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  1. Right? Ha Ra is really a big kid and could easily get infatuated with a kind caring not to mention very pretty Older Woman like GO. In fact with his history of falling prey to Cougars I say it’s almost assured. But his OTP Is the other girl.
  2. Gye Ok better be weary of Con Chef. He is smart and evil...She realizes his identity And he finds out she could be in Danger. OHO dear Nephew does not want a sweet girl But A strong sassy one. Good for him! Yup. I am calling it. Geum Gang is about to get in serious financial trouble and thus bring him ,twit and the kids Back under Old mans thumb.Its about time for that 2 sons redemption arc to begin anyway.
  3. Betcha Old Boo will try to send GO away on some family business to help a run or manage some endeavor Or really just use any old BS excuse just to separate the OTP On the family front Look for The mandatory Korean drama Day out at the amusement park. Or teen outing maybe. Soo... they say they will have no heir. But why can’t Go inherent?
  4. Well yeah. GO knows she is a capable hard worker and provider but marrying or even dating a rich educated handsome man? A poor uneducated women like her? No way! Now all these giddy warm feelings and semi confessions are coming at her.
  5. Another plot point I can see a little further down the line is Ugly Stepsister immediately jumping on the fact her son and the granddaughter of Buruna noodles Are chummy and working that angle to finagle money and weasel in.
  6. Basically he asked GO if she had someone in her heart...Because He said he had someone He wanted to Hug even when it was forbidden, someone he wanted to be with all the time, someone who makes him feel wonderful inside IE. he indirectly confessed his feelings. We know who he means obviously but GO is still not getting it I think.
  7. Hmm.. All I got left to say About Go is I am still waiting for that Kind kid her daddy say she is. Also being a brat is one thing but deliberately needling and bullying an adult is another.
  8. My only other daily drama and one of first dramas was called a fine day for wind or happy windy day or something I can’t even remember. Lots of shrieking and faked pregnancies and Mary Sue Orphans and mean mothers in Law. It was looong. 200?? Episodes.
  9. Because it’s a very entertaining show and it’s more like always high rated weekend Dramas Than the usual daily fare like people say. I
  10. She has already Got Ha Ra half won over and of course SA pretty much smitten. The progress She makes and how she goes about it with Twit Wife and Twit son will be interesting to watch unfold. Random observation: They Were talking about boyfriends for Go( we Really need a nickname to separate her from her “Grand Mother“) Whoever it is will need A couple of jugs of water on hand she is so salty and spicy LOL But the Babyship Between her and nephew is pretty fun:)
  11. No fear! In about 35 episodes they may actually hug LOL. It’s a long simmer with these kinds Of K dramas
  12. Well. Let’s see.Shaman Jessica keeps saying something about a son In the family so two options present themselves: SA/GO get married-the flowered palanquin she keeps seeing- and give Boo a grandson/heir (why exactly can’t one of those granddaughters inherit? but don’t get me started) or Much Less likely Baek Geum realizes the boy is his and brings him into the family. Seen that scenario on other dramas. Shaman has Stepsisters number. Stay away from men!
  13. To be fair her step mom Immediately regrets trying to trick money out of GO and sends? It back. She knows her bio daughter is greedy, useless And irresponsible.
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