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  1. @Ameera Ali The dude with the L sign gave up on me lol. CA driving is the reason why my brother doesn't allow me to practice driving during daytime lol. At least, CA is better than Yona from Age of Youth 2 (Her roadtrip to the airport lol) Even if SA and JW don't work out, I want these two Theives to be friends lol.... @lalalaelala I'll unread what you just typed lol.
  2. @Ameera Ali That's me practicing my driving skills lol. It's going to be a problem when I get my license Imao....
  3. Well, well, well........ This is getting interesting. So JJS character from the past plays a serial killer and it looks like PSH character changed her fate due to her dad. This is like Signal but I hope there is a twist to it lol.....
  4. Thanks for the information. Ohhh, and here I was wondering why she had a change of mind. It amazes me how she had the courage to take her own life when all it takes is a simply apologize. Indeed, a selfish woman to the core.
  5. @celebrianna Thanks for the preview. I thought this week was the last episodes lol. So both moms are going to jail. Now, I can watch it lol. But I'm not happy about HJ getting hurt.
  6. @triplem I'm so happy lol. I can't believe she got pissed off and end up fighting HR and XX. JW being told to drag his own luggage lol. I'm with you with the endgame. SA and JW... @Ameera Ali He is on cloud nine if he is willing to get his hair pulled out lol.. @nohamahamoud2002 he is hilarious lol. @mizv Thanks for the videos
  7. @larus I have checked out the original Dr. Foster and it's interesting. But there is only 2 seasons. Are they gonna make their own version with the ending???
  8. Well, looks like I will wait until the whole seasons come out lol. I don't care how many years it takes. I have learned my lesson with Kingdom Imao . I'll see you Chingus in other threads... Enjoy it ....
  9. @katakwasabi You got to be kidding me. This is ridiculous. How would other people know the show exists if fans and viewers don't upload clips from the drama? Indeed, they should let artists post their own work. There is no harm in it. @nrllee Thanks for the recap as usual. @Sarang21 he really screwed up lol.
  10. @nohamahamoud2002 @dramaninja Thanks for the information. But knowing this is Kdrama, they won't be punished.
  11. But still, the land can't belong to them. If DU is dead, then the next in line is his daughter. Isn't that how it works out? I'm confused here too.
  12. Unfortunately, I heard that there is a season 3. JJH unni will be on it. So the queen takes over the throne and literally sits on it. I wonder how he is gonna drag his step mom from the throne lol.
  13. The child is a boy. You got to be kidding me. He really looks like a girl... If the article wasn't released, we won't have known.........
  14. @celebrianna Looks like I was right to skip this week's episode lol. I'm not liking what I'm seeing or hearing about it. I saw the preview and yes, BK is gonna forgive her because dear mommy plans to go away. The woman sure knows how to get her future daughter in law with her fake tears and pity me act. As for HJ, I highly doubt he will ever forgive his mom. BK might forgive her but he won't forget..... So WJ got upset because the accident was reported. You got to be kidding me.