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[Drama 2019] The Joseon Romantic Comedy: Tale of Nok-Du, 조선로코: 녹두전

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Commemoration photo montage video from the producer. His caption is asking the viewers to stay till the end!  In this video clip, you'll see that filming started on 21 June 2019 and will end tomorrow, 24 November 2019! Five months of laughter, joy, tears and sweat.



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My ship is officially sailing!      The Submissive Lover ...            Lady Kim's powerful punch!       But DJ

@Sky8lue @lightbringer06 their wedding conquer the wind , like their  love conquer everything between them           

1 hour ago, Sky8lue said:

Final episode preview!!!



Nooo I don't want this drama to end :( 

But on a really shallow note, how does Nokdu/JDY manage to look super dashing and handsome even while wounded and covered in blood?  ^_^

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Oh nooo the scene where DJ wakes up alone is giving me bad vibes! I don't want the


Nokdu faking death in front of his father

scene that was in the webtoon...


Please let them work together to avoid Yulmu.. and the Queen is so mentally strong,  I'm rooting for a good ending for her

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@Ameera Ali HAHA... but Nokdu is injured so they can't :joy:



@lightbringer06 in my eye , it would make sense  :joy:, they may die without sharing their love  :mrgreen:, so I think she bandage him first :D




then They play around With each other ( kissing & more )  , so he bleed again   :mrgreen: So  with the men that looking for them close , she rushed & bandage him again on the top of his clothe :joy:




** I rest my case :joy:

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Posted by Yun Sa Bong's agency to commemorate the end of filming today (https://post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=26935782&memberNo=37286431):











Who can forget these scenes?




@Ameera Ali  Your wish might come true, but maybe in the epilogue haha (since JDY already spoiled it for everyone by declaring that there will be a wedding). Hope they give us at least 10 20 minutes' extra time for a long epilogue about Nokdu and Dongju living their happily-ever-after in some peaceful village far far away from Hanyang. (p.s. Aeng Du can raise a whole farm of chickens so she will never run out of eggs again...)


@lightbringer06   Hope we will have lots of photos and videos shared by the cast and crew at the wrap party. Seeing that message scrawled in the sand stirs up so much nostalgia. I know Mondays will never feel the same again.


And I think many will be happy for a preview of this scene :wub: Spoiler alert!!!




And another spoiler :wub:




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@Ameera Ali HAHAHA... it's just funny why the bandage of Nokdu in that picture is outside of his clothes :joy:.. I know it's freezing there so we probably won't see a topless Nokdu. 



@Sky8lue  Yes, I'm sure we'll get photos and vids from the wrap-up maybe while they watch the last episode and if we get hugs and kisses, cast and crew teases KSH and JDY ^^.. I just don't know how these spoilers that have been shared from the filming will be squeezed in just one episode. I just don't want them to put the happy ending just in the last 10 mins... so they need to atleast extend it since this is rom-com after all.



This is so cute... very detailed indeed :heart:



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The mountain view and the beach view both looks so pretty. 



Thanks to JDY we know there is a happy ending waiting :D I would be happy to see everyone live happily ever after in a pretty looking place (that mountain and sea view!) away from all the messy politics :))) 


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D-Day! Can't believe that its going to end tonight. 


When will we ever again see Sohyun being like this??? Hahahaha #happyvibes 

Also can I expect two kiss scenes tonight??? But one is good though as long as its a longer one ..lolzzz hahaha my gassshhhh 


Oh i also like to thank you all, everyone in this thread for sharing infos and updates of this drama, for the happy vibes you shared through your comments, for fangirling together. Hope we can all meet in a new drama or when jdy and ksh will reunite a new drama. I'm so happy I was able to join this thread (although it was late) Nevertheless, i enjoyed lurking and posting here with you guys. Kamsahamnida!


It'll be so hard to move on from them. I hate having withdrawal syndromexD 


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Do you guys know where we can watch live stream for the finale episode aside from kbs website? Pls do share it with me, share your happiness please. I really want to watch the raw episode tonight.  Please let me watch with you guys. 


I guess this thread will be hype tonight coz its a double kill! Wrap-up party and Finale episode! 



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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2019] The Joseon Romantic Comedy: Tale of Nok-Du, 조선로코: 녹두전

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