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  1. Wellllll, I called it on who's wedding it was Sadly, I have to say, our main lead AJ didn't get much character development right up til the last episode, in my view. But there was a happy ending so I'm going to try to look past it and just enjoy the end. HaNee really was the heart of the show, mature and understanding up til the very end, even comforting DO this time. And I just realised, there was barely any mother-daughter bonding this ep.... but I enjoyed the DO-HN interactions and I fully believe she accepted DO as her dad after the timejump, just wish it could have been
  2. I actually quite liked ep 14, even though writing was a bit predictable / face palm-ing (like making HN go back for her bag... just so we can get the explosion injuring DO while PD is still able to chase DC...). At least there was a sense of accomplishment for the relationship between PD and DC. They're opening up to each other much faster than our main mother-daughter pair! I know it feels less frustrating because PD himself has a lot less scenes for the past 14 episodes, but still it was satisfying. And the child actor for DC was awesome. Finally he got scenes to show off the acting chops!
  3. Felt like not much happened this ep.... More YW and his mum scenes that I didn't care for. More hostile AJ who slightly wavered near the end. More frustrating half truths between AJ and HN, and non-discussions between PD and DC. Also, we are on the way to such a wasted opportunity - AJ and PD could have bonded more as single parents and AJ could have used her experience with HN to tell PD to be truthful with DC too, to show character developments. Instead we'll have a kidnapping for DC to feel closer to his dad? Kinda annoyed to see RJ trying to "help" HN understand her parents bet
  4. Yessss I have an issue with the production crew in charge of previews. Too many times they've included the next ep's ending scene in the preview! I haven't seen ep 13 yet, be back with more later!
  5. Ahhhh ok I was again frustrated this episode, after yesterday's ep. Honestly I was willing AJ through my screen to please just tell HN who it is already, especially when she knew HN really believed RJ was her dad. Solve the problem with HN first then the problem with the press, not the other way round! Sigh. And AJ does remain lucky in having the men around her having the capability to help her solve the problems. Wish it could have been written a bit better, but well, that's one problem down. If anyone understood what PD meant by 'CS' though, please let me know! And looks like o
  6. @Nodame that piece of information about DO's family really came out of nowhere! but I guess it drives home the point that what you see isn't always what is the reality. And I don't like the return of the CEO Hwang but I guess with 5 episodes left and all secrets out, they needed some material! And so now it remains to be seen if this movie will ever be made! Honestly all the women surrounding AJ are superb - her mum, SookHee, HyeJin... at the very least they form a very supportive environment. @chatterbox22 Yess i really want the kids to be friends again. I wonder if they will conn
  7. Actually only AJ knows now. RJ told AJ that he deleted it because she came to find out the truth of why DO doesn't seem to know anything about it, and that's where he said he did it, and didn't regret his actions. This man seriously! DO still doesn't know yet - AJ almost told him, but he managed to cut her off again. These 2 leads... the communication is slowly improving and opening up but they need to let each other finish talking. I'm sure we will get tons of HN DO scenes next ep! HN herself still needs to find out the truth, as well as her friend DC. I need the kids back
  8. @Nodame hahaha the curiosity would kill me! i kept refreshing for updates on twitter before the eng sub came out on Netflix! I'll try not to spoil too much now @Samuel Yohanes that description is so apt - RJ is definitely shameless. To think he had the nerve to still place blame on DO at the start of the episode. He knew both his friends were so hurt and knew why AJ left - DO drinking and running like crazy, AJ was crying everyday about this other woman with DO - and yet he didn't ask DO about this woman either. Then instead of just being a bystander, he became a perpetrator of ma
  9. It's already out in ep 11! It would be way too farfetched to twist it further because Ahhhh I have a lot to say about this episode. Both our leads made me teary, but really the worst of the worst is RJ and his boss Jennifer Song.
  10. @tuffygarcia thanks for the video! excited to watch it more SHJ-SJH interactions! And yesss, the fact that DO had a present for HyoShim on that very day was just such bad timing. I'm not sure how big celebrating 300 days of dating is like in Korea, but it seems DO didn't even realise what day it was that day. I couldn't blame AJ in that situation for starting to misinterpret, but I guess if we had no misunderstandings, there would be no show.
  11. This! If he had at least looked her in the eye and told her he wanted to finish this then let's go eat, I think things could have been wayyyy better. Instead he was practically ignoring her and even said she distracted him. Who wouldn't feel hurt? @Brennster totally agree!! I hope SookHee and PD get more scenes together so at least there's a chance of some of the other 3 guys getting a different happy ending! @Nodame I never realised DO knew HN was 14 yo until ep 10 and I'm still wondering why he never thought himself as a possible dad then? Did he really think AJ got
  12. @strongtower I'm almost 100% positive it's DO! He finally knows! How awkward for RJ though lol. and AJ has been soooo tight lipped until her own mum never knew who HN's dad was either. I'm glad the show is giving us some backstory on how the DO-AJ relationship got so shaky - DO wasn't that attentive as a boyfriend and he didn't do much to explain himself either. I'm relieved it wasn't just because of that one scene AJ saw, because that would be super foolish. That said, I don't think AJ had the right to be so snarky to DO about AR being in his house late at night. You two aren't
  13. I need subs for Ep 10! Watched only raw BUT I think we got some answers even if it was not explicitly spelt out. And preview is hinting that RJ definitely had a hand in making things worse than they actually were. I just want the happy ending already LOL. And BTS to make us happy!
  14. Thanks @chatterbox22 and @Nodame for sharing the preview! Man my first hope is they don't end tomorrow's episode at the RJ kneeling scene with DO's shocked face - that would be one too many episode "cliffhangers" being spoiled in previews, just like the 'almost kiss'. At least have something substantial happen after that. Watched Ep 9 and hmmmmmmm... I'm not sure how I feel about it. Part of me thinks maybe the writer is aiming for the truth to be revealed through the actual movie filming, like forming a parallel scene as it did earlier (if not, we can let go of the movie already
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