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  1. I think if you add all the scenes together (red hoodie pic, Coach Kim wiring money, etc), it can be taken that the guard did the killing and was paid off by Coach Kim. So she's still the instigator and responsible even if she didn't actually push HyeNa. Hmmmm I got to rewatch that - you might be right, it might be the school teacher. Then the guard managed to completely escape??? Damnn... Edit: Went to rewatch - it looks like it could be the teacher with his hair cut shorter, but the shouting voices are quite different. I think I would lean towards it being the guard based on the voice.
  2. It was from the scenes where the security guard was arrested together with KJY and Mr Jo, shouting at KJY that she said nothing will happen, as well as the ending credits there was a sequence of pictures that showed the guard in a red hoodie hiding behind the door > HyeNa standing at the railing > HyeNa fallen on the ground.
  3. Maybe the jail time did trigger something in him... but it still didn't sit right with me to not at least finish high school. Especially comparing it to YeSeo, HyeNa - YeSeo essentially gave up her place in school to get him out of jail, and before the whole revenge plot started, HyeNa was studying hard for her future. She had to resort to manipulative tactics to pay for her mother's hospital bills, so I think she understood how hard it was to make a decent living. You are right - WooJoo is really lucky he has very understanding and rich parents. At the end as well, we didn't really get to see how Woo Joo was "finding himself" because honestly the photo sent to YeSeo, just looked like he was playing around and having fun.
  4. Finished Ep20 with subs as well, and tbh, I loved the first 10 mins of it, when KJY was telling HSJ, you had a part to play in HyeNa's death too. KJY was definitely not in the right, but I feel that someone had to tell HSJ those facts. This feeds back to WJ's scene when he asked HSJ if she had apologised to HyeNa. Somewhere along the line, she forgot that HyeNa was just a teenager, all alone in the world, and has been fending for herself for so long. Sometimes, words can be more powerful than action. She didn't push HyeNa over the railing, but she pushed HyeNa off the cliff with her words. HSJ needed a waking up call as well then, that she had been just as much as monster as KJY, so that she could really change after she's accepted that fact. I didn't really like the WooJoo ending though. I kept thinking what kind of message was this bringing by letting students drop out of high school just to find out what kind of life and what kind of person he wants to be. His lines were too preachy and unrealistic. Moreover, with just a few months left to graduate, he should have just graduated first, and repay his parents' efforts for bringing him up and putting him through school. I can understand delaying university, but I draw the line there. Moreover, they forgot what HyeNa had been striving for, which was to rid the school of the elite class. Could he not have spent the last few months, trying to achieve what HyeNa was aiming for instead? I know things in school won't change that fast, but I rather have that than the scene of the seniors skipping school. I can understand YeSeo's story in dropping out cause at least she's still studying to finish her GED but Woojoo... hmmmm... nah. At the end, everyone was happy but I just felt so much sadness and pity for HyeNa. It wasn't shown explicitly, but all the little scenes showed it was the guard that pushed her (which i thought phew at least it wasn't suicide cause there would be even more gaps in the story if so...). Like some k-netz said, the privileged became happy at the expense of the least privileged character on the show, who died over exams. I liked the moment the Kang family went to visit her and YeSeo acknowledging her as her sister, but that broke my heart... What it could have been.... Overall, it's still a great drama and I'm glad I jumped on this bandwagon when I heard the ratings were soaring.
  5. Guess I gotta wait for subsss. I think I'll probably be a little disappointed both ways, whether it was true or that it was left to viewer's interpretation. I was alll for the big revelation tonight! That said, I was already sobbing my eyes out at the youtube clips even w/o subs so it's going to be hard waiting for subs...
  6. I think this is what drove Coach Kim to the idea of killing them both - the knowing that once she and her organisation is gone, there's no one to take care of Kay. But, why isn't Mr Jo arrested too? Is he not considered an accomplice to this whole exam stealing affair? He was right there when they passed HSJ the third year test papers.
  7. I love We all lie slow version. Been waiting for it to come out since the scene where HyeNa was trying to call out to Prof Kang when she was injured. I'm hoping the epilogue scene from ep 19 turns into another strong scene (like how ep 18's was for Coach Kim and Kay) for both HSJ and HyeNa. But honestly I find it hard for me to fully like HSJ... sure she turned everything in to the police at the end, but at the start of the ep, she was all for persisting through and letting WJ suffer in jail for another semester. And she knew WJ would be the scapegoat even before he got arrested. That's why I enjoyed WJ's outburst against her, even if his outburst was mostly about HyeNa... I love the Cha twins' mum. She turned out to be such a strong character. Just like HSJ, she's doing everything for her children but in a different way. Protecting them from the constant pressure of academic excellence, overbearing father. But the twins' scenes were such comedic relief today, from their meal with their dad, I was facepalming as much as KiJoon. JinJin as well, she's gossipy but not a bad person. I feel like the show is showing how much people can end up being a victim of their own environment. I like YeSeo now, but she was such an arrogant brat at the start, that I think had a big contribution to the hostility between her and HyeNa. That ended very badly, but YeSeo had the chance to show growth now, when all the factors around her started working against her, rather than for her. For HyeNa, I think she could have been a decent girl, judging by her interactions with YeBin which I honestly don't think were driven by ill intentions, and how she stood against the "unfair" society. But she had to find ways to earn money to survive among manipulative adults, not falter when going against HSJ in her house, which all turned her into who she became before she died. Speculation - do you think it was the teacher that was leaking exam papers to Coach Kim that killed HyeNa? I feel like he's another possibility - he didn't like HyeNa after she called him out during class and they could have bought off the guard to let him in.
  8. I have my bet on he will change and the Cha family will move back in together haha. Just that a person can't change his spots so quickly, so this shock treatment will take time to change him, I think.
  9. IKR! He's so hard to read! I'm trying to decide if he's going to do the right thing... or he's secretly just waiting for KJY's downfall so he can take over.
  10. Watching ep 18, I feel sorry for YeSeo actually. She is smart and was doing just fine with her other tutors and was first place even before she met KJY. KJY has really destroyed every student she's taught. Her mental state has totally broken down at end of ep 18. And to think HSJ still goes to look for KJY? What for?? How can she expect YeSeo to still go for lessons with KJY? If HSK really takes those papers, she's just joined KJY in being an accomplice. There's no turning back and saying they didn't know. I loved Seri's scene when she was pretending she was on the phone when talking about her dad. Savage!
  11. JTBC released a whole video on Mr Jo - Can't tell what they're saying without subs, but I'm sure he's going to be the final nail in the coffin when the reveal finally takes place. I want Coach Kim to properly go to jail for what she's done though.
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