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  1. Awwww this is so awesome! Can’t wait to hear her original japanese songs. By the way, what is ktv?
  2. I’m kinda disappointed that there’s no articles about So Hyun taking horse back riding lessons or martial arts courses. It’s seems like every female character in the mung bean drama are terrific in terms of fighting minus her character. I hope they don’t make her character weak like they did in ruler although she did drawn out her sword a few times but was super limited :/
  3. I'm so thankful for the behind the scenes video of the fan meeting!!! I wish they would upload the video of the entire event esp the videos of her performing the songs in its entirely.
  4. thank you everyone for posting and sharing photos and videos! her haircut is so cute and pretty on her. It's not too short, which is perfect! i hope there will be more videos of her
  5. @Elif Ataş good investigative work! If they’re filming it end of May/early June, they should most likely be done filming for entire drama by the time it airs unless they film it super slowly. @faye406 it does look like her from the behind haha btw I’m not sure but did so Hyun say that she was singing an original japanese song at her fan meeting??? It’s not a cover but a brand new song??? I hope someone post it online.
  6. It’s an awesome compilation of her works. Too bad they didn’t include her works from before 2008. She was in projects since 2006.
  7. @Elif Ataş thanks for sharing! If they already have 8 episode scripts already in the can, they will probably start filming pretty soon then. It’s possible that they may start filming it after her two fan meetings in June. Or maybe they’ll finish filming the entire drama before it’s release date , so that she can work on season 2 of love alarm or miss granny or another project. One can dream right ; )
  8. @faye406 Maybe they are fitting her costume and wanting to test out a haircut. that makes so much sense. I never even thought about season 2 of love alarm.
  9. She’s so pretty with that hair cut. Im thinking since there is no news of miss granny, it doesn’t necessarily mean she still isn’t attach to it. The production team could had cast someone else if they needed to. So maybe there’s still some behind the kink they have to resolve first anyone else hope Ksh gets maybe a supporting role or cameo role in Kim Eun sook new drama with lee min Ho? I don’t ask for female lead cause it sounds too much of a male centric drama.
  10. Thanks for the info. You read the webtoon? I’m sure they will make her role big since she’s the more well known star. Probably similar to let’s fight ghost. Makes sense. I hope she will be able to do miss granny one day too, the role sounds too much fun to give up.
  11. I’m so excited for mung bean, her character sounds like a riot. However does that mean she won’t be involved in miss granny anymore ? Because seeing her playing an old soul would also be comedic gold.
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