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  1. Good to know the plane has a WiFi lol. I was surprised that he is behind Chen. No wonder HY got that amount of loan. Dori and Gun are back . Enjoy your trip.
  2. @nohamahamoud2002 That guy indeed is from Sunny. He is acting as HY adoptive father in this scene. So he found out about what his daughter was up to lol. He seems like a gangster to me. No wonder HY said she is scared of him more than Chen. I want to know why San Ha got arrested in the end too. Seems like we need subs. And again, another kidnapping. @dramaninja Happy birthday. @kimdaehwi Indeed, this kidnapping will fail lol. Hopefully, there is no more car accidents lol
  3. @cherriesblue VC came to take PSH away so that he can do a DNA test to see if he is the real father. She took the weapon as a defence and VC and her ended up struggling with it. And that's how she ended up getting stabbed with it. @chrissydiva Indeed, it was a bad plot point. You made laugh with Esther's kiss up lol. San Ha might be able to slide this under the bus for at least Dori but PSH won't lol. He is gonna hold this on her for the rest of her life. I feel sorry for Dori the most. Both grandparents being murderers, mother changing his uncle's face and screwing his life and the list goes on. If I were him, I won't be able to face my uncle for this in the near future.
  4. @newyee Imao . I feel sorry for the actress who has to use her left hand while she is probably right handed lol. @kimdaehwi, Like @chrissydiva said, we will remember for you lol. HY will get her punishment soon. Her adoptive parents don't know what she is up to with their company. PSH probably reported her by now lol. Not to mention, San Ha mom head-locking her today was the best lol. She was pulling her hair while she was talking to her daughter lol. Multi-tasking. Good one @chrissydiva. Those receipts will come in handy when people forget the evil deeds lol @nohamahamoud2002 I still don't know how we came this far with that amnesia plot lol. It was a long journey.
  5. @marrez1 The fact that he took a cold shower says it all. I think what you said will exactly happen. She probably will lie about the pregnancy or she will get pregnant and miscarriage after the divorce happens. The wife won't want to get divorce because of YR. Guess the pregnancy will be her last straw. Indeed, she is sleeping around with her high school classmate. She is even paying him for his services.
  6. Seems like he is still resisting. Dude, if someone kisses you other than your wife, be done with them. Why are you still answering her text messages? The only good thing he is doing now is, he is trying to bond with YR after he overheard his wife and YR talking about him.
  7. Indeed lol. I feel sorry for those new viewers who will start the show later on and don't know what they signed up for Imao. If only they knew the "Left-handed Wife" stands for Amnesia.
  8. @Lmangla I watched a clip or two and it does look interesting compared to the summary lol. I had a feeling the mother in law wasn't the actual mother. I'll watch the full episode when I get a chance. Thanks for the recommendation.
  9. Tell me about it lol. Dude was obsessing over someone else's wife that he forgot about his own little injury. When the doctor said the metal is pressing the part of memory, I was like, NOT AMNESIA AGAIN. But when I heard he is gonna die, . I forgot PDK ashes was thrown into the sea lol. Indeed, Happy ending for them lol
  10. @chrissydiva Today was indeed funny lol. They left NJ to fetch himself. San Ha locked herself with her father in law while HY run off straight to the exit. They know their priorities lol. Funny how his own mother who abandoned him was the only one who cared about his well being at the end lol. And speaking of stupidity, AR is asking to get jailed lol. I'm pretty sure San Ha told PSH what AR did to bail her son out. Tomorrow, it's gonna be hilarious. Esther, no words. What, "I'm not the old Jang Esther". Then why did you told the family that San Ha got her memory back lol? It was hilarious how PSH is like you better not run your mouth lol. He has no tolerance for her. You cracked me up with the fish food. Doctor tells him he is gonna die and NJ is like WHY ME??????. Indeed, Karma is a b""""ch. @chococarmela They are screwed lol.
  11. Who on earth is getting beaten up in the elevator lol? I'm looking forward to that scene lol. It's gonna be hilarious.
  12. @cherriesblue PSH is the son of HC and YN for now as long as the writer doesn't screw up lol As for why she was at the scene, I think she followed VC to the house because either one: she is the one who told VC that PSH might be his son and caused this mess or two: AR was jealous and knew YN was his first love before the arranged marriage so she was just stalking her husband. I have a feeling it's both. The writer never told us how she ended up in that house that day. @kimdaehwi As for why she ended up only getting short time in jail, well she has connections and second of all, she used her condition aka her being on a wheelchair to her advantage. Not to mention, her crimes weren't heavy compare to her son at that time. They probably charged her only for the chairman's fake medical diagnosis and imprisoning him. If NJ didn't disappear, then her crimes would have been more. Not to mention, nobody knows that: she accidentally killed her son, abandoned PSH, induced coma on her husband ( I think fool didn't bother reporting this fact to the cops), set up a paper company which NJ ended up getting blamed for, and so on..... And the worse part is, there is no evidence for these crimes I have listed above which is why she is free. The reason why he didn't get jailed yet is because San Ha had a memory loss, not to mention she refused to go to the police station for identification. Unfortunately, San Ha has to report NJ first, that's the only way he will get arrested because she is the victim. Hope I answered all of your questions Chingus
  13. I'm reading the posts and I'm liking the fact that our ML might be a psychopath lol. I'm gonna join in but first of all, do I need to watch the previous seasons to understand what's going on or I can watch this as it is??
  14. @ck1Oz I don't want to make an assumption either but if it happened, OMG. Seems like IS tells the chairman that MR and TJ are dating in the preview. And who the hell does she think she is to call out SJ and tell her MR wants to go abroad and study? Poor MR, she has every right to be mad.
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