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  1. The actual ending - Gangtae and Moonyoung's first stop after Sangtae leaves with Sangin: the nearest marriage registry to make their family unit legal. Heh heh heh...
  2. Now with Sangtae off to pursue his career as a children's book illustrator, Moonyoung and Gangtae's road trip will become mighty different, dontchathink??
  3. Can we just comment on how KSH handles his leading lady in the kiss scenes? Many other male leads do the hand-on-face type of kisses, but I love how KSH had his hand on the back of her head to make sure he Lay's her down gently, with his hand as backing... very romantic. And I also found it cute that while Gangtae made all the first moves for the real kisses, he got very shy each time she seemed to want more. Yet after that, he wanted more and she was just all so focused on work. Hahaha.. role reversals at its best!
  4. Reading all the different posts weighing in on the ending, and I guess my thoughts are a mish mash of everyone else's too. The last episode was a nice wrap up, though I would have to say that at least for me, I felt much more could have been done in episode 15. I actually fell asleep mid-way watching it and woke up only cos Gangtae yelled at Moonyeong. I am in the camp that felt that the biggest gap in writing had to do with the mum's character. As @N Bina said, there was so much of a build up to the mystery surrounding her, that I felt the "solution" presented was quit
  5. Does anyone here remember the old American movie "Mommie Dearest"? I remember watching it on TV when I was a kid and MY's mum reminds me of that movie where the mother was a very abusive and manipulative person. I remain convicted that the character descriptors where they say MY has an anti-social personality disorder seems incorrect - in these last 2 episodes, she clearly has the ability to feel and connect with what is right and wrong. It is more likely that it is her mother who had the anti-social personality disorder and as a result raised MY to be emotionally and socially very deficient.
  6. It looks like this will be a tough weekend... it does look like everything is pointing to Nurse Park, but that seems too easy too... there must be more to it than meets the eye.
  7. You're right. He smiled, but his eyes were in absolute pain. He is a very good actor. It's taken so long for him to return with a drama for his international fans. So glad this was the project he picked.
  8. Oh my hearteu! It bleeds for poor Kangtae!! Why so soon after Ep 11 is all the pain coming back???
  9. I reckon the counting to 3 was for Gangtae's own sake. He might have totally lacked control if he had not counted.
  10. Been meaning to contribute to this forum for a long time but just never got round to it. Am loving this series simply for the theme it attempts to explore. Discussing neuro-atypical characters is something rarely seen in asian tv and is in fact a topic that few talk about. Kudos to the writers, producers and entire cast and crew for attempting to present this topic as creatively and sensitively as possible. I’ve been reading up on antisocial personality disorders and the more I see how Ko Munyeong’s character develop, the more I doubt she actually has an antisocial personality dis
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