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  1. I came in here because, respectively, This drama taught me that “even if you have small breast, the most important is your heart” or a kind of .. WKWKKWWKKWWKKWKWKWWK I am still at ep 3 but I will try to catch up even my real life now is too demanding to watch kdramas wkkwkwwk I am already love this story sooooo much
  2. +2 ottoke if the girl fall in love with him? The signal would be so wrong but will also feel so right WKWKWKWKKW *I am worried that I laugh and cry now because last time when I laughed and cried when watch mr. Bean, earthquakes and tsunami happened in here wkkwwkkw nb. Now I am watching the part when they insisted him to bathe together. Hua HA HA HA HA this reminds me when supergal99 shocked because I joked to her to go pee together. She was shocked but I convinced her that when I was in the college, bathe together in the bible camp with my girl friends was a ritual LOL. 3 of us will bathe together and we sang together in the bathroom amd harmonized our voices. Wkwkwk that’s Sejabin’s bible camp ^_*
  3. Can’t stop kissing my little pouty fatty fish chubby cheeks
  4. NOKDU TALE KDRAMA IS THE BEST :joy: hua ha ha ha ha :bawling:

  5. +2 @Ameera Ali HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA *Sejabin is laughing and rolling on the floor now while watching the first part of nokdu tale ep 2 HUA HA JA HAHAHAHAJAJA WHY MUST HE PRETENDS TO BE A WIDOW? and they gave him pink hanbook and that curator in that village is in love with him Wkwkwkwkwk this story is too messy but I really really really like it!! This drama got stars from me wkkwwk oh gosh suddenly I really really really miss supergal99 Wkwkwkwk it’s been a long time Since I laughed like this. Oh yes last was with fiery priest wkkwkw and our okulele couple kwkwkw
  6. 914 I like hot weather and sunny day. Rainy day and cold makes me low

    mungkinkah kau mencintai diriku selama-lamanya,

    hingga maut memisahkan

    bukan hanya cinta yang sesaat trus menghilang,

    bila hasrat t’lah usai.. 


  8. Aku wanitaaa yang sedang jatuh cintaaa sya la la la la just love this live. I am a woman in love
  9. 908 @Dhakra my kind of jamming he he he he.. a song from my country. This is originally pop and R n B genre. written by a famous musician and a rocker writer in here, that is why in this RnB kind people can still listen to the touch of rock in the entire song. And the lady who sing this song is one of the best singer in here, almost 50s but her voice still amazing. Her vocal Rich with colors, from pop to rock to R n B with wide vocal range. It is very rare to find this quality in a singer. This is live. I share this with you to enrich your listening HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH we can not go anywhere if only listen to studio record songs. I might be too bored to share this with dhakra in here wkwkwkwkwk @Ameera Ali *hugssssss I bought 70 GB internet quota yesterday only to watch kdramas but I can not until now. Wkwkwkwkwk
  10. Exhausted and tired and will sleep before become a zombie again tonight wkwkwk
  11. To loose 9 more kilograms. I am now at 55 kg from 66 kg <~~~ in 3weeks. I hope at the end of October I can be 47 kg again and my friend ask what are you doing? You don’t eat? Wkkwkwkwkw I have never not eat when on diet. I eat 3 times a day (but of course with small/medium plate hahaha you can not control yourself if not change the size of your plate ^_*) and of course, minimalize sugar. (But I still have my daily chocolate and cookies xixixixi) and a lot a very lot of water. And determination huaHAHAHAHAHAHA
  12. I just want to be able to sleep for 8 hours
  13. +2 @nrllee I am at the doctor now. Later will replied you properly if get home btw who is your nemesis btw hahahahaha
  14. +2 @Ameera Ali *hugsss .. saranghae
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