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  1. Wow! That bed scene is an adlib???? Love, love, love our macaroon couple. No wonder that JDY had to assure KSH (and all readers, lurkers, fans) that their kiss scenes were for 'business'. How can we not ship them... Love this couple to pieces. Hope to see this couple in a new drama again... Will continue to support them, individually and as a couple. In the meantime, chinggus, Fighting!
  2. But then, actors will always claim that! While their kisses and skinship were called for in the script, what makes it special was that it was done soooo natural that speaks volume of the level of comfort and trust between them (specially KSH), right? It is the natural chemistry that springs from their interaction. JDY's playfulness and energy rubs off on KSH. Their bts are really fun to watch.
  3. I watched the last episode last night. It was awesome! I will miss our macaroon couple but i can always look back to the hugs and kisses and the sweet BTS vids of TTON. I have watched a lot of Kdrama and this is the first time that i fell hard shipping this couple - mainly because they appear to be very comfy with each other. I will continue to lurk in this thread, to keep the fire alive....
  4. I finished watching the last episode last night on Viu premium - i guess this was a little later than Korean time. I was so happy with the ending. Just like a fairy tale, all loose ends were beautifully wrapped up where our lovebirds live happily every after. Congratulations to our writer and PD who did not fail us and gave a beautiful rom-com at the end, after all the palace fightings and intrigues. A good ending to the King and Yulmo. Both got their comeuppance. They had the throne, but they lived unhappy and lonely lives. The King knew that ND was still alive. Remember, he did not bother to look at the corpse (sorry for the spoiler!). He had his regrets and to atone for this, he made a final request to Yulmo. Even Yulmo had a good ending. If there was anything that was sincere with him, it was his love for DJ so he let her go. But, the best part of the drama is still ND and DJ or rather JDY and KSH. I love, love, love the chemistry. I wish that their friendship will continue beyond this drama - and possibly progress further. I also think that the writer and the PD were secretly shipping them given all the kissing and hugs that they were asked to portray! ha ha!! Right now, i cant just move on from this drama. Continue to re-watch this. Hope they get to promote this drama to other countries and have the chance to do so together.... Cross my fingers....
  5. Thank you for sharing updates on our couple. I enjoy reading and watching all the artcles, vids and bts of our couple. The bts is something else because we get to see how much they are having fun. As someone else mentioned, the real story is in the bts! This is the first time that i shipped a couple and i really hope that their friendship will continue long after TTON. TTON is a milestone in each and both of their careers. I think TTON will always have fond memories for JDY and KSY because they were able to bring out the best in each other. I look foward to see them support each other. And,i will continue to be on board this ship, together with you all, my fellow Muweol warriors!
  6. I cant help but giggle at all the sweet moments between our macaroon couple. I keep on lurking and replaying all the BTS. Really, they are enjoying each other's company. JDY is making KSH laugh a lot. You know, the fastest way to a woman's heart is when you make her laugh. The BTS are even better! Chemistry is off the charts! This is the first time that i shipped KSH with her costars. Hope that they will continue to be friends and possibly, even more....
  7. Hi chinggu, it is my first time to join this forum altho i have been a kdrama fan for years now. So amazed by the chemistry between KSH and JDY! I went to watch TTON with little expectation but i was hooked by the chemistry, acting, pacing, story, practically all. The BTS show how comfy they are with each other. Love the romance....
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