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  1. Mixed feelings about this. I think everyone watching Korean dramas love the format of 16/20 episode with an ending. Netflix those this 6/10 episodes with multiple seasons. witch ruin storys flow as you have to wait long for the story to finish and in the mean time you watch other tings losing memory on what happened in the story. SO you have a hard time connect when new episodes comes. I do not trust those streaming sites understanding what is the draw to Korean dramas. I wish they do not ruin the format at least I have come to love. No need to change it to me...but I do not trust them doing t
  2. This is long overdone but our female lead finally had enough of her sister and ask TP for help taking her down. YJ time to shine and take the lead place from YR
  3. Just wonder how they are gonna do this consider we are in a pandemi. not so safe having crew and cast moving to different countrys i would assume. But I guess they knows best what they are doing.
  4. Stills for today episode. The caption answer question about his age. He is 19. So like other says he is not far away from legal age.
  5. Omg this two episode is like balm for the hurt and confusion. Finally both SA and JY are able to settle their own inner thorn and embrace each other.
  6. Translation for preview by Alyssa chia in the youtube video Young In: We all want to work with you, Song ah shi. Joon Young: Mum, get a divorce. I want you to live your own life. Kyung Ho Foundation staff?: how good would it be if Chairwoman Na was around to watch the foundation anniversary concert as originally planned, she would have enjoyed it Jung Kyung: Hyeon Ho... Hyeong Ho: Jung Kyung, don't fall sick, stay well Song Ah's sister?: when's your boyfriend's graduation performance? Song Ah: We broke up. Song Ah: Last time, you t
  7. A good thing it looks like JY is pursuing SA with all his heart now. Let us see if he can melt our girls heart again and show her what he could not do before.
  8. Final preview is always tricky as they do not want to show everything. let us hope for a satisfying ending.
  9. @Y.Q. Thank you for taking time to give a summery of what they talk about.
  10. Text preview talk about graduation performance so I guess student are playing in front of their family and friends consider the formal wear.
  11. Director back talking about ep 13. I guess there was allot to talk about as there is 2 part.
  12. Now I can be wrong but I think ep. 15 gonna be about JY and SA handling their own issues. The fact that JY comes to SA to play for her most mean that he have come to terms with himself and even with the piano. Also SA accepting JY playing for her most mean that she also come to terms with herself. ep. 16 I think gonna be about them mending their relationship and we see how they have improved as a couple. Beside seeing what lays ahead for their future.
  13. If you see other on air drama they also just show only the next episode coming. So no worry as I am sure we have 2 episode to go.
  14. Thank you for sharing Right it is hard to know where you have the other person when they are closed off. Writer really have manage to convey this in a heartfelt way. The fact that we also see JY perspective really have made a strong and impactful narrative to show this contrast. I hope to see this come together final week to show a stronger OTP.
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