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  1. Well, looks like I will wait until the whole seasons come out lol. I don't care how many years it takes. I have learned my lesson with Kingdom Imao . I'll see you Chingus in other threads... Enjoy it ....
  2. I'm sorry to say this but I'm really against the season thing lol. Not to mention, like @bedifferent said, it's really hard to gather the cast again for 2 more seasons so I would like the news to be fake. Also, one of the things that people like myself love about Kdramas is the fact that it's different from Western shows in terms of how there is a beginning and ending with in a certain episodes compare to having multiple seasons running for a couple of years. Of course, there are a few exceptions like a crime drama from OCN.... If the writer and PD wants to cover everyone's story, then it's be
  3. I want the episodes to be longer. 12 episodes won't be able to cover the entire cast and their background. I love this writer and PD duo because they are best in creating characters who we can all relate to. But one episode per week.... That's too much....
  4. @jongski Happy to see here. What? One episode a week. Nooooo....... That means I have to wait until it's over to binge watch it.. Money Flower, one of my favorites.
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