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  1. Well, that means it can be explained later by the fact that parents beat this person in childhood ... Clearly, it means that I will wait until the dorama comes out entirely, and if they don’t show terrible episodes with children, then I will watch the drama. Or did the webtoon uncover the reason why the man became so? This is not connected with his childhood, you can not be afraid and look with everyone?
  2. The school theme, which is connected with murders, problems and horrors, has now become popular, as I shall see. Of course, I'm waiting for this drama. Very very very. Just "Beautiful World" will end and I will be able to plunge into the next school problems that lead to disaster!
  3. Agree-agree! The film is wonderful, but what a wonderful KJW. Lovely sexy gay! Still, this guy is a great chemist with everyone he plays with. He is the real embodiment of sexuality, charisma and internal energy, which beats over the edge ...
  4. I looked 30 ep. Gorgeous dorama. It remains 3 hours before the final, but the ending does not appear. As before, everyone is trying to beat everyone, the villains are making insidious plans, NYJ is trying to catch everyone ... But how will it all end? Will he punish the villain? Unclear... But how well all the actors play! I admire! From their game I get goose bumps ... By the way, what happened in prison? What a sudden epidemic? Was she provoked specifically? PS. The prosecutor and the lady with Falconi anemia are the perfect match! The best romantic line that could be in this drama ... PS2. How I like the transformation of LJH. How creepy he was at the beginning of the drama, and how he has changed now ... But still, he will need to beg for sins forever!
  5. What an original poster! Gold on a black jacket. The symbol of money. Dirty money, because gold smears jacket ... And the look of Lee Jung Jae is a separate topic. He looks straight into the soul ... But politicians do just that, so that people choose them.
  6. I really hope that the ending will be different. On the contrary, Ryan should stay in Korea with the DM. He has to find a mom. And he must have a family that will be big and loving. In this family he will be with Deok Mi, idol, parents of DM and maybe even Eun Gi. Leo always worried that he was lonely and his hand was empty, so in the final he had to get a lot of people who would go hand in hand with him.
  7. Wow !!! These photos make my heart tremble ... Immediately two beautiful little dog in the photo. Two little angel. Guide Dog and L! It is so charming and cute ...
  8. I looked 11 ep. It was powerful. I express my most sincere thanks to the scriptwriter and actors. Each episode beats in the heart. And yes, the difference is clearly visible in this episode. SH's parents believe their son, so they do not try to hide everything. And the mother of JS did not believe her son, so she committed a crime. And JS will soon go crazy with such parents. Mother drinks and swallows pills, father shows aggression and tells about the elect of this world. Therefore, he became what he became. One thing is gratifying that at least the girls became friends and the ghost girl began to smile. These two little girls touch my heart and carry the light to the drama.
  9. If you read a webtoon, please tell me the story in brief. Will they show ghosts who did die of their own death and who need to be destroyed or saved by the hero? Or is it a story about ordinary people who are too cruel and strange? I'm just trying to figure out if I should start watching a drama? Because in the usual ghost dramas, at least one episode is dedicated to child abuse. And I am very afraid of such episodes, so I don’t even start watching dramas about ghosts ... Therefore, I want to clarify with webtoon readers - there will be stories in which children will suffer from parental violence ???
  10. Kim Eun-Sook + Lee Min-Ho = LOVE!!! But the drama script does not look like the old Kim Eun-Sook scenarios ... The more interesting it will be to see what happens. And so ... the main thing is that the rest of the actors in the drama should be good. Especially the second male actor. Because this scriptwriter is best at the bromance ... So what exactly is it I am looking forward to.
  11. That's noticeable! Such a dorama will be the first in Korea. This can be seen even in photos and teasers. By the way, I'm wondering why in the first season only 6 episodes are promised? Because the shoot is long? Or is it such an experiment with the TV broadcasting grid?
  12. He is very sorry. But he would never be happy with DM. Deokmi treats him like a friend. And always treated her like that. Therefore, even if it were not for Ryan, she would not be able to love Eungi. And he just loves her since high school. But if Eungi had started to look after DM since childhood, then everything would be fine for them, and so ... The train left! Now he needs to forget the DM and find a new love for himself.
  13. Agree. I also liked this moment. The rival comes out of the apartment of his girlfriend, DM is behind the guy, Ryan is told to leave ... But Ryan is a real man. He just calmly said that he knew everything. Like a real lion! King of beasts! He simply does not have to arrange disputes and disassembly ... Yes Yes Yes! And in general, the very smile of Ryan makes the heart tremble. Especially beautiful insidious smile Leo!
  14. September come soon! Time fly faster! Vagabond viewers conquer! Well ... in 4 months we will be able to plunge into the world of drive, extreme sports and handsome men!
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