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  1. Haru's face is so wonderful to look at, how can he be this good-looking wth Also, watching the drama with characters having to act out their lines..i mean, i don't think they'll go there with a ten-foot-pole since it's supposed to be a high school romance manwha, but my brain just went there uh....aware characters can't stop 'playing their characters' even if they themselves don't consent to it,,, also, they can't physically move, they are forced....gets dark quick
  2. I kinda ship Dan Oh with everyone, girl has good chemistry with everyone, it's amazing! So, Haru is definitely from a different manwha 'Flower' then? Or at least has some connection? I'm still very in love with the theory that our 'shadow' main leads DO, HR and BK were together in a different (sageuk) manwha and HR used to protect them both...bc on today's episode he protected BK again (and how much do i love that he's protecting Dan Oh AND Baek Kyung xD) And I really enjoy how the show is generally more on the light-hearted, fun side, but has really good character moments and scenes with depth...for example showing Do Hwa struggling this ep. Also Haru's face when they were on the stage for the tennis scene and DO didn't/couldn't notice him :-( Also, the instrumental OSTs and motifs are so good for this drama! (Well, except that one EDM-ish(?) type that i detest lol).
  3. While I love the fun vibe we have going on rn, i also can't wait for the melo/romance part that the director mentioned Both our main leads excel in hard-hitting emotional scenes, so I'm anticipating some A+ angst hehe P.S. Is anyone interested in subbing the BTS with me? I can do everything but translate ^^
  4. It's been a while since i last participated in soompi drama discussions but i'm so here for this drama!!
  5. I would also be interested if there are any news concerning this issue! (this is a bit ot, but it's unfortunate that we have to have two accounts for soompi now :/ )
  6. idk if the official statement has been posted here already, but yeah...it's official :-(
  7. I started the drama because I watched your fanvid (am a longtime subscriber of yours)! So, thanks so much <333 I love Sang Sang and hope we get more scenes with her! Right now,, she basically only has scenes with Ning Que ....
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