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  1. ‘시크릿’ 박해진, 강원도서 6개월 촬영 마무리 Secret, Park Hae Jin, finishes filming after 6 months https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/009/0004418275
  2. Chingu from news reports, esp Dispatch, it was mention as a pre-produced drama of tvN and none denying it so far
  3. So it seems, tvN will be the broadcaster as mentioned by Dispatch on its news article and airing will be 1st half of 2020. [Dispatch=정영우기자] tvN 사전 제작 드라마 ‘시크릿’(극본 이선영, 연출 오종록, 가제) 종방연이 28일 오후 서울 강남구 한 음식점에서 열렸다. 박해진은 이날 편안한 차림으로 현장에 도착했다. 우월한 기럭지는 물론 조각같은 외모가 돋보였다. 한편 '시크릿'은 현실적인 욕망을 지닌 인물들이 각자 행복하지 않은 기억으로 입은 마음의 상처를 '숲'이라는 공간에 모여들면서 치유해나가고 행복의 본질을 깨닫는 내용을 그린 작품이다. [Dispatch = 정영우 기자] tvN pre-production drama 'Secret' (played by Lee Sun-young, directed by Jong-rok Oh, Gaze) Jongbangyeon was held at a restaurant in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of 28th. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/433/0000061878
  4. 20190828In the news today, National Fire Agency Chief Jung Mun-ho to have a special appearance on 'Secret'.. . . .https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/003/0009421701
  5. Mountain Movement update on the food truck support from PHJ Malaysia and Philippines
  6. Park Hae Jin presented the birthday cake to Jo Boa on her birthday
  7. In the news today 20190819 [단독]박해진·조보아의 '시크릿', 6개월여 촬영 27일 종료 사전제작 기대작인 '시크릿'이 6개월여 대장정을 끝낸다. 한 드라마국 관계자는 19일 일간스포츠에 "드라마 '시크릿'이 27일 촬영을 종료한다. 6개월 여 촬영 기간이 모두 끝난다. 28일에는 배우들과 제작진이 모두 모여 쫑파티를 개최한다"고 밝혔다. Secret', the pre-production anticipation, finishes the campaign for six months. An official from a drama told the daily sports that the drama 'Secret' will finish filming on the 27th. The shooting period is over for six months. On the 28th, the actors and crew will hold a party." https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/241/0002949240
  8. Latest interview (subbed!) with Deng Lun on his new role, temptations in the biz, his views on popularity and social buzz, and more #Denglun #เติ้งหลุน #邓伦 #등륜 #ashesoflove #greatescape #MrFighting #加油你是最棒的
  9. Park Hae Jin taking a break during the shoot of the drama Secret Hongkong FC Food Support at the set of drama Secret
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