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  1. Bwahahahaha... I love the game! I want more. They should make the parody style of BTM vs PM or SGG vs BTM or SGG vs MIL. LOL
  2. Let me butt in to your chats... I looked around the drama threads directory a few days ago. And found there are two doctors drama which aren't airing yet. It's doctor detective and doctor John. Seriously... I laughed a lot to whoever in charge giving the titles for these two. Why dramas love to pick the same name or at least same root name. Like they keep having secretary in several dramas recently. Then, another few examples like "can you hear my voice" and "I can hear your voice". Anyway, that's not my point. I would try watching only one of them. It's the one with Ji Sung maybe. I really like him as a prosecutor in Defendant. So I would like to see him as a doctor or some sort of medics. But let's see if doctor detective can surprise me with something good. I love detective thing as long as the baddies didn't outsmart the heroes all the time or the heroes who loves to do stupid things. I might check for it. @cenching oh yes.. I forgot the initials. JJ. Such a cute initials huh. Does that ring you a bell to some sort of classic drama?? Hahahaha 684
  3. It's a long story. Where should I begin this tale? Okay, just a short preview. Terror Twins are Subtract legendary heroes. Both are so persistently powerful. Add teams had to strengthen their army to fight them back. They never sleep and sleep is not include into their system. They're just two but when they're both attacking or separately in action, they always gives threats to Adds. Adds starts to feel nervous and gathered around and begin their struggle in groups to win the long record victory back from them. And during the duels, adds plays some tricks to distract them, some will use their naughty tricks and some tried to make more fun drama quizes between the hectic numbers flooded the thread. Hahahahaha. These might look stressful huh but actually that was the fun. The terror twins is the lovely nickname which I don't know who name them first, which refers to our dearest friends whose names I can't mention here cause they decided to long retired from this game thread. So to respect their will, I would just keep this way. Dunno wether they're still lurking around or completely moving. I hope someday they can return like how I keep coming back once in a while like now. And hi to you @sohib R you an Indonesian? Sohib means best friend in my language. It's a slang word tho. 680
  4. @cenching I've been mia for some months but have returned to soompi not too long ago. I just don't post lots like before. Real life is busy as it is. I'm currently more active again because of some dramas I'm currently watching. Post one or two randomly. 666
  5. Hey.. long time no see. Did you miss me? Because I did. And miss u everyone too. And it brings me back to the terror twins, But I miss that fun, where everyone are still around and actively posts everyday. 658
  6. Wow. So that was why tvn teased us all with the WWWMIL preview last week. Aw... I just love how scarlet is so devoted to her drama, to the point that she helps him to get him justice. It's pretty unique to see how she really hates him but respects him as actor. Love you scarlet. She's so sweet. I want more her and that actor to get some love line, they look nice pairing. A spunky sophisticsted scarlet feat the monochrome guy. What I love the most is scarlet comments on that directors "bring him back to life is not that ridiculous then having the MIL got surgery to look young 30 years old." I was waiting for her to also complain about the writer for that. LOL. She took the words out of my mouth for every ridiculous sad ending in dramas I have watched. I need more scarlet in real life to save my drama from getting suck storylines. There's quite a lot progress in ep 7-8. I like that BTM decided to jump off the wall that she built herself. I feel sad whenever Morgan had to step backwards every time she draws more walls between them. He seems really fall for her sincerely but she still has lots of thoughts that prevent her from expressing her love for him. And still about romance. I love when SGG comes to accompany her husband while holding his hands in front of people. They have spark even with that kind cold gesture of love. Kekeke. I just hope with the protest she started to show to her MIL is the beginning for them to date for real couple. I guess she has lots of depressions all these years. She only shows good things among people and behaves so well. But I think she hides her burden and only prefers to be herself in front of CH. I want to see why she keeps wanting to disappear. Maybe because of that, that she cannot be herself. What else that took BTM's name onto top ranking search list. Is that still about that webtoon thing? Anyway... can't wait for next episode soon.
  7. The ending is sweet. I love happy ending. I know many things I thought it should be this and that. But as long as they didn't break my heart. I'm good. It wrapped all nicely. It gives a nice ending to everyone.
  8. Done! Happy ending it is. I am glad. Even it felt absurd. I don't care. Everything was already a mess. So the ending save it as something very sweet one. The marble couple, hope someday soon, they'll have new project drama/movie together. Seriously... I love how it ends. It feels I want one more episode special telling about one year of their married life. It could be much better.
  9. I saw the preview of ep 16. And I'm not ready enough to watch it. I tried a few first minutes of ep 16. I already can tell why CM keeps saying those words to her. It's breaking my heart. SY even didn't realize that he's leaving. Sighh... So please tell me, is it happy ending? If it's yes, I'm going to watch it right away! If it's not. I'm going to keep it for later. I don't need sad stuff right now. Cuz I'm so sick of it. I have enough for it.
  10. This sounds interesting... hope viki or viu will sub it or else it will be harder for me to watch this show.
  11. Woahhh... NJH??? And the synopsis is really Netflix style. Netflix has some dramas in stores. But when they'll air it??? It's so long So they will deal with soul or ghost thing?? Wohooo... I thought that he might act as a high schooler again. Guess, I'm worried for nothing. LOL. This sounds like Let's fight ghost 2.0. I like that! 2020 palli wa!!
  12. Oohh... LMK and LYY. I like both. LYY in this is like continuing MFC. Even I haven't watched that I can't wait to watch for this one too. It's OCN, so they tend to give meatier storyline in this kind of genre. But wait... is the director the one who mess with CITT??? Whattt?? Worrisome
  13. I don't know how to end up returning into this thread again. There were some posts I posted almost a year ago too. Woahhh... what happened to this drama? Will they air it or not? Probably they will have some ladies caring for them but, reading the synopsis, I was thinking there will be strong feelings between them and I am already saying .... please, make up you too. Two friends aiming their swords against one another due to differences in opinion and over a misunderstanding? Tragic. At least, I wish they won`t fall in love with the same girl but knowing kdramaland, It is possible.  My happy ending will be... the two men reconcile.  I agreed. The synopsis would likely go that way, hoping the same thing. Hope they'll air this soon and happy ending for both men. I need to see YSJ again on my screen. He's being absent pretty long now.
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