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  1. I see You 

    1. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali

      I adore you :smort:

  2. Oh yeah gossip from my office for our midnight gossip: my ex boss is growing her hair inspired by Tae Eul in King Eternal HAHAHAHAHA my boss who was never had any time to watch kdrama because she is always too busy now becomes the big fan of Kim Go Eun she said she is so cute and sweet and has natural beauty and her acting really good. And she wants Kim Go Eun and Lee Minho become a real couple hahahahahhaa. My friend dinni told her “sis you must to watch GOBLIN” hahaha I suggest her to watch Cheese in the trap to ^_* +2
  3. DI love this drama because I am able to collecting many meaningful quotes from Ko Mun Yeong. And they are just from 4 eps I think because this character is a writer, a kids story writer, so she is very thoughtful and imaginative yet very logic.
  4. 254 stomacache wake me up in the middle of night I hate to sit in the toilet when Eyes so sleepy
  5. Hi thanie. Miss you btw how are you? I am fine and now watching okaytonotokay kdrama. 240 Agree. This afternoon I joined meeting that give me headache. Too much tension.
  6. False hahaha.. covid19 makes me playing around more he he he next person is having a bad day
  7. 268 I am now eyes on soompi but ears on web seminar lol. Laptop is opening the web seminar about children marriage under 18 years old but handphone is opening soompi hahahaha
  8. I am asking the same question too, chingu.. I need to rewatching it again to make me sure the owner of that voice. someone hates her secretly someone jealous to her secretly.
  9. Maybe can but choose to not. Headache after that is something I don’t want to feel. True. It is an habbit to wear it he he he. Hand will feel empty without it. next person is always use perfume
  10. 250 morningg I am watching my baby talk to the mirror now And laughing to his reflection hahaha. this is my morning coffee
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