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  1. I'm supposed to be prepping for class, but here I am instead. Finally managed to watch both episodes 13 and 14 back to back. Can't believe we only have one more week to the end of this drama. Just some thoughts on the story progression thus far - Thank you to the chingu who posted the New York Times link on Korean adoptees returning to SK. I forget which page your post was on, but it's a wonderfully insightful article. Adoption as it is, is difficult. To be adopted cross-culturally and cross-nationally must be even more difficult. Granted, as in the article, not everyone goes through the same thoughts or traumas, but the impact of being taken away from your own people cannot be discounted even in lives that turned out successful (ala Ryan Gold). I just wish they had explored this aspect more honestly in the show though. By "honest", I do mean that the reason Lee Sol gave for being separated from him just seems too lame to be credible (to me anyway, not sure if anyone else feels the same about it). How can it be that you lose a child because you got into an accident and he gets so easily adopted abroad? Do local agencies there not attempt to track or trace the parent? I mean, he was 7 by that time. Old enough to give another adult his parent's name, I'm sure. Do they not check hospitals? Next of kin? Police accident reports? Wasn't it like that in Healer as well? PMY's character got sent to an orphanage cos the mother got into an accident and she was simply "lost". If they had wanted to explore the issue of overseas adoption during that era, it would have been better to say that she had been forced by her family to give him up cos she was a single mother. No wonder Ryan himself had difficulty believing her too... And speaking of husbands... Lee Seol's maiden name was Gong, according to the college yearbook. But RG was registered as Heo, so clearly, he got into his father's registry. And SiAn, if that is his real name, is Cha. So he's got a dad too. So what happened to her first husband? Died? What I hope not to happen (as with all these dramas and the tropes they love) is that the discovery that it was DM's mum who left him at the orphanage and whose hand he remembers letting go of him, will not drive a wedge between our OTP. I would like to think that having RG raised American with a largely American/Western world view would make him look beyond DM's parents' decisions back then and not go through some stupid breakup in the penultimate episode. Worse yet - let DM not be the one to walk away, cos she's been doing a mighty fine job being the supportive girlfriend up to this point.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks RG’s house is the same set as Oh Jinsim/Oh Yunseo’s house in TYH?
  3. Look at #3. RG should totally join them on the runway https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/gallery/spring-summer-2019-trends-for-men
  4. Weighing in on Ep 11 too... Eungi's and Seonjoo's heartbreaks aside, it was a warm episode with a good dose of cute. Ryan and Deokmi's relationship progress It's only been a few days of being "official", but they've actually been in a relationship for a while already since the "fake dating" period had actually allowed them to go through the getting-to-know each other phase. Their relationship went to the next level of emotional maturity this episode, and I especially liked it that it was Deokmi (and not Ryan) who suggested they go off somewhere to talk. There was an issue that needed addressing, and she wasn't going to hum and haw about it. That gave her a good level ground to talk during the "face off" in his apartment, and you can see that despite their annoyance with each other in the car, they weren't going to go through accusatory finger pointings. It was all just a series of clarifications to be made, no blames assigned, only concerns brought to the table. And Deokmi explains very clearly the line drawn between fangirling and dating for real - there is no other true investment other than that of time and a good squee, which is what we all need from time to time, right? Every hobby is like that too. A real relationship, however, goes beyond that. Let's be honest and adult about it now - without the physical aspect to a romantic relationship, it doesn't really get anywhere. Both emotional and physical aspects of the relationship must develop in tandem. One without the other is really just a fling. Eungi and Seonjoo need to sort out their lives Everyone goes through some sort of imbalance at some point in their lives. And we need always to re-establish equilibria of some sort. For Eungi, he needs to get to where he can move on, and he must. As some of you have pointed out, him telling Deokmi that he will wait, regardless of how long it takes, is quite so pointless because she already made it clear to him that she is with Ryan. But it's something she can't rush in him. Truthfully, him saying that to her is very burdensome, hence her phone call to Ryan. She's naturally upset. But also, as Ryan advised, just don't do anything drastic. Everyone needs time to sort things through, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Seonjoo, well, marital woes. She's right to point out that her husband's lack of truthfulness and manipulation (of her and their son) is recipe for relationship disaster. She's feeling hurt and betrayed not because of the content of the documentary but his lack of respect for her. That is truly a problem. Is it all Seungmin's fault though? I don't know. He doesn't seem to know his wife very well, and she too seems equally un-invested in their relationship. She did say she got married because she got pregnant, so maybe the relationship just never managed to get mature enough before they were committed to a life together. Much to be said again about getting into relationships when older than younger. Hopefully they both muster up enough courage to have that heart-to-heart talk the way Deokmi and Ryan did in their days-old relationship. What's to come? I do wonder if Dain's comment of "this leaves me with one thing to do" has more to do with the threat the exhibition is facing than with Ryan and Deokmi's relationship. Afterall, as Ryan said, Dain respects him first and foremost as an artist and creative director, and that much respect is mutual from him to her too. She came in part to Korea to find that artistic inspiration again. More than chasing a relationship that she clearly also knows never was, she is trying to move on to her next phase in artistic development. If Ryan commissions this piece of work with Sian, sure it must be that he believes it is something she can do, and do it she will if it brings her mojo back. The way Sian looks at Ryan when he talks about Lee Sol's paintings hints at him knowing something Ryan doesn't. And Ryan, being the way he is, isn't also about to ask too much lest it means he has to divulge too much. But is the connection between them as simple as brotherhood? Gotta ask then why Ryan was abandoned and where Sian popped up from thereafter. Sian has a backstory that's not been told yet. Director Eom. I can't decide if I like her enough to hope things turn out well for her too. She's eccentric, for sure. But when she slapped Deokmi, she lost loads of points with me. She's definitely someone who thinks money controls all, including her daughter. I hope Sindy develops that maturity of character doing this internship, and I hope her mum learns what it's like to lose control of everything and everyone she thought was under her command of whim and fancy, and learn that true leadership comes with relationship building, even in the family.
  5. They’re contributing to global warming, I swear!!! Sung Deokmi and Ryan Gold are absolutely burning! I totally loved how Ryan has been so attentive to Deokmi, despite her apparent initial “rejection” of him that he would reference things she had said before about how if Sian can’t make you smile, then you must really be ill. He did that too when Sian was talking to him about their “fate” and he went through all his “files” in his memory of her fangirling and puts together clues that helps him understand her better. The attention to details! And Deokmi too, basking in new found love, totally pliant to Ryan’s touch. Sian has moved down a couple of notches from obsession to just hobby now and things seem to be in much more of a balance now, as far as the spread of energies. And doesn’t anyone else love how Sian so endearingly calls Deokmi “noona” as well? He’s found a new family! About Eungi though... I suddenly feel sorry for him. Sorry that he only realised (and articulated) it too late that he regards Deokmi as a woman, and not a sibling. Although, y’know, I actually don’t think her parents would approve of him as a Son-in-law, simply because they regard him as a son and they would not be comfortable with it. As for Dain, I wonder what it is she observed or knows of Ryan and the Lee Sol paintings...
  6. How do you insert a YouTube vid?? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7zMPkLSOEKk
  7. Can I just say red is my favourite colour and I’m so loving Deokmi’s red pant suit? If only the weather where I am allows me to dress like that without perspiring buckets!
  8. Looks like ep 9 was a raving success with all the fan girls here! What I liked about this episode Ryan certainly reads people well. Perhaps that’s also what allows him to accurately assess art pieces — he has a good sense of people and emotions, and therefore when it comes to Creative work, can possibly sense the artist’s personality and emotions in the artwork too. And so when Deokmi apparently rejects him, it was totally unexpected. It threw him off and that’s why he didn’t throw the flowers away. He wasn’t going to give up, but he also didn’t want to be disrespectful of her personal choices and space. But yes, the agony of having been wronged without knowing exactly what he did wrong, wanting to clarify but fearing that asking would make things worse. Office camaraderie and loyalty! I love that everyone was on Deokmi’s side, and in some strange way, Cindy was too! I loved how everyone expressed disappointment in Ryan, and how Cindy also felt no reason to defend him against the wrongs, even if her reasons were purely selfish. Ryan’s annoyance of Sian, simply for his existence. Poor chap doesn’t even know why Ryan was annoyed at him. But also, I think Sian could tell of Ryan’s and Deokmi’s attraction towards each other. wasn’t he trying to tell Ryan that Deokmi would be at the meeting when the lift door closed on him? That kiss! It was like a dance and Ryan led it so well. How his moves directed hers, and how she so willingly let him guide her. *swoon* What I didn’t like about the episode Are they going down that gawd awful “we knew each other in our childhood” trope? I hope not. Maybe the hands Deokmi was holding as a kid was her brother’s and that this imagery of holding hands of loved ones is simply a running theme between our characters, the idea of holding onto and letting go of loves and hurts. After all, I do believe Eungi and Dain will need to come to that realisation of the need to let go too. What I’m puzzling over That trip to the woodwork place. Do people leave workshops open like that in Korea? There are tools and expensive material in that place! Also, could Dain really have set that up? Cos why else would Ryan appear thereafter? She possibly felt guilty. Not sure how to place what comes in the preview though. Will she then taunt Deokmi about not trusting Ryan as much as she herself does? Eungi’s to-be confession. What good would it do? He’s hardly a threat to Ryan and Deokmi’s relationship. The 2 only have eyes (and lips!) for each other. And surely Ryan was tall enough to have seen Deokmi hiding behind the counter at the cafe.
  9. Not sure if anyone has thought about this, but would this be their first relationship? Ought not. Wasn’t it written somewhere that Deokmi has had relationships before but could not hold them down cos of her fangirling? Something about her spending too much time on her fan events that she simply had no time for her boyfriends before. If that were so, then it would be significant that along comes Ryan and she’s suddenly found someone she’s finally willing to prioritise over her hobby. As for Ryan, he certainly doesn’t seem green in the area of dating and relationships either, but perhaps he’s just not found anyone he’s been sufficiently comfortable with for him to want to take that step further beyond a fling into a full-fledged romantic partnership. This is where, in Dain’s case, there’s that jealousy and sense of loss for all she has invested. Imagine how infatuated she must be with Ryan for her to chase him all the way to Korea. Surely Dain must also know that even if she manages to “chase” Deokmi away, she will never win Ryan’s affections. Once Deokmi comes back into the picture, I wonder what role Dain will play in the story. Likewise the relevance of Eungi to the storyline and plot. Anyone wanna weigh in on this?
  10. Am loving the interactions and opinions/insights being shared on this thread. I thought it a real shame as some of you did too that Ryan actually had a “date” in mind with her already, only to be so gentlemanly as to not tell her what it was about when she asked. I actually exclaimed “alamak!” when that happened. Hahaha... But you know, sometimes missed opportunities must happen for you to feel that loss. It then depends on what the response to that loss is. Because it’s essentially a drama about Ryan and Deokmi, we know they will come together in the end. It’s just a matter of how it happens. Ryan seems to be someone who respects personal space a lot because he too likes to keep that sort of social distance and keep “unnecessary” conversations to a minimum. A classic trait of introversion where too much conversation just means too much fussing, and fussing is tiresome (I’m the same). It’s not that you can’t deal with people or that you’re shy. Hardly. It’s just the tiresomeness of humans. So since Deokmi has essentially rejected him already, he’s unlikely to make a second move. Besides, he’s a foreigner and it matters none to him if he doesn’t really sink roots in Korea beyond this employment contract. However, he also can not tolerate what he deems to be injustice. And from the preview, he’s indignant that the word on the street is that he was dumped. What a blow to his ego. Hahahah... Now, he’s got to set that record straight, and I can’t wait to see how he’s gonna do that. A lot have been weighing in on the juvenility of Eungi. Poor chap. I feel sorry for him in that he’s just been living in the assumption and familiarity of being with Deokmi that it never occured to him that she would be desirable to someone else. He’s also lived in the delusion that her hobby is something no other man can ever accept and therefore she would eventually have to come to him, even if coming to him meant “status quo”. I mean, they are already in their 30s! How long has he been simply not acting on his feelings?! It’s like the lightbulb in his head never went off. What I dislike most about his approach (unlike Dain’s) is that he belittles her. He is in effect insecure and therefore asks, “will I always be second to your idol?” This is where Ryan and Seonjoo’s husband are different. They realise the nature of these older women’s fangirling is ultimately very banal and no more than a distraction from the strains and stresses of daily life. The affections aren’t “real” as such. And that is why Ryan finds amusement in watching Deokmi participate in it. (Although in Seonjoo’s case... I’m not so sure if her fangirling tendencies could become a problem since the latest “idol” is well within her reach and her husband isn’t being sufficiently attentive.) Wake up, Eungi. It won’t just be Deokmi that wouldn’t be able to take your belittling and insecure nature. Now, that BTS. Whoo! Did it get hot in that room or what?! Was that tongue he slipped in there? They looked like they were interrupted at a very intimate moment when the director said “cut”! But that aside, I found it interesting that in her imagination, he asked, “Do you want me?” How much of him did she want exactly? Ahem. It does show what she thinks of him though. She expects a certain level of consideration from him, because he’s foreign? You don’t expect your Korean men to be as considerate? Well, judging from how Eungi is being portrayed, perhaps not.
  11. Finally watched the latest episode subbed, and I have to say, there were just so many missed opportunities between our leads!! But then, that’s what a drama is about. If everything went our way yesterday, it would’ve been an 8-episode series. Ryan, my dear Ryan... she totally got your heart racing when she had that blindfold on you. Why didn’t you act on it then?! But it would’ve been too soon at that point. It was really Da In’s comment about him being jealous that made him realise his feelings and want to cross that threshold, cos despite feeling agitated with Eun Gi’s actions, he never actually acted on them until. But it does look like he’s gonna get annoyed with Deok Mi again next week. I hope in their (what looks to be) impending blow up regarding him being the one that was dumped, it’s going to come to light that she’s the one who feels she’s been dumped cos she found out that he wanted to stop the fake relationship. And then he’s gonna say to her, “but that’s cos I wanted it to move on to being a real one!” Deok Mi. Could you be more wrapped up in your own wallowing that it never crossed your mind to hear him out first? Aigoo... this is one time her bff did her in with the wrong kind of advice. The positive signs were all there after all, no? He who does not like skinship placed his hands over hers so willingly to help her control the sander. And he was going to move her stray hair away from her face. Even if he didn’t, she would’ve seen him about to do it right? Alas. Fear and self-doubt makes you unsure of your own gut, which really, more often than not, is right! So trust it! And Nam Eun Gi! I want to smack you! That lingering shower scene did nothing to further the plot, really. I was just so annoyed at him already by then, I really wanted less screen time for him. That said, good acting to make me dislike you! He’s gotten to know her so well that really, I think he can’t move beyond siblingship with her. His instinct is to tease her, rub salt into her wound, and really, just tear her ego down. He’s still got that 15yo crush on her and he hasn’t appreciated her maturity as a woman. Besides, I don’t think her parents nor his mum would actually approve of his relationship with her. He needs to move on. As for Choi Da In, gawsh. She’s got the b**** in her character all down pat! I do not like her, though between her and Eun Gi, you’re right. At least she isn’t intentionally sticking herself between them. In that regard, she’s more artful. Which makes her the perfect bee with an itch. Lets hope this angst doesn’t last past one episode and we’re on to how to get this relationship move along, hiccups and all of what stalking can do, cos right now, Ryan’s also hiding the fact that he’s been stalking her! Not sure if you’d find it romantic once you find out your boyfriend’s been quietly watching your every move!
  12. Darn. Now I’m wishing English subs would be out already so that I can watch, get over my annoyance and look forward to next week already.
  13. I’m only reading the posts and I already feel so annoyed with Choi Da In. Meh.
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