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  1. Oh I think I know which interview! I was alr expecting Taealha to see Tanya dancing because of that interview, before watching ep 12. In the interview they said they danced at the beginning more for fun, and then KDG asked if they danced together again later, which they said they did. Not sure how it fits into the story, but hoping there will be another ES-TY dancing scene!
  2. I think Saya also can't be bothered to learn or train himself actually - Hae Tuak tried to teach him but he didn't even try. He probably pictures himself up at the top as a king like Tagon, so there's no need for him to fight himself because the others will defend him. I guess that's one form of naive thinking as well?
  3. Anybody have any guesses as to whether Danbyeok will rise again from the "dead"? After ES takes down Arthdal, if he and Tanya want to return back to Iark, Danbyeok seems like the only option to lead the new Arthdal. I don't think much of his daughter - whom we havent seen since the last time she appeared...
  4. One thing I noticed from ep 12 was that Mubaek is also from the Mulgil Tribe. Tagon mentioned it during the sacred trial. I wonder if that will have any significance later on when EunSeom + supporters return to Arthdal since it was actually brought up. Maybe Sanung saved him from the life in the mines? It might just be me, but I actually thought the Neanthals' story might have ended when they walked off without NunByeol. Maybe they might return right at the end of Part 3 if she decides to go with them to rebuild the bloodline, but it felt as if they were in Arthdal to look for her, the last female Neanthal alive, and not the twins (because I can't imagine yet why they would want to involve themselves in the war of the Sarams), because they wanted to see if there was a hope of growing the Neanthal family. And the conversation of Rottip and Yiseuroobi, felt like the lines you say as you walk away in an end of movie scene. Random theory to throw out there - what if Satenik's wife is an Igutu too? He didnt show the aversion to the purple blood from the start, and it looked like there was a scene where ES was wrapping her arm in the preview too. I think it would be a nice contrast actually, to have a civilization outside of the Union where the Igutu are not feared but respected. Maybe ES can embrace his background more by meeting her - so there's more of a story instead of just meeting someone's wife to get an army behind him?
  5. Ahhhh i didn't think of that - I guess I never associated love for the sea with strong army haha... And yes I think the kid casting for all the characters were awesome! Nunbyeol's young counterpart was so cute and pretty! Kid EunSeom/Saya was also a great match. I think the theory on Tagon's mother is very likely, but Tagon will never get to meet her (since NunByeol is the only female Neanthal left)... It was in the preview for the Netflix episode though! Yes she looks miserable really - maybe crying about what she was announcing of tearing limbs apart before? I wonder end of season 3 - will we see a Tanya who has let go of her role as one with the "highest honour" or will she continue using her new position for the people's good? I want to see his reaction when he learns Tanya is the High Priest now first
  6. @vangsweetie637 hi chingu!!! didn't see you in the thread!! good to see you again I feel like I'm going to revisit all these episodes again in a month's time so I can recall all the prophecies before part 3 lol. The scene of Tanya finding the bell felt quite rewarding so I think writers are doing a pretty good job linking it up (I never expected the 'death' to just be of the bird). In terms of character development, it kindaaa feels like only Tanya and EunSeom (albeit slower) have really changed since ep 1. Tagon and Taealha are basically the same people they've been the whole series. If I think of the last ep of Part 3 being the successful takeover of Arthdal, I guess I can see why the pacing has been this way. The writers had to let Tagon take over first (rather than Tagon ruling from ep 1) so we can see what kind of ruler/person he is, and I guess put us behind supporting EunSeom in taking over.
  7. There was a slightly longer version of the preview I saw ( I think more than 30 secs) where the new girl shows up twice. I think its the Japanese actress that was stated as also appearing. I also really liked the finding the bell scene - it nicely linked up all of Tanya's training (slingshot included - I doubt an arrow would have ever been able to break the rock) and the blue comet prophecy. And the sound of the bell sent goosebumps through me the first time. Can't believe we got to wait 2 months for the continuation T_T Based on today's ep, there's no way Tanya will pick ever Saya. it's going to be Tanya + Eunseom taking over Arthdal!
  8. We still havent had the big reveals that there are twins + Kanmoreu the horse legend is real + who is the real Aramun. So much to cover in the last 6 episodes!! It kinda looked like a preview for the whole season because we have Tagon and Taealha fighting off people yet Tagon on the throne at the same time + the new girl (I really wished they didn't add another new character at this pt...) who EunSeom rescues (?) somehow in the woods. Will they really cover so much in the first 2 eps? Tanya actually starting to look a little miserable in her position too.
  9. Hmmm I thought there was a scene of Mihol with a tied up Tanya in the preview. Taealha is confined in the Great Shrine now, meaning she's stuck hanging out with Mihol and AsaRon at the moment, rather than Tagon, until the trial scene when everyone is in white. I find it interesting Taealha was so desperate in asking Tanya if she really doesn't know where it is - "it" I assume is the star bell. Guess she thought it was a sure thing Tanya would "rescue" her from her sacred trial. I can already see how EunSeom gets back to Arthdal - using the Daekan Forces who went to pick up Olmadae (the old guy stuck with him underground) to get back. Please ES, dont forget to retrieve Dalsae, wherever he is! Btw the Wahan betrayer... where did he go in the end?
  10. I'm kinda hoping Mugwang realises Tanya is the direct descendant of AsaSin before he actually dies from her curse. Looking forward to the the horror on his face after all his mocking of her... But for him to die under the crescent moon means he must have been captured by the Neanthal or ran away... but then given ending of ep 11, how did Tanya end up with Mihol in ep 12? Prob the Neanthals dont feel obliged to save anybody not of their kind??
  11. Watching it again, i think Nunbyeol wasn't the other child with AsaHon... She looked a lot younger when she was found compared to the scenes where Rottip was a kid. Not really sure what's the writer's purpose of having NunByeol as a Neanthal in the entire storyline - maybe the bit of her eight lineages being severed is meant for something? And I'm pretty sure the Neanthals are looking for Saya/Eunseom in Arthdal. Actually thought this episode was quite slow. Although we see the start of Tanya developing her psychic abilities, everything else was a lot of scheming but no real progress. Now we know Tagon is ready to kill even Saya (all while we still don't know why he saved Saya in the first place). Looks like a lot will happen tomorrow - it looks like Tanya might rise to be the HIgh Priest tomorrow, and I suspect EunSeom will only arrive in Arthdal right at the end of tomorrow's ep.
  12. @rcalma holy! how did she manage to hide all these years (and why are her eyes not blue?) so she's the second kid along with rottip?
  13. Can't believe its the last weekend of Arthdal for the next 3 months >< I wonder if they will give us a preview tomorrow for Season 3...
  14. Ahhh thanks for clearing that up! I must have missed his face in the earlier episodes. Saw some comments stating the other child was a girl.... which I never noticed in ep 1 either The only disconcerting thing was how pale Nickhun was compared to the other Neanthal.... maybe he spent the past 20 years hiding in a cave? I am hoping though they don't have Tanya hiding for the next 2 episodes - which seems to be the case with Tagon activating everyone to find her and her only shots being in the tree house... I want to see her out and about doing things! We already have ES stuck in a deep deep hole, at least let 2 out of 3 sacred objects be roaming about.
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