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  1. Yeah , I’m off to bed too . Thanks internet for cooperating. 632
  2. they showed what happened in the hotel room when Sang Hun & the father in law met. (I am not sure if this is what actually went on or it’s someone guessing what may hv happened) more cuts here . The best friend came to look for SH. He was in much grief about SH missing but I don’t know if we can trust him yet SH campaigning in her father’s constituency By the end of this LJH will hv no body parts left! A foot this time preview
  3. @Sarang21 there’s a thread no number
  4. I finish dy ! So good right to the end . This is how dramas should be done . 628
  5. 588 you’ll be surprised who tunamayo is @Lawyerh...
  6. Somehow I hv never been attracted to LSG . Dunno why . Can never go past the 1st couple of eps of most of his dramas . But he’s very talented. by the way I hope LJH will hv some screen time tonight @Ameera Ali post more Melting gifs here if JCW gives fan service . 584
  7. @Lawyerh @sadiesmith my Wife is having an affair is superb . I watched it over 2 days . Really well balanced in terms of humour & storyline . Every character has good character development including the small roles. I cried my eyes out and appreciated they didn’t gloss over the issues and emotions that the protagonists go through. I hv one more episode left . One of my best binges this year . My first LKH drama & was so impressed with the raw emotions I felt . I’ll bookmark My Ahjussi & will check out his upcoming drama
  8. No need watch full eps , I just watch the important snippets which Kocowa will put on their YT link . I only check it out when an oppa I like comes on 556
  9. @booha @jongski I am happy he’s confirmed this . I love most OCN dramas ( except horror ) . @larus happy to see that PSW ‘s confirmed . He seems to always end up working with the oppas I love - Park Hae Jin , Jung Kyung Ho . And I really liked Justice . Storyline could hv been tighter but he was great in it . @ktcjdrama tagging you here as well . I don’t think I hv seen the other actors/ actresses. Are they good ?
  10. By the way is he’s going to be on Ugly Duckling @Lawyerh ? no number
  11. Maybe you can try to get her on board your overachieving oppa Honestly , there’s nothing that LSG can’t do 552
  12. @nrllee I agree . I hv seen her as lead in several dramas ! And we’re talking big channels . Her last lead role before this was KBS’s Dear Citizens which did pretty well.
  13. @Sushimi let’s find you another oppa . You’ll get through the 7 stages in a flash . 548
  14. Same here . @angelangie It’s embarrassing that my Indian colleague speaks perfect Mandarin to my students . . I always tell my students that I am a banana ! 534
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