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  1. It just premiered as well on WeTV official channel on YT. For updated english subs you can watch it on WeTV VIP up to episode 12 this week. For a sneak preview of up to episode 18 you can check the chinese WeTV.
  2. Yes the ending is not perfect but a good one. I think they didn't. Thank you ladies of watching Kkondae. This had been a great show!
  3. "Tomorrow is the last episode of Kkondae Intern. It airs at 9:30, not 9. Order chicken, please." - okay, we'll order chicken, PD-nim!Reposted from @nam_seongwoo 꼰대인턴 마지막회내일은9시아니고9시30분에 방송해요치킨시키세요 credit: officialphjphfc
  4. Relatively, only a few works under his name, Xin Yun LaI. He started in 2018 with a movie Cry Me A Sad River then in 2019 Waiting For You In The Future and Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty. I watched Dreaming but didn't noticed so I will check him on it again. This is his first drama for 2020 and will be followed by Ling Long but only in a lead role. Mr. Honesty is also his first lead role in a drama. Xin Yun Lai is really good looking and manly especially when he smile. Yeah and looking forward to episode 9! @taekwang uhm I think it's not allowed to quote a video/photo.
  5. love this drama... lols even made me subscribe to WeTV VIP
  6. Crime Puzzle production sent a coffee truck to the set of PHJ's currently airing drama Kkondae Intern Crime Puzzle's production company sent a coffee truck to Park Hae Jin on June 19. The banner says "It's Professor Han Seung Min's treat for the hardworking Manager Ga Yeol Chan!" (Han Seung Min is PHJ's character in Crime Puzzle.).Yay for the support! The production company is very supportive of our Hae Jin! Looking forward to Crime Puzzle next!!! credits to officialphjphfc The resemblance is uncanny. Coincidence? I don't think so. Who else is excited for Crime Puzzle? : @cutecookies0501 credits to officialphjphfc Park Hae Jin returns to OCN as a genius criminal psychologist in 'Crime Puzzle' @jongski."Park Hae Jin will play a genius criminal psychologist in "Crime Puzzle," according to his agency Mountain Movement. "After the end of MBC's Kkondae Intern, we will start preparing for "Crime Puzzle" right away.".Based on a hugely popular thriller webtoon, "Crime Puzzle" is a mystery thriller drama that begins with Han Seung Min, a renowned professor at the National Police University, smiling in front of a CCTV after killing the father of his lover Yoo Hee. It depicts ten (10) interrogations conducted by profiler Yoo Hee and Han Seung Min, who are investigating the case again because they cannot believe his confession.In the drama, Park Hae Jin turns into a criminal psychologist with the most psychopathic temperament. Park Hae Jin has just finished his first comedy acting challenge in Kkondae Intern and will begin his transformation into a genius criminal psychologist this time.Park Hae Jin has played so many different characters that he has never played the same role in numerous dramas. In particular, his comic acting in "Kkondae Intern" has been praised for changing his image as a kkondae man.People are curious about how he will take off his comical appearance and succeed in another unusual transformation. "Crime Puzzle" will be produced by Studio 329 and will air in the second half of this year.Full article: credits to officialphjphfc
  7. Sad that this drama is ending tomorrow, it's too good and too short.
  8. Interns sorry for the late post... yes the finale will be moved to July 01 due to the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Korean War source: Instead, Kkondae Intern prepared a special fan meeting of sorts which was held last Saturday June 27 2020
  9. Yes no episode tomorrow, it will be on July 1 but longer episode. Will post the article, I just can't now cause it's on IG Preview of the finale Some clips for today's episode
  10. “Kkondae Intern,” “Oh My Baby,” And “Fix You” See Rise In Ratings TV/FILM Jun 19, 2020 by E. Cha MBC’s “Kkondae Intern” has successfully defended its reign over Thursday nights! On June 18, Park Hae Jin’s office comedy drama enjoyed a slight increase in viewership from its previous two broadcasts. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of “Kkondae Intern” scored average nationwide ratings of 5.1 percent and 6.1 percent for its two parts, with a peak of 8.3 percent in the Seoul metropolitan area. KBS 2TV’s “Fix You” also saw a modest rise in viewership, scoring average ratings of 1.7 percent and 2.1 percent for the night. tvN’s “Oh My Baby” scored an average rating of 1.772 percent nationwide, similarly marking a slight increase in its viewership, while JTBC’s “Mystic Pop-Up Bar” held relatively steady with an average rating of 3.009 percent for the night. “Kkondae Intern” Holds On To Top Spot As “Fix You” And “Mystic Pop-Up Bar” See Slight Rise In Ratings TV/FILM Jun 18, 2020 by C. Hong MBC’s “Kkondae Intern” held on to its top spot among Wednesday night dramas despite a slight dip in ratings. According to Nielsen Korea, the June 17 episode of “Kkondae Intern” recorded average nationwide ratings of 4.1 and 5.5 percent. This is a slight decrease from last week’s ratings of 4.4 and 5.8 percent. KBS’s “Fix You” and JTBC’s “Mystic Pop-Up Bar,” on the other hand, saw a slight increase in ratings compared to last week. Airing an hour later than “Kkondae Intern,” “Fix You” recorded ratings of 1.5 and 1.9 percent. On the cable side, “Mystic Pop-Up Bar” recorded ratings of 3.139 percent. Also on the cable side, tvN’s “Oh My Baby” recorded ratings of 1.674 percent, a decrease from last week’s 2.004 percent. “Kkondae Intern” Production Crew Praises Park Hae Jin And Kim Eung Soo’s Realistic Chemistry TV/FILM Jun 13, 2020 by L. Kim MBC’s “Kkondae Intern” released behind-the-scene stills of Park Hae Jin and Kim Eung Soo. “Kkondae Intern” is an office comedy about a man who finally gets sweet revenge on a former boss who once made his life miserable. Park Hae Jin stars as Ga Yeol Chan, who becomes the head of the marketing team at Jun Su Foods after moving up the corporate ladder at lightning speed. Kim Eung Soo stars as Lee Man Shik, Ga Yeol Chan’s boss at his former company but now his subordinate at Jun Su Foods. Spoiler In the previous episode, Ga Yeol Chan and Lee Man Shik went to Manji Island during their new ramen development trip and were isolated on the island for several days due to a stormy weather. Without enough supplies or money, they had to undergo hilarious experiences in order to survive in the wilderness. The behind-the-scenes photos capture the bromance between Park Hae Jin and Kim Eung Soo while filming the stranded scene. They admire the taste of ramen boiled with seafood, share bread that had fallen onto the ground, and play cards to pass the time. The production crew commented, “Park Hae Jin and Kim Eung Soo acted realistically as if they were actually on an island, and despite the accumulated fatigue from the long shoot, they maintained pleasant tension, making the atmosphere even more lively.” They shared that rain poured and wind blew, just like a real typhoon, and the seawater also gradually rose due to the tide. In addition, they weren’t able to receive cell phone signals, which created an environment that suited the situation in the drama. Because of this, they were able to create a realistic scene without any special effects.
  11. No worries! @tulip06 Kkondae intern is a 12=episoder drama. It's supposed to end this week but the last episode will be aired on July 01 Kim Eung Soo Reflects On His Behavior After Witnessing Park Hae Jin Change In “Kkondae Intern” DRAMA PREVIEW Jun 11, 2020 by L. Kim MBC’s “Kkondae Intern” has released new stills ahead of its next episode! “Kkondae Intern” is an office comedy about a man who finally gets sweet revenge on a former boss who once made his life miserable. Park Hae Jin stars as Ga Yeol Chan, who becomes the head of the marketing team at Jun Su Foods after moving up the corporate ladder at lightning speed. Kim Eung Soo stars as Lee Man Shik, Ga Yeol Chan’s boss at his former company but now his subordinate at Jun Su Foods. Spoiler Previously, Ga Yeol Chan, who had traveled to Mokpo to develop a new menu, was increasingly becoming anxious about Cha Young Seok’s (Young Tak) tremendous achievement. Determined to create new products and beat his rival, he passionately dove into work, but his passion brought out the worst side of his personality. In the newly released stills, Ga Yeol Chan struggles alone at the company until late at night to come up with a new product, but he eventually collapses due to a stomachache. Lee Man Shik watches Ga Yeol Chan from the side and feels a sense of kinship with him. After witnessing Ga Yeol Chan change into a different person because of his ambition, Lee Man Shik realizes that his similar behavior in the past could have hurt many people. Viewers are eager to find out if Lee Man Shik will eventually form an alliance with Ga Yeol Chan instead of Namgoong Jun Su (Park Ki Woong) and if Ga Yeol Chan and the rest of the marketing team will be able to revive their teamwork.
  12. None yet but we heard FL was already selected. Sighs! Thank you @triplem this is such a big deal for us who post updates here since IG is the easiest way and can share multiple photos and videos. Anyway we can't do anything about it.
  13. @chickfactor @sadthe1st me too, that was unexpected and a makjang twist that didn't feel makjang, lols @cenching hahaha so true so hilarious! this is the counterpart of the super aegyo of PHJ in Forest and totally loving his antics in this show! and booooy! I like LTR! Hahaha! why do i feel that too? Maybe cuz LTR can maybe change NGJS? Tho it's fun I'd rather they not dwell on the love lines... but make use of it to spice up the office drama. This is after all what everyone signed up for.