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  1. so watched last episode. wow, the way they handled mother and son reunion was beautiful! I am glad they did not portray her as evil mother, but a mother in a very sad circumstances ending in an accident. So I am sure she did need time to recover, and probably did not have any way to reach someone to look out for her boy. I am glad there is no bad people in this drama. just circumstances that lead to faithful event. I am also happy we got to hear how his adoptive parents where good people. they have been a big part on what kind of person he is today. the way they ended this episode with them happily playing together as kid make me optimistic about next weeks episode. like with lee seol I think DM mother have reasonable answer to what happened that lead him to the orphanage. I need to belive this is handled the same way as all the other conflict this drama have had so far. with warmth and heart! Also I really love how gentle and sweet Ryan and DM is as a couple. the way the handle every conflict they just talking about it and act mature, understanding and trusting each other. It is just so refreshing to me. I mean other drama would have made every conflict dramatic but here they are acting like adult hearing each other out.
  2. finally got to watch the whole episode 13. My heart hurt for our man... But at the same time the fact that DM where there to give him a safe heven made me calm just like him Also he is brave approaching the person he think is his birth mother. witch also show how mature he is. Even tough it seems like Dm mother was the the one leaving him, in the end it is really his mother that for a reason abounded him. so I think in the big ordeal of thing DM mother is the least fault (and I hope this is handled right). We also learned that SA grandfather had a very big fault on the event at the time. So to me it feel like many small thing lead to a very impactful day that changed their life. I think the childhood connection gonna be the least thing to worried about as I think they gonna be amused by it more than angry by that revelation. If it is true that there is link from them being child
  3. Agree it seems to be her saying "i am not your mother". in the flashback from todays episode the woman seems to be in a hurry... witch maybe explain why she was so hard on the kid. But lett see how this play out. From so far in the story writer have been good not making thing out to be the way we think it gonna be so I guess there is some surprise left for us
  4. Hm, if DM mom was the one leaving little kid Ryan my fear on how this gonna be handle. If this was another drama DM would break up with Ryan thinking this is best for him as seeing her and her mom would remind him of his trauma. but consider his distorted memory I want to hold my breath a little until we have every information about what really happened at that time. gonna be interesting to hear what LS have to say. Maybe Ryan and DM gonna be more surprised and finding it funny how they know each other as kid.
  5. ohh, I am just glad they have said that our couple gonna grow stronger in the midle of chaos regarding childhood trauma
  6. Preview! Our boy is awake Joon seok gonna confess to the detective I guess this is start on his redemption and choosing to own up to his wrongdoing! I think he and his mother gonna start over and begin their healing. wonder if eun joo really can do that but her boy is so young, I think he have learned his lesson can be a better adult after this. Jin pyo is a lost case...
  7. First. Whoo, they are just so cute and mature in how they handled their first "argument" as a couple Also the way DM felling something is off as she saw his face is just the best. I do not think write have time to write a break up story line as there is still so many plot tread to handle. 1.Sian paint exhibition 2.Ryans Past 3.Lee sol 4.Ryan and Sian (are they brothers?) 5. DM mothers involvement with the orphan house 6. DM and Ryan being childhood friends (I think DM mother took her kids with her to the place to play with the other kids there) 7.SJ and her husband 8.Cindy and her mother 9.EG and DI closing their on sided love. 10. Romance in the air for the other two curator? I think this time DM gonna be there as a support for Ryan just as he was for her with her secret. I really hope writer gonna surprise us in a good way on how they handle all this in the coming episodes.
  8. Just want to say it have been fun reading your story about visiting the set also remind us how much work is going true making this fantastic scenes we get! We take for granted how consuming acting is and that is a craft of it´s own.
  9. I am actually scared for Do min ik as everyone seem to use him as he is in a vulnerable position now.... Also the fact that even his secretary is into kinda using him.... I mean I do like Gal hee and can see why she start to do act as veronica. But this can also backfire big time as the lies gonna grow bigger.... well I trust writer gonna handle this with heart and respect for both characters
  10. Here is the english translation of the webtoon for anyone wanting to read it. https://www.webtoons.com/en/thriller/sweethome/list?title_no=1285
  11. Makeover time! Our secretary gang is going to have a night out. I guess here is where Min ik gonna mistake Gal hee as Veronica as he maybe gonna meet Gal hee instead of veronica as Veronica is meeting Dae joo. https://www.soompi.com/article/1324091wpp/jin-ki-joo-makes-a-drastic-visual-transformation-in-the-secret-life-of-my-secretary
  12. So they are gonna cut the drama in two I like kdrama because we don´t need to wait just to get the conclusion of the story. so is not so happy about this news.... why are they doing this
  13. Your scenario could happen. but I think there also been hint on Ryan staying in Korea. When Director Nam had interview with him she asked if he want to settle down in Korean with a girlfriend, and he did say that he may do that. So it seems like he is open to do so. Beside the scenes we got from US he seemed closed off person and beside Da in it look like he did not have have any close friends or family. So it is not anything like that to make him go back and stay there. Also I don´t think he would want to separate DM from her family and friends as he also like them and is happy getting parents attention that he seem to miss. I think they gonna be his extended parents to him I belive there is bigger change for Da in to leave for US as she understand that she have no change on him. Maybe he gonna get her workplace as she is leaving?
  14. Agree with you. coming from a literature student, to understand a character you need to analyse like you have done it. You ned to take away your own feeling about what the character have done. This way we can have a broader understand on the character and you can also become more emphatic. I guess this is why I love fictional story. It introduce a world and character that maybe is different from you, but you get to understand them in a deeper level. Sorry if this is coming out as random but love to read other peoples reading on a character. maybe they are seeing it different than me, witch I find interesting
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