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  1. Wonderful drama! The first series really liked! Gorgeous actresses ... and charming Chang Ki Yong ... And most importantly, in the first series we were shown SUCH !!! And what is the talk here ... - How old are you? - I'm an adult! And the air around the pair just exploded. Chemistry between actors is superb! Special thanks to the operator. Great job! What at the very beginning when they talk about the role of the Internet in the life of everyone. What at the moments when heroes remember the night of love ... I remain here and will follow the drama.
  2. Was she for the role of a haircut or just like that? I like KSH with long hair more. With an old hairstyle, she looks more romantic and feminine ... But with a short haircut actress - cutie! The main thing is that she likes her!
  3. Can you write in the spoiler about childhood memories that were shown in yesterday's episodes ??? They told already about domestic violence or explained why Dan is beaten ??? This is called, I want to quit, because I'm afraid to watch the story with violence, and I can not quit watching, because the story is too beautiful ...
  4. This is a real masterpiece! Drama is gorgeous !!! Two hours of continuous laughter ... From the very beginning they were able to captivate. First, a fashion designer talking about death, then this imaginary trap for her husband... And then it was only more interesting and more interesting with every minute. Shin Sung Rok is just great! His facial expression is fantastic. I could not even imagine that he was playing such an amazing comedy ... As he was afraid of everything! Especially, evil-evil and terrible-terrible dog! And immediately wondering what happened in his childhood, which led to such anger and a lot of phobias and allergies. Whom does a girl remind him of? Mother?
  5. Looked at ep.9-10. Drama scared me. We have already shown the battered boy several times. Now I am afraid that domestic violence will be shown to us ... I cannot watch this, so I run away from the drama until this happens. But I will read the topic ... If the drama does not show scenes of domestic violence, then I will return after its completion and watch. Especially since I like everything here! There is such a thin, dramatic, touching and lyrical story that makes the heart worry. And yes, the final shot is real art. Yeon Seo's dance and Dan's gaze fascinated me.
  6. I did not plan to first watch the drama. On this channel, not a single dorama has yet come out that would interest me ... But here they show such teasers !!! I think it will be fun! Moreover, not one guy is transported into the past, but a whole company, which means everything will be even more fun. Now I sit on the sofa and wait!
  7. Political dramas this year are shooting all ... Moreover, there is such an excellent channel and such amazing actors ... I think we can expect an interesting drama! But you can definitely say after teasers come out. I will wait for them ...
  8. This is what interests me most. I hope we will show in more detail how the search engines, websites and the Internet itself operate ... After all, it is true that we spend more time in the virtual network than in real life. And this is a problem! So the theme of the drama is very relevant. It remains to be seen how it will be opened ...
  9. I'm afraid that's what he does. Dan is sure that JKW is meant for his ward. He is sure that this guy is her rib! If only the autopsy first conducted, X-rayed enlightenment, it became clear that this is not so !!!But I think he will connect JKW with YS for a long time. And when he finds out later that he is a bad guy, then he will try to change everything. The main thing is that it is not too late.
  10. I think it was before he became an angel with wings. Like L, at first he was an ordinary person. And then he became a supernatural being ... after death or some incident.
  11. Looked at ep.21-22. That's all the same, Yi Kang is so stupid! I am very angry with him that he did not break his brother’s hand with a stone. After all, he then correctly said that he saw in the eyes of Yi Hyun a plea for help. So why not destroy his demon? General Mung helped him deal with his personal demon, but he could not help his brother .... And now in the next episode irreparable can happen. Now the brother needs to go to the real meanness and kill the one who surrendered... And all because of the stupid Yi Kang ... Drama like it, yes! Not a second is not boring here. All the time you sit on pins and needles ...
  12. No, no, no ... I would not say that. This is not on his orders destroy all peaceful tribes, but on the orders of his father. He himself did not even participate in the destruction of the tribe, which we were shown. All orders were given only by Mubaek. Yes, Tagon is cruel, but still it is impossible to compare him with Hitler. Rather, with Hitler, you can compare his father, who made him go to conquer new lands. And among Koreans, as we know, submission to parents is sacred. He simply could not refuse.
  13. Intrigued, intrigued, intrigued ... IU is great! Especially in this Arab dress. The teaser is fascinating ... You can immediately feel the feeling of a fairy tale and magic. But the main thing that interests me is that there will also be in each series separate stories about different ghosts, as in Hwayugi and The Master's Sun ???
  14. I'm really looking forward to the release of the drama! I think it should be interesting and dramatic. It will be especially curious to look at Shin Min Ah ... On the poster, she is so harsh, even formidable ... She is not like her usual roles. I am intrigued! PS I looked at the teaser ... Yes, politicians are well beaten!
  15. This is so funny!!! True true!!! I just laugh and laugh at every frame ... And yes, I have a question ... All those outfits that will be shown to us here are from the real collections of Korean designers? Or specifically for the drama they sewed? In any case, as the dorama ends, they are immediately sold out at the speed of light!
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