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  1. Even I feel the same I don't really know which ship should i support. I was suho-jojo shipper while watching the drama but after watching the trailer I actually really love hyeyoung-jojo ship. I am happy that we are going to get cute scenes with these two in season2. I always wanted sohyun in age appropriate romance and this seems like it. But I just hope sunho fans won't say anything to sohyun if jojo indeed end up with hyeyoung. I really love the netflix promotion for love alarm. Are they going to do the same for season 2 as well? It is bad that jung garam is in militairy.
  2. 9Yay it finally hit 10% . Lets hope ratings will keep increasing. Just finished watching epi 3 and I already have a SLS. After watching bts ,I am so happy to see her comfortable with jisoo it kind of reminded me of nokdu where she was so comfortable with dongyoon. And btw her ig following is also increasing rapidly. I think she will hit 10.4 by tomorrow. After this drama , can she please headline new movie. It has been a long time that she starred in a movie. Looks like this is a new trend, I have beem seeing so many drama with this trend. I don't really want sohyun t
  3. I am really excited to see kim so hyun in mom's character. Am I the only one feeling chemistry between ksh and knh in that picture?
  4. I am so excited so we get river where the moon rises in feb and love alarm in march. She looks so beautiful in these stills. I am so excited that we get to see her tomorrow. Looks like they are gonna release the trailer tomorrow only. Btw does international fans streaming in youtube count in ratings?
  5. I am honestly so happy with the fact that we don't have to wait for 2 or 3 episode to see her as she will be playing the mother's role. May this drama open her door to the famous director and good role in future.
  6. So, it seems queen is going to die. Why so I feel like king will be the one to kill her? From the teaser we see young pyeongyang seeing something and crying. Maybe she sees her father kill her mother and due to trauma she develop dual personality. That's just my theory. What do you guys think? This looks quite cool. I really hope sohyun does this. Lead character sounds really cool and also sohyun is going to be free both her drama will be finished by first half of 2021.
  7. Yes I love seeing this growing popularity of sohyuna. I am quite sure her popularity is going to blow up after the release of river where the moon rises. 2021 is definitely her year. She looks so beautiful in every photo. I found this pic on twitter. She looks so gorgeous in this shot. After seeing her new stills, I feel like this character is going to her best. Maybe she will also get nomination for baeksang this year. I really hope this will be rating success.
  8. But didn't they already break up. So, is jojo again going to date sunoh in season 2? Or is this scene before their breakup?
  9. I think this is from drama the thorn birds. She has already work with him in 3 dramas. It is so funny how she used to reunite with her costars more when she was a child than now when she is an adult.
  10. So if they follow the original story, it seems like we are going to get a sad ending and this scene mentioned above sounds so cool in my mind. So, I wouldn't mind if we get the sad ending as well. Like I can already imagine sohyun giving this hearbreaking performance.
  11. I think we all can agree tton is the best thing that ever happened to her. She made many friends and she looks the happiest and she got the best partner ie jangdongyoon I seriously hope she will reunite with him one day.
  12. Teaser looks great and yeah sohyun obviously looks beautiful and badass. Since this is a character teaser, will they release the same for jisoo and second leads as well?
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