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  1. From the start, Ta Gon's character was described to have feelings for Tan Ya, tho am not sure if they'll follow through. I was hoping not, however there might be a possibility that there is a love triangle. Since we already have 4 characters or 2 pairings. I was convinced there might be since it seems Tan Ya has become one of the 'hostages' of Ta Gon after attacking their tribe. And Eun Som will be saving her.
  2. This would be the second time PHS sends BY a coffee truck...lol...such a loyal man . Glad to see the ratings go back up again.
  3. Ha ha...so it seems like SY is starting to feel something for CM from those clips? More OTP!!!
  4. Agree with PBY's crying scene. I remember this scene in SWDBS, where she was begging Min Hyuk to go while crying her heart out. There's something in the way she cries that just tugs at your heart strings, making you feel the same hurt she's trying to portray . Probably.
  5. Who's getting beaten by YC in the preview? It looks like they're in SY's family restaurant. Ugh, YC is everywhere killing and hurting people .
  6. Thank you so much, chingu-deuls, for the stills and recaps! Trying not to spoil myself too much though...lol. @Oksana Sutra Agree, we also need some romance, and enough with the killings..ha ha..YC needs to go to pave way for the romance . But then, it's like the plot revolves around YC. And it is actually romcom too, albeit until now, we have yet to see the development.
  7. That's my initial thought too. Possibly it needs to be with CM again for him to survive, like the owner now, YC, needs to be the one to survive him. Probably why SY seems to be luring YC from the preview and her blocking CM's body, perhaps not to let anyone touch his body yet, like to bury him or something.
  8. https://www.soompi.com/article/1325684wpp/park-bo-young-and-ahn-hyo-seop-are-close-friends-both-on-and-off-camera-for-abyss https://www.soompi.com/article/1325724wpp/park-bo-young-brings-out-her-best-puss-in-boots-eyes-in-abyss We have now an official name for our couple...'Marble couple' . @raziela Hmmm..I wonder why it doesn't look like a syringe to me . Agree with all the flaws in this drama. Perhaps YC also brought some knife with him which he used to kill CM. It looks like YC probably lured him in the area where he died and then killed him there coz we have these stills from TVN where CM and YC are together. I believe it will be shown on the first part of ep 5 tonight how CM died. Also stills officially released by TVN... I really like that third pic where the director, AHS and PBY are all smiles .
  9. Hi! Yeah, just finished it^^...some things have been keeping me from watching the episodes...lol.. Okay, so now, we have, what, 4 rules of the Abyss. Which are (correct me if I'm wrong).. 1. Revives the dead into the form of its soul. 2. If the owner of the abyss dies, the next revived is its temporary owner. 3. Only the ones revived by abyss can see it. 4. Abyss activates only when the owner and the corpse are alone. Did I miss anything anything? With regards to number 2, idk why it says temporary. Is it because if YC dies as well, it will likely go to SY? Or does it mean CM didn't really die (coz, well, of course, aside from he's the ML, he can't actually die). Once he revives again, how can they actually explain it to everyone who knows he did die...hmmm..In Guk and So Min also told Min that his looks will last until he dies when he asked them, so how can he have the same face again if he revives . Also, why the changes in color of the abyss tho..first red, yellow, green, and we can see from YC's hands, blue. Wonder to what extent will the changing be. Or will there actually be an expiration of the abyss. Gosh, somebody needs to read the manual right now . Min wouldn't have died if there were some police guarding the hospital where PGM was. I mean, he is still a victim and the suspect is on the run so shouldn't there be at least police on guard? I know that would be the needed flaw so that SJU and YC can just freely enter the hospital but still.. I didn't expect the connection bw YC and SJU, father and son, huh. Or should I say, like father like son now. So now we're dealing with two villains. Plus, that mysterious person who called YC in that coffee shop/cafe, I doubt it's SJU so there's still an unknown villain out there. I guess this is actually a crime drama now. Wonder if everything was planned from the beginning that eventually Min will become a suspect, I mean, his death was accident and yet after SY died, he immediately became a suspect. Was that simply a coincidence? It doesn't look like a syringe to me..it's more like a small type of a knife. He looks different without the bangs..ha ha. Maybe he'll just change style later for a change . I like him with his bangs tho
  10. Before watching eps 3 and 4, I just wanna say maybe the mess in this drama's plot lies on the writer? I am not familiar with the writer and he/she worked'works on Ugly Young-A which is now 17 seasons. Now, I didn't watch those seasons, but I think the writer isn't that much adept in handling different drama genres (yet). I know PBY accepted this because of the director and also because of the story, but then the story, for me, is kind of lacking due to the confusing plot. Good thing PBY and AHS are doing a great job. Some people are holding on to this because of the actors, so I hope the story gets better. And I agree that I was one of those people who thought that the crime/suspense part is just a subplot, and the rest would be romcom and fantasy. But from what we are seeing, it looks like it's even getting more darker. Moreover, I know the rating isn't that high as we expected but for a cable channel, it is still quite high. Maybe since we're used to seeing TVN dramas ratings go as high as a double-digit number nowadays (heck even JTBC with the Sky Castle reaching a 20 percent viewership from 1 percent), it kinda pales in comparison. But we're still in ep 4 so lots can still happen with the remaining 12 eps (wishing this hope of mine isn't gonna get crushed ). Okay, now, off to watch the episodes .
  11. Does anyone know the rating for ep 3? Kdrama News hasn't updated on Twitter yet so idk. Hope it didn't go down. But I have to agree that there's too much graphic even on ep 2 as well...haven't watched ep 3 yet. I think they focus too much on the killer since the revelation which I believe is quite early. Are they actually gonna make 16 eps just chasing YC?..and him being arrested or perhaps dying would be the conclusion of this drama? I know it's the main purpose or theme here, trying to find the killer but then on ep 2, we already know who did it. I thought this would be a guessing game of who it will be but I was wrong. Or maybe I misunderstood it, that this drama is actually more on the thriller side rather than romcom. The drama is actually pretty good but I was hoping for a more balanced one..Koreans I think doesn't like too much dark-themed dramas. But maybe not all. Perhaps they should tone down on the killings or showing too much of the killings itself so agree with you @raziela..we need some fluff moments too bw SY and CM. I love these types of dramas but for some reason, I would wanna see more development on SY and CM's relationship...ha ha..since I love their chemistry here, I kinda wanna see it more rather than focusing on the killer .
  12. Oh yeah!..I remember that too..ha ha..also, is this also where SY gets drunk and becomes so clingy to Min ? I think so. I am excited for tomorrow's eps but then I won't be able to watch all eps until Wednesday ..be going home to our remote area with uncertain internet connection..lol..
  13. @adqu For Cha Min who says his heart does not beat for SY anymore, he sure takes care of her a lot. I remember the scene in ep 2 when they got their new/burner phones and then Min said "Put me on speed dial" casually ..okay, Min, yeah, you don't feel anything huh? ...20 years of unrequited love doesn't just go away in a split of sec .
  14. This I'm looking forward and wonder how it'll play out...because from the teasers, looks like this will focus more on the politics side of it..conquering Asdal and all .
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