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  1. Still hate that SBS blocked their videos in YT in my country . Oh, so even LSG and Suzy are not sure whether SSR is on their side
  2. Yup!..even the main male lead is just 22 .. For those waiting for the ep to be subbed, here's a recap of the first ep from dramamilk https://www.dramamilk.com/flower-crew-joseon-marriage-agency-episode-1-live-recap/
  3. ikr?... the Neanthals have been one of the most interesting characters ever created and yet they weren't given any justice. They could have at least shown who they really are, except being the strongest creatures, and how they came about. Wonder why the writers didn't explore more of that. Looks like Rottip and Yiseuroobeu are just wandering Neanthals now. We don't even know yet who and where the other kid Neanthal with Rottip is and the drama is nearing its ending. This drama could have just added some more eps instead of just 18. I feel like the writer has this amazing piece in their hand and yet they don't know what to do much about it. This is a great drama, however I still feel it lacks something. I know it can become even greater had the material/plot/characters been used wisely. Nonetheless, the acting is always on point and every character are doing a great job. @bebebisous33 ..agree. No matter how he says he never wanted to be this tyrant leader, in the end he still chose to be one. Understandable in the case of Asa Ron because he was cornered and so he retaliated. But when he just killed those innocent people who belongs to the tribe, and having everyone who belongs to those tribes, even children who has nothing to do with the coup, he's no different. He is like this child who seeks attention and wants everyone to like him. This is what makes him and ES so different. While TG is so focused on hiding and denying his Igutu blood for people to like him, ES is unknowingly collecting allies who despite knowing he's an Igutu will still choose to be with him. While he's forcing people to bow before him and fear him, ES is just being himself and showing kindness to anyone which will eventually lead him to having an army of allies. I'm excited how TG's Daekan forces will react if they learn about his 'Igutuness'.
  4. Oh, yeah, good point. The not allowed to speak might be the main reason for him to side with TY as she's the only person he can have a conversation with. Maybe her kind nature will reach him eventually. Curious too about who he will tell about what he witnessed, that there's a Neanthal alive and that TY's prophecy came true. I actually found that scene where he fainted right after NB fainted too very funny . As I was watching NB rip Mugwang's heart and then was about to approach this guy who survived, I already have a feeling he'll survive because who else will tell
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