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  1. While I love the fun vibe we have going on rn, i also can't wait for the melo/romance part that the director mentioned Both our main leads excel in hard-hitting emotional scenes, so I'm anticipating some A+ angst hehe P.S. Is anyone interested in subbing the BTS with me? I can do everything but translate ^^
  2. I would also be interested if there are any news concerning this issue! (this is a bit ot, but it's unfortunate that we have to have two accounts for soompi now :/ )
  3. idk if the official statement has been posted here already, but yeah...it's official :-(
  4. I started the drama because I watched your fanvid (am a longtime subscriber of yours)! So, thanks so much <333 I love Sang Sang and hope we get more scenes with her! Right now,, she basically only has scenes with Ning Que ....
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