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  1. Park Hae Jin Confirmed To Lead New Rom-Com Drama About Ghosts TV/FILM May 3, 2021 by S. Nam Park Hae Jin is confirmed to lead in the new drama “From Now On, Showtime!” (working title)! “From Now On, Showtime!” is a comical romance investigative drama in which the characters work together with ghosts. In addition to the romance between Cha Cha Woong (Park Hae Jin), a magician and employer who handles and manages ghost
  2. From Now On, Showtime! Network: TBA Genre: Ghost, Magic Episodes: TBA Release Date: TBA Runtime: TBA Director: TBA Writer: TBA Website: TBA Plot: "From Now On, Showtime" (tentative title) is a story about Cha Cha Woong, an employer and magician who deals with ghosts freely, working with ghosts based on hidden clues in an unexpected incident. It is a so-called "comic romance ghost collaboration investigation drama" that adds romance with a passionate female police officer who has a new talent. It is a new work
  3. Same here miss you all! Just watched a few clips of 8090 and not yet hooked but will do when more eps are out
  4. I guess it's different with men? I just can't not wash my hair everyday. Don't know much really since I don't understand Chinese. The translation I posted earlier was from translation apps. Yeah inexcusable!
  5. You're welcome! Last 8th April, the cast of YAMH did a Weibo Live, check out this video below
  6. He is going with her for a vacation, lols to be her maid while she's studying. He mentioned he did not avail of his day for the past 18 months just to get this vacation. Yeah that was reaaaaaaaaally weak but I'll take what I can. They are supposed to be mature already, age wise so I was thinking a little bit of kissing wouldn't hurt. I dunno about these two, maybe they have issues about it. Look at MLH, gosh so many kisses, I can't count anymore. I guess tho that despite the lack of kisses the show did well! Look at us. Oh yeah this explains it. Tho XKL could hav
  7. Sharing some cute Bai Jingtings... Xing Kelei Hahaha MiKa knew and when she called him his name, bham busted. That too... well he just need the moment after for themselves, the rest can wait for their reward. IKR! but the proposal compensated it for me. Hahaha minimal suspension of disbelief and you add the continuity of their family name! He was supposed to be a smart RickRoll'D also and he was introduced to the tools prior to going up the bus, which we see that he was not really able to catch up on
  8. You’re welcome chingu and it’s my pleasure. I hope i was not spoilery tho if so sorry about that. I love the company in these forums. It was a grear but made greater while watching with you all. It will be a long time before I could watch the same kind of drama with good quality and great acting from awesome actors. I could finally say in the end that every minute spent with the show is all worth it. No show had made me happy each and every tome 9 watch. The OST are great as well. Every song is worth your listening time. I’m glad it’s available on Itunes. I have ne
  9. I have mentioned on a few posts earlier. The drama is available on WETV, if you're VIP, you get to watch the finale real time. Fee is very minimal, i think my subscription is worth it, esp with YAMH. As soon as the drama airs, dramanice dot so uploads it asap. I was two hours late from the finale, dead tired from finishing a mock hearing session I need to submit. But all my tiredness wiped away from the wonderful finale episodes. I just like YAMH so much and MIka and Kelei. Many are wishing for a season 2. I would love to watch Xing KElei getting busy taking care of their kids.
  10. Thanks they seem complicated. Looks like my case, not kdrama so pick up some cdrama, not sure if I would stay. lols. More like my bias is DL but currently liking BJT, well more like I am into Xing Kelei. I just we see more of him on dramas such as these that can pump up his popularity and drama we love. BTW, Baijinting is now 29M followers on weibo. I think this is funny~
  11. I am also watching Mr. Gu. Yet to start on Sunshine. Sighs it's gonna a serious withdrawal syndrome on YAMH. I am so invested in this show so am gonna rewatch this from time to time. This is just different. I think I am gonna start on Vincenzo, dunno if this is spelled right. I am waiting form some Kdrama to start. I haven't gone to the soompi threads for a while prior to YAMH so if the drama is good I might catch up on you on other threads. LOLs haven't even updated my threads. I love their interactions and how comfortable they are. It is wishful thinking bu
  12. Hmmm you can watch to unwind. I'm posting various behind the scenes to lighten up everyone's mood. Bai Jingting and Ma Sichun seems to really enjoy filming YAMH. They are always goofy and laughing.
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