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  1. I do know you don’t wear an outfit like she wore to play card games in. Unless it’s strip poker.
  2. I don’t get why more dramas don’t seal the deal with a joyful wedding and I was so happy Secretary Kim did. It would be even more special in the drama
  3. As much as PMY is the super competent/Smart yet sweet and quirky Rom Com Queen it might do her career good to portray more complex characters in darker legal, Sageuk or thriller dramas.
  4. @gemini1990_stv Because This last stretch of episodes is when a happy healthy K drama couple normally gets separated, OOC Noble stupidity, angsts and broods and clams up when they should communicate. Very annoying.
  5. It’s going to be hard going back to regular old Korean drama rom com kisses, skin ship and flirty ness after this though. This is about as far as a prime time drama can go right now for showing adult type romance. Sigh.
  6. I offer a sexy song that speaks to me about this couple. Most K drama couples bring mind sugary sweet pop songs but not this one:
  7. Hey guys! Long time no chat! Glad to be back:) Oh girl you are thirsty I mean she has probably devoured plenty adult fan fiction about her idol ... just as part of her “Job”of course
  8. That’s kinda sexy. A girl only wears a guys shirt like that the morning after.
  9. Sometimes Even the best noblest men are weak when a beautiful insistent crafty woman they have history with is trying to seduce them. And he is used to having an active sex life. Just saying.
  10. She knows all to well the Drama and shame and chaos an unruly concubine can Bring to a house, especially if they have children. @LunkeraI think a few years have passed in the show. After the time skip She was 15.
  11. She is pretty damaged and jaded plus has significant trust issues from her childhood and having to hide her true nature, feelings, wants Etc. to survive for 20(?) years. To be honest GTY and maybe granny are the only not in need of heavy therapy ( and possibly Prozac)in the drama LOL
  12. None of these idle rich women have anything better to do with their lives... they can’t have a career, they can’t be formally educated, they don’t actually run the household or even raise their own children. They can’t even depend on a husbands support and soul devotion. The only thing left is scheme and make trouble for each other. Pitiful.
  13. But but but they should wait till marriage to kiss!! 19 year olds should just hold hands and Blush! She is just a little girl!!
  14. Even in conservative Korea its still 2019 and Hot Kisses and even some tame sex talk and bed scenes are slowly becoming the norm in dramas. It makes things more realistic and relatable for millennial viewers to see characters in dramas who have the same emotions, hormones and temptations as they do. For those who want more conservative stuff family dramas, school dramas and all the older ones can suffice,
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