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  1. @pixelsticks CHA JI WON HD STILLS Moon Chae Won Is A Loving Mother And Wife At Home But Determined Detective At Work In “Flower Of Evil” tvN’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Flower of Evil” has shared new stills of Moon Chae Won! “Flower of Evil” is a thriller starring Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon Gi), a man who hides his past and pretends to love his wife Cha Ji Won (played by Moon Chae Won). As a detective, Cha Ji Won begins to grow suspicious of her husband, and the couple is ultimately forced to confront a dark truth they never wanted to face. In the drama, Moon Chae Won perfectly portrays the contrasting characteristics of her character Cha Ji Won, who switches back and forth between being an affectionate mother and wife and a skilled detective. When she’s home, her face is lit up with warmth and joy as she dotingly smiles at her family members. However, at work, she showcases sharp charisma and quick wit as she faces various homicide cases. Despite her grim job where she has to face death and ugly truths, Cha Ji Won still looks at the world in a positive light, thanks to her happy family who always waits for her at home. However, her safety net will break when she discovers that her husband may not be who she thinks he is. The production staff of “Flower of Evil” stated, “Unlike her delicate appearance, Moon Chae Won is an actress who has the power to overwhelm her surroundings with her strong manner and sharp eyes. She also works hard to express the complexities of Cha Ji Won. That’s how much heart and soul she puts into her role.” “Flower of Evil” premieres on July 29 at 10:50 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki. Credit News Source: Soompi Credit Source: TvN-FlowerOfEvil
  2. The way she held unto him, it's like " I'M NOT GONNA LET YOU GO. " While on this smooth ride, he seemed so awkward. I bet his heart is pounding so hard due to it's closeness.
  3. He even squeezed her beautiful cheeks but she can't have the chance to slap his butt cheeks. Thor might answer your request Captain @Jillia about that passionate kisses.
  4. Opps! We can finally see the development of OTP skinship. ... and the luckiest Saet Byul got to see the big and strong hidden treasure. He can't wait to reach inside the toilet. Something is gonna explode.