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  1. @Ameera Ali done. I went to the toilet 3 times already and I feel my stomach is empty now. It’s the time to drink a warm water with a few sugar now ^_* .. so relieved.. it must be because of chicken noodles this afternoon ~_~ (I must to fasting but I eat everything yesterday. Naughty sejabin) ~_~ why you have not sleep yet? .. I am sleepy now.. *cupppssssss your cheeks .. sweetdreams chingu
  2. +2 @Ameera Ali .. I am waiting to go to toilet now hahaha.. I hope my stomach will shows her power
  3. 992 aishhh can not sleep again after vomit. I think this because of chicken noodle I eat this afternoon. I put too much spices ~_~ I should stop this spicy eating habbit.. OUGHHHHHHH but how??
  4. Can not sleep again after vomit in the middle of the night 2 times
  5. 970 if anyone wants to cheat, @Ameera Ali and me will sing this.. love me now.. intoxicate me now.. sya la la la la wkkwkwkwk Baby can’t you see I’m callinnnnnnnn a guy like you should wear a warninggggggg it’s dangerous I’m fallinnnnnnnn WKWKWKWKWKWKWKWK
  6. +2 why must leave when you exposed? (If you were Jacqueline) If she loves him she will not leave just because being exposed. You know the song that sung by dhakra’s girl Why can Not I say that I’m in love I want to shout it from the rooftop.. la la la la la la everyone who is in love is wanting to be exposed and announce it. Oh you mean she not leaves kenneth? If she wants to leave him she will leaves him from the start. Not after being exposed with another bf
  7. How if you were Jacqueline? would you stay or leave? How if you were kenneth? will you still want your lady? +2
  8. - white rice with fried shrimps and stir vegetables (string beans and carrots) - bread with beef - bread with chocolate and nuts - fried rice or nasi goreng with fried egg and chicken and fresh cucumber and tomato - mie ayam jawa / chicken noodles ala javanese - strawberry milk - kue pia isi kacang ijo - tahu goreng isi sayur will take a break for a moment then I will continue to eat HAHAHAHAHA
  9. Can not sit too long it will hurt my back. If sit from 8 am to 12 am I need to lay down for 1 hour and rest. Ottoke yo..
  10. 942 Indonesia is still counting wkwkwkwk I am laughing a Lot while reading my friends fb status and IG hahaha.. there is one funny status from my friend in west papua. She wrotes “ohh wait.. God will come and slap KPU staff” wkwkkwwkkwwk oh poor KPU staffs. I hope they all will stay strong in Papua wkwkw
  11. 934 why this heavenly sword and dragon sabre 2019 is a bit bored at the beginning eps? feels like I read the novel ~_~ I am at ep 4 and I just hoayemmmm.. hoayemmmm... -O- while watching this now
  12. 922 *still on bed *in heart: working no working no working no working no working? No? Wkwkkw *mom said: wake up! If sleep no money wkwkkwkkkwkwkwwk ok I will get up from this bed just because I want to drink strawberry milk and cookies
  13. +2 I can not love pastor. they are forbidden. Wkkwwkwkwkwk btw I just love to watch them all. From priest kim to pantene guy. To mr hwang to honey to 10 tailed fox wkwkwkwk. Even song ja hahahahaha.. even the doctor who explained that solsahwa HAHAHAHAHHAHA oh gosh.. this drama is too epic wkkwkw I feel like I watch the legend of the condor heroes. All characters have the strong presence. From kwecheng to the leader of the poor sect hahahhaha @Lawyerh that HPL guy.. I feel like I watch my Young papa. WKWKWKWKWWKKWKWWK ahahhahahaahha may he rest in peace btw if there will be a kiss scene, I can not watch!! Seriousy!! Ughhh ( I remember when my friend eunsani knows that Me and her mom are sagittarius and I said sags are hot on bed? Good in bed? And she said thanks for explaining now she can not see her mom like her used to be WKWKWKWKWKWKKWW I think I can feel her)
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