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  1. Is that true, according to the "webtoon"? Anyone who has read it can confirm this fact? Anyway, MBC is not Ruler. It's supposed to be a comedy and if Dong Dong Jo (KSH 's character) is sort of a funny and weird tomboy, for me I don't care if she cannot fight. Many people are saying, and I agree, that MBC's script reminds them an old japanese manga, Ranma ½: the male star did "cross gender" and the female star, Akane, was a beautiful tomboy: interactions between them were hilarious. For me, it would be great if MBC is half as funny as Ranma ½ was. Off-topic: OK, Akane was good at fighting, like almost every character in Ranma ½, but that was relevant only in the first episodes.
  2. Oh! Did she finally learned how to ride a bike or we are watching another actress doing a stunt? I remembered Eun-byeol's bike in "School 2015" and her sister taking it out for a "walk", like it was her dog. The bike was the funniest character, hands down. I guess when he said "delicious", he wasn't thinking about the Hanyul cream Yahooooooooo!
  3. Anyone *not* like you? September's gonna be a happy month: summer ends (I hate it) and two KSH dramas. Thanks everybody for the updates and pics.
  4. Wow! She is an amazing actress, will they play antagonists again? Kim So-hyun, Lim Ye-jin (writer), Joo So-hyang... only Sungjae is missing to complete a School 2015 dream meeting. Edit: oops, sorry, I didn't read the main male lead has already been confirmed.
  5. At least, we can have all the stuff we missed during Love Alarm filming: script reading, BTS scenes (not only pics)... Talking about Photoshop, I've done a little picture editing on Radio Romance scenes (basically, removing her ponytail) to show what could be Dong Dong Joo's appearance in Mung Bean Chronicles. I really hope they choose a setup close to these pics, because she was like an angel coming down to Earth. Surely, she will wear less or no make-up, because Dong Dong Joo is supposed to be some kind of tomboy, isn't she? It doesn't matter, we love her with clean face too!
  6. So happy with these news, but I've still got this bitter taste about Joseon's sageuks and our Sohyunnie. I hope MBC will be better than Ruler or, at least, better for her than Ruler. And it's funny to know that KSH and Lim Ye Jin will be again in the same team: back in 2015 he was the most hated guy in SKorea, when (spoiler) all those Taebi shippers were disappointed (/spoiler ). About the short hair, I've remembered those odd promotional pictures for "Reset". They were really cool.
  7. Still at Rome, that place is Ponte Sant'Angelo. Italian KSH's fans, this is your chance to run into her! Thanks for all the Bausch & Lomb pics and video. I can't help myself but prefer Sohyunnie with bangs.
  8. Oooohhh... she's in Europe and nobody told us What's gonna be their next trip? Paris, Barcelona, Athens? Back home? What a pair of beautiful ladies...
  9. Since there was no script public reading please, Netflix, send us a little teaser... I would be happy with just a 2:00 one. (putting this face:)
  10. This is really bad news. Autumn is way too much. At least, I'd like to hear a reason for the delay.
  11. Thanks! That's next Thursday. Can't help myself but being insanely impatient about Love Alarm! I don't get the joke Is it anything related to the Chinese words on the signs? Love her outfit though...
  12. Wearing those huge glasses, it's like she is mimicking her character JoJo. And those mini skirt and high thigh boots...
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