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  1. I think she will come around. I think she is terrified. I think he has his work cut out for him. Wait until he finds out what his quasi mother did to her own daughter and the love of his life. Burning comets will come down on her head. (I hope) I can hardly wait for their reunion. His greed will make him pull a U-turn on IS any time. She-IS- will see with her own eyes where his loyalty lies, it is the Big Won, and not her and her manipulative schemes. I hope she gets sidestepped and MiRi gets all the glory in China-the largest export of South Korea according to the financial reports. Good, good, good. There are so many layers of this newly found admiration and support. The bottom line is the all mighty Won.
  2. Which episode/s are they in? @Laurs I wonder who is the lady with the big hair in the red jacket? Is that the Chinese investor you referred to above?
  3. In episode 22 @21:19 when Bang Jae-Beom tells Kang Mi-Hyeon how difficult it is to be a screenwriter, "Do you think it is easy exporting to 150 countries like a pressure cooker?" was an interesting dialogue. It made me think Jo Jung-Sun-the actual screenwriter was describing herself and her fellow peers and saying the life of a screenwriter is not as glamorous as it might seem. That actually being a writer is the easier path. I feel guilty now, as a Kdrama fan, I contribute to their difficulty. Aigoo! What to do? I enjoy kdramas to the tilt.
  4. So he can save her from the trouble of fixing up her lipstick or having it smear his lips? LOL
  5. She sucks and I am feeling sad for working professional actors that have to have with lemons for actors. Who auditioned this bad actor? I am finding myself skipping her parts...fast-forward key can't be fast enough. Aigoo. Why would they inflict this on us with such a fine group of actors? Someone needs to mentor her. My favorite characters are the stepfather, the little girl and the adoptive mother along with her brother. I am not that keen on the rest and I do love the lead actress. but I want to see something moving, come on screenwriter do something.
  6. I wish she gave Daya hell. Oh, I wish. Sigh This has been a great group. I hope we can connect again with another drama.
  7. Oh, I see. WDR needs to bring down the house over his mother. And Daya is another story all together.
  8. I am kind of glad he stood up for his daughter and told the other dad how it really is. Besides, they are not at their beckon call, go they go, come they come. That mean family has to prove their worth for our girl to go back and become the FIRST(not second) wife.
  9. Please watch tomorrow's episode and join us in swearing at the writer.
  10. Frustrating. In the end, all that I want is for Daya's husband to dumb her.
  11. You are right. Nothing much to add in this episode. I will wait for tomorrow.
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