'm only on the early episodes of TKA so maybe this will change later on in the drama. Haha! I understand. I''m the same with my fave dramas too!
  4. I'm so glad one of my favourite channels love this drama so much! Her videos about L&D are so informative and helpful for a non-speaker I'm glad she is getting more recognition. I think she is so talented and a much better actress than the other "traffic" actresses in her age group. I agree. I found the trailers they released before the drama aired quite vague and underwhelming plus CC's unflattering styling If not for my girl crush on NiNi I'm not sure if I would have picked this up based on the early trailers. The best trailer they released was this one IMO. But they didn't release it until July 22nd when the drama was already at, like, episode 12
  5. Right? It's just a tiny thing but it's just sooo typical of the kind of messing about young lads do when they are together. This drama does such a good job of the camaraderie between characters. I thought it was important because the realisation that he could have romantic competition seems to be the kick in the pants XK needed to finally make a move in the situation with QY. It's only after he hears the co-workers gossiping about LT and QY relationship that he finally gets his phone out to call QY. I might be wrong but he has never actually said out loud to QY that he's in love with her but he does tell Luo Tian that he loves her and will always love her (if only he told QY...). I also thought it was relevant because it was part of Luo Tian's character development throughout the whole drama from the workaholic who neglects everything and everyone to the Luo Tian who opens up, relaxes and even falls in love by the end of the drama. Luo Tian in episode 7 who Summer calls an unreliable workaholic for choosing work over their little reunion after Gu Fang's retirement party would not have taken time away from working to attend the fun Team Phoenix and Team Pioneer training sessions in episode 32 (by the way I remember you mentioned in that scene that QY is running back and forth between the teams and LT is trying to stop her seeing. I didn't pick up on that until you mentioned it so I went back and watched and it's so cute). Ah OK! That makes more sense that the product is supposed to be for multiple people because I could not understand how one person was supposed to empty that huge bucket. Real hotpot looks so appealing and that instant hotpot definitely doesn't IMO I know actors don't really eat the food during scenes but the actors really struggled to seem enthused about them IMO. They were much better with the snacks from that snack store product placement and the face mask product placement
  6. Thank you for the latest recap. 1 and half episodes to go! You can do it! Jiayou! Then I'm looking forward to the fics! - I really like YY and YX as individual characters and best friends. But as for their romance I honestly have no investment or interest. It just felt like filler and I wish the time was spent on the leads. Aww I didn't notice this. How sweet! This is random but I thought it was cute and funny when the team come in Xia Ling and Yixuan are having the time of their lives in the background riding along ON their suitcases. - it was great to see the Legends team again and reunited with XK and YX. - I've said it before but Tony is a decent person. I'm really glad the drama didn't make him a ruthless and immoral like Zhao Yang Your bracket ranting is all of us. Exactly my reaction. Whatever to this unpleasant couple. It was all a bit to convenient but I'm glad we won;t have to worry about these two ruining things anymore. Something else i noticed is that once Qiao Xin rehabilitates the drama gives her softer make-up. Qi Yue is delusional. He's a nasty person who consistently treats people badly. I know you didn't like the addition of the Luo Tian having feelings for QY but I loved it! I liked that finally someone senior who XK respects and is also close to QY calls XK out on his behaviour and how shabbily he is treating QY. I was also glad LT called XK to task for how QY has repeatedly been hurt and humiliated because of her association with XK ; AND it finally wakes XK up to the fact that QY has options and he will have competition now and in the future! He seems to assume that QY will just be there ready and waiting for him once he sorts the Miya thing out (even though he still hasn't bothered to communicate anything to QY ) but LT falling for QY shows that isn't necessarily going to be the case. I have a soft spot for Luo Tian's character too (or maybe it's just Harry Hu's face). There is something very sweet, awkward and lonely about his character like Summer said he is an "idiot about life". At the beginning Summer Ge always talks about how unreliable he is because he is only cares about work, but once he gets to know QY he always makes time for her. He is even willing to stake his career on QY when he is arguing with GDV's director. I liked the slow burn as he opens up and falls for QY and doesn't even realise it's happening until the director mentions the gossip. To be fair to Luo Tian even once he realises he has feelings for QY he never actively interferes in their relationship. I's only once XK and QY break up and he sees how much XK has hurt her that he tries to clumsily make a move. Anyway, I do hope LT does find someone because I think it's so sad he doesn't have anyone to even share his birthday with and he is so touched and surprised to receive a present - it goes without saying how much I love the Sun Ge and Shu Wen couple - compliments to Jeffrey from Team Tatan' and Alan the international commentator. Usually Western actors in C-dramas are abysmal but they are both very convincing especially Jeffrey. Sorry but I thought the instant hotpots looked yucky and why were they so BIG? I don't think the actors were keen either. They would kind of nibble halfheartedly on one piece of veg for the whole product placement scene
  7. I found a translated version of the ep.3 preview. In some pics it looks like GD might finally get to wear a nice hanbok and have tidy hair now she is working for the agency. Gong Seungyeon is so pretty I do not want to see her in that ugly outfit and hair anymore Will Gae Ddong and Lee Soo finally meet again?
  8. Thanks for the insight into the Thai industry. That's so interesting. It's one thing for deluded fans to ship couples but for the channels to push the fake couples offscreen too is news to me. I was also wondering why his Thai career didn't take-off. Whomever advised him to capitalise on his Taiwanese side and move into C-industry really did him a favour because he already seems to be getting a lot of opportunities.
  9. I agree some of the the characters behave unrealistically just to hurry up and for quick plot convenience. I Ihink it would have been better to establish the characters, their relationships and interactions for the first couple of episodes and then the kidnapping happens in episode 3-4 and transition to King. It was a bit much that all of that happened in barely half an episode. The boy was Ma Hoon's late brother. Ma Hoon is the son of the Prime Minister (the Queen mother called him "Uncle" so I assume she is MH's cousin). Ma Hoon is from a noble family hence his clothing. You can see the relationships in the character chart below: (Credit for translation @GSYInternational on Twitter)
  10. I understand the meaning of fate and the narrative meaning as to why spent the wedding night together and the significance of them doing newlywed couple things. He even removes her bridal pin and takes her hair down which is a very important part of the first night ritual. However, mine and @Pewiepew big problem was not so much the scene itself but the inappropriate way GD was written in this scene. I can somewhat buy your point that she bounces back over the following days because she has to make money but I don't buy the very NIGHT her husband-to-be has abandoned her, humiliated her, disappeared off the face of the earth, she is up to her eyeballs in debt and she's just sitting around drinking and teasing Ma Hoon like it's no big deal. And it makes her look especially bad in comparison to Lee Soo who is in a living nightmare, worrying about GD and definitely isn't sitting around having a joke and a drink with another woman the same night Thanks. This makes more sense. I agree. I keep seeing tweets with people thinking or wishing Seo Ji Hoon is the lead male. I think Lee Soo has had the advantage of the best writing of the young characters. The drama needs to give the audience more to connect with in Ma Hoon's character. I like the theme of flowers in the drama. Apparently the flowers and their meaning are supposed to be significant: A source from the show stated, “If you look at the various colors and flower props that match the characters, you will be able to infer more stories. Please tune in to see what Ma Hoon’s peony, Gae Ddong’s magic lily, Yi Soo’s hydrangea, Go Young Soo’s Marguerite daisies, Do Joon’s morning glory, and Ji Hwa’s baby’s breath flowers, as well as the colors symbolizing each character, mean.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1347243wpp/kim-min-jae-gong-seung-yeon-park-ji-hoon-and-more-feature-in-colorful-character-posters-for-flower-crew-joseon-marriage-agency The episodes are also named after flowers but I'm not sure of the flower meanings: 1st episode: A Divine Match The First Flower: The Plaintain Lily 2nd episode: Shyness The Second Flower: Hydrangea Positive thoughts: - I think the three main leads are doing a very good job. I find Gong Seungyeon a little unconvincing at times but that is down to the bipolar writing of her character IMO. - Lee Soo's foster father acting is very good and I'm interested to see the change in their dynamic now he is his subject. The scene where he said his last words as his father were very well done. I find the characterisation of the Queen mother entertaining. Usually they are very savvy and scheming but this constantly eating Queen Mother seems to be little more than a shallow, small-minded gossip. She was much younger than the King, doesn't seem like the King had any other wives or children when he died and her uncle does all the planning and scheming so maybe she never had to get smart about court intrigue and politics. - the quality of the camerawork and cinematography is lovely. I hope they can maintain it. - The story is very interesting and I can't wait to see where the story goes for the three leads. I hope we learn more about Lee Soo's mother, Ma Hoon's background and his brother, why Gae Ddong and her brother were sold into slavery.
  11. Oh my goodness! That wig is very bad! Couldn't they just let her have short hair? I'm still looking forward to this as I really like Bai Lu's acting. Thank you!
  12. Summer is definitely a possibility? I just didn't include him because he was always complaining about money but maybe that was just him being stingy. Shu Wen - VNG always seemed to be in crisis mode and she didn't have the smoothest exit from the company so I don't know if she would have had much spare income. I prefer Miya doing this than faking blindness. I like the increased role of Luo Tian in the book as a commentator mentor and the addition of his attraction to QY so I'm glad the drama changed that. I am so surprised the Pioneer team didn't exist in the webnovel It was such a great narrative device! I never would have guessed it was created for the drama. Thanks for sharing about the webnovel. What did you think about it compared to the drama adaptation? Thanks so much for describing the differences. - Happy to hear Phoenix is spelled right in the webnovel - Glad to hear there was no Zhao Yang or Li Gan in the webnovel. Two of the most frustrating characters and the webnovel readers were saved the full body cringe that was Li Gan's proposal - I can see why there was no secondary couple in the webnovel. As much as I liked the characters of Yi Yi and Lin Yixuan their romance was unnecessary and really didn't add anything to the drama. - I'm not surprised about Qiao Xin and Qi Yu's relationship in the webnovel. I was expecting Qiao Xin to just be using Qi Yue the whole drama so I was surprised when it turned out that despite all her many many many other faults she was true to their relationship. - I'm sad there is no Qiu Ying and Xia Ling brother and sister relationship in the novel. I found their big sis/little bro relationship adorable. - I think the backstory for Qiu Ying's family sounds better in the webnovel. I thought her anger towards her Dad and XL in the drama was a bit extreme. Does she reconcile with either of her parents in the webnovel? - I love the idea of XK taking QY home to meet his family once they start going out together - I like it sounds like XK has more background and we learn how he started esports.It sounds like their relationship is even more serious in the webnovel if he even leaves his family to be with Miya. - I like the description of the difference of XY's feelings towards Miya and Qiu Ying in the webnovel. Haha, even for my fic, I was like, "I'm going to spell it correctly for once!" I wondered why they decided to misspell 'Phoenix' when -as you said-there were lots of other English words spelled correctly in the drama.
  13. You and me both! They are both first lead material and I like Kim Min Jae in this drama but Lee Soo's story is breaking my heart. I think Kim Min Jae is so handsome and his acting is great too but as you said his character is a pretty stereotypical. I hope they give him more depth. Also no more drunk scenes because the one scene I didn't believe him in was his drunk acting in Episode 1 I could see that happening but i don't want lazy writing where they turn into Lee Soo into an antagonist just to make it easier for the audience to root for the MH-GD couple. If he doesn't end up with GD somehow I do hope Lee Soon gets a nice Queen and doesn't spend the rest of his days lonely, unloved and miserable in a position he never wanted. I don't think it's Gong Seungyeon's fault. I think she does well enough with what she is given. The problem for me as I mentioned in my previous post is that the writing for the character is just all over the place so it's hard to warm up to her when she doesn't even seem to care about Lee Soo disappearing in some scenes. I totally agree that Lee Soo is definitely romantically in love with GD but it wasn't reciprocated on Gae Ddong part. She keeps referring to him as her family so I think her feelings for him are familial and she's too inexperienced/naive/ignorant to know the difference between the two types of love. I really liked their chemistry because Seo Ji Hoon really sold his love for her and in their scenes together I found her more likeable as we get more of a normal, sensible GD instead of the loud, obnoxious behaviour GD around Ma Hoon. I agree with your observation about the different ways both men deal with GD's fear of the rain. I liked seeing that subtle difference. I saw this speculation on Twitter about her brother and I think they might be on to something...
  14. Same. Serious second lead syndrome over here too! I am loving Seo Ji Hoon's acting and he has surprisingly strong chemistry with Gong Seungyeon in their scenes together. Lee Soo is so loving and dedicated to Gae Ddong and his situation he has been forced into is so heartbreaking This! This! This! The cast are great, the storyline is really interesting but the script is very poor in places - Using the cliched trope of a forced stay in together in the inn the NIGHT of the day her husband disappears. What were they thinking? Like you said that scene might have made sense in a few episodes or if it was used to give some depth or introspection to GD's character. A normal reaction would have been for GD to be sad, wistful, angry to see the couple meal because she should be sharing this with Lee Soo but instead GD is asking MH to stay with her, teasing him and enjoying the newlywed drink the landlady give them without care. Ma Hoon seemed more upset about the inappropriateness of the situation than she did and she was the one who was jilted at the altar! - I totally agree the characterisation of GD makes no sense after her best friend/husband to be/family she has disappears. One scene she is upset and distraught and reacting like a normal person, next scene she is being obnoxious and loud and acting like she hasn't a care in the world, next scene worrying about Lee Soo, next scene back to being loud and dumb. - The writing for GD's characterisation as a whole is quite confusing. Sometimes she is smart and perceptive, other times the script makes her seem like a totally clueless moron. - Meanwhile Lee Soo is completely dedicated to her, even with every woman in the Palace trying to get into bed with him. He is constantly thinking about and worrying for GD. It makes GD look very selfish and callous in comparison. - The drama hasn't done a good job of showing us why Ma Hoon already seems to have a soft spot for GD. - I agree the "cute" short matchmaker acting is very forced and the character is an idiot. He's the one who shrieked out for everyone to hear that Lee Soo had disappeared at the wedding. Then he gets mad at GD for being unlucky when it's his fault everybody knows - What is the point of the third tall matchmaker? He's supposed to be their intelligence person but he has yet to do any actual intelligence gathering and MH is obviously the brains of the group. We know nothing about the character except he is a playboy but he isn't even a fun, entertaining playboy. He just seems smug and sleazy. Looks like ep 2 was teasing a romance but why should the audience care when we have been given no reason to care for the character? - The storyline with the noble lady that is secretly pregnant was just dropped in and then dropped right out of the plot to give Gae Ddong and Ma Hoon some conflict and show how smart he is. - OK. I am not a purist and like a bit of fun and don't mind some irreverence in my fusion sageuks but WHAT was up with the random K-pop bits during the audition? It was just jarring! - Did anyone else find it funny that the Flower Crew's claim to fame is that their couples never break up? But the Crew are only 20 years old so they have been doing this job for a few years at the most. It's not like they have been around for decades putting couples together so it's not exactly the greatest claim to fame that couples have lasted 2-3 years! I don't want to be completely negative as there are things I like a lot about the drama so far. This post is too long so I will put them in a separate post.
  15. They had that one good kiss but it was a forced kiss. All their other mutual kisses were so fake They are lucky they had such good chemistry and so many other cute scenes-like everytime she jumped on him-to make up for the lame kissing scenes I know some idols don't kiss because they don't want to upset their obsessive fans but JJY has left SNH48 now so hoping she can now do some believable kiss scenes. They don't have to be deep french kisses with tongues everywhere but just not those obviously fake, static zoomed out kisses. I would rather they had just left the kiss scenes out than what we did get!
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