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  1. One thing I won't miss is the stupid background music. All in all, I liked the progress of the drama. BUT, now that I watched the ending, I changed my mind and I wish Han threw herself off that building. The ending was anti climactic, unsatisfying and under rated. The screen writers did not serve themselves well and I will not be following them.
  2. Frankly, that awful mother should kill herself. The way she favored one child over another.
  3. I hope he gets his justice. I feel really torn he killed AJR. I hope they are leading on to the wrong conclusion and I will get a tofu after all.
  4. I liked your deduction and I followed my fellow Picasso.
  5. Right? I am so done with her. Let's see if the means justify the end for the delusional psycho.
  6. I want to and signed up with a site but not sure if it will happen
  7. OMG!! I finally get to post in my favorite show forum for this season. I think it is similar to Agatha Christi Orient Express murder case. I think Han was black mailing him, that she will make it look like he was the sole killer. He could have been along with his lousy family. I had a hunch the daughter in law was in, and more than willing to adopt SH. Two hours from now and we get a rewarding finale. I hope the writers will not disappoint. So far they have not. If they give me a satisfying ending, I will follow them. And one more thing, Han better not commit suicide.
  8. What is BGM? I am with you the firefly is the Captain.
  9. Firefly is the captain and he is not Chan Sung. I am confident firefly is not finding his way to the afterlife. There will be hell to pay for him which he deserves. I am not sure how our brilliant writers are going to redeem this character's character.
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