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  1. He definitely looks better as he ages...ahaahah....i think they all have some job done on the face, better skin care and facials etc. All that whitening cream . Actually this is one drama of his that i have not watched. How much screen time does he have ? 984
  2. The funny thing is I like all the 3 actors that will play the 3 men - mr Good , mr Bad & Mr Mean some BTS photos
  3. Go Won Hee & Mr dimples had a love line in Strongest Deliveryman ( KBS drama) . Have you seen it ? It’s a cute & easy to watch drama - the one I discovered him. GWH who’s currently starrng in Perfume ( also a KBS drama ) has a second press con last night for Perfume , so her name came up in a lot of searches . They brought up some of her previous work including SDM . You can use Papago translate to give you a jisc of the article. You can paste the URL . Very handy https://papago.naver.com/ It’s not Super accurate but it will give you an idea . And it can be quite hilarious
  4. Don’t worry @ktcjdrama . Your girl’s exams more important . The actor who plays Gal Hee’s Bro posted PD’s thank you speech at the wrap up party . So nice to see KYK sitting opposite JKJ . These two really enjoyed working together. Love how close they stand next to each other
  5. No problem sharing it here . You need to copy and paste the link here & it should embed automatically @turtlegirl I kind of like it down . He looks softer . In his previous drama Lookout , his bangs up can give him the fierce look . But I love him either way
  6. While international viewers here are desperately looking for nice pictures of his behind , the domestic audiences are just excited with his bangs down ! credit : Melohwa Blogspot Secret Life of My Secretary] Eps 29 & 30 spoilers, Kim Young Kwang ♥ Jin Ki Joo Article: Naver 'Secret Life of My Secretary' Kim Young Kwang ♥ Jin Ki Joo, sweet kiss → Kim Young Kwang withdraws from CEO position 1. [+142,-7] With his bangs down, he looks more innocent now. He's handsome. 2. [+85,-3] Kim Young Kwang has his bangs down today. Thank you... Really, thank you... 3. [+78,-4] The genre of this is Kim Young Kwang. 4. [+72,-3] Jin Ki Joo is really lucky~ The male leads are all cool. Jang Ki Yong~ Kim Young Kwang. Thumbs up! 5. [+45,-7] Kim Young Kwang's face as if he's crying and smiling at the end, he looks pitiful. Anyway, Bangs Min Ik is the truth.. 6. [+21,-0] GalIk just started dating today. What kind of drama in this world only lets its main couple date for just 2 days? It's not enough even if they show lovey-dovey scenes of the couple for a whole week... Can we extend it for just another 30 episodes? Please? 7. [+16,-0] It's been a long while since I've watched a romcom that's like a romcom. It's such a fresh romcom couple. They are so adorable... That's why I can't send them off. The ratings make me tear up. 8. [+13,-0] This drama is only Kim Young Kwang~~ It's fun~~ He's cute~~ It's crazy~~ 9. [+12,-0] They just began acting lovey-dovey now, but it's the last episode tomorrow.. 10. [+12,-1] Seriously, Kim Young Kwang, Jin Ki Joo, Gi Dae Joo, Veronica Park, they have great acting skills. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  7. here you go The visuals here are lovely @Ameera Ali ahahah...I was analysing the gif...it helps that they both have nice pouty lips ....now i truly sound like a pervy ahjumma
  8. Yaaaa...same feelings here. ..TSYB also ended beautifully and I think this PD and writer will give us a very sweet finish tomorrow. This couple had me emotionally invested from the start. Hello @vangsweetie637. So good to see you here . I am repeating the kiss scene multiple times ! They both kiss each other very well - no awkwardness and does not look like much editing from different angles needed!
  9. This PD is the best...she never zooms out like some other dramas...must take note of her work I too think the lift scene may cause the clip in his head to be repositioned. If I recall correctly it was because the clip from the previous surgery is out of place and thus it is pressing on some wrong nerve causing the blindness. So perhaps a strong sudden jerk can shift it
  10. Aigoooo...if she knew what he had to give up for this ... The expressions of the others noooo @turtlegirl can't see it in my region...have to wait for some IG account to upload yay...the preview on IG...PD heard you all wishing for a bedscene
  11. Omo...Dom sacrificed his candidacy so the others won't get fired. Gosh what a bittersweet episode. But I am happy that whatever it is the OTP have each other's back More from wrap up party Thanks @ktcjdrama @turtlegirl
  12. cool. it is a very cute drama...a bit melodrama sometimes but the OTP had chemie. And female lead was unique 968
  13. oh gosh this is so darn cute...the way he was trying to get his BP ( and hers!) to rise ehahaha...the hugging didn't work .... Look at him ...he was so cheeky...she was annoyed that nothing worked to raise his BP ...then he went in for the kiss PD really zoomed in edit - this one much clearer
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