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  1. i feel like they do this all the time for their sporting events... kinda disappointed it was today of all days given JDY and KSH were just on radio promoting too.
  2. aww I love the whole idea of clumsy jealous nokdu in the preview! I supposed dongju is rejecting the idea because she thinks he has a lady, but i'm wondering how the whole fiasco from the end of ep 4 will be resolved, since his "lady" was right there! what excuse will he come up with to return to the widow village if his lady is 'free'? even better, if he claims that wasn't his lady, Dongju will think he's even more of a womanizer
  3. I actually saw some truth in this... the way she is now, the Yeon that Hwi knew has "died" as she has no memories of them. To some extent, this might be saving her from her painful memories, but when she does remember, she might be even more distraught that she forgot. Maybe Sun Ho wanted Hwi to truly not return so as to save his life, and also save Yeon's life by not coming back to remind her of the past.
  4. looking at the photo of NokDu, DongJoo and Aengdu on the boat, what if Aengdu actually decides that DongJoo is also her 'daughter' since she's Nokdu's 'fiancee' and decides to treat DongJoo as such. Feel like there's a lot of room for laughs over how ridiculous it can get.
  5. awww i love that violent dongjoo video! hahaha nokdu is such a pushover sometimes And i love this review of ep 4 https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/10/09/tale-of-nokdu-episode-4-highlights/
  6. Oh that makes so much more sense! I didn't really register the fact that DJ, or her old self EunSeo, is supposed to be dead. They're no longer of the same standing in the Joseon era, maybe that's why she insists he continues to treat her as a gisaeng - someone that he will never be able to marry.... I'm curious how the gisaeng boss found her and how YulMu then found her later. If NokDu is really the lost prince, I wonder how that standing will play out. I'm banking on NokDu not taking back the throne anyway. Also curious if DJ's backstory is the same from the webtoon? Because I'm assuming ND's has been changed for the whole lost prince story.. And another BTS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXGgYTyUoDQ
  7. especially the blooming (b)romance between NokDu and YulMu. YM looked soooooo uncomfortable, and literally was running for his life. This should be fun!
  8. I think she forced him to change in there, based on preview. And the woman is the widow he saved in ep 1 who got caught again. Not sure what happened to the servant who ran away with her
  9. awww this might be my favourite episode so far... i watched the raw without subs and there was a good mix of comedy and touching scenes.
  10. omg i love the ending of ep 3! it went from very serious tone, to suddenly this funny casual mode, with ND claiming he will be DJ's mum! Actually the palace scenes dont bother too much yet, because its hard to get a full picture so far. There seems to be a number of players there as well, so i'm waiting for that aha! moment when everything falls together. I'm excited for today's ep when we realy get the full on living together hijinks!
  11. Ooooh I'm excited with the new stills! I was wondering when we will see DongJu in training (and I hope she's not forced back into it because of that icky yangban). I wonder how NokDu teaching DongJu the dance will link to the scene of her shooting an arrow (given same hanbok she's wearing) It looks clear by here that NokDu is interested/attracted to DongJu here and I'm convinced he becomes 'Omoni' to save her from the yangban. Maybe the horse scene with the love triangle is when DongJu and NokDu leave the Gisaeng house... anyone know from the webtoon if they stay at the widows village?
  12. watched ep 1,2 with subs and I love it already. i'm glad it's not veering towards the serious sageuk, but still maintaining elements of mysteries as we slowly unravel the background of both nokdu and dongjoo. visually nokdu is really very pretty, sometimes even more so than dongjoo! couldn't help but watch ep 3,4 raw and even though I didnt understand all the dialogue, I still couldn't help but laugh at many scenes. Feels like we are progressing fairly fast storyline wise, so it would be awesome if we could keep this pace!
  13. I love the light hearted OST in the middle of the long preview! hopefully it sets the tone for most of the drama - light hearted fluff. Can't get used to not having subs 2 hours after the show, so hoping I get to watch this in full tomorrow!
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