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  1. So I suppose, Asa Ron will find his demise in this episode... Asa Ron is killed by Tagon. After this "night of long knives", Tagon will purge the administration/the ranks: followers of Asa Clan will be terminated. The children from that sect are all professional killers trained by Black tongue. I guess, the Asa Clan has created this group of killers.
  2. Could you post it here? I don't have any Instagram account and don't wish to have one. However, I am curious about her past story.
  3. 1. I have come to realize why Ipsaeng has been acting like that. Suddenly I remembered that the Ago tribe was mentioned in the first episode, when Tagon and Taealha met after the Daekhan warriors celebrated the end of the Neanthal hunting. It was said that that the inner struggle among the Ago tribe had stopped but their recent reconciliation would be temporary as the Ago members used to fight against each other. So in my opinion, Ipsaeng witnessed the betrayal and the fight in his tribe therefore he turned his back against his own tribe as he could no longer feel as part of this tribe: too selfish, too greedy, too ruthless etc. Then in the last episode, we heard that one warrior from the Daekhan soldier (forgot his name) was sent to the Ago tribe many years ago... And this is important because it shows that Tagon and Arthdal are responsible for the blood bath and fight in his tribe. They used this trick in order to weaken the Ago tribe. Notice that even the Daekhan warrior avoids their territory. Ipsaeng blamed his tribe for the fight and their selfishness, while in reality they had been manipulated by Tagon/Sanung. 2. Could it be water from the sea as the Momo Tribe is connected to the ocean?
  4. @chasen8888 The last episode proves one more time that Asa Ron was in reality a fake priest since he had no true belief. First, he had to be "high" (smoke) in order to understand Gods' will which proves that he had no psychic abilities. This also explains why he could use gods' will for his own interest. Secondly, he never paid attention to the belief as such.... The redecoration of the Shrine reveals that the Asa Clan created new gods, legends in order to diminish the belief about Aramun and Asa Sin. Remember that in the episode 1, the dying soldat was asked in which god he believed... He mentioned Aramun but this scene showed that the myth about the existence of Aramun was a belief among others. Furthermore Aramun is supposed to be an Igutu which Asa Ron ignored as he didn't believe in this. He doubts that Tanya is a real descendant of Asa Sin. He actually thought that Tanya was just like him (using religion for her own interest) and ignored her words. Yes, being an Igutu can be a curse or a blessing. Asa Ron's blindness and stubbornness ensure that the prophecy comes true. An Igutu will bring calamity to Arthdal, while Eunseom has accepted his identity and difference hence he will bring harmony again.
  5. Well, he knew the price and he is well aware that his father's dream came with a huge price. That's why he didn't want a blood bath after becoming the ruler. His father promised him that he would make him into Aramun with the belief that that way he could avoid the prophecy. However, his own father got more and more afraid of the prophecy hence he started hating his son and regretted his decisions. With his son, Niruha Sanung could get more and more power and even land. Yes, Tagon killed his father and it is a crime but who was the one who chose war and expansion at the expense of the other tribes? Asa Ron, Mihol and Tagon's father. They were the one who sent Tagon to Iark... The blood is on their hands, Tagon was just the tool. By trying to kill Tagon, Tanya and Taealha, they didn't realize that the Union is weakening.
  6. Next week, the blood bath is starting. I guess, Asa Ron, Asa Mot and their followers will be all killed as the witnesses of his confession. Ragaz had predicted the blood bath and let us not forget that Tanya had cursed the Daekhan warriors too. To me, the writer did a great job with the characters, especially with the antagonists. Tagon, Taealha and Saya are definitely intriguing. Now, we know why Tagon killed all the Neanthals and the Igutus. He wanted to make his father's wish come true because if not, the death of the innocents (his friends and their family) would have been in vain. In the end, his father is the main culprit for all this. He feared so much the prophecy that he made so many wrong decisions. His greed and Asa Ron's ambition are the cause of this tragedy and the downfall of Arthdal. Mihol will be disposed as well because Tanya's father has already proposed to create iron which is far better than bronze. Tagon will remove him just after that terrible night because we shouldn't forget the deal between Asa Ron and Mihol. The latter wanted to become the king. Mihol still thinks, Tagon is depend of him... I am really looking forward for Eunseom's journey as well: gathering the support of many tribes (Momo, Ago, etc...) which will make it possible for Eunseom to fight against Tagon as the latter will be weakened by the inner struggle (blood bath). Tagon will become a tyrant...
  7. But Ipsaeng was attracted by Karika therefore I can definitely see him trying to woo her, once he changes his behavior. Eunseom will save his life therefore Ipsaeng will bring him to his tribe.
  8. I have the impression that Ipsaeng is acting like that because of his tribe. He said that his tribe serves justice and he even mentioned the legend about the god Anaishingi who jumped from the great waterfall so from my point of view, the scene with the raft in the preview means that Eunseom is now visiting the Ago tribe. Either Ipsaeng lost his faith in his tribe because he suffered injustice and couldn't prove his innocence hence he ran away and talks badly about the Ago Tribe. The way he only thinks of himself shows to me that he no longer trusts people and he keeps saying that he has been taught to live like that... indicating that he had been betrayed. Another possibility is that Ipsaeng could have been a cursed child like Tanya (the one who breaks the shell) and Ipsaeng wanted to escape his fate. However, Eunseom will survive the ritual with the Waterfall so that the Ago tribe will recognize him as god Anaishingi. The last scene was really moving. Now, Xabara is on her way to meet the owner from the mine and his minions. They will meet next to the mountain and realize that they are trying to catch Eunseom as the Momo Tribe uses now a purple flag with a symbol and the bad guys will be able to connect the dots. @Albutt The actress is Japanese. Her name is Erika Katara.
  9. I believe too that Ip-Saeng will change for the better but he will also become Eunseom's biggest supporter in the end because once he witnesses how Eunseom is able to gain the support of the different tribes, he will realize the importance of generosity and courage. The result can be much more rewarding than deception and greed. Due to his selfishness, he never achieved anything. I don't think that he will forgive the traitor from the Wahan because he didn't forgive the Saram who got tortured later. He just saved him, yet he still resented him. Notice that he told the man, he should always remember that his life was saved by an Igutu which shows that he wants the man to feel remorse and guilt. @Sakurafairy It was said that there were still 5 Neanthals alive.
  10. @lightbringer06 After reading the recap from dramamilk, I came to realize the huge difference between Tagon with Saya and Eunseom. The latter helps the others without asking anything in return therefore the woman from the Momo tribe chose Eunseom's back as their sign. I have the impression that Eunseom's journey will be to meet different tribes and help them so that at the end of the day, all of them decides to choose Eunseom as their leader because they feel gratitude. That's why he will meet the Neanthals too. With the support of the different tribes, he will be able to destroy Arthdal and stop the tyranny of Sarams. In other words, Eunseom will gain power without asking for it and his reward for his good deeds will be to become a real soldier and even have a huge army. And this explains why Eunseom is so different from Tagon and his twin brother. Both suffered that's why they chose to become selfish and self-centered. On the other hand, Eunseom who suffered a lot too never gave up his morals and never tried to use his own misery in order to torment others.
  11. Well, he has been raised by Taealha, a very ruthless, greedy and selfish person which influenced Saya greatly. Saya is just like her hence his love for Tanya is not selfless and pure. I don't feel sorry for him as he chose a path where he killed and injured innocent people. Did he need to poison Tagon's half-brother? No.... He just considered him as a pawn. He is not interested in justice, only in power so that he can escape from his prison. If he becomes the heir, he can live proudly and enjoy his position. He is not wondering about his true origins. I have been thinking about what Saeutnik whispered to Eunseom, just after he talked about sins. What if Saeutnik fell in love with a Neanthal and she became his wife? He decided to protect her. That's why Saeutnik could tell him that he was not a sin because he was the result of love. That way, Eunseom discovers his true origins.
  12. My prediction is that he will die. First, he has been cursed. Remember that he is associated to the mirror, an object and not a person. He is a reflection of Aramun but he is not the real Aramun. Since he believes that Aramun is an Igutu and he is proud of his identity, he thinks that he is Aramun. He has no idea of the existence of his twin brother, the real Aramun who can ride the quickest horse on Arthdal. Don't forget that Saya doesn't view the godly objects (the star bell for example) as something important. He only supports this belief as it helps him to gain power. His true goal is to become Tagon's heir. Yet, as a mirror, he will be the reason for Tagon's downfall. Notice that he was the one who pushed Tagon to go against Asa Ron so that Tagon could become a king. Since it worked, Tagon will rely on Saya and his advices won't be good in the future as he trusts Tanya too much (blinded by his love) and will believe everything she says.
  13. I have just realized that all this tragedy happened because of the White Mountain Clan in the end. Asa Ron's ancestors and his tribe made sure after Asa Sin's departure to change the belief as they wanted to get more power. That's why they ensured that no one would know that Aramun was supposed to be an Igutu. They even created rumors that Igutus would bring disaster in order to isolate them. Therefore Tagon's father hid his son's true nature from the others. And this explains why Neanthals and Igutus had to be eradicated and Asa Ron supported this plan. That way, he could ensure that there would be no Igutu who could represent a thread to the Asa clan. In other words, Tagon could have become Aramun if the White Mountain Clan had not created a false belief. However, Asa Ron's clan never realized that they could never win against gods' will. Aramun would happen no matter what... Then Tagon and his "son" want to use the new belief (White Peak Mountain Heart) in order to get power. Sanya likes this belief because it doesn't demonize Igutus, quite the opposite. Igutus are worshiped, since Aramun as an Igutu is supposed to return. However, I don't see Sanya as a true believer because he told the high priest from the White Peak Mountain Heart that he didn't really care for the godly object (the bell). So in my opinion, he views this religion as a tool to get more power so that he can live in the sunlight. In my opinion, he will claim that he is Aramun.
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