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  1. I also thought he would at least know one instrument but when I watched their Swoon interview, that's when I learned about it. Yeah, I always knew Go Ara knows how to play piano because she played also in her drama Miss Hammurabi
  2. Jun is so cute trying to play the piano and Ara trying to teach him some simple ones
  3. When the BTS is way better than the actual footage in the drama... LOL... Go Ara moved her lips in the BTS but it was not shown, unfortunately
  4. Aaaahhh... it did end... well, it may not seem to be that satisfying for some, but I guess it goes without saying that their story will just continue from now on... sadly, without us knowing anymore. Can't wait for the sub tomorrow. Good night to everyone ~ Thanks for the live recaps, chingu-deuls
  5. Perhaps the moment he remembers everything... keutt... THE END
  6. The PD and writer really made sure that until the very last episode we will bawl our eyes even more.... god, I just wanna know how this ends
  7. I'm getting anxious... I'm literally counting how many minutes left... Ji Won is crying again...
  8. That smile Hyun Su is giving to Ji Won makes my heart flutter
  9. I know ~ love the design, I suddenly want a ring like that too...LOL Hope both LJG and MCW can keep it
  10. Ah, the ring... he still wears it...I always love their rings...
  11. Ahhh... can't believe it's already Wednesday???... I just blinked and bam !... should I peek for the spoilers later... or not ?
  12. Lol... LJG posted on his IG a short vid of some people watching FOE. And he says, "I feel your BIG Love to Hyunsoo & Jiwon of Flower of Evil, I can see you wherever you are." . I'm not sure if the vid belongs to a fan though. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFYE4QLHL5W/ He also loves that ending scene with Ji Won when they were in bed in all white ~
  13. @partyon I chose both happy endings for both couples. I wasn't about to vote yes for Hae Su and Moo Jin, but then I remember when she wear the necklace. So even if I may not be 100% sure, but if they're happy with each other's arms, who am I to complain? Everyone deserves a second strike in life ~ Also about Hee Seong, can't believe I voted for the first option even though he was really creepy in the drama... but then I remember the director saying in the BTS for him to tie his hair because he likes it when he ties it, I have to say, I agree Kamdong-nim .
  14. Oh, yes, that part too.... that was such a good scene ~ Even though I don't like the way the father had been acting, but then when he broke down, I just felt so bad for him and his wife. Only shows how far can parents sacrifice for their children. That topic about evil always interest me... sometimes I do lean more towards a product of the environment as well, however after some years of deliberating, I also think it's innate. That even though if you're surrounded with good people, it doesn't guarantee you'll be as good as them, what if it's simply your nature? It might have to do
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