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  1. @an-naum The crew were too busy wrapping up to notice. It's a K-Drama not everything make sense (look at the mess on the "Penthouse") JJ & Hoo Joon have Daddy issues LoL what's new? Common trope with male lead having absent parent. Sung Hoon is lookin' hot in his suit & glasses although he's a jerk. Probably runs in the family. I'm glad the show ended as it gives Hoo Joon & Geun Young a chance to date away from the cameras. In Hyung just has bad luck all around. She was stuck as a trainee for the longest & then was held back by JJ. Now even
  2. Poor Ryok.. Being worked to death by his greedy NOG boss. I think that's the difference between NOG with Ji Hak. Sadly it happens in most agencies in K-Pop industry. Hope he's OK.. Ma Ha sigh LoL I can't get use to her hair. I like Yoo Jin but wish he leave Ma Ha, Ryok alone. So it was Jae Woo who ratted out on the team, not Eun Jo? And geez they weigh only under 60kg?! Need to lose weight on top of it ouch. I'd never survive being an idol. I love food too much ha-ha. I think that 1 member of Shax has a crush on Ri Ah eheheh.
  3. Thanks for sharing @Ayame so Soo Young attended the same school as Tae Joon..? Interesting. Ugh can JJ be kidnapped or somethin'!? He's SO annoying! Can he get a life!? Proud of In Hyung, but I feel for her that the media keep pinning her to Hoo Joon aish. I feel like somethin' terrible is happening ahead for our otp, no thanks to Hoo Joon's stupid boss, there's also his birth secret(?) He's gettin' real bold too showering Geun Young with affection whenever possible. Couldn't recognize Tae Joon in that Instagram pic LoL. He looks good with longer hair.
  4. @orion00 The actress' name is Oh Hyun Kyung, she's a former beauty queen. I first remember watching her on Wang's Family. I hated her character there LoL! She was also an irresponsible parent on Radio Romance. The last drama I saw her in was Beautiful Gong Shim. And of course now this drama.
  5. Yikes when that Yeo Woo doppelganger ran after the annoying female colleague at parking lot it scared the heck out of me. I really hope it's an imposter. At first, I thought Yeo Woo was attracted to Dam because she looked like his first love (like in Tale of Nine Tailed) but it was just 'cause he was lonely LoL. Jung So Min look so tiny next to Jang Ki Yong ha-ha. And I really don't see the point in keeping Seon Woo in drama still. Dam's mom is so cool & WoW Gumiho magic doesn't work on her. That senior Jae Jin set Dam up with was pathetic. What's wrong with b
  6. It's lil wonder how Min Kyung's dirt bag of an ex turned out so rotten. Look at his mom. She even dared Min Kyung to marry her wayward son are you kidding me!? How dare she call herself a mom?? Those nosy housewives honestly are on my nerves. How could you ask someone to move out just because they don't fit your "ideals" ugh. I'm glad Min Kyung listened to Hwi Oh & how he's empowering her to take charge of her life. Now there's 4 ep. to go. I'm lovin' this drama a lot. Her dog Howi is cute LoL. Hwaiting to Rose lens couple Min Kyung/Hwi Oh!
  7. @confusedheart326 Have you not notice how I skirted around the young master & the maid in my posts LoL? I've not mentioned those 2 if at. all. Well at a bare minimum at least. I think the casting for the idol as the young master Soo Hyuk was to draw in his fans to raise ratings? Although this drama is doin' well ratings wise. And their romance is probably to rope in the younger demographic. Like how Ro Na & Seok Hoon for The Penthouse. Though those 2 have 0 chemistry imo. I'm here mostly for Ms. Jung, I don't even care for Hee Soo or Hye Jin for that matter LoL
  8. I miss this drama already. This was my drug & I looked forward to a new ep. each week. Good job again to the cast. I hope Jang Na Ra, Jung Yong Hwa work together again, their chemistry is too good. Adieu everyone. Take care now. XoX.
  9. Farewell to "Youth of May". I normally don't enjoy historical dramas. Still I stayed watching this in its entirety. Boy can Lee Do Hyun cry LoL. I just wanted to hug him so badly. The actor who played the older version of him was the real life husband to the actress who was his stepmom. Guess the skeleton mystery turned out to be Myung Hee after all.. This along with Gaksital (coincidentally both by KBS) were good historical dramas I've watched. Although they showed the dark sides of mankind.. which continues until today. We never seem to learn do we? We just are
  10. Cute. There's goin' to be 2 couples between the boy/girl badminton teams. The young cast is doin' a great job. I like how Hae Kang is seein' the other guys as friends. Btw feelin' bit of national pride as the actor who plays Hae Kang/Tang Joon Sang is actually part Malaysian. I don't get why they keep downplayin' badminton here. I mean badminton is just a sport as good as others. I don't know is it because the sport doesn't generate big profits maybe?
  11. @americanchai You crack me up with "Is anybody in the family biologically related to who they're suppose to be?" LMFAo! I guess imagine that Hyowon is like a big bowl of tossed salad ha-ha. Well the loud ahjumma & her dumb and dumber children (Jin Ho, Jin Hee) are definitely related ugh. Horrible bunch they are too.
  12. YaY. 3 women vs. 1 man bravo. Hurray to Hee Soo for making the decision to divorce & leave that horrendous family. Good on Ms. Jung for sending her idiotic hubs to an alcoholic rehab. Why does it seem like Mother Emma has an unrequited love for the chairman? So the chairman had an unrequited love with Ji Young's birth mom LoL. What a mess. Wonder who his birth dad was? Geez why did the peacock return LoL?
  13. (sigh) the finale is here. Why do all good things come to an end?? I feel really sad that the possibility of the skeleton discovery could very well be.. Hee Tae.. I really hope I'm wrong though.. On the other poor Myung Hee's dad. Hee Tae's dad isn't fit to be a parent or human for that matter! Soo Chan aw bless him.. the actor who plays him is quite the fish enthusiast eheh. He has a lot of aquariums. I'll miss this when it ends, it was a trip down memory lane though a part of me is grateful to not be born into such time of chaos, violence & cruelty
  14. Wasn't goin' to watch as I'm not into dramas that are centred around idols or in schools. Idk maybe it's my age ha-ha?! I think Ryok-Maha are super duper cute together moreso with their height difference LoL. I feel for Yoo Jin but hey at least there's Hyun Ji, if only he "opens" his eyes. Oh Ri Ah's my fave Tea Party member. She reminds me of Buttercup of the Powerpuff Girls ahahah. So sassy. Coincidentally there's 3 members in PPG too. I like the manager/boss Ji Hak as well. The actor's an idol himself. Well, most of the cast are. I recognise quite a few. I don't really l
  15. Ugh can JJ check himself into rehab or a psych facility and just never show up ever again?! I'm not as annoyed with In Hyung as much as I am with JJ tsk. In Hyung was basically gaslighted & kept "emotionally hostage" by JJ. He definitely displays a LOT OF RED FLAGS. He's the one who's responsible for makin' her the way she is. When actually he's the bigger problem. Ugh. Why are they even written to be included in the drama still?! To create tension? On the other my reaction is like Geun Young, I'm not used to "nice, sweet Hoo Joon" eheheh. That scene where Geu
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