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  1. hm, about the hug in the preview. I think it could be Ha ru for 2 reason. 1. DO never liked that BK touched her body but did not seems to have problem letting Ha ru touch her body. 2. Ha ru neck is shorter than BK and it looks like ha ru neck If find it funny that they did this a second time. First time was with the movie date. they sure knows how to tease us. my analyze can be wrong so take this with a grand of salt. I am glad Ha ru seems to soften up toward DO in the preview with that longing looks in his eyes and actively approaching her. I think his heart is starting to remember her
  2. someone in the youtube comment translated the preview! Danoh: (Haru is) got his awareness back, except his memories with me. Haru: What actually I forgot? Saemi: What's with that heart-broken expression? Dohwa: In the end, we two got something from the author. Kyung: In every scene with me, you were not the real you even just once? Danoh: I think, if you werent there, I must have been so hard for me. Kyung: You like me, right? Danoh: (He's) the only one who remembers me when we were not in the stage. Haru: You seem really like Kyung that much? Danoh: I want to give a try to accept this world. Someone: Don't they really suits each other? Haru: It bothers me. Saemi: (Sorry I cant translate this) Danoh: The destined story, will happens anyway. I will forget your past, when you are so mean. I want to get married. Danoh resigning into the will of the writer....even tough she do not like Kyung that way.... But happy Haru want to knows the things he forgot!
  3. thank you so much for live recap even with bad stream! Seems like a more slower episode showing how much Harus presences means for Dan oh. But what an exiting development! I guess it is even better having him figuring out his and DO origin
  4. watching preview. Is it just me nervous how they gonna execute Haru not remembering our girl? Hope it is done in a surprising way not in a frustrating way. at least Haru have been climbing up into a supporting character in the drama. wonder how this gonna affect things. have been thinking about this the whole day. Needed to just writer them down.
  5. I am late but have manage to watch the latest aired episodes. the trio friendship is just so cute. and DO and Haru is just so adorable together. love their determination to overcome their "fate" in the manwha story. Also Harus strong will to stay by DO side is just heartwarming Boy remember our girl soon! I know I am gonna be sad seeing him being cold to DO. But I belive his heart gonna remember. stay strong you two DO and Haru! I am really flabbergasted with BK. His violent outburst and the things he is saying and those to DO. really to me everything is about him for him. The last part in latest episode where DO is laying in hospital bed and he having that panic attack. there was no worry about DO it was about his own trauma. Even when she was gone from the bed he never showed genuin concerns for her wellbeing. instead he was smug about winning over Haru and telling DO that he knows. I am done with him. sure he have a bad home life. but really do not justify his behavior. Also wonder if he have anything to do with Haru disappearing...
  6. Here is preview for next episode. Seems like we are entering the more serious part of the story. Well they have teased us this so buckle up for the bumpy ride ahead
  7. So started this drama and watched first hour. Dark start to the drama with this two kids having a suicide pact... also covering up the suicide.. really. But CA mother did explain why. seems like suicide is very hard subject to talk about for Korean (kinda glad drama actually talked about this sensitive subject because it is real for many people and needed to be talked about). But yah really wish they did say the truth then cover it up... CA and JW first meeting at the train was just funny and sweet. I guess he unknown to them saved her because she clearly got life in her eyes looking at him for a moment I really hope despite the dark start we are in for growth and a journey for this characters to find happiness and love (not just romantic but love for themself). At least this is my feelings consider the synopsis and also what is said from the PD I guess we need this dark backstory to understand their struggle and how they gonna overcome their past.
  8. It is painful to watch our man being in the dark, feels like same scenario as when he was in the dark about his son... Also GH barring every worry on her shoulder alone... I am sure bringing mental pain on yourself is not good for your physical health as you are sick... I hope next week gonna be more hopeful and SW finally knows! He deserve to knows because it is sad if it gonna be like Bora situation. I can´t imagine how he gonna come out of loosing his second girlfriend that way not knowing what really was going on. He would feel like sh..t But in today episode GH mom seems puzzled by SW words as she realize that he do not knows. I think she gonna spill the tea to him
  9. Seems like they have revamped their help center page.so here is the new styled forms witch should be working! https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034633713
  10. I guess today episode or next week episode we are gonna go back to the opening scene in ep.1. As a 16 episodes long drama they often end flashback story in ep 4. I see drama writer often use the first 4 episode as a prelude to the main story. So I think we gonna get most exiting part where we get the whole picture of the conspiracy as we have our main character back in Korea. Even though those oversees landscape is nice. I really look forward to have them back in Korean where the people responsible for this mess is located. So yes I hope for some forward moment soon and our main two get their head in the game and start to understand how big this is.
  11. Here is cast bidding goodbye to the drama. By the way they formulate their words it sound like it is really an end for the drama. I mean if there really are more season in the work would they not tease it? just wonder. Arthdal Chronicles” Cast Thanks Viewers In Final Goodbyes As Drama Comes To An End TV/FILM Sep 22, 2019 by L. Kim The cast of “Arthdal Chronicles” shared their thoughts as the drama came to an end. “Arthdal Chronicles” tells the story of heroes who write their own legends in the mythical land of Arth. The drama was composed of three parts, each of which contained six episodes. “Part 1: Children of Prophecy” and “Part 2: Turning Sky, Rising Ground” aired earlier this summer, and the final episode of “Part 3: Arth, The Prelude to All Legends” aired on September 22. Jang Dong Gun, who showed off his excellent acting skills by portraying the charismatic Ta Gon, shared, “The character Ta Gon was very different from the roles I’ve taken so far, so there were many difficulties, but I did my best to work hard. It’s hard to believe that ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ is over. It was an honor to participate in a great work with good people, and I had a great time.” For Song Joong Ki, who played both Saya and Eun Seom, it was his first time playing a double role in a drama. He commented, “Although there were some difficulties in playing a double role for the first time, it was fun. I was greedier than ever because the vast and deep story was so fascinating.” He then sincerely thanked the director, writers, and production crew for their hard work and also expressed his gratefulness to the viewers for watching the drama. Kim Ji Won, who played Tanya, a shaman of the Wahan Tribe and a true descendant of the gods of Arth, said, “It feels surreal [that the drama has come to an end] when I remember the many hours that we spent filming with ups and downs for more than eight months. It was a great honor to work with great actors, writers, and director. Just as characters change as they learn over time, ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ was a drama that gave me new experiences and lessons. I want to thank the viewers for waiting so long and for being with us.” Kim Ok Bin took on the role of Ta Gon’s lover Taealha. She shared, “I was very attached to all of the staff, including the director, writers, and actors. We worked hard together, so it feels both sad and bittersweet that I won’t be able to see them anymore. I really want to say thank you to the viewers for their support and love over a long period of time.” The production crew also thanked the cast, crew, and viewers and asked the viewers to watch the the drama until the end.
  12. They finished filming just season 1 (until episode 18.) Yes they ended filming before airing of the drama started. Here is the cast sending goodbyes notes. So it is very clear that episode 18 is the very last episode of this drama. https://www.soompi.com/article/1354016wpp/arthdal-chronicles-cast-thanks-viewers-in-final-goodbyes-as-drama-comes-to-an-end
  13. Kinda sad netflix got this. for us outside of english speaking country have to wait until oct 14 for first episode.... make it hard for us to be up up to date and follow the conversation here as we gonna be two weeks behind the rest of you (if we do not find it on not legal ways)...
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