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  1. I love seeing so Hyun getting mentioned in all of these articles, but we need “real” news soon! Pleaseeeeee
  2. Another week about to end and no news or ads or commercials or anything. I do appreciate the IG updates but they’re like bread crumbs, I’m still hungry
  3. Congrats to sohyun for now having 9.1 M Instagram followers! Can we get 10 M by the end of this year?
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CCSkZ6yjtsj/?igshid=15ve6hf5nq7k There is a cloud or wind blowing icon in the tag line of the picture??? is that another sign that Hong Chun Gi is coming? lolllllll
  5. Im sad Is it too much to air it in December? It’s six months after filming. Do they need that much time? Season 1 aired after 6 months. Fingers crossed, fortune cookies left unopened.
  6. I love how your mind works i rather see so Hyun fall in front of us instead. We miss her and will catch her with open arms. She has been sent from the heavens just for us.
  7. Awwwww they just announced the main leads for this drama. Sorry that this dream did not come true for you :/ when is it our turn for good news? :/ Sad news, Hong Chun Gi won’t be airing until March 2021. So if she is cast in the role, we won’t see so Hyun For awhile. i mean it’s possible for her to squeeze in another drama if she starts filming soon.
  8. Song joong ki just signed up for a drama that will air in dec 2020. So there’s still time for so Hyun to sign up for a drama that will air this year. Trying to remain hopeful
  9. I was visiting this site, and I feel really bad for this one user. They’re accusing her of hating on the character and the drama because they are a KSH fan and provided her twitter account but the user said that she’s also a fan of KYJ and provided a history of her also liking KYJ posts on her twitter account. These KYJ fans need to chill and not accuse people of things https://mydramalist.com/49709-convenience-store-venus “I saw her on twiitter bad mouthing this drama before on this drama even started shes a kim so hyun fan and what shes trying to do is making this drama unwatchable so that no one will watch the drama shes a troll. Im talking about @PRANKSALOT”
  10. Agreed! Laugh so much that we all lose twenty pounds! Haha okay, I’ll think big Sohyun, the korean ambassador for the UN •ambassador for Lacoste, Gucci, Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Chanel, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Versace, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Disney, Netflix, Rolex, NASA... You said it perfectly. They secretly like her lol but seriously, it is so weird that they have to bring up her name all the time in almost every conversation. Is she the only other young actress in South Korea?
  11. Another made-up rumor: Writer Park Ji Eun, who wrote Cloy & Love from another star will be writing a pirate adventure drama starring So Hyun as a female Jack Sparrow and Park Bo Gum as an enemy become ally, chief of a small village on a uncharted island. I hope they can work together after he comes back from the military lol
  12. I just read this article and read the comments. It’s interesting to see the people commentate who should playing the female lead role. http://koalasplayground.com/2020/06/30/kim-yoo-jung-tops-netizen-pick-for-female-lead-of-sageuk-drama-hong-chun-gi-with-ahn-hyo-seob-by-the-writer-of-the-moon-embraces-the-sun/#comment-664684 I saw one comment saying So Hyun is not pretty enough and another comment saying she isn’t good at saeguk dramas. They need an eye exam Whatever, their loss lol