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  1. Thanks @ktcjdrama...why would someone from International Marriage Affairs be able to give him a fake passport? This show never fails to surprise me... @sushilicious...I can imagine @Ameera Ali will be so pleased that SBS heard her requests. Maybe they are lurking here too
  2. I will start as soon as I am up to speed with PsycoM and I wanna finish of FP this weekend.And this week's dear citizens.No time ... 508 Yahhh think I will go down with this ship 508
  3. I’m a banana ! Can only speak & understand some elementary mandarin . But my colleague says she’s in charge of the Bureau of Marriage Affairs. Something to that effect . Ehh Father Kim getting married ?? i am still thinking of that psychologist . They introduced her but never went beyond that
  4. Shall we dance ??? Team add victory but at least you’re off ...it’s not a public holiday here in Msia . @staygold I’m Glad I dropped it . Let me know if you need a site for decent subs for Children of a Lesser God , if you plan to watch . It’s a much better ride It’s fan subbed , but someone did clean up some of the poor translations . But so you know , the antagonist so to speak was my fave character. @Lawyerh @ktcjdramaup to mid eps 9 of psychometric 504
  5. They lost me at eps 2 @Lawyerh @sushilicious also prefer sushi to kimchi ! 992
  6. @Ameera Ali go watch Misty . @sushilicious ..I like how we have a lot of lurkers here on this thread. This was with credit to you I’ll go out on a limb to say , I doubt Father Kim will end up killing anyone . He might come close to it but he won’t . It does not jive with the message of this drama which is about redemption & starting over .
  7. I’m speechless!!!! Sammi & Kenneth should dump them especially Kenneth , not married , no strings attached. 978
  8. Give me the link to his profile via pm 944
  9. Which episode? I don’t normally watch RM @Lawyerh@ktcjdrama 938
  10. @Ameera Ali yes . Bobby looks different. @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama small world ...our cool chick Det Seo was Kim Kwon’s fellow actress in weekender Marry Me Now . She is up in discussions for an OCN drama called Mr Fixed Term . With regards to Kang -Eun 928
  11. Yeah. I have removed it . We have a lot of spammers these days... me too...I love them . Last two weeks Running Man was great. I am waiting for oppa to sign for new drama. Meanwhile another oppa has an upcoming one...worried about the cliche sounding plot but oppa is such a cute dork ... @kokodus @Lawyerh WYSIWYG - gosh you're talking to a Gen X -er here ...takes us a while to get our stone-age brain to figure out the initials! @sushilicious ay-ay-ron...de-nice ... fortunately I am not that kind of crazy teacher 916
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