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  1. I agree — the writing since episode 11/12 has started to become lazy and confusing. Some characters are not making much sense, especially JGS, I really dislike how his change was so drastic and jarring. Yes, he's entitled to hold both light and darkness in him, but the way this change was executed and shown was not believable. And now they're claiming that he is his father's mini-me? Not by a long shot.... If he was, he would have been able to save Danbam each time they were in hot waters, and not have had to rely on Yi-seo's abilities. JGS says he's madly in love with Yi-seo, but WHY? I wish there was some time dedicated to showing how that love began & flourished. I get that the show has many other focuses, but if they are setting JGS to be the next antagonist, they need to flesh him out much better. Also not really invested in any of PSY's love interests. The same scenarios are playing out repeatedly (Soo-ah's claim on PSY, Soo-ah and Yi-seo fighting over PSY), and it's getting tiring to watch. I'm sad, I REALLY loved the first 10 episodes, but seems like Itaewon C is hitting a mid-run slump. At this point, its only consistent strengths are Park Seo-jun's acting and the characters' styling.
  2. Not sure if anyone has brought this up, but I was just watching Midnight Runners for the 10th time, and look who I finally spotted in this iconic scene: MIDNIGHT RUNNER'S HAIRCUT DUDE IS ITAEWON'S SEUNGKWON :O
  3. Yeh, agreed! I even loved how in episode 5, he was really protective of Hyun-yi, protesting when he thought Sae-roy was actually letting her go. It showed that despite their constant bickering, he innately sees him (or her?) as an important figure in his life. Love the little nuances and how the drama is giving its secondary characters space to grow! Sidetrack — but it reminds me of how When The Camellia Blooms explored and fleshed out its supporting characters, which really enriched its entire story as a whole. Excited to see how things develop for Itaewon!!!
  4. Man, I'm starting to really love Seungkwon! That whole scene with the pretty girl who walked in for an interview had me replaying it over and over to study his facial expressions & body language — his actor is really nailing his character's comedic timing!
  5. So happy that Nokdu & Dongju lived in contentment with the rest of their loved ones! They really deserve it, after all that bitterness and anguish their young selves had to endure. The palace drama was starting to spiral out of control, so it was great that they quickly wrapped it up halfway into the last episode and gave us 30 mins of true rom-com — asides from all the (needed) kisses, love bickering and marital bliss, I loved the hilarity of the wedding scene! Like how Nokdu initially tries to catch the vase and objects that fall from the wind, but gives up by the third try and just looks to the sky in despair. Can just imagine him making these (. _ .) and (- _ -) faces. So cute! Many, many wonderful moments in the last half of episode 16. Thank you Tale of Nokdu for giving me a reason to look forward to Mondays and Tuesdays in the last few months — you have definitely secured a place in my top 5 Korean dramas for sure!
  6. Wow the King............... is so blind. I don't even know what else to say. STOP TRUSTING PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KILL YOU AND STOP KILLING PEOPLE WHO WANT TO TRUST YOU.
  7. Is anyone worried about how Dongju and Nokdu could have been contaminated whilst they were in the 'contagious disease' area that was cordoned off (where the well is). If any one of them dies from a disease IMMA RIOT. I just hope it's extraneous detail that won't be referenced again later in the plot.
  8. YESSSSSS THEY KISSED AND DONGJU INITIATED THE SECOND ONE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH And I was getting so frustrated at her pushing Nokdu away yet again
  9. I'm addicted to this show but feel like they probably shouldn't have marketed this as a rom-com......... oTL Also curious why Dongju never picked up Nokdu's name when it was written on their IOU in episode 7? Both their full names Dong Dong Ju & Jeon Nok Du are written on it :O
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