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  1. You are welcome! Thank YOU for the DC gall pics and gifs Random thoughts on this weekend's episodes (SPOILERS!) - The fight in the warehouse was intense! So glad SM got his powers (and curly hair!) back. No comment on those Yung people - still not happy with how they handled the situation. I'm glad the Chairman and Mo Tak called them out. - the scene where the Counters were sending Mo Tak off for his date was so cute and fun! Mrs Chu telling Mo Tak he doesn't have to come back, So Mun getting all excited and Murs Chu smackig him and asking him what he knows about that? -
  2. Thanks for posting the Episode 13 teaser @Jillia Still need to write my thoughts for this past weekend's episode but next week's episode is looking amazing already! I have been hoping they find a way to get stronger because Ji Cheong's Sin's powers keep increasing whilst the Counters can't develop their powers further so it's good to see they are looking for new ways to stop Ji Cheong Sin. Also the iconic Counters red tracksuits are back! I found this tweet showing the Counters and their Yung partners in the webtoon. The partners look so different except for Wi-gen. I
  3. That is very nice of him... but I can't help find it funny how big his picture is. You would think JJH is starring in this drama I'm with you. I prefer Hong Chun Gi. "Red Sky" seems so generic. I agree. I think it was a special teaser filmed for the awards so I don't think Haram will necessarily be styled exactly the same way when the drama is aired.
  4. OK..this trailer is much better. I wasn't excited by the previous teaser but this one is very good(and we get to see some of those gorgeous Goguryeo fashions on the ladies ) These K-netz Woman who is no longer a teenager looks more mature five years later shocker! Anyway, KSH does look very beautiful. Attire from this period really suits her!
  5. Thanks @Jillia I don't watch daily dramas but the plot actually sounds interesting. I have always wanted to see a female version of The Count of Monte Cristo. I want the FL to be smart and focused in her quest for revenge but from the frustrated posts I usually see on the daily drama threads that seems unlikely I suppose I will wait a whilr to see the reaction from the regular daily drama veteran watchers before I attempt this.
  6. How cool to get support from THE Song Joong Ki Right. Especially when she basically emotionally blackmailed him by promising he would be able to see his parents again if he joined. The whole relationship seems so one sided: the Counters are out there risking their lives, having to follow arbitrary rules and instructions whilst fighting powerful evil spirits that fight dirty and the Yung people are just chilling up above drinking tea and playing board games. Only Su Ho really seems to care about his Counter as a person and that's because she is his mother! Thanks fo
  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I am really not satisfied with how Wigen and the rest handled this situation with So Mun because (like you said) they didn't put his actions into context of the situations where he was protecting people or being taunted about his dead parents. I do agree that he was emotionally volatile and him giving away the Territory secret to the evil spirits was a big mistake. I was also so annoyed with how he was all up in the Mayor's face. Smae with Mo Tak! Sometimes i wish they would just lie low and not make themselves so conspicuous but I su
  8. Yes! It really does feel like it was fated to be this way. They are both in such different and better places personally and professionally than they were back during CWPFN and Hong Chun Gi already seems like a far superior project. It seems fated their stars finally aligned so they can work together at last. Thanks! Oh wow they are even bringing back the Wed-Thurs slot I hope this doesn't impact the ratings adversely as usually the drama that opens/re-opens a slot after a long time can have a difficult time as it isn't integrated people's routine. Do you know what time it wi
  9. Very happy the drama is back! I do agree it seems like the editing and story was different in episodes 9-10 compared to the earlier episodes. Not sure if this is accurate but I read a while ago that the drama was originally planned to be 12 episodes but they decided at some point during production to change to 16 episodes. My guess is episodes 9-10 are where they built a sort of "bridge" to the story to extend the drama a further 4 episodes and that's why these episodes have a slightly different feel. Thanks for all the pics. The whole team give us so much content! ! hope they c
  10. True. They are totally convincing and I love their friendship so much. Same with Yeom Hye Ran as Chu Mae Ok and Yoo Joon Sang as Mo Tak. She is convincing as his senior in the drama so I didn't realise she is actually 7 years younger than him in real life This OCN IG congratulating Jo Byung Gyu post on winning gin at the SBS Drama Aeards was so funny! OCN were like a proud mother and the rest of the channel accounts like proud aunties. I love that even KBS IG account randomly stopped by! Actor Jo Byung Gyu’s “SBS Drama Awards” Win Has OCN, TVN, Netflix, And C
  11. Well, thank goodness AHS has the advantage of acting opposite KYJ who we know can act and he has great chemistry with! Poor Kim Soo Hyun had to act against the wide-eyed cardboard cutout that was Han Ga In! KSH really had to do the heavy lifting for two in their scenes I always imagine how much better the later part of the drama could have been if KSH had acted opposite an actress he had real chemistry with. It was a pity after their younger actors, Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung, were so good together. I thought the same thing. His hair and clothing is more in those scene
  12. Thank you! That's nicely edited and good summary of the drama so far. The summary makes it look very dark and, actually, I was surprised by how violent the drama is. Maybe it it because I don't usually watch OCN dramas? At the same time you would never guess from that video the drama can also be seriously laugh out loud funny and very heartwarming too. This video of the cast playing a game during the pre-release promo is so fun! love their chemistry! (once again, really appreciate OCN for giving us English subs) Netizen comments for episodes 5 and 6
  13. Wow at the comments from the CEO! I am an AHS fan but that is a huge prediction. That's a lot of pressure to put on his shoulders and the drama The teaser has me very excited!
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