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  1. @bedifferent Yea they're both naive but that's what makes them adorable LoL? Is it me that sees Ha Neul trying to suppress his laughter in their scenes together? Like I could see he's trying hard to keep a straight face I like that Yong Shik is so upright which makes him a good policeman, his squabbles with Dong Baek's landlord is a hoot! They're all kind of a weirdo in Ongsan While I like that the women rule the roost, they still need to work on their stinky attitudes Yea I do think her desire to work for the lost & found centre at the train station is because no one has ever valued her before as she said.. Her role as a bar owner is a thankless and painful one as you can see she gets discriminated by the women but taken advantage of by the men The drama has many comedic elements as well as slice of life moments, it's just the serial murders are throwing me off a lil ha-ha
  2. Wait. Are they hinting that Yong Shik might be.. the Joker?! His reaction in the flashback is hard to read LoL. Anyway, those neighborhood ladies should mind their own damn business ffs If they just take time to work on self-improvement, like oh Idk make the effort to look nice, perhaps their men won't go astray? Ugh it just bothered me as I personally dealt with similar cattiness in my own life! My heart breaks for Pil Goo too.. but he turned out well, more than I can say for his deadbeat dad. The only good thing he got from him is his talent for baseball. I love how Yong Shik's mom defended Dong Baek & even Pil Goo has taken a liking to Yong Shik The ending scene of ep.04 killed me 'cause he couldn't believe how quickly their friendship escalated!
  3. A pretty interesting drama so far~ though it's not really appealing to me much y'know? I find the people real nosy when Hyo Jin set up her bar in Ongsan. Like how the men were disappointed that she was a single mom & the women were relieved that she wasn't a single lady geez or how they patronise her for not having a husband. Ha Neul is like a village idiot here LoL! He's all brawn with no brain. His character seem to be comic relief atm. If that flashback is any indication, I sure hope nothing happens to Hyo Jin.. As always I love her style, she looks great with long hair
  4. For some reason, this drama is running in circles at least to me. When it was revealed that Jang Yoon was using Ian's name.. I said aloud, "I thought we've been through this..?!" LoL Idk So Ian was in a one-sided crush with Yi Young? This entire time I was under impression they were an item. I have a suspicion the guy she was into was Do Hoon. Was hoping it would be Maestro Nam...'cause I just feel bad for the actor Jae Rim personally ha-ha! He just seem so unlucky with the ladies... This drama's turning into a soap opera it's goin' on for far too long Oh I'm lovin' Violinist Ha's earrings!
  5. Damn what a hot cast And I LOVED the original series! I hope this version will keep some of it's humor 'cause that was one of the reasons I love the show Haven't seen Sae-Ron in awhile... and Kim Kwon is a total hottie.. I'm so excited for this, can't you tell ha-ha?! Don't let me down (fingers crossed..)
  6. WoW. Yi-Young's really, I don't know...dense LoL?#SorryNotSorry That part time worker who got axed has a thing for Elton John huh This drama has me confused like I don't even know what's goin' on anymore.. I do like Maestro Nam's grandma bein' affectionate with Yi-Young, she even calls her, minion ha-ha! The grandma also bring out a different side to Maestro Nam.. he seem almost human? Can I just say while I wished Violinist Ha eats a whole burger, I LOVE her hair & style! She's such a girl crush too.
  7. This adds on to a bunch of other k-dramas that had sucky endings LoL It just felt like it revolved around Soo-Bin/Jun-Woo's romance a tad too much. Everyone else unfortunately got tossed aside, Hwi-Young included. Despite those shortcomings, I liked it I guess ha. If anything it shows the potential Seong-Woo has as an actor. He did good for a newbie & so young at that.. hoping to see him more in better roles hopefully. Take care everyone & ciao!
  8. God my heart breaks for Jun-Woo toward the end of ep.15... Dude can't catch a break! He's like cursed or somethin', everytime he hits a stride in life, he gets knocked down again a few notches.. WHY DRAMA YOU SO CRUEL TO JUN-WOO?! I want to feel for Hwi-Young but he just keep letting me down I understand he's between a rock & a hard place but damn (sighs) I don't know either LoL Just hoping that it'd end amicably...at the very least for these 2. @rolisrntex Very true. Not everyone who is a grad becomes successful. Not everyone who's a dropout is a failure.. I think it's to show off as you've said to have smart kids. Also most of South Korean parents live vicariously through their kids which is awful in itself. They care a lot on keeping up appearances. Even if it's just a facade. Yea ditto on Soo-Bin's mom bein' a caricature. Have you watched "Sky Castle"? It's much worse! And well in ep.15, Soo-Bin's mom had a change of heart toward Jun-Woo...she is just upset at how badly her marriage turned out. So she sort of aimed that anger toward Jun-Woo. Unfair but she's acting out of hurt.
  9. I dare say this drama is even better than Go2 Squid & Gank Your Heart. The CGI, graphics are very impressive. Yang2's game avatar shares a very lifelike resemblance..but it also look a lot like the male lead from Le Coupe De Foudre ha-ha! Like the other e-sports dramas, it too is about teamwork, camaraderie & friendship. I also like that the girls are part of the gaming team, instead of playing dumb/the romantic interests. Basically I found myself enjoying this much more than I thought LoL! The ep. flew by so quickly that it made me wish it lasted longer. Ugh I just want to clip Yang2's bangs off his face eheeheeh, they look to be obstructing his vision The team's dorm was so cool it looked like a spaceship. Like something out of Star Trek~
  10. I hate to be that person but.. I much prefer Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms LoL Sorry~ To compare these 2 is like apples to oranges, while Love & Destiny can't out rival TMOPB, it is a worthy drama to watch in its own right. Ling Xi's trials as Ah Mo in the mortal realm were my favorite out of the entire drama. The rest was mostly filler & sort of draggy.. Ni Ni was really good at the emo scenes & she made me feel for Ah Mo's struggles as a handicap. Being discriminated against by her own family. It was very moving and poignant at times. The actor who plays Jing Xiu is just as impressive but I find him very contradictory LoL. One moment he seem to be warm, the next he's a cold blooded killer. I kind of feel for him that he never got the girl but oh well (shrug) in his next lifetime I guess? And Jiu Chen had to let Ling Xi die like, 3 times before he could save her ha-ha while she willingly gave up her life for him - so cruel their fate.. anyways I enjoyed this drama regardless. This must be in a long line of several other Wu Xia dramas i watched that deals with destiny and love etc. The Chinese must truly believe strongly in reincarnation.
  11. I always get nauseous watchin' this Seriously is no one normal on this show?! I've a feelin' Jong-Woo could have a multiple personality disorder.. that this could all be his imagination.. I'm gettin' "Shutter Island" vibes from this drama~ Ugh after ep.04, I think I might stay off meat for awhile... Jong-Woo's gf seem to be struggling at her workplace as well. The comments from Jong-Woo's boss make me want to strangle him myself That female police officer should really change dentist ASAP. I really don't like how in a lot of K-Dramas where the older ladies enjoy hitting the back of people's heads tsk Like on "I Wanna Hear Your Song", the mom keeps hitting her daughter in the head & even here, when Bong-Soon ahjumma hit the retarded guy - hard at that From watching my share of k-dramas, South Korea seem to be a suffocating place to live. I also read many unpleasant experiences by foreigners who vacationed there~
  12. I like how Da-In didn't guilt trip Oh Je, 'cause that's the last thing he needs. Hwi-Young seem to be on a path of self destruction I just hope he doesn't do anything stupid. His parents should get their act together! I like that Jun-Woo became the bigger person & helped Hwi-Young, eventhough it falls on deaf ears.. And Jun-Woo's better off without his Dad.. His dad doesn't deserve him seriously.. I find the focus on Jun-Woo/Soo-Bin to be dragging the plot line down.. It's too heavy for a young teen couple for goodness sakes!
  13. It's sad that Oh Je got outed like that... I'm scared what will happen next. As issues like this are not well received in conservative South Korea...and they're known for school bullies too.. Ro-Mi's done a complete 180, it's so sudden LoL. Whatever, I'd take it. She's nicer to Pil-Sung now eheh. The whole Romeo-Juliet thing is so overdone. I don't know what's wrong with Jun-Woo's dad? He looked like he wanted nothing to do with him, which is a shame. Honestly I'd never understand good kids with bad parents..
  14. Latte_Anyday


    I'm a September child and gosh indeed how quickly time flies! Already just 3 months left to 2020 it's just bananas! My b'day had always been a non-event, pretty much like my existence ha-ha I just finished Hotel Del Luna. It felt really anti climactic to me for some reason Despite that it got me reflecting on the life I've had so far.. the people I've met or will meet in the future etc.. More over it was very personal as it dealt with issues of separation, death, reunion, etc. Personal for me as I've lost loved ones so those aforementioned themes were strongly felt. I've always loved Five for Fighting's "100 Years" it just aptly describes life.
  15. Not sure what to make of the finale except for one word : Tears. Lots & lots of tears I think the reason why Man-Weol/Chan-Sung's relationship doesn't resonate with me is because it was so..chaste LoL? As annoying as they were, I felt more for Hyun-Joong/Yoon-Ah.. They really were cringe as a couple but yea when they had to separate.. The flood gates opened The separation scenes were personal for me as I lost my mom just last December~ it's been 9 months but I think of her daily... My dad passed 15+ years earlier & both of them stay in my thoughts. Yes while I move on or try to, it (the thought/loss of your loved ones) never leaves you.. People are always telling me to not grieve too much. Which is easier said than done. They'd always be apart of me. Overall I hope the ending scene of ep. 16 implies that there's a continuation to these series. I find stories on afterlife fascinating as very little is known of it. I only hope that a Hotel Del Luna awaits for me when my time comes. Well, it has been fun. As always I wish y'all blessings & happiness. Until the next drama, take care!
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