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  1. You just read my mind. That's kind of a spoiler, isn't it? Bad news for #teamNokduIsNotThePrince . Talking about shippers teams, should be start a #teamNokYool?
  2. Welcome to the #teamNokduIsNotThePrince It's not only you. I'm not a huge k-drama addicted (got no free time, just watching Kim So-hyun works), but at this time I've given up about all the little (or big) script holes. I just enjoy them and move on. Like a computers blogger said long time ago, "you want literature, read James Joyce".
  3. I don't know who scares me the most, little girl Aeng-doo or Yool-mo (that hate gaze at the ending...) But then, they're both so cute when cooking that rolled meat... (now we know where does her strength come from: she's *always* eating something).
  4. It worries me a little that, if they're airing #9 and #10 tonight (5th full), episodes are going to be swapped. Maybe the writers wanted to make a big cliffhanger for Tuesday episode and just a little one for Monday's; that would change now. On the contrary, I don't really like big cliffhangers. They're a torture.
  5. My God. This is going to be me, after two (2) weeks without The Tale of Nok-du. Suffering from intense withdrawal: Credit: Angrytomato
  6. They should let this player in: Everybody would be like , game ends quickly and then we could have our weekly TTON dose at 22:00 KST.
  7. Welcome. When you finish Let's Fight Ghost (you're going to love it!), try her Lifetime California trip: It does tear down some myths about her being shy, reserved, quiet and serious.
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