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  1. Final shooting pics. I'm kinda sad but so happy and thanks all of them for this amazing show
  2. @Mai Stars Thanks I really love being here every day and enjoy it. I missed Ji Chang-Wook acting, Re-watching Empress ki and Healer and makes me happy. i'm so excited to see the drama Melting Me Softly Saranghe Wookie Lovers
  3. @0ly40 I’m watching and really enjoyed it.it’s very funny I Love sung Hoon Character His Voice really nice,I enjoy listening to him. For me I have to watch this Drama just for Sung Hoon .Although the story line is obvious. But Another point I like is the relationship to his stepbrother so funny and gorgeous. yes,have been Subbed!! Hope you enjoy
  4. First episode is good. i'm in love with Ji sung's character.Great acting !! Glad to see Lee Kyu Hyung I'm very curious about his role. i'm really excited for the next episode!
  5. i'm so exciteed with this drama amazing cast: ji jin hee,lee joon hyuk,son seok koo
  6. Hi, I love this drama and I am a fan of Shin Hae sun I read all your posts on the subject {Angel's Last Mission: Love} and really enjoy for the moments of happiness that I have with you all This topic has greatly suppressed me and thank you very much for this Lovely topic ly topi
  7. https://imgur.com/a/qew45JR anybody know this song English in episode 3 from time 33:29 ?
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