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  1. Watched the preview and read relationship chart. Looks like we gonna get a new character introduced today. I wonder how he gonna play a part in this as In the chart he is linked to the control bureau.
  2. Love this episode. So much cute and forward movement. Regarding that job offer in England. I thought that alone would not mean they would break up, and it sound like our man is not in for that. So my best guess is that they gonna have a long distance relationship after talking about it. It is also just a temporally stay, so she gonna be back.
  3. SO many couple moment to chose from. I am glad HS product ide got finished nicely. I guess the ultimate test for this couple is about SA finally being open about her dating HS, even though they already is an open secret for their coworker. But I think she already is 100% in even if she have not realized it yet. I belive their foundation as a couple is very secure so they gonna be safe from the storm whatever decision she gonna do regarding her job.
  4. Right, I laughed at that. But then when you compare her relationship with JS that was totally in hiding, I like that with HS guy is just too transparent to have a secret office relationship and girl deserve not being kept hidden.
  5. This episode is clearly about parents. Poor JS loosing his dad and SA with her mother. But HS so cute not manage to keeping his feelings under control. Love the kiss. So soft and gentle like he want to make sure she is on board.
  6. Anyone wondering where to watch the spin off. VIKI have it. But not fully subbed yet. https://www.viki.com/tv/37688c-mr-queen-the-secret
  7. omg, the preview. Have to say this drama really have balanced comedy, romance and palace politic very cleverly. Let brace ourself for what ending they gonna give.
  8. I think GR have been so obsessed in finding out what happened to her parents that it is all she is living for. So when the person that could answer her question show up, of course that gonna be her priority. But I think she is slowly softening up around him as she listening to what he is saying. I wonder how she gonna react when she learn her own father was deeply involved in JO being like this.... Preview for ep.5.
  9. Finally watched both episode today so Gifs for both episodes. How blind is HS friends that they do not notice the obvious crush he have on SA. Even bar friend noticed right away. I love the random running as they looks so happy and free. And the awkwardness. I understand her not ready for new relationship and also glad he gave her space. But sad seeing him down... Our captain of this ship in work They are cut but I am a little worried for them too....Also for the other sister and her husband friend....
  10. Lol, I understand you totally. But then if you look at the narrative it do not make sense having many kiss scenes. Our girl/boy is clearly very confused about her feelings and as wee see she have been trying to stay away from our king. Sure they have teased us in last episodes, but I do not think SB really got to figure out her own feelings even though she subconscious is drawn to him. I think now missing him and even determined looking for him gonna make her realize her own feelings. Beside there is also many other things going on, so they clearly occupied dealing with all this external conf
  11. Maybe just me but in the preview it looks like she is fully So Yong. I wonder if Bong Hwan is back in his body. His present story is left without closure so it make sense to me if he goes back. I mean he is framed and in coma so he need to clear his name. I really wonder how they gonna end this.
  12. whoa Na In Woo guitar cover of the Bong hwa a OST. https://www.instagram.com/p/CK8Tqg5jnd8/
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