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  1. Thank you for sharing that article. That’s incredibly sad for them. It makes absolute sense why dramas don’t openly endorse homosexual love.
  2. I still haven't watched the episode yet. So is JH lover officially dead? Why can't kdramas protray homosexual relationships happily? I think it would be very cool if somehow at the end of the show all three siblings turn against their mom and took her down together with Jenny on top ofcourse . that would be hilarious and so satisfying. JH is already against mom, YM is now against mom, and now we are waiting for the last sister. She's a wild card, we still don't know much of her.
  3. You are correct! That's not the prince real name! Me too! ^^ I don't think they will have a sleeping scene though because so hyun is still pretty young. I think the kisses in kbs radio romance where so hyun was also in when she was only 18 year old was pretty passionate.
  4. She is supposed to be dead. So calling her by her real name could be put her in danger. The first kiss was a surprise kiss. It's not suppose to be passionate. Dj hasn't admitted her feelings to him. She's confused by everything, he just told her he has no lover and then he went in for the swoop. Their second kiss (maybe it would had more feeling by both party) got interrupted by CYM. It's still early in the show, only 5 episodes, but it looks like he has a powerful background. But I like the role he plays at the moment. It makes the show much more fun hahaha
  5. The web toon actually hasn’t ended. It’s still ongoing. But so far where it last ended, the ending isn’t a sad ending but incomplete. the drama is going to be different because the webtoon isn’t finished and that was announced during press con.
  6. Thanks for the recap @triplem We are half way into the show, I hope there are more twists and surprises because it seems like the show is losing its steam or maybe it’s just me? It seems like right now most of the characters are just reacting to information most of the audience knows or could logically guess. It seems like. The last few episodes are like filler episodes and not much progressed. that being said, im looking forward to watching ep 8 later on today.
  7. I think it was more of desperation on nokdu to create some big distraction. It made the people around them so distracted by jealousy of nokdu kissing yulmu and vice versa by the village curator that they forgotten that aeung shouted, “honey!” It’s priorities, love makes people idiots *also aeung du is stuck to nokdu because she’s obsessed with him and he’s her future husband lol she went all this way to find him, she’s not going to want to stay with her father lol I agree misunderstandings can be so annoying but I’m glad that at least in this show, it gets resolved really fast. I too wanted to see more awkwardness during the clothes changing scene lol but then again this genre is more comedy base, so maybe they wanted to skip anything that made it too risqué? but also there’s a possibility of time restraint and maybe they made the scene shorter. Who knows lol
  8. Wow ratings went down again :/ what is this craziness. I’m so upset. I’m not even going to blame the baseball game but the knetizens for letting down a good show with a great crew. ep 9: 5% ep 10: 6.6%
  9. When I see the horse it made me a little bit sad, because it was the time when so Hyun fell down from her horse during filming
  10. 2018 was actually a pretty busy year as well. She was still filming radio romance, the Travel reality show to California, she hosted the idol competition show under 19, and she started filming love alarm.
  11. Maybe movies but I haven’t heard of someone Filming a drama, and then being cast in another drama immediately with the exception of Kim Jae young in secret boutique. He was filming two dramas at the same time lol
  12. Even many Kdramas that are not based on anything can be bad, it just depends on the strength of the writer. Just like any show, miss granny can be good if there’s a solid director, writer, and cast. tbh I really liked the beauty inside drama, it was a guilty pleasure for me lol I loved the main female lead, she was so sassy haha
  13. Most Korean actors/actresses don’t usually have other projects line up when they’re still filming a current drama. Normally new projects gets announced months later or sometimes they take long breaks. She’s one of the more active actors which is wonderful for us fans. there hasn’t been any other projects that has been announced publicly.
  14. I think they can easily add new things in a drama format like maybe miss granny goes to school/college with her grandkids lol she can learn and do things that she always wanted to do but couldn’t when she was younger due to being a single mother. She can help turn the life of the family around. She can be like a daughter to her daughter in law lollll she can like reach out to the senior community and help spread awareness and fight social injustice for the seniors.
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