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  1. This drama is picking up in China and it is becoming the lead drama. Just finished watching up to episode 42 and I am absolutely depressed over the turn of events. The only hope I have is when in the ending credits they show the stupid lovebirds getting married.
  2. I am really disappointed I have to wait for the four episodes until Monday. I can hardly wait.
  3. OMG, they need to be forever together at least in dramas. Super cute .Thank you, @k8telyn& @Inesfor sharing this.
  4. Anasyo. I marathoned this drama this weekend and I am totally hooked. I love, love, love the first female lead and the male lead I fell in love with from Time and Crash Landing on You, amongst others. I will start reading this thread and I hope I can join you in posting. Happy and Healthy 2021
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