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  1. @stroppyse The reaction Jae Soo had at the end when he discovered Moon Young was the author killed me! Well parents are human too.. they do the best they can, we all do really.. I liked that Moon Young recognised Gang Tae needed to be loved, heck her love declaration LMFAo He knew she needed warmth in return, that hug was everything~
  2. @ladyme LMFAo I always thought it's some lost in translation type thing y'know? But yea everytime in K-Dramas, when they mention play I'm like Ooops. Mind in the gutter ha-ha!! Well there are adult games (wink) eheheh.
  3. Hey @ladyme what Gang Tae meant by Shall I have fun with you? Is him basically tellin' Moon Young that he wants to cut loose and live spontaneously for once as he's been bogged down by his obligation to care for a special needs sibling etc. Which in itself is very tiring and mentally exhausting.. especially to caregivers which others fail to recognise. I like how Kwon Gi Do said to Gang Tae, Even from the back I can tell you're ripped! Uh-huh and lucky on Ye Ji/Moon Young for gettin' to touch it (just his chest but oh my) She was brutal when she told Gi Do his appendage was teeny tiny weenie by the way the actor who plays Gi Do is pretty ripped himself LoL I just hope Gang Tae will learn to open up to Moon Young.. they're both broken souls in need of healing. She's attracted to him because he's pretty huh LoL?!
  4. That was awful how Sang Tae was assaulted. However I loved the way Moon Young handled the situation. Like a boss. Not good for her reputation but I guess she's pretty successful to care LoL! She says whatever that comes to mind and it's just so refreshing. She holds nothing back. And so forward with Gang Tae that he blushes. I'm lovin' the new added gif emojis feature eheheh. Anyway I envy Moon Young's hair and I love the outfit she wore at the book signing. Very sexy. Oh I have to say she got great legs & I'm a girl. Black's my favorite color as well. I'm surprised she's 30?! And Soo Hyun's 32 but look much younger ha-ha! What's this sorcery!?
  5. I was confused with the title as it was similar to the Gong Hyo Jin's It's Okay, That's Love. I guess this is the drama that Soo Hyun did to appease Hotel Del Luna fans?! The vibe's similar.. I read how most felt it was like a Tim Burton movie. For me it was very much like the movie The Shape of Water. And even the TV series Pushing Daisies. Anyway all have this dark humor as a common thread. I live for Ye Ji's sass and wardrobe. Man Wol has competition. LoL at his friend who told him he looked like the Joker when he smiled!
  6. @thistle Not entirely crazy that hypothesis of yours LoL. I've had some thoughts Joon Seo wasn't Jae Hyun's from the very beginning. He just seemed so disinterested in who's supposedly his child's upbringing. He's much much warmer toward Young Min, though I don't know if it's 'cause of his affections for Ji Soo..?
  7. That's right! The drama I was referring to was Chocolate thanks @chickfactor for that LoL! Another painfully slow, mellow, healing genre ha-ha with a lackluster ending ugh. But I adore Yoon Kye Sang he's such a babe LoL. Idk why but it's gettin' a bit like Itaewon Class a lil bit now with Jae Hyun plannin' vengeance against a conglomerate and it involves its evil CEO too. I'm glad that Joon Seo had a conscience at least LoL. When his mom mentioned to ruin Young Min, Joon Seo looked regretful? I also liked how Ji Soo told Young Min that the scholarship was kind of fishy. Like she used the saying, there are no free lunches in this world except for mine eheheh. Her bond with him is really endearing.. I guess it's true that kids mirror their parents.
  8. @ktcjdrama I didn't watch that. I think it's a different one oh well, thanks anyway. I knew it! Jae Hyun is planning to take down Hyung Sung and yea that includes his damn FIL. Jun Seo is truly his mother's son. Seo Kyung's not makin' things better either by pinning it on Young Min - who's actually the real victim. Why's the sanatorium equipped with such poor security!? It's so dangerous to have any of their patients run out freely like that. It was sort of too close to home for me in regards between Ji Soo and her dad.. as it sort of mirrors the fractured relationship I have with my late mom as well.. Geez I just wish for our otp to be happy, is that too much to ask drama LoL!?
  9. This was really enjoyable. Despite a very predictable, cliched plot but yea I like it. Love the bickering back and forth between Johnny and Dilraba LoL. Her bff is a total girl crush but the way she handles her cat bothers me. The cat obviously looked uncomfortable.. Song Lou already approves! What's up with her braids!? Tryin' hard to make her look edgy, boyish, cool tsk. I was really hoping they kissed in ep.07 but nope LoL. And ugh be gone Luna!!
  10. Lucky Ji Soo for havin' a super wealthy bf ha-ha! He bought so many new stuff for her apartment. And she lost her sis, mom in a departmental store collapse. I can't remember which other k-drama also had its lead character lose their family in a similar incident? Now Seo Kyung wants to fight for Jae Hyun aigoo~ I somehow sympathise more for Song Hye Kyo's ex hubby (no I don't mean Song Joong Ki LoL) in her drama Encounter. When Ji Soo boldly asked Jae Hyun if he wanted to have ramen, I was like oooh la la! But then turned out she meant it literally LMFAo. Get my mind out of the gutter.
  11. Bravo. So proud of Ji Soo standing up to those snooty elitist moms! She got martial arts skills LoL. Honestly, her and Jae Hyun are two peas in a pod. So so similar. Both against the world - isn't that a song eheheh? This drama is so depressing I'm not sure if I can stomach through to be honest. We're only half way through at that.
  12. Jae Hyun look so dorky with glasses. So that's how Seo Kyung fell hard for him, cause he melted her cold heart oh please! At least she finds Ji Soo's ex creepy so she does have discernment LoL. I still don't like her though. Oooh la la~ young Jae Hyun know how to kiss eheheh. And geez Young Woo must you also join in the fun to tear our otp apart!? Haven't you done enough oy? It's like Ji Soo is in a competition with 3 suitors ha-ha. Of course I hope the winner's Jae Hyun.. what he said to Ji Soo's jerk of an ex was nothin' short of amazing. That's a keeper right there. And I'm so sick of second lead characters in most K-Dramas that harbour one-sided crushes and then choose to confess when the ML/FL has someone. And to add further, they try to ruffle feathers by threatening them, as seen with Ji Soo's ex using his son as a pawn for goodness sakes.
  13. Ugh. Awful just awful. Only winner - Ye Rim. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Disappointed in Jae Hyuk...really fooled me LoL. Thought he changed for the better but nope guess not~ Tae Oh is just a huge whiny man-child isn't he!? And Joon Young (sigh) one bad decision by the man of the household destroys so many others.. Don't know why he didn't get run over by the white truck of Doom tsk. Da Kyung resumes her life, money does wonders indeed. And she has a secret admirer too. Well, there goes the end of another drama. It was fun. I still stand by that this drama was good at 9-10 ep. But because of ratings they dragged it to crazy (literally) proportions. It is as disappointing as Sky Castle. Had a great start and due to ratings they tossed quality storylines for shock value. Bye everyone, be safe take care. XoxoX.
  14. Like Rihanna famously sings You're only sorry you got caught.. that was quite a show very entertaining but it's over now go on and take your bow~ Tae Oh's only great in bed 'cause he sure sucks as a human being. He groveling at Sun Woo, Da Kyung was pathetic. And yet, he hasn't taken responsibility LoL! Honestly, as I've mentioned countless times before Sun Woo should've dumped Joon Young with Tae Oh ages ago. But then the drama could've ended in 10 ep. She could always start over with Yoon Gi whatever LoL. Thank goodness the craziness ends soon ha-ha. This drama draws as much ratings as it does attention to its cast. Apparently, the younger actors who play Joon Young & Hae Kang are just portraying themselves onscreen.
  15. May I suggest that you @Nymeria289 write the script instead huh?! This is a K-Drama after all which means a lot of suspension of disbelief is heavily required. You're takin' this drama waa..yy.. too seriously.
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