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  1. 640 For all those times you stood by me For all the truth that you made me see For all the joy you have brought to my life For all the wrong that you made right For every dream you made come true For all the love I have found in you I will be forever thankful baby you are the one who held me up never let me fall you are the one who saw me through through it all
  2. I will write later after my complicated bosses finished their problems without making things difficult for me note: at least my love to my oppas are deeper than @Ameera Ali <~~~ this girl can love more (her slogan)
  3. 628 ahhhh so stress today so I have two bosses. 1 ex boss and 1 my current boss. My ex boss sentiment to my current boss and seems want to cut my current boss events. I want to said to my ex boss something like “ma’am when you were in this position you were also doing the same things. Why when other people doing it too you become this sentiment? Don’t you ever looked to yourself first before you judge other?” <~~~ but I can not say this because they both like, mmm, love me too much. ahhhh stress can I change my job? and my ex boss a bit sentiment to me too when I explain things for my current boss she said I take his side? So? He is my boss? I must to take his side. I am a loyal cheerleader. ARGHHHHHHHH if I have a next life I want to be a supermodel. Chebal..
  4. 590 @ktcjdrama I love your thoughts
  5. 580 when the drama was airing I was lurking in the drama thread hahahahah
  6. :kiss_wink: :blush:

    1. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali



      ..how are you :)

    2. Sejabin


      I’m good :kiss_wink: but will be busy until friday ^_* will hold 2 events at the same time from this afternoon until thursday. Wish me luck okhay. Need to be 2 persons until thursday xixixi :wub: 

      *huggssssssss :heart:

    3. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali


      I wish you all luck:wub:  , hopefully everything will go smoothly  :relaxed: :kiss_wink:  All kiss and hugs :love:

  7. 576 busy days start until this friday hua ha ha ha btw I was want to watch my ahjussi but it is too serious and too tired emotionally
  8. I always feel hot nowadays. Hot everywhere
  9. So happy with Kim Go Eun and Lee Minho pairing :heart:

  10. 562 I just read korean netter reactions about Kim Go Eun and Lee Minho and I am so angry how dare they underestimate my Kim Go Eun acting and beauty. This is why they must to stop to consume plastic surgery and botox. This makes them blind when judging people. They really judge people based on the cover cihhhhh.. They need to accept reality sometimes. Accepting what They got when they were born. Accepting their big nose or their small eyes. And they said her acting is not too good. Huekkkkkk So who’s acting is too good in their standard? Suzy at least kim go eun’s breast are real
  11. her face is too original ya? I admire her. if your face is original never touch botox or plastic surgery your expressions when acting will be more natural and rich. plus her acting is top class. top class and natural. from my POV she is even better than Song Hye Kyo. Song Hye Kyo dramas always typical. always with flat expressions or cold hearted. I like Kim Go Eun because she dares to try many different roles +2
  12. 536 hahahaha.. you must see how lethargic she is today WKWKWKWKWKWKWKWKWKWK her husband who is also in the same office with us, seeing her like this whenever she talks about So Ji Sub hahahaha.. kacau rumah tanggal gara2 so ji sub haHAHAHAHA btw I haven't read much about LMH new drama
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