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  1. "Think of happy thoughts" happy thoughts just like positive thinking, it becomes an energy which easily kills anxiety. When you free of anxiety of things, you won't bother for those bad luck paranoids. 726
  2. @staygold those words reminds me to always be thankful to what I have and got. Even it is hard to accept, but it helps a lot when things don't always go my way. Talking about mature... I think I'm in the same page as Peter Pan. Growing up is hard. +2
  3. What about next week? Is there any pre-emptied episode for next week? Nooo right. After ep 5-6. I deciced to continue watching. It progressed pretty well. I don't mind with the killing thing as long as they don't make the hero characters become dull in front of the villains. I feel so frustrated watching them become so powerless while the psycho killer kills everywhere. And some romance won't hurt of course. I do want more. On top of that, they have gorgeous OTP they shouldn't waste. I like the dinner scene in CM's house. When he puts some meat on her spoon rice. Then tells her while gather the other dishes closer to her side. Aww... that's sweet. He naturally cares for her.
  4. Age is just a number. In soompi I feel young everyday. LOL +2
  5. Right. You assumed it well. I just like watching stars... stars in our universe and screen. +2
  6. Some here... LOL. I lurked every places and read silently. I forgot why I did it but as I remember I want to join Pinocchio thred back then. 702
  7. @triplem you know since SJK wears it, that day uniform becomes something different in my eye. I keep seeing those oppas i like become more handsome and cool in it. Hahahaha. I see that KSH in wakiki 2. Is it good? I didn't watch wakiki 1. And S2 teaser didn't buy me at all. So pass for that one. Talking about the lead of wakiki. Both KSH and the former wakiki lead (forgot his name, who suffer eating disorder) had a back to back dramas. I hope he gets his rest time well and do the filming work fine. @Lawyerh ages ago there's some here asked me, I've been asked about my username. Not the same question but I'll give the same answer to yours. No, I am not their fans nor the drama shipper too. But I like both of them as actors. They're good and I watch some of their dramas including SHR too. But the drama itself didn't make me happy at all. I joined soompi since 2014. And back then I decide to join soompi after being a silent reader/lurker for a while. I like stargazing, star in the sky and stars/celebrity. Hahaha. Since there's already someone with the username I need to add some different to it. So added some number of my faves after it. That is stargazer187. I planned to give u a short answer but failed to do so. LOL What about yours? Are you a lawyer or since you like something related to law like that maybe? +2
  8. @Super Gal99 I'm sorry to drag you here. But the messaging is loading too long on my end, I can't stand it. Yup, I'm alive and kicking. Thanks for worrying about me. I'm currently watching Le Coup, Abyss and Kill It. You see, Jang Ki Yong will be on next romance drama. So.. let's watch that together later. @triplem I saw that soompi updated a new drama of MGY. And KSH is the lead... I like MGY and the couple visual is just great. Hope the story will be good. And it would be about cops and chasing criminal again. Yahooo... I hope they give MGY a strong female character. She's so good with it. She can be badass. Really love her in CS. P.S. anyone watching abyss here??? Will the next week episode be preemptied? I marathoned ep 5-6 last night. And it was a good progress. +2
  9. How was this drama? Is it good? @Super Gal99 hey... I'm here. Long time so see. So how's everything? RL's works stop me from doing many fangirling and drama watching thing for these few months.
  10. @kokodus I watched PYHOMS you suggest me. When I login to my YT. It just popped out on my homepage so I didn't need to search it anymore. So far I like it. It such a simple university life with the best friend and lover. I wonder Pu Pei will regret once MoMo start liking hue yi. 832
  11. @sushilicious as for me I can watch anything as long it is clicked on me. It can be fluffy thing or even something darker as you call it. Sexy and hawt oppas could be my motivation to watch too. At least if the show disappoint me, seeing the oppas relieves my mood. LOL +2
  12. Lol, I was like learning a generic structure of a romance. You seem spent some time to watch HPL too? Recently, rom-com drama are quite empty. I mean it is all just like that, it didn't give me the feels like it had in the past. I mean, I prefer romance still. But you see the comedy isn't that funny. I can't laugh freely as I did while watching WLF or SKL or got me to ship them like how I did for dots. @triplem thanks for all the recommendations. Among those all, I might try FC and interested in FF. @kokodus ok. I'll check it out. I hope it won't tell me that they block it in my region. Sighh.. I hate that. ~~~ Well.. well.. soompi has lots new features from last time I noticed it. It has mood updater. Then also some awards? What r all these awards for? I was notified with some of those. And after such a long time inactive, I had to reset my password to be logging in. Before reseting, it gave me a bit hardtime several times until it got me locked for 15 minutes. And I see that.. ah.. is this how it works now. +2
  13. @staygold it would be the best comedy if it became a trilogy. Lololol @kokodus he knows how to please his fangirls. LOL Where do you watch these? Do they have complete emg subs already? High five! I might try those cdramas after I'm done with KI. And it perfect transition before WWW. +2
  14. @staygold I really want to watch this but Idk why since PMY plays a secretary role again and meet with a cool ceo again, it kinda bores me. I mean... it keeps remind me of secretary kim. I don't mean it bad. I might it watch it later sometime when i am in the mood for it. And then JKJ and KYK's drama too. Isn't its title called "train your blind boss" before? Why is it changed into another secretary again? Seems like secretary is so popular in kdramas right now. Yup. We do things for love. I love JKY. His roles are so diverse. He plays different role each time I see him. 778
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