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  1. Just watched episode 1. I have to say the premise is interesting and I’m surprised to see a drama forum that has only run for 3 pages for a drama that’s already 8 episodes in! Is it doing badly?
  2. I’m still watching CLOY? My 5th time?? Gawsh. I’ve watched other dramas since but I still find myself going back to it! Was wondering - at which point did the F4 realise RJH was in love with Seri?
  3. She said “mwoya!” which is sorta like, “What?” or “oh, come on!”
  4. @TotoroSY That video... hahaha... Hyunbin is also totally ne style.
  5. I’m still living in post-CLOY drought. (@Loveisintheair Itaewon Class got into sloppy writing by ep 10) I just started on my umpteenth rewatch of CLOY last night. *hopeless* The more I rewatch, the more questions I have though...
  6. I still can't move from this drama. All other dramas are just so boring... argh...
  7. Question: Does anyone reckon the NK ahjummas ever found out that Junghyeok was really in love with Seri, especially after they found out her true identity? Because they couldn’t have known about their relationship except through hints that perhaps Seri was the cause of the break up in the engagement between RJH and Dan?
  8. North Koreans have their movements tracked very closely, even among the elite class. They cannot travel at will. In fact his being discharged from the military and being appointed a pianist with their national orchestra was not of his own choosing. It was likely at the pleasure of their great leader. So you can imagine being able to orchestrate a trip to Switzerland at the “right time” would have been difficult, and hence an act of fate if they can truly meet. Each time she went to Switzerland, she was also guessing at his schedule, whether he even got her hints of messages since they don’t get ready access to external media in NK. She could only assume that because his father had connections, he would eventually hear news of her and what she was doing. I’m sure even her philanthropic foundation could not have been registered as a SK organisation since there was no way politically such an organisation could sponsor NK students. So to hope he could track such roundabout news would certainly point at the need to trust that fate would intend them to be together after all. Hence 3 years.
  9. Has anyone thought about the story RJH’s father gave as excuse for him going to SK, ie trying to lure Seri and her investments into NK? How did RJH tell the same story? He went to SK with his father’s knowledge and so that was the story they agreed on? But then why send the F5 after him if it was a pre-meditated story?
  10. This is an interesting thing to ponder. I suppose in most government systems, 5 years is the minimum number of years for a confidential file to remain in that classification because it is assumed that in 5 years, many things regarding security matters (especially in regards new ideas, policies and research) change to a point where it becomes irrelevant. Within that time, you also tend to see a change of personnel in a particular position. I used to work in the military and when I left, I was also given a letter telling me that within the 5 years of my leaving the service, I could not work for another foreign government and in any other field related to homeland security. After 5 years, I received an official letter of discharge. Presumably then, after 5 years, this incident will no longer be given a confidential classification in the NIS's files. That would just mean that anyone within the military would probably be able to access the file or discuss it openly without fear of implication simply because the facts of the case would no longer be "relevant" or current to have any kind of impact on the political agenda of the season. You expect that after 5 years, people would also have forgotten and it no longer becomes an important matter. At least rational governments would think that way. Not sure about NK in reality though. Perhaps like RJH's father has done, all those involved in the case would be wiped out such as the Military Director and in 5 years' time, no one that shouldn't be around would still be around.
  11. @TotoroSY @eLizza @sussieh @glayse @usadango @superspace I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts on the best scene you felt was delivered by Hyunbin in CLOY. I especially enjoyed reading the review @TotoroSY shared. For me, I thought the 2 best scenes he delivered were 1. after Seri was abducted and the gunshot rang out. Oh my. That look of horror, despair, loss (of what to do and potential loss of a loved one), how his hands shook, how he couldn't decide whether to try calling the number back or not... everything from his eyes to the slight muscle twitches... it looked so real. He was in true despair. Absolutely brilliant. 2. after Seri fell into his arms when he opened the car door following sustaining the gunshot wound and RJH just cried. The pain and anguish in his face... so convincing you just felt his pain too. Indeed, this role was the best yet by Hyunbin. Loved, loved, still loving it!
  12. Which do you think was the best scene delivered by Hyun Bin in this drama?
  13. Honestly, there were no plot holes in this story. Certain suspensions of belief here and there, but no holes. This was a very well written drama with very well shot scenes and extremely well edited sequences.
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