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  1. When you suddenly woke up from the greatest NIGHTMARE in Kdramaland. and that's me... dealing with it. Meanwhile BROMANCE is still rolling on.
  2. Calling all BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS @0ly40 @0313_v @40somethingahjumma @abovewaIIs @Admiral @africandramalover @agnesselvira @ainipang @aisling @alekaonu @Alice Wonderland @Ameera Ali @androssi @andy78 @anony12345 @anoosha @an-naum @antoniaclamens @armyta_ @astrantia @audreykm @Aureaa@Avocado80 @aya08 @aya02 @ayamom @backstreetboysfan @bbong09 @Bejaffled @beyaruth @blossomcherries @bombshellchick1 @breadstal @Brennster @buahciku101 @camzy @cc par @cedricgordon @celebrianna @chang612 @chickfactor @choco milo @chrisgm @chrisjae_18 @chrissydiva @christyur @Cindy tjioe @coral maor @cwngf @de
  3. Hahaha. Who knows he's INFERTILE due to those medicines injected while he was in coma. When you're about to die and still think to create a baby EGG TART/SOUP #2
  4. BHS released the inner psycho beast of DHS I can really heard the LOUD GULP. I wonder how many liters of saliva he swallowed. He was trembling from fear. He probably pissed from his pants. Never messed with a real hottie psychopath.
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