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  1. Tell me about it ! I don’t get this director. Both are matured adults . Just show us instead of implying there was 252
  2. @kokodus @wallflowersforjane they wanna torture our ship @Lawyerh you’re already drinking poison ...nothing can be harder than the shipper-not-so- paradise section. 248
  3. @Ameera Ali Sperm drama is over...happy to see your hubs do a rom com as lead. Looking forward to "If You Cheat You Die"..... Like sending a sheep to slaughter.... 248
  4. Many thanks @alleram95. Most welcome....I was happy to have caught this drama... nice to see a romance for more a matured age group. You're welcome @Nodame glad that the noble idiocy did not last long. They really could have done without it...but what is a kdrama without some tropes eh The happy scenes
  5. triplem

    Give me badges!

    Whispers....I will pay good money to anyone who can make me a hot oppa badge....ahahahah... What category would this be ? Would this be considered as +18 content......only open if you can vote. i am not very skilled in this area @Lmangla but look forward to seeing everyone's submissions., @gm4queen wow! You got some mad skills there...
  6. wae???? .... me camping there for the next two years 246
  7. Tell me about it ..what a waste of the leads...both are such experienced actors who are good kissers....what was the PD thinking...this is shown at 11 pm in SK... one deep kiss would have suffice You are welcome @Juliet79 no kiss...sniffs... even the reconciliation was just a hug @alleram95 One last time , troubling you to translate this. Thanks for your help throughout
  8. Welcome ...note the epilogue ...they trolled us right to the end... I feel because, both were no longer stressing about having a child and just found contentment and happiness with each other , that they could finally conceive. I know IRL , this happens too ....so it was a nice touch
  9. Then we have a scene of the former The Baby staff talking Then mum tells her friends about her dream of the pig or something which they said it was a conception dream...lol....the women yell in excitement.. Then we see HR and YS on a sweet date in a park , walking , eating and laughing... HAPPY ENDING.... --------------- Thanks everyone on this thread...it is a wrap! OMG it is not over - we have an epilogyue of YS carrying a very pregnant HR who is about to deliver...she was tearing his hair out like their very first encounter...awwwww so nice !!!! So they had their miracle baby after all Now it is finally over . What a ride!
  10. ------------------ Serious talk btwn the boss, sales manager and HR...seems like The Baby may face closure or something....Later HR talk to the 3 girls about it ...morale was low but they want to do their best till the end and not give up. They work late into the night...HR tries to pull all the strings that she can... SC and YS at the studio. SC was also worried that if something happened to The Baby, it might affect them too...but YS says that HR will do her best. But the good news is that YS has decide to partner with SC permanently , so the studio will survive given YS's reputation ------------------------------------- HR presents to the bosses and top management about how they can keep The Baby afloat....she did some projections and how they can bring in the adverts etc. But the Chairman seems hard to please and does not seem to think it will work...finally he says to just stop, keeping the mag afloat was a losing battle...sigh...the staff were very sad as they hear him say that. But as he was going to leave, HR beg him to let her show him something...then they showed him a video of readers saying how they had benefited and loved The Baby over the years....think Chairman was moved...HR gave her closing lines for the presentation. Her own boss told her to leave the room for a bit as the chairman and other top guns deliberate over what to do ------------------------------- The women wait in the office...finally the boss came back with the verdict. Sigh, think the company will close down The Baby. All the staff are in tears...HR goes up to the office balcony and makes a call. She had called her former editor to meet up...they met at the cafe...hugged and the lady just try to comfort her. The other 3 girls surprised them by coming to the cafe too...all the ladies sit together and drink. ( more YS scenes please) . Think they discuss what they plan to do for the future now that they have no jobs ------------------------- The other girls all have some idea what they want to do, but HR says she has not really thought about it ...The Baby has really been HR's blood , sweat and tears...not easy for her ..the rest try to cheer her up... HR goes back to office ...the office was dark, no one around...she looks around at her department ...goes to her desk . Does some work and writes her final article / editorial for the last issue ( if I am not mistaken) ...voice over from HR as she talks about love , marriage and kids... As she talks, we see YS goes shopping for baby shoes, we see JY treating his patients, we see her bestie get a job...some changes happened in The Baby office - taken over by some media team ----------------- Morning - HR wakes up...looks like it is a double bed...( maybe she and YS are married or living together), but they don't show him JY takes DA to the daycare...a little flirting going on there btwn him and the teacher ...he goes back to clinic and seems happy as he updates his profile on some site... Looks like HR and her bestie GF have started their own business. HR decides to continue The Baby on her own ...ED comes to join them..ahahah I think they are hoping for him to work for them.... HR is back in her mum's place. She is having dinner with mum and JY.....it was a funny sweet scene ( but where is YS?) Ahh after JY left, HR goes to her apartment to pack some of her stuff...I think she and YS are married but YS was away for work...anyway she tells mum she's happy and leaves with packed food from mum for YS Back in YS's home ( now her home) , he comes back with some gift for her...ahaha later on in the night not sure what happened but she did not let him sleep in the room...but finally did... -------------------------------------
  11. Recaps ( come back for updates as post may automerge) We start off with YS's point of view...him taking photos... think he has been following HR from time to time...he went camping alone etc....even then he kept looking at pictures of her on social media....YS crying .... SC meets YS for a drink , and he asked YS what about HR ( I believe this was just before that couple was going to have the baby)...SC basically give him advice that he should not give up like this...then SC gets the call from HR about coming to the hospital...SC passes the camera to him ...YS takes it and runs ... So that is where we stop at last night where we saw YS and HR meet face to face in the hospital ( I wanted cry here last night) No time for them to say anything...the lady was about to give birth , they join the couple in the delivery room...she started to have contractions... ------------------- The hubs, HR and YS had to stay outside as it was an emergency surgery since baby is coming out pre-mature...finally the gynae came out...hmmm it is not so good news...I think the wife is not so stable but I think the baby was ok...both HR and YS sit quietly outside...then YS walked around for a bit ..later found that HR had gone to sit outside the surgery room . He broke the ice by asking here why she came and sit alone here. She talked about being worried for the mother ...she was holding the sonogram that the lady had given her in the past....she started saying some stuff and got emotional... Anyway finally everything was ok ...the father came up to tell them and thank them for their support... As they left, HR walked ahead of YS...he told her to slow down as he was worried for her...she asked if you're worried why did you leave...she said a few more things then left....but I think he did accompany her back...at her front entrance, he finally tells her he missed her and basically that even if it would be hard, seems he realise he did not want to let her go...she was angry at first...after saying some stuff to him, she went in her house. ---------------------------------- YS went home...HR after thinking for a bit and calming down ,goes to his apartment He let her in...I think she scolds her for making her wait or something...lots of talking ...(they should just kiss ).....it was an emotional conversation ( wait for sub ok) ...but I know she believes what they have is fated...she touches his face and say more stuff, he embraces and hugs her...oh my he took her to bed....they implied a kiss and bed scene but they did not show ( what?????) So morning after...ahahahahahah....so this was the whole scene of her feeling happy and looking up to him as they chat. He asked her to rest and says he'll make brekkie....YS super happy as he made brekkie...HR got up and wore his white shirt ....lol...she came out wearing it ..YS was shocked ...he said he needed to wear it for something later...anyway breakfast together and lots of diabetic inducing lines.. ------------------ As HR talks , YS suddenly imagines having a daugther like HR talking back to him. YS goes see his psychologist or something...anyway as he walks out he see a cute baby and says hi...turns out it was Do A..JY turned around...so later on both men have a chat in the park. Basically YS says we should be friends right. Lol! JY teasing and playing hard to get...anyway both men made peace. As they walk to leave the park, they see mum struggling with a man....JY and YS thought she was in trouble and scared the guy away.....but she was actually looking for a guy for HR ....ahahahah....then later she asked YS what he plans to do for HR. ED and HJ scene working late at the office....HJ has grown a lot as person...anyway she fell asleep at the office couch when ED when to get some snacks for them...he peeked at her sleeping face , before she suddenly woke up...
  12. Wrong person to ask. I am so bad with these details , lol.... were there any S2 updates @kokodus ? @im0202 I only went through 40 mins of JKH's fan meet...didn't understand much ... @angelangie How do the c drama ratings work? They have this thing called douban or something. I am curious to know how Thunder fared when it was airing. Very well produced crime / procedural drama. 254
  13. Am watching it now...don't understand much...lol...hope he sings or something 244 awwww his bestie Yoon Hyun Min joined him
  14. JKH @im0202 this one right ? 244
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