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  1. watched ep. 12. Our OTP is just too cute. I am very glad the ring incident got handled in such a nice way with GY picking it up, and gives it to WY right away and he listen to her calmly as she explain how she have it. I was kinda scared it would bring misunderstanding between them but instead it show how far their relationship have evolved with good communication. WJ clearly opening up to GY with all his secrets witch even his friends to not know about. This bring me to JJ and IH witch this three is clearly a death friendships that was over long time ago. the best for them all is to let go a
  2. I am glad WJ prioritizing GY and clearly he have moved on from IH as he just think of her as a friend. I hope he tell JJ why he did not move agency with them as I guess that need to be cleared up for an end to JJ holding on to the past. Also I can see why GY feel some insecurity in where WJ heart is, but it speak allot too about her as she knows deep inside her that WJ have moved on from IH as his action speaks on where his heart is. I laughed as we learned what is in the room upstair and it is gaming room.
  3. I do not see because something is slow it means it is bad written though. The main focus is building the relationships and how DK dealing with her health. She going from confusion to acceptance wanting to live her life to the fullest while she is alive. I am pretty sure the second half gonna amp up how they handle the contract.
  4. too bad.... they never release it in my region before after airing, so have to relay on non official sides to watch it...
  5. I love what you wrote. I agree this is the way to read this drama (as a former lit. student there is allot to analyze in this drama already). DK reaction to getting the diagnoses remind me of when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. It war right before Christmas she had the appointment with the doctor. I remember my mom told me after that she wanted to celebrate the holiday like we used too and she wanted to live as much as she could like before. So my first reaction was that it reminded me of my mother and therefor Dk as character become really special for me in showing ho
  6. Here is the preview oh, looks like HT and SR is engaged, but still sense the longing between HT and MH....
  7. He manage to sneak in the country true the Italian delegate for the South Korea - Italy anniversary party. So it is not gonna be easy for him to do enter again Korea.
  8. I was thinking about the fact that he can not visit Korea when he want because he is on the police wanting list so he can not meet up with the family. Of course they could go visit him again, but that maybe put him in danger. So like the start of the drama when he left Italy because he was on the wanting list he now again on another wanting list. So my point is that because of him killing people he never gonna be in peace with his life.
  9. I personally have mixed feelings about final episodes. To me there is no satisfaction watching torture scenes even those villains deserve it. It would be more gratifying in seeing them publicly humiliated consider how much they all was wanting to save faces. V have brain to do it. Also having police after him as he is hiding on his island just show that he never gonna be totally in peace.
  10. That ending scene was just wow... But it also work on a symbolic level ending Mafia Vincenzo as he takes back his Korean identity Joo Hyung. the way to completely leave his past behind and start fresh.
  11. I have not watched this drama, but reading a little here consider I was curious what road this writer wanted to take with the subject around psycho gene. So sound like writer instead of exploring its themes she opening up, writer are more into shock factor... That is too bad as I personally was more into watching how being branded as psycho have on the individual and society. How putting people in boxes could be harmful. Sound like from what I am reading here that there is no meaning or message to the shock factor. Some time there could be something writer want to tell even though there is som
  12. They never stoped loving each other, just that circumstances not being their friend....
  13. Very sad episode indeed. I think On dal got very exhausted feeling he was loosing himself bit by bit... Loosing his nanny was just the last nail in the coffin. Also the fact that they have vey different priority made them drift apart, even if On dal knew what relationship he got himself into. Being the only one having his partner as nr.1 while she could not give what he needed make for a not very good way to make the relationship strong. I guess my point is that he did the right thing to keeping his sanity. But I guess maybe our girl herself gonna go back to On Dal and liv
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