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  1. I have no idea what happened as I can't watch right now but all your reactions are hilarious
  2. Thank you for the stills @lingx2 Thank you for the recap @turtlegirl Thank you for the links @adqu It's really appreciated!
  3. Thank you for the stills. I like their couple name! Now I hope we start to get some couple moments in the drama soon lol! I agree we will see those scenes today. I wonder how YC lured CM? The BTS pictures are so great and make me smile too! I'm glad they are all also having fun filming. So I see tvN are finally posting some proper clips before the episode and giving the drama some promo... Maybe I'm wrong but I think that is Seyeon in a wig. I think she might be pretending to be someone else-possibly Hee Jin?-to lure Young Chul. I had the same thought. I was surprised by how little SNS content we had before. I guess because neither PBY or AHS post much on social media. Well, the pics are very nice to see so I'm not complaining
  4. I love seeing their the BTS pics. So adorable! So funny they are releasing them knowing we won;t have any SY/CM in this upcoming episode. So #freetheforwhead Min might be how we can tell it is revived x 2 Cha Min lol! Hello! Glad you have had a chance to watch 1. I just went back to watch ep. 1 and Rule number 1 is definitley that they are revived into the form of their souls so now I am back to being confused about why SY and CM came back as different people, Young Chul as his father and Hee Jin as a an "uglier" version of herself. Maybe @turtlegirl is correct and it is a malfunctioning orb! 2. Interesting! Maybe temporary because CM can be revived more than once. Maybe only the owner can be revived more once and the ownership reverts back to him once he is alive? I also wondered the same about his face. Doesn't that mean if he is revived he will come back with a different face? The changing colours of the Abyss must be significant. It only went green after he revived his ex. Now blue in YC's hands in the preview for next week. Somebody needs to learn the alien's language so they can actually read the manual This is definitely a writing flaw some k-netz pointed out too. Like you said it was for plot convenience but there should be police presence and a nurse would be checking up on him regularly. I don't know how it works in South Korea but in the Intensive Care in my country the nurses are always in the room with the patient. Definitely never ever would the patient be alone in a room with the door closed. Another thing i don't get is why didn't SY or CM ask the ex-fiancee why she lied and who was making her lie? Obviously it's for plot convenience but it would have made more sense if they had just asked her rather than CM's dumb plan that he couldn't go through with and got him killed. Actually I was surprised SY only released in ep. 4 in the cafe that YC might have revived in a different body too. I thought they had already reached that conclusion as it was pretty obvious! It is a syringe. It isn't easy to see but there is a very fine needle at the end. I'm #TeamBangs (this is so weird to say as we call those a "fringe" here) but he looks good with the exposed forehead too! Thanks for the pictures and subs @adqu
  5. Thank you! for the video. Ahn Hyo Seop is so handsome and cute He has a such a nice smile too. I wish he got to smile more in this drama. These interviews by Abyss look fun but I guess we are not going to get any English translations
  6. Thank you for the summary! 1) Even more screen time for crusty old serial killer Yong Chul? And Shady Seo? Just what the audience was clamouring for 2) I'll be glad when we have all the abyss laws revealed. I wonder if that means someone is going to attempt a revival because it seems like we only get rules when they attempt to revive someone. 3) So Mi Do is still alive? I thought she was dead! If she does reappear it's just going to complicate the things even further. 4) I hope they don't show the killing in detail. Please no more graphic violence, drama! I will need to rewatch but did the aliens or the Abyss ball specifically say that about it reflecting the soul or was that Min's guess? The character description says YC is in his 50s so he is just about old enough but I also think YC's father is their father. @ktcjdrama @turtle0217 Right! HJ knew Min is exactly the type of upright man who would want to "take responsibility" if he thought something happened between them. So she let him think they slept together, honourable Min proposes which is why they got engaged after just three months. We have seen from the flashbacks-the real flashbacks and not the fake flashbacks she lied about at the police station-CM treated her so well and was so grateful for her "love". Then she takes advantage of his simple and upright nature again by pretending to be pregnant as she knows he will hand himself in
  7. That's what I'm hoping and I'm crossing everything too! These two episodes really didn't win the drama any fans lol! at your nickname for Young Chul. Yes, it does mean he is the owner now. SY can only become the owner once he dies so I'm not sure how this will go unless she is about to kill him or something. Not like YC is going to volunteer to revive CM or anyone considering he is a serial killer *I am also scratching my head* *sigh* such a missed opportunity Totally agree. Haha! Well, it's as good as any other idea so you might be on to something... I agree with your guesses about what Abyss receives people and about Shady Seo and Hee Jin's link to Young Chul. He's already implied he is Shady's father and he seems to know too much about Hee Jin's mother. Good catch about her real name too. CM was so foolish about Hee Jin. I understand that Min is naive and has never dated or had a girlfriend before but he was so dumb. The tramp made a fool of him, humiliated him, accused him of murder and has lied to and about him every single time she opened her mouth but he was still willing to believe her until he finally heard directly from her that she was lying about being pregnant. I bet she lied about them sleeping together when he was drunk that one time too, tbh!. The poor guy is probably still a virgin and didn't even realise it
  8. Yes! They didn't have many scenes but I really liked all those brief moments with them too. I'm wondering if CM's death (again..smh too) will act as a kind of reset for the plot and their relationship once he is revived - however or whenever that is The fingerprints are definitely an important plot point so you might be right about the others! I was so confused why Young Chul and ex-fiancee didn't return as different people like MCM and SY but I think you might be on to something with this idea I think you are right about the writer. The previous work, Miss Young-Ae, is a comedy-drama so the writer would be more suitable writing this from the romcom angle. I've also seen quite a lot of people say they are holding on for the actors too so I hope the drama rewards them for their loyalty. I like your positivity @lightbringer06! Have you watched this week's episodes yet?
  9. I totally agree! Audience can forgive a lot of there is a cute OTP to root for and make their hearts flutter. I was reading the comments for HPL a couple of weeks ago and some K-netz even said the plot doesn't make much sense but they don't care because of gorgeous Kim Jae Wook and the OTP chemistry. In SWDBS the romance hard-carried the second half of the drama over all the nonsense with gangs, teenagers, weird abusive dynamic of DBS parents and screechy gum chewing colleague. I just don't understand why their relationship isn't the focus of this drama. It's the perfect set-up whilst they live and work together and try to get to the bottom of the mystery. I'm not even asking for any romance yet but seeing their friendship and partnership. That would be the logical route for the story to take but instead episode 3 they had fewer scenes than the crusty hairy serial killer running around and the dad bleeding all over Seoul; episode 4 they were apart or arguing for most of the episode and not in a cute bickering way. In the scenes the drama does give PBY and AHS together their acting, chemistry and visuals are great which is what K-dramas dream of so I really don't get why the drama isn't taking advantage of that. I also thought the whole dying and new bodies plot would lead to character development but we're not really getting much of that either. At the moment it just seems like all the drama is really focused on is the murderer stuff and everything is happening so quickly the audience is getting whiplash. at your spoiler bar I'm hoping they can turn things around too. As you said let's hope they can make some tweaks on what they have already filmed, some additional shooting if needed (which is going to be so tiring for everybody) and make some changes for the upcoming episodes. I like the drama. I don't think the drama it is bad but there is room for improvement and some issues which need addressing. The poor response must be so discouraging Poor Bo Young for her TV return and she is already always so hard on herself. Poor Hyo Seop as this is his first lead and he was already so nervous This isn't even their fault because their performances are very good. Hoping for good fortune for the whole team for the rest of filming. I am so curious about this school filming they were doing....they are wearing uniforms but it can't be a flashback because their current faces didn't know each other back then.
  10. Yes, they made it seem like a light fantasy and romance with the bright and funny promo, hyped as the reunion after Oh My Ghost, writer most known work is Rude Miss Young Ae which is a slice of life comedy drama. Even with the episode promo I've noticed tvN promote Seyeon and Cha Min scenes because they know that's what people want to see but the drama isn't reflecting that. Episode 3 and 4 had few SY/CM scenes and we don't expect to see any in the next episode after the end of ep. 4. Sigh. I noticed that the long trailer which was released a couple of weeks ago only had scenes up to episode 4 so I wonder how far ahead they are with filming? I hope they can make some tweaks even if it is just to improve the editing. Also I'm not conservative but even I felt the violence in episode 3 was unnecessarily graphic so I was not surprised the more conservative K-drama audience were complaining. Not sure if it was coincidental or they edited the scenes but I was relieved episode 4 did not have as many violent scenes. Hope they minimise the violence in future episodes too. I agree it's sad for the actors and crew too. They have all worked extremely hard on the drama so this reaction must be discouraging. Yeah, Abyss ratings this week definitely could have been a lot worse considering the less than positive K-netz reactions but after this week I'm not sure what to expect. HPL has lower ratings but it does have lots more positive buzz. I don't know how much I trust the writer but we can only hope next week's episodes and the ones following are an improvement so the audience want to stay with the drama.
  11. I also blame this on the promo because the drama was being sold as something very different. As I said earlier in the thread based on the promotion most of the audience-including me-were expecting a fantasy rom-com with a mystery sub-plot and not a dark, violent thriller with occasional humour. Even the posters are bright, colourful and comical which is misleading. If they had promoted this like Signal, Life on Mars, The Voice type of drama I don't think viewers would be quite as disappointed because they would have started the drama with different expectations. The episode which received the best response was the episode 2 which was closer to the type of drama people were expecting but these last two episodes were the opposite. I hoped the drama would return to the lighter tone we saw in episode 2 but after episode 4 where they killed the male lead(!) that is obviously not where this drama is headed. I am enjoying this drama and liked episode 4 more than episode 3 but I agree the plot is confusing and episodes 3-4 with all the violence, stabbing, getting hit by cars, dying was too much. It felt like every other scene they were back in the hospital! Hoping the writer and director see the audience response, sit down and smooth the plot out, sort out the plot holes and focus on the leads (I assume Min will be revived) and their development instead of throwing in "twists" and having them running around constantly. I feel bad for PBY and AHS as I do think they are doing a great job in their roles (as are most of the actors) and I hope the ratings can improve somehow.
  12. Ratings were not released for Monday dramas as there was a problem with Nielsen's data system. I agree with you. I don't get it either as there isn't much suspense if we know who the killer is and they know who the killer is. As you said they need to balance it out and I also felt Ep. 3 was unnecessarily violent. This was not promoted as a gritty, violent serial killer hunt with occasional humour. It was promoted as a fantasy rom-com with a mystery sub-plot. Lee Si Eon's character is sweet. I guess that will be part of Seyeon's character development that he is actually a decent guy who loves the real Mi Do and SY will eventually feel bad for lying and manipulating him. At least they are giving him cute scenes. Meanwhile the actual promised OTP are getting no cute scenes and Min obsessing over his lying ex-fiancee This is exactly how I feel!
  13. Thanks for sharing your views I will need to watch Episode 4 when I get home. I'm glad you said you liked it more than episode 3 as I was disappointed by ep 3 also (too little screen time and development for SY and CM, way too much time on the serial killer sub-plot) especially after how much I enjoyed Episode 2. I'm nervous about the ratings as the K-netizens comments translated at melohwa for episode 3 were not good: they found the violence was too much, too graphic and off putting; plot was too confusing and unfocused; quite a few mentioned they don't like the acting of Shady Seo's actor or Lee Sung-Jae playing the old YC. I'm not going to copy and paste as it's not really pleasant reading I'm just hoping the creative team behind Abyss see the critical comments and listen to them for the subsequent episodes. Minimise the violence and murderer scenes and re-focus the drama on what people want to see which is more of the humour and fluff with the main characters Seyeon and Cha Min living and working together and their character and relationship development...although not sure how they can do that if they killed CM again in episode 4
  14. @turtlegirl Right? That was also my reaction! I really don't know what to make of that preview for episode 5. Maybe it will make more sense when I have watched episode 4? Thanks so much for all the screenshots for episode 4 @lingx2
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