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  1. Poor kid, both of his real families are worse than the other lol. I have forgotten about that as well lol. But then again, even they are kicked out of the house, there is that apartment that is under San Ha's name lol. They will camp there.
  2. @newyee @Ameera Ali @chrissydiva You would think with the amount of debts they got over the years, they would be living on the streets. But NO, kdrama rules states you are rich even when you are dirty poor. You never question the logic behind it chingu, NEVER. By the way, How did everybody forgot the house belongs to NJ lol? @Ameera Ali your pics are accurate lol. They should have spared us the headache. Look at how the issue got resolved with an art of a 5 year old kid . @marrez1 They shipped her back to the states. We need subs to know WTH is going on. But to be honest with you chingu, sorry to say this but I don't give a damn about her redemption. It would be better if she stays away from Chan forever. If Chan wants to meet up with his adoptive mom in the future when he is all grown up, that will be his choice.
  3. Ohh god, not two of them on the same day. If I see red tomorrow, you know why. Is that the preview you are talking about it? If this is the case, about time he gets kicked out of the company. He is finished with the project he was doing so there is no need for him to be there. Better he focuses on his wife and child until the bomb drops lol. I'm still waiting patiently for the day San Ha goes to collect her debts again in the Park's household lol
  4. I wish too. Yep, they are using the necklace. Now I'm gonna be pissed off if LSH doesn't see the necklaces that the chairman is holding in his bare hands tomorrow. This could all be solved if LSH tells his crazy San Ha what's going on. Ohh Esther, she will never be smart, NEVER lol.
  5. @Ameera Ali yesterday was a blessing in disguise lol. Esther is back from the dead with her smug face, NJ and AR as usual cooking up some dump ideas in the pot. Great, just great. Grandma just joined the dumb club. Granny, It's highly suspicious if you find a necklace like that in the middle of the room lol. I'm glad the chairman pointed out what NJ did to people and doesn't believe a sh"t about that report. I need subs with Chan and Tiffany scene but that drawing was disturbing. I'm glad Tiffany now knows what she did to Chan. But why the hell was she shipped to the states? Wasn't she under arrest for child abuse? Finally stupid mom opened her mouth and told LSH the truth. She even had to say don't tell San Ha yet. Come on Mom, San Ha would have solved that in seconds by going to Park's house and claiming that her husband is their grandson lol.
  6. Thanks chingu. I have to use a laptop to delete it. My phone is not doing its magic lol.
  7. @Ameera Ali @dulceres Tell me about it lol. However, she is gonna regret not learning her lesson from last time lol. LSH and the chairman will be completely furious at her for keeping her mouth shut. Even Dori won't be able to save her from the sh"t that is about to go down in that house lol. @Ameera Ali thanks for the pics as usual lol. It was funny when watching with subs lol. Can't believe she talked about Class in a holding cell . Those last few minutes were the best . Now, LSH better make sure that damn woman doesn't go near his precious son. Like I said in my previous post, are they stupid? Oh family including LSH knows that Tiffany is NJ real aunt and I'm pretty much sure the chairman did a background check on NJ considering the fact that he wanted to adopt this moron. Not to mention, he is older than LSH considering the fact that AR abandoned the toddler NJ before she got married to VC. The expression on the chairman's face was exactly like mine lol. WTH??? @chrissydiva So they are trying to frame VC for embezzlement when he is sleeping like snow white. Could this get any worse than this?
  8. This is not compared to what Bobby and crew did lol. But then again, my partner distributed that drug so .
  9. @Ameera Ali @newyee I gave up on my mind lol. But let's hope the chairman is not stupid cuz if he falls for this sh"t, I'm gonna be pissed lol. They never mentioned a name which is unusual for a kdrama. It's always the "Eldest grandson" lol. It's funny how the Park grandchildren minus the real PDK have 2 to 3 names. @dulceres today's episode was better than Monday and Tuesday lol. Since Chan is back to the Oh family, hopefully the writer picks up the pace. You too.
  10. @chrissydiva LSH and San Ha become smarter when each of them gets in trouble lol. He saw his wife behind bars and then boom, look at the results lol.
  11. Are they stupid? NJ is older than LSH at least 1 to 2 years old so how come they can pull this Sh""t? Hopefully the chairman gets suspicious about this. We were all right about one thing and that is: LSH will regain his memory on his own record. You made be laugh with VC lol. The guy was useless even when he was standing. @Ameera Ali no problem chingu. Your pictures are the ones who make this thread hilarious lol
  12. The YouTube videos this week is not working. I don't know what's going on. Usually it's there. Indeed, San Ha is over the moon with her husband and son back in her life lol. I didn't watch the preview but seriously??? This could happen because we have 28 episodes remaining lol. No one will laugh at you lol. I'm worse when it comes to the guessing game.
  13. No problem chingu. San Ha had to intervene and broke them apart. However that ending brought me to tears. Finally, the family is reunited. Poor Chan crying saying he wish that LSH was his real dad because he is nice. Chan now knows these people are his real parents. San Ha and LSH better keep their child save. @chrissydiva I forwarded some scenes so I don't know if they found anything on her yet. I bet they will soon. LSH called the lawyer to release his in laws and because they caught Tiffany in the act, the police took her away. It was disturbing. So the chairman gets a call from the center and finds out his grandson is still alive. Esther asked granny how they lost the grandson however I don't think granny answered her from the looks of it. She called the orphanage and got LSH details including what was with him when he was found. They faxed the paper to her in the chairman's office. I swear I thought she was taking the fax that the center was sending to the chairman. Thank god, he got it in the form of mail lol. Though I have to say, it ended with the chairman looking weird or shocked!!! at what he saw on the paper.
  14. Just watched the clips from YouTube. How dare she touch a child that just came out from the surgery? How dare she? Thank god, LSH put the damn woman in jail. She is sharing the space with the Oh family and San Ha should have left the mom and sister to pull her hair out.
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