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  1. At last we made her at #1. Pls help in voting for her Click on this link: https://t.co/ETd0PVwhEW?amp=1
  2. I remembered that.. So persuasive of Jisung to say that he's willing to give up his acting career for Boyoung at that time and he even confessed his feelings to her manager first.. Hoping Dong Yoon will follow that practice as well He can confess to Sso's mom, bro and dog first About Sso's ideal type, it changes every interviews she had. But what i can clearly remember is that when she will meet someone whom she will like dearly, she will not hesitate anymore to approach him.. Maybe she will be the one who will follow Jisung's ways
  3. Parallel i can see is that all of them are private people, they are focusing on their career aside from making sure that all personal matters are handled off screen. Jisung-Boyung confirmed publicly their relationship after 2-3 yrs of dating; they worked on a project tgt not as a couple so there was no shipping fandom for them but what I know is that Jisung pursued Boyoung right after their project ended. And all stories were revealed by them personally not by dispatch or fans following their sns updates. To answer your question, I don't think we can get something as early as now to check their similarities. Maybe only if our macaroon couple will announce it officially.
  4. True to that, and I'm hoping for that as well One thing that I really find advantageous for Sohyunie's long work exp is that she was able to meet/and work with a lot of people behind the camera; those directors, writers, producers and staffs --- and they all gave a meaning for her acting career and lots of love were given to her as well. Keep it up Sohyunie We will continue to stand by your side
  5. i really look up to Jisung - Lee Bo Young real life relationship, and how i wish our macaroon couple will be the same I'd say let them be paired up with diff people, get to know more people and then realize years from now that they fit for each other. How dreamy ~
  6. She really understands DJ so much. I can imagine her asking a lot of things about DJ from the writers even before they started filming and that was her ultimate reason as to why she accepted this project.. Thanks so much for all the hardwork Sohyunie A truly healing sageuk drama for you and for us your fans
  7. If i remember it correctly, she did mentioned previously that she want to get married around 28-ish y.o bec she believed that's the time she's the most pretty to wear a wedding dress.. ( i dont know which interview it was, or around what year, but this is the most recent i can remember) Let's wait for her post-TTON interviews.. maybe late this week or early next week.
  8. Omg just saw this Another similarity for our macaroon couple. They both want to give handwritten lettersss to their beloved. Sso is always giving out handwritten letters to her fans during her bday fanmeets and she shared a handwritten letter to her fans in IG during her 10th yr anniversary They both love writting their feelings/gratitude out, and thats so sweet Maybe you can add this to your list @lightbringer06
  9. @lightbringer06 definitely for me too i will continue to be clingy on them until one will get married I know that i might be shaken/heartbroken if a dating news will poop up in the future for either of them, but as long as there will be interaction between them - - i will stay on this ship no matter what happens.. Only marriage with another person will make me stop I am sorry in advance
  10. Lets all hug each other.. Much better if we can hug DongYoon as well Now im starting to understand him very well. So insightful that you know he's been through a lot but still not afraid to move forward and take the challenge. I wanna protect this baby so much but i know he can do it, and he will spread that chivalrousness to people around him - - so at the same time i dont worry abt him i fully trust him Im so thankful to his parents, family, friends, etc that molded him to who he is now. Now i cant wait for his overseas fm, i really am hoping that my country will be included. Definitely, i will do all means to attend it
  11. This is good news for my monday morning thanks~ Ooooohhh hope my country will be included I will make sure to attend itttttt.. Havent seen much of fanpages per country dedicated for jdy. Hope someone will make one for him.. And more Good morning everyone
  12. Let's buyyyy. I saw in Gmarket its around PHP 1k, but not sure about the shipping fee.. check the link below for PH fans http://mg.gmarket.co.kr/Item?goodscode=1708720084 This is my 1st time as well, and I'm goiiiiing crazzzzzy
  13. let me add mine Secret Forest/Stranger Its Ok Thats Love Romantic Doctor Kim Another Oh Hae Young Healer
  14. i want to attend it too.. this is my 1st time wanting to attend an actor's FM i really want to interact with him personally, and since he can speak eng well -- we can understand each other he's definitely my bias for the actor category, pls take care of me well Saw a tweet that he's going to have an interview and press conference next week Nov 25-27.. more public appearances from him..Go go go DongYoon wants attention (as he mentioned previously) so enjoy it to the fullest. another thing i like him, he isnt shy/become ninja after a project.. good for us
  15. I am not looking far ahead and that they will be real couple.. Soon Im on board this ship bec he's the 1st to bring out a lot of diff reactions/side from Sohyun. vise versa. There's undeniable real life chemistry between them and i can see that they are comfortable about it. Im still gonna support them individually.. for their future projects but right now, macaron couple is still there.. And i dont have plans to spoil this happiness
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