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  1. Who knows if it was real or a built one only. You should check out the BTS for He is Psychometric. Jinyoung from GOT7 was put in one, too. I thought they use a dummy, but then I saw Cha Min all makeup and slept under there, man! I can't do it. It's too scary. Lol.
  2. I just finished episode 6 and man! Soo upset at Ji Wook. He's a bad guy, too! He's a copycat. My guess is when his father beat up him as a child and said those words to him like "you already lost." It was something he kept all along and will get back at the father. That's why he became a quiet killer like the father, just to pin things up against the father and repeat the exact words back. So here is another of my guess on how Seo and OYC works together. Seo kills the people who has a hate towards OYC, then send them to the hospital for OYC to patch them up as if OYC was trying to be a miracle doctor to save them, but lets them die instead. This was a way for Seo to get OYC to trust him, but honestly he was just waiting to turn the tables around. Now OYC was using HeeJin to get back at Seo. So it's like father and son battling to see who wins at this stupid game. Just a guess from finishing episode 6.
  3. Oh! Is CM going to go work for his own mother? Isn't that her in the background?
  4. Thanks @lingx2 and @turtlegirl (my turtle chingu. Lol) for recaps and pictures. And anyone else I missed. I haven't had the chance to watch the episode, yet, but OMG! YC had killed soo much people. But seeing the preview that CM is alive, that's all I cared. Now he'll understand that he needs to stop being soo naive and take control. I feel really bad for her, too. She can't say anything and it's her family. I honestly love PBY's crying scene, she makes it soo real and hurtful.
  5. He is naive and I totally agree that she lied about them sleeping together. She is a gold digger and she was going to go through with the plan of marrying him for his money, cause look at his situation, his mother is sick and he's the only son. If the mother dies, he gets everything and he's extremely naive, she can trick him and get everything. She also knows that if she says she's pregnant, he'll come out and running to her, therefore, all the crimes/blames will be thrown to him.
  6. I finished the episodes but haven't gotten a chance to post in there. So after finishing episode 4, I've come to conclusion in my thinking that the Abyss revives you as the person you resent the most. For CM, he hates handsome people, that's why he looks handsome and tall. GSY doesn't like her sunbae LMD that's why she's here. OYC hates his father, that's why he's old looking like his father. HJ hates how she USED to look, that's why she's turning back to her old self before the plastic surgery. This is my guess that Seo Ji Wook and Jang Hee Jin are Oh Yeong Chul's son and daughter. Both are half-siblings with different mothers. Remember Detective Park Dong Chul stated that OYC had three wives before. He knew about Seo Ji Wook and they've been working together to get rid of people who hates and criticize OYC's work. While HJ doesn't know about her father being OYC and now that he has found out about her, he wants her dead, because she's unwilling to be evil like her brother. Gotta remember that HJ's real name is Oh Soo Jin. Just guessing a lot of things now, because there is soo much that needs to be explain which we'll get next week's episodes. Also hope that GSY can get CM revived, again. I'm sorry, I was a little upset at how stupid he was, but he really deserved to hear it from HJ herself that she wasn't pregnant and didn't love him a bit.
  7. Just saw episode 4. ANDWWAAA!! CM cannot die! This is why he should of read the user manual first. I don't know how he'll come back now besides GSY being the one to bring him back.
  8. I haven't had the time to watch today's episode, yet, but saw the preview for tomorrow's episode, his ex-fiancee is back! I'm crossing my fingers that CM doesn't revive her, please please please, don't do it. You never know it could be that. She's gonna be gone for a while in the drama before she shows up again and she'll have a whole new look.
  9. @lingx2 and @adqu Thanks for sharing stills. Soo excited for the upcoming episodes. I'm wondering what CM's new identity will be, since GSY got to become Lee Mi Do. I remember reading somewhere that he'll become like a part of Lee Mi Do's administration law firm something like that, so he can go around with her and work.
  10. Hmm! That is interesting. I totally forgot about the picture that she picked up. Man! There's a lot going on already in the first two episodes.
  11. Not lame at all. Lol. We'll call out one another when we see each other in other threads. I'll be like "Hey yo, turtle chingu!" hahaha. We're all dying for him to read it. I'm sure it's within the abyss orb, just like how when he showed it to GYS and the letter/writing popped out. But with all the pictures that you guys posted about the abyss orb and I went back to check, as of we know now, CM haven't read the user manual, but it was red in the beginning, then turn orange when he revived the surgeon, then yellow when he revived GSY. It had a hint of black when it predicted his future of buying the flowers.
  12. Yes, I have a feeling he went and bought new flowers and the abyss didn't revive it. It was a hint to us that the abyss can see the future and knew that CM was gonna go buy new flowers, that's why he ask for 10,000 won from GSY and she hesitated to give it to them. HAHAHA! I see it, but I always forgot to mention it to @turtlegirl that we have the same user names and we can definitely confuse people in thread. Lol.
  13. I think the Abyss can tell the future, but mostly it revive anything that is dead. From that picture you had, it revive the roses and they didn't realize it. Remember Cha Min hasn't read the user manual, yet. I'm sure there's a lot in there, like he has to be careful on who he revives. Also I'm sure the guy who nailed the coffin knows that Se Yeon is revive and out there, because he was also revived, too, but since he's revived as an ugly version of himself, he can't go back to being the legendary doctor he was.
  14. Ok, here's what confuses me. I try to think it through, but I'm still confused. So Lee Mi Do is now dead right and Go Se Yeon got her soul and looking like her? Because it doesn't explain anything besides she was speaking to a plastic surgeon right when she arrived at the airport. Look at Cha Min's case, he's ugly on the outside, but inside he's a very handsome and nice person, that's why his soul is nice looking like that. So for the doctor, I think he's just an evil looking of himself after being revived. Like remember from Cha Min's abyss, it states that you are revives from the dead into the form of its soul, so the doctor doesn't desire or hate one person particularly, he's an evil person himself, that's why he's just an uglier version of him. Just my guess.
  15. Man! I agree, there's a lot of mysteries already in the first two episodes. They get revived immediately and get straight into solving cases, which I am liking it. They had something that ties with each other in the past immediately with one another and here they are going to figure out what happened to them and solving crimes together. Interesting.
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