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  1. +2 guys you must to watch Angel Has Fallen we all clapped in the theater when the movie end because it is too good xixixixi I only have 2 experiences when audiences clapped for the movie. 1. At Salman Khan first appearance in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in the theater (we have mini theater used to be in here). Wkkwkw oh no they were also do pheweeetttt things 2. When Angel Has Fallen movie end.
  2. 900 I don’t believe love in kdramaland anymore
  3. Just get home from the cinema. I went to watch Angel has Fallen. The movie is too good and sweating like hell in my bedroom with air conditioner ON
  4. 948 @Lawyerh I think that’s because that nipples business it is nipples punishment for him @Ameera Ali where’s your gif? I just know that korean men want perfect features from women and that is why plastic surgery is a good business there. Hmmhh.. my friend told me this.
  5. I am not liking smoking guy. But if my guy smokes I would not be insane. I will just tell him I don’t like it. If you smoke please do it at another place and not when you are with me..
  6. +2 Btw there’s gay couple who fought with dinni and alief in the cinema this afternoon so we were a bit crowded in the cinema when watching because that movie is too horror LOL. And seems we were disturbing this gay couple concentrate to watch and one of them was like this to my friend dinni “psst!! Can we watch quietly? Please?” And dinni replied “how? We need to expressing ourselves when watching.” hahahhahaha if there was a guy, usually, in the cinema, he will be laughing with us or lending his shoulder if we scared or get into the conversation with us hahahaha.. I told them it is better to watch fallen angel and not 47 meters down
  7. 942 It is not often happened to me.
  8. 938 so there is this junior at office who often comes to me and ask about my opinions in his relationships he said he likes to tell me his stories. He said what I said are fits with his dating situations hahahaha. Dinni always called him to take her to office because her house is not too far from his. Or ask him to take her back to home. And me too. LOL. My house only 10 mins from office. One day his mom, a lecturer who is working together with our office in some programs come to office and looking for dinni. Mom curious who is this dinni. Because if she called his son sometimes he answered “wait mom I am taking dinni back to home.” Hahahahah.. we said dinni your mom in law is looking for you. And dinni said NO. Haahahaha.. this afternoon also funny dinni texted him “Reza where are you. Sis sejabin wants to go to a cafeteria after work. And me too and alief.” And he said “if it is sis Sejabin even if she wants to go to other provinces I will take her.” HAHAHAHAHAH that is mean he is happy because he wants to discuss about his dating stories again. HAHAHAHAH he is too cute. Very kind. Because yeah he always take us to everywhere. We forget him this afternoon when we went to watch 47 meters down. sometimes you can just meet people like this who is so willing to tell you about their dating situations @Lmangla we are too lazy to listen because bram and rika stories are too crazy too messy and will only bring headache if you listen to them seriously.. aishhhh..
  9. 942 @Lmangla that is the way I hate handsome oppa even so I still hate him btw in real life if rika or bram comes to us and telling their story, we will be like .. Busy to open laptop and watching kdrama. Sometimes they realized that we are not interesting to listen to their story. But somehow they still come to us to tell their story. We are too lazy to listen to theirs
  10. +2 like gay men will mostly hang around with gay men too? Or with the girls? Or calm people will be friend with calm people too. Noisy people with noisy people. Stone headed people with stone headed people. Soft people with soft people.. etc..
  11. One reason I love to watch live music video is because I can see the emotion of the singer. Love it when they sing a song like they just talking to us. Sometimes I don’t need to listen to the golden voices or grammy winner voices. Sometimes I just want to listen to of how the singer try to tell us about the messages of the song I love Justin Timberlake and this song and this live
  12. +2 not too shipper. But I just love them both I hate SJK btw this a song from a man, who used to be, was so broken hearted hahahaha he was the victim but I love it because he produced a song to released his emotions. This is creative
  13. No number whenever I listen to DoTS ost you are my everything I will be melow
  14. +2 Hahahaha because of this vid I also checked his version of song song couple divorce xixixixixi as I feel as what they projected that SHK actually was or is so very very very sad when SJK announced about divorcing as she was still post their picts on her IG huuu uuuuu.. they are the one who divorced I am the one who can not move on until now
  15. +2 @Lawyerh @cenching try to watch this hahahaha
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