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  1. I finally figured the writer's MO. It was a drip, drip action and reaction game. For instance, the bio mom finally figuring it out that her SK is a loser of a demon. It is interesting how the Chairman is totally content eating simple meals by himself and enjoying his forced retirement, thus simple life with no SK to stress over. He loves fixing bikes, being with his grandchildren and taking walks. Life is good for him. My bit is they will stay in that neighborhood when it is all said and done. What I want to develop is BH's character. Enough of her fixing sewer pipes
  2. Episode 78, this episode finalized my conclusion is that BH takes after her father the Chairman and SA was not brought up properly due to her non-bio Dingbat mom twisted value system. I hope both the Dingbat mother and her non-bio daughter get their over due karma. As to SK's mother what a bitter woman? The chairman never and will never love you and stop hurting people because you can't I can't stop laughing with your descriptionthis is the image that came up when I put Mama Blur Bear in the seach in soompi.
  3. I would love to see this happen. You have been missed by me. Welcome back and look forward to your posts. I am elated stupid biomother is about to learn a lesson on what really matters. I also know SA most loss will be her reputation of doing this to her parents, especially her Dingbat mother.
  4. I feel bad for the Chairman, but DingBat mom had it coming she is so superficial with no motherly love. Serve her right. I will be watching her in glee and really not care what else takes place in this joke a script.
  5. I just skimmed episode 74. I am watching it as a comedy now because the script is ridiculous. Also, I am gloating with what happened to the DingBat mother.
  6. Right? I am ready for SA to take control of everything and let's get this travesty done with. It is getting t. Why are we dealing with this mean spirited woman? They should just let the show end early.
  7. She will be in an orange suit that does not match her skin tone for the murder of her brother, blowing up a factory and ordering the killing of the nurse.
  8. I got all disillusioned and freaked out with episode 64, but come episode 65 and I realized what this writer is doing. Playing with our heads. What is Evil Chin going to do now? QUESTION: in the preview evil one moved to her greedy stepmother's closet along with her pathetic ill mannered daughter. Is evil one going to sexually harass our SK? I loved the fact that Dingbat was stunned into silence. Except for the Yaboo
  9. Oh, I would love that. I am with you she is too pretentious and insecure as not to announce her own daughter to that woman?! What will happen once they find out after they get married? Stupid, stupid, stupid liar. The ex-sister I hope she partners with BH against the stupid husband. But remember she has the goods on SK and she does not realize it. I can hardly wait Enough of her screaming and spreading her virus everywhere. I am with you, SA's mother looks like trouble. Note, the way she stomps her feet when she walks? She reminds me of my dog Dofus who walks like that
  10. Episode 63, I am not sure where to go with the Dingbat mother of BH? She is really out of step. I would hope someone puts her in her place once and for all. I am worried the SK's mother might be trouble for our couple. Anythoughts?
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