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  1. Hi Oris! How are you? I hope you are all doing fine. It’s seems like we’re on another sso drought So while waiting for casting news/ another project, try to mingle with other Oris on Twitter . You can dm this acct if you want to join the gc. See you there!
  2. @shinkeru it’s impossible but I want to see them walk together on the red carpet. I know we’ll only get them sitting beside (albeit the very big space) each other
  3. An article about sso being the youngest nominee in the best actress category. I hope she’ll make history as the youngest winner too! Sso’s recent IG post D-Day!!! Take home the award sso! Hoping to see an interactions between General On- Queen Yeon, Insso and Sunjo today
  4. Baeksang AA D-Day!!! I’m excited for the main couple! I hope they both win today
  5. “Vincenzo” remained No. 1 for the week of April 19 to April 25, followed by KBS 2TV’s “River Where the Moon Rises” at No. 2, tvN’s “Mouse” at No. 3, and SBS’s “Taxi Driver” at No. 4. The top 10 dramas that generated the most buzz in the fourth week of April are as follows: tvN’s “Vincenzo” KBS 2TV’s “River Where the Moon Rises” tvN’s “Mouse” SBS’s “Taxi Driver” tvN’s “Navillera” KBS 2TV’s “Sell Your Haunted House” JTBC’s “Undercover” JTBC’s “Law School” KBS 2TV’s “Miss Monte-Cristo”
  6. K-Drama “River Where The Moon Rises” Changed It’s Original Ending For International Fans—Here’s Why They completely changed the original ending concept to the current one! KBS K-Drama River Where The Moon Rises has changed its ending, and it was all because of the drama’s international fans! River Where The Moon Rises aired its last episode on April 20, 2021, and fans were in love with the happy ending! The K-Drama concluded its final episode on a happy note with the main character On Dal (played
  7. Hopefully sso will make a cameo since it looks like PDnim is the Captain of PyeongOn Ship
  8. @shinkeru omg we posted at the same time Probably the cutest bts of PyeongOn couple
  9. So I dropped by to say I enjoyed this drama so much. I actually binged watch last weekend and OMG it’s worth the eyebags. while i still love Go Go Squid more than this and Han shangyan more dreamy, i enjoyed this couple’s chemistry much more than (TN and HSH). It’s like watching a RL romance develop on television I read somewhere that they adlib a lot? So that’s why the relationship feels more organic. And it also didn’t help that Mi Ka’s very charming and her smiles were infectious. Sorry for the comparison, it’s just that GGS appeared 3x in this drama lol! We’re they pr
  10. More from LJH’s interview. PyeongGeon ship is also sailing What a lovely soul you deserve all the love and praises you are receiving sso
  11. Lee Ji Hoon Opens Up About The Reshoots On “River Where The Moon Rises” On April 23, Lee Ji Hoon participated in an interview with Xportsnews about his drama “River Where the Moon Rises,” which aired its final episode earlier this week. In “River Where the Moon Rises,” Lee Ji Hoon played Go Geon, the son of Go Won Pyo, the Gyeru Tribe’s Gochuga (Lee Hae Young), who was in conflict with Princess Pyeonggang (Kim So Hyun). The male lead, On Dal, was originally played by Ji Soo, but
  12. “River Where The Moon Rises” Lee Ji Hoon Reveals Kim So Hyun’s Kind Personality He reveals how she’s like on set. It seems as if everyone truly adoresRiver Where The Moon Rises‘ actress, Kim So Hyun! Fellow cast member, Lee Ji Hoon, who plays the second male lead in the drama showered her praise during an interview. Lee Ji Hoon shared that he already had a good impression of Kim So Hyun even before filming. He was also blown away by her acting skills despite her young age. He felt that his
  13. the making of early episodes. I was like really, PD nim instruct them to ppoppo? They should have followed his instruction though
  14. Yes! When do you think they will release the episodes 1-6? Same! I’m not in the mood for the other current airing dramas. Anything good? it’s says here they will not pursue the blue ray due to copyright issues as it has been sold to 190 countries and might violate the contract. so sad, I was excited for the commentary and other bts
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