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  1. @Ameera Ali Never try option #3 lol. It can send you to an early graveyard Imao.
  2. @lightbringer06 They always say that lol. I can't recall any historical drama that has said that and sticked to it . But I guess people won't care because they are gonna tune in for JDY dressed as a female Imao.
  3. @Ameera Ali I have yet to watch the episode but man, you are not joking lol. He is another level ROFL. Now I feel better lying about my CV.
  4. Yep. They always say she can't give birth again yet they always do lol.. Besides, it has been 2-3 years since she had those two miscarriages so it will work out.
  5. Bwahahaha. Our thoughts were true from yesterday ROFL. Even when I saw some of the clips today, the comments had the same thought regarding this issue and I had to laugh at some of their posts lol. @nohamahamoud2002 Yesterday was JH, today is KI.
  6. Everyone wants the divorce to happen for both parties as you mentioned above. I'm also excited to see DS getting told off lol. Things are getting picked up again.
  7. Indeed. Imagine this getting out when he is close to crushing this pair of father and son. The damage would have been bad. Now that they themselves exposed this, they should be ready to deal with TY. They made his life easier now. I'm glad he kept the secret as well chingu. Also, if KI thinks that TY won't be able to get JM custody or see his son with this whole mess, then he is mistaken. Looks like in the preview, he was supposed to meet up with JH for lunch/dinner but his blind date showed up instead. JH is hell bent on getting SW divorced along with JM custody after TJ said to her that he will expose JM to the media being TY son.
  8. That's what I thought too though I don't know much about law either lol. But I remember in other dramas, marrying someone under a fake identity can be illegal. If DS thinks she has the last say in her marriage, then she is mistaken. If TY gets his real name back, then he has to register everything again including his marriage. As for his properties, I don't think they can seize it because he did earn that money on his own. Not to mention, the name he is currently using is not a real person's name. So I don't think there is gonna be a problem with this. The main thing I'm worried about is whether he will get arrested for identity fraud.
  9. @Ldy Gmerm Indeed. SW family should be grateful that someone like GH is raising their grandson with love and care. Like you said, everyone keeps referring GH as JH ex-wife. They know that their daughter was screwing around with a married man but instead of showing remorse for their daughter's behaviour, they are still trying to ruin her happiness by trying to take away her precious son. Even if they know what SW mom has done to Bora, unfortunately they still won't change their minds and that includes GH mom. Even if GH mom finds out about what SW mom did to her own grandson and his mom, do you think she is still gonna allow this marriage to go through? In my opinion, I don't think so. Perfect example is what she did to her other daughter.... I want GH to put her foot down and tell everyone to get out of her business whether she decides to marry SW or do Co-parenting with him. GH problem is that she cares too much about keeping peace in their families and unfortunately it's not her business. SW knows what he wants but GH is gonna be a major problem. @nohamahamoud2002 They did what? Why do they need to extend the drama? I have a headache just thinking about what other things they are going to drag in this storyline?
  10. How could GH mom ask SW to give up YR parental rights? Good thing he told GH mom he likes GH. But this mom is bound to cause a scene .
  11. Too many birth secrets in this drama lol. We still don't know who is who in the MO family. From the preview, the eldest son admitted that he is the father to the press conference but I guess there is gonna be a twist considering the fact that everyone is on that case. The subs will be late as usual for both episodes.
  12. Yep, she does. That was the reason why she married KI in the first place. She was the first to find out thanks to CTJ and MR.
  13. @joan0528 @UnniSarah You know I was looking forward to what KI was cooking up because I knew TY would solve it. But this, I didn't expect it lol. How stupid could he be? Next time KI says he has plans, CTJ better tell him to relax and not ruin them all ROFL. So from the preview, he sees his parents meeting up in secret in the PARK lol. About time he finds out the truth. @nohamahamoud2002 Did TY said that? When????
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