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  1. Sigh... nothing to recap tonight... anyways... just reading up on people’s views on the lack of intimacy between CS and MW. If she truly had already passed on and what he was seeing was a ghost who was able to show herself for stretches, then I would not have been humanly possible, right? She must have killed herself after she killed CM...
  2. The weekend is here... and there’s nothing to watch. Sobz... hwelp!
  3. On the matter of ManWeol’s status as human or spirit — until I read the interview with the Hong sisters, it actually seemed like she was actually a human in stasis because in the flashbacks, it was never shown (nor was there any indication) that she had died. Even in an interview of IU and Jingoo, IU said that ManWeol is human. But now that the writers have spoken, then it makes absolutely good sense that the ending was how it was. There was just no humanly possible way (excuse the pun) that they could have grown old together, as exemplified by Hyunjoong’s relationship with his sister as he waited to pass to the afterlife with her. I’m still wondering about the favour Yuna supposedly got from Mago for Hyunjoong though. What was it? Can anyone explain? As regards the answer to Chanseong’s question to Mago in why she had chosen him to send ManWeol off — was it as simple as their first meeting in their past lives 1300 years ago?
  4. Not sure who else is still around on this thread. It’s been a busy few days so I’ve only just managed to watch the last episode. By and large, I think it was wrapped up quite nicely with each of the staff’s stories all neatly concluded and them passing on to the afterlife. I’m not quite so sure I know how to interpret the very final scene with CS and MW though. I have a few questions too if there’s anyone around to answer them (sorry if they’ve already been answered — I’m very slowly back reading the posts): 1. What exactly were the favours that Yuna asked from Mago? Had it to do with the number of lilies she came back with for YJ? 2. Were all those people in the last scene reincarnations of the crew? But if they had only just passed into the afterlife a few months prior, would they have already been reincarnated at that age of young adult/adulthood? 3. Same goes for MW and CS in the last scene — was she back already? Or do we take it as a philosophical proposition that life moves on and CS, like all the others, will somehow find love again with someone, whoever it may be? CS was going to move to New York. Presumably for work, now that whatever he was meant to do in Korea is done. We don’t really know if he might’ve gone back to Mago for another dose of the meds so he would not be able to see spirits anymore, though the reality is that not unless he wants to work at Blue Moon, there’s no more real need to see spirits anymore. After all, MW has passed on to the afterlife already. Cant decide if I like the ending or not... edit: OK. I just read @nastyacolors00‘s post on the interview with the Hong sisters. I think it all makes sense now. Seems a sad ending to me though...
  5. Have watched the latest two episodes, and have to say — I fear the bad ending, unsatisfactory endings everyone is fearful of is looming overhead. I haven’t watched enough of Hong Sisters dramas (just this one and Korean Odyssey), but do they have a bad record of poor endings? Eps 11 & 12 felt lacking in terms of plot development, particularly in the advancement of MW’s back story and what the significance of having YW finally appear in the present means. If MW had waited 1300 years before she finally encountered YW and the princess, is there no more significance to this than that those two are dating, albeit in a fiery and tumultuous relationship (experienced only through the phone call)? And what of the look YW gave MW when their eyes met in the previous episode? Nothing more to that? And I too am getting lost in this Mago-MW kerfuffle. The more I see of what is revealed in MW’s past, the more I fail to understand what great sin it is that has kept her locked to that tree for a millennium. If her sins were for her thieving ways, then what about other bandits? If it was for killing a bride on her wedding night out of spite, and being and all round vengeful spirit, then SJW is a far more treacherous soul. So it must be that Mago for some reason found something in MW worth redeeming. But why? What makes MW’s soul so different from the others we’ve seen so far? Is it only cos she was looking for the inn in the first place in order to make good the wrongs done to the entire tribe that died because of her folly? And what would that folly have been? To place her trust in the wrong person? I am confused.
  6. He got into a scuffle with the murderer who realised CS was onto him and tried to kill him with poison.
  7. Wow. MW went to the pharmacy and came back with bags of meds to treat our injured hotel manager!
  8. hahahah... yes. It’s started. To some heart stopping fighting between murderer and CS.
  9. This thing about the tree and the effect CS has on it through MW is very interesting. MW’s being and life force is tied to it as we know, but rather that it causing MW’s life to be in stasis, perhaps it’s the other way around — MW’s state of being has kept the tree from blossoming. The tree saw a small bloom when MW first encountered CS’s father. Unknown to her, something was already stirred in her through that encounter. True, Mago planned it all. After all, HDL is Mago’s territory. She decides who can or cannot see it. MW is merely an agent of Mago’s, bound to tend to that space as the deity prescribes. Nevertheless, the tree is an outward physical manifestation of MW’s suppressed feelings and emotions. IU’s insta post as MW suggests that every time CS does something to stir her spirit, whether or not she chooses to acknowledge it, the tree responds with life. Now in the show it has also been suggested that the tree, even as it blossoms and grows now, will also go through another period of “death” (right? Unless I remember wrongly). So we’re expecting something else to happen to this relationship that will be experienced physically by the tree. We’ve also been told that CS is there to usher her into the afterlife, though we’re not told how. So I posit this: If the tree has not been growing for the last 1000 years because MW’s spirit has been dead, ie emotionally she cannot live, then now that it’s growing is an indication that MW is emotionally alive again. This is largely due to CS and of course other events happening that is leading her to confront the issues that have stunted her growth for the last millenia. That she is now “living”, she is ready to forge human relationships with the living (than dead relationships with those in the spirit world). This will be done through CS. Will all this culminate in CS being “used” and therefore in a short while more MW dies and gets ushered into the afterlife? Or do we get a happy-ever-after? MW needs to have a human death in order to pass to the afterlife. To have a human death she must have a human life, ie actually live in the Carpe diem! sense of “live”. And CS is the answer. I’d like to think that if the couple invest in their relationship to the point where they sleep together — a very physical and culminating act of love and commitment to each other — MW’s spirit will be detached from the tree. Then life is fully hers while the tree then continues in its own cycle towards (a “second”) death. MW then lives and will die eventually like any other human that can grow old and age, and go through that normal life process with CS. So we will get a happily ever after.
  10. In the HDL poster shot of the cast, is the hand through CS’s arm a spook’s hand??
  11. Finally caught up with the episodes! Have skimmed very quickly through the posts here, so apologies if someone has already discussed or asked and it’s been earlier answered, but I saw some comments about how CS and MW’s romance seems impossible because she isn’t a human. Isn’t she though? My impression is that she is human but her soul has been tied to the tree as punishment, and the ltree-of-life” as it were, is what is preventing her from neither truly living nor dying since it’s life has been placed in stasis. So as the tree-of-life is frozen in time, so is the aging process for MW — she is simply not aging and is essentially “stuck”. She can’t die cos the tree isn’t dead. And since she can’t die, she can’t pass on to the next life. All this so that she can resolve her deep angst and anger. Flower Mago in a sense both placed a curse on her and showed her grace through this because if she had died, she would have become a vengeful spirit. So in effect, she’s still human albeit with special powers (that comes with the curse of running Del Luna), not dissimilar from CS who can see beings from the spirit world. Yes? No?
  12. I did wonder if the issue on government demanding access to users’ data and their justifications for it was inspired by the fake news bill in Singapore... and the ensuing question of whether ultimately citizens truly care what goes on on the internet despite all. GK said it quite succinctly — nothing gets deleted from the internet. Regardless, we still participate actively on it, do we not? Look at us here...
  13. Finally finding the time to put in my few cents worth of comments on the concluding episodes. I belong to the camp that found Tami and Morgan’s relationship too tiring and draggy to follow. Admittedly, I ignored portions with them in the last episodes cos it was clear where the writer was taking it. I personally felt that as much as yes, their story could be played out in this manner in real life, on reel it didn’t require that much screen time. Half of those scenes of moping about need not have been shown to get that point across. And did I like that Morgan’s Mum had to die for all that to happen? No. I didn’t. I agree that was lazy writing. Was she terminally ill and no one knew? Her Husband knew about Morgan but no one else did? If that was the direction it was going to take, then maybe more screen time on that story than of Tami and Morgan wallowing in self-pity. For all those wasted screen minutes, we could’ve had more of Tami’s backstory — she remains the one character so little is known about. We could have had more Hyeon & Jihwan screentime!! Even more of GK and her ex-husband and the end of evil MIL would’ve been good. But nevertheless, was it a good ending? Yes. I liked that in the end, the 3 women drove off into a place with no red lights, dignity and integrity intact.
  14. Why haven’t they released a cut of Jihwan and Scarlett’s kiss?? They’re just my absolute favourite now.
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