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  1. AHAHAHA... because a younger guy definitely has more healthy sperm
  2. Oh, right, didn't think of that. If we're actually talking about just a sperm donor, definitely the younger guy is the best suitable one
  3. Yeah, I miss those fun times Right now, I think I'm leaning towards the guy friend.. HAHA.. and I think I'm doomed. I like the younger guy but only gonna be the apple of my eyes in this drama
  4. I know they said it will be a healing drama but hopefully there would be more fun scenes to it. I mean, idk if this is a trend now but most of the Kdramas this 2020 are all about healing.. lol..
  5. @triplem True ~ I'm all in for something light for now. Still feel that ache every time I see your DP Thanks for sharing the subbed teaser. By the way, nice to see you again @Ameera Ali *waves*
  6. I think I might relate to this drama... you know.. wanting to be a mom.. having a baby without getting married (?) . Ahhh.. I think I'm already leaning towards the guy friend... lol... I always have a soft spot for friends turning to lovers. I think they're one of the best relationships. I mean, who wouldn't wish for someone who understands you the best... just like a family... someone who knows your warts and all
  7. Script reading is out ~ Lol... it looks so fun and here I thought this would be somewhat melo since it's a healing (?) drama. Guess not, can't wait for KSH and SYJ. This is interesting since SYJ signed in KSH's company early this year as well
  8. Excited and sad to see Sungjae back in dramaland again and since he's enlisting too . Looks like this is gonna be so much fun ~ I see that this will be JTBC's first Wed-Thursday drama, probably explains why it's only 12 eps instead of the norm 16 eps. I feel like Kdramas are slowly transitioning from 16 eps to 12 eps.
  9. @taeunfighting Also love time travels, but thus far, for me, this would definitely be at the top of my list . I would wait for one to top that ~ If they do S2, and as long as it's the same cast, I would fully support it. It's just unfortunate that we, international viewers, can't help much on the ratings there in Korea but I hope the cast, crew and the prod team is aware of the love and support we have for this drama.
  10. They shouldn't have cut that scene though but I'm glad they decided to release it, better late than never, right? You are right, interjecting that Akashic Records concept explains a lot. Maybe they are thinking of a possible Season 2 but I still don't know if that would be a good idea though since this is based on a Japanese novel and even as much as I love to see them again. But if Season 2 is as good as 1, or better, then I would be all for it. I think I can trust the writer here since it's quite better than the original one as some have mentioned. I also posted a couple pages back that Chinese netz were also craving for a Season 2. @triplem Thanks for the mention chingu and for sharing the subbed version of the clip
  11. Oh my, yeah... it does remind me of Todome No Kiss, only the ML there isn't really likeable at first but at the end, he learned his lesson that changing the past will only lead to bigger, bad consequences. And that he did like a reset to right all the wrong things he's done. @000231846597 Looks like MBC can't move on with our couple as well
  12. I guess some Chinese viewers also wanted a Season 2 ~ @000231846597 That is indeed confusing. When I was watching that scene, I thought, well, maybe there isn't just one fork road there.. because I remember HJ saying, "It didn't matter which road I took, They both gave me a chance as long as I wasn't afraid" when they flashed that scene (your second photo). So I assumed perhaps there were other roads he had to choose from aside from the first one. Or idk, maybe it's an honest mistake on the director's part, but I don't think that's the case
  13. Some BTS photos of Ji Cheol and Ha Eun and Jong Bum and Sabin And more...
  14. @AC95 Awww... thanks for the mention dear ~ Here's a BTS of the cast saying their farewells I think I'm gonna have a hard time moving on from this one Btw, I didn't realize that Nam Ji Hyun is just '95 liner, haha... she's a dongsaeng to me. Lee Joon Hyuk turned 36 in March but their age gap wasn't that obvious to me, probably because NJH looks mature than her age.
  15. I'm glad to know Knetz also wanted to see a little romance between the two . At least the BTS showed those sweet moments. Thanks for the recaps @triplem ~ You are welcome ~ I also saw it on Twitter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I don't think I have a friend like you. A friend who's willing to travel back in time to save me. I can at least make one friend who would before I die, right?" ~GH "You have me. I'm on my way." ~ HJ I knew that GH's words would be somewhat a foreshadowing that's why I love the ending. Some fates may change but GH and HJ meeting is absolutely their fate... may it be before or after the reset, they're meant to meet I also agree that Professor Hwang's background is a little lacking but nothing is perfect. This would certainly without a doubt one of my fave K-dramas. Gonna miss uri fist bump couple the most and their dynamic Hope to see them reunite one day in a romance one