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  1. @airasara No, it's not. There's suppose to be trust in relationships. And Su Ho clearly doesn't. I get he's afraid of losing her due to loss of his mom, Se Yeon but it's not healthy for him or Ju Gyung. He's hurting her, she's crying (again) and they just need to talk it out more obviously. Her insecurities aren't helping either. The unrealisticness of this drama I tell ya, y'all mean to tell me someone who looks like Su Ho has been a "motae solo" up until now LoL. He just seem so clueless on relationships, girls etc. Like I just can't LoL. And Su Ho's suppose to be a brainia
  2. I really dislike characters that have one-sided crushes that do nothing but all a sudden when someone show interest, they immediately have motivation to fight, like why now LoL geez. Yea Su Jin I meant you tsk. Ahahah that dumpling wars between Su Ho and Seo Joon! And Ju Gyung's mom made them both say I love you while clipping each other's toe nails LMFAo!! Ju Gyung sure has an overactive imagination I'm surprised she isn't a webtoon artist instead. The many chingus Ju Gyung mentioned during the bus ride with Seo Joon in ep. 10 I lost count I just love how Seo J
  3. Oh dear is Soo Jin going the route of the webtoon and turn against Ju Gyung!? Like, poor girl has enough on her plate already. Nice to see Seo Joon acting on his feelings, the helping her getting the part time gig and immediately running over the moment he heard she got hurt? Aww~ he's the sweetest and it's too bad he'd be on the losing end as most second male leads do.... I was laughing hard when Ju Gyung just fanned herself openly in front of Seo Joon LoL! And she even dabbed under her arms she's just so carefree I tell ya! Find it odd her dad fail to recognize her voice when she was at
  4. @madmad min You got me laughing on the comparison Hwang In Yeop will be the next Ji Soo, at the same time it breaks my heart a lil as well 'cause In Yeop has so much potential. And he definitely has lead vibes, charisma. Time will tell I guess, fingers crossed. @skinnyjeans Aww~ that' s OK I guess I mean life's too short to waste it on a drama not to your liking. I'm in my 40s & I tune in to this drama mainly for its eye candy cast eheheh. Yup I can be shallow too. I don't pay much attention to the plot per se but Ju Gyung's constant crying is starting to annoy me.
  5. For K-Dramas:- True Beauty, Run On, Mr. Queen C-Dramas:- Healer of Children, Dear Missy (sort of LoL)
  6. Oh my the spotlight on Hwang In Yeop is getting so much traction & he deserves it! Just look at all the fmv on YT. They're all Team Seo Joon & it's obvious I am too LoL. I am glad they cast Ga Young 'cause had it been someone else it will come off.. Idk lacking I guess LoL? But she holds her own. Ju Gyung's embarrassing moments are so relatable! BTW the way she speedily climbed the tree or leapt out of the elevator was WoW. She got superhuman skills ahahah.
  7. That brawl at the karaoke toward end of ep. 06 was like The Avengers or something LoL! BTW Soo Jin and Hee Gyung are total girl crushes ha-ha. Although I feel sad for Soo Jin as she has an abusive dad, while poor Seo Joon revealing more than necessary to Ju Gyung oh boy. But honestly it was a treat for me eheheh. And yup my heart already breaks for Seo Joon because he knows Ju Gyung likes Su Ho all those looks he gives her aish..
  8. So the girl Ju Gyung helped was in fact Seo Joon's sis. Who knows? This might change his perception of her and try to win her for real (I hope so) We get to see a more vulnerable side to Su Ho as he continues to grieve over Se Yeon.. Well at least now Ju Gyung knows it was Su Ho that saved her back in ep. 01. Ugh the bullying OMG.
  9. @flo_oni I have more an issue with the way both her mom and younger brother act over her older sis and dad. Especially her mom ugh. I feel like she takes out her resentment toward Ju Gyung. I mean it was her choice to marry her husband for his looks right LoL? So why have regrets now!? You have 3 kids, like Idk make peace with it or something! The younger bro on the other is just acting out like any annoying sibling though still, he should be nicer to his sis. I wouldn't worry about Ju Gyung too much though. After all she's got 2 hotties fighting over her, that's enough supp
  10. @softestfairy IKR? Well then again what's a K-Drama without the cliched childhood connection right LoL? Though isn't it weird Su Ho didn't make the connection sooner? I mean according to the guy who runs the comic rental place Su Ho's been there for past decade.. did Ju Gyung and him not recognise each other or Idk LoL. @kehrite Mte. Also I want to add In Yeop is just a better actor (sorry Astro/Cha Eun Woo fangirls!) He just has more personality as well (Seo Joon) LoL at "attractive statue" LMFAo! So true. I got chewed out by Eun Woo's fans over that geez.
  11. That bit of Extraordinary You parody in ep. 04 was so priceless eheheh. Lovin' ep. 04 as there were tons of moments between Seo Joon/Ju Gyung. And it looks like Su Ho is liking her for real as his jealousy starts to show. I like how he told her she looked the same with or without makeup. And what sort of logic is going on blind dates to shed off rumours of her being in a love triangle ahahah!? I don't care for team who anymore (though I'd still pick Seo Joon!) I just want to see Seo Joon be with Su Ho - bromance ha-ha.
  12. So that's why Su Ho helped Ju Gyung after the cake incident.. he read her note. Poor Ju Gyung for barging in the wrong venue for her audition LMFAo!!! I wonder did she get pointers from Cha Eun Woo, her co-star who's also a KPop idol eheheh? What's the bad blood between Su Ho & Seo Joon anyways?! From the glare he gave Su Ho's dad oof. Looks like Seo Joon is trying to make Su Ho miserable by snatching Ju Gyung away (lucky girl!) The bit where Su Ho made Ju Gyung run his errands remind me of a J-anime Wolf Girl and Black Prince. Ju Gyung's sis was awesome in changin
  13. I've watched like 3-4 ep. so far but it's not compelling me enough to keep watching y'know? Like I think the producers are trying to recapture the charm of S01 perhaps? For the girls, I really don't see the fuss on Ji Hyun? She's like the previous 2 seasons of similar participants who had pretty smiles. But I felt S02 Hyun Joo had better personality out of the 3. The remaining girls - Min Jae & Ga Heun are so much more interesting. What to do? Korean men just seem to like docile, bland women LoL. I was drawn by In Woo at first because he look so much like Lee Jung
  14. @Jillia IKR LoL. It's like she doesn't look that much different..?! Kind of like Lois Lane wasn't able to tell apart Clark Kent from Superman! I mean it's just the glasses. The clumsiness starts to annoy me by ep. 02 tbh. Even Su Ho remarks, You keep landing in my arms everytime we meet. @agenth For me I was confused like I thought he disliked Ju Gyung so why did he save her in that scene? Was it because he has a heart and wanted to be nice LoL? But yea his dad's a P.O.S. I'm curious to know what Seo Joon's story is. Like they mentioned he took leave over family m
  15. Ahahah looks like I'm not the only one who thinks In Yeop/Seo Joon is a Lee Jun Ki lookalike. @Selin Eroğlu And yea I was shocked when I found out he's 30. I was like WHAT LoL. Not a fan of Eun Woo, I am having serious second male lead vibes yo! Seo Joon's quite the babe. Idk I just have a thing for bad boys. Plus he seem to have more.. personality I guess? Why I feel there's a better loveline between Ju Gyung and Soo Jin LMFAo!!?? She's a total girl crush as Soo Ah says. I like how sweet Soo Ah and Soo Jin were toward Ju Gyung. I just hope they'd like her without makeu
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