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  1. @SC2019 I absolutely adore this show. I didn't get hints of a season 2, but if there were to be one, I'd definitely tune back in. I hadn't heard anything about Wang Zi Qi, but to be honest, I don't know much about the actors/actresses real lives and most "scandals" don't make sense to me. If there are plans for a season 2, hopefully, WZQ will be back. I can't imagine anyone else, but him, be Prince An. I agree with you. Both Chu Chu and Prince An showed so much character in their choices to balance their wedding and at the same time, stop the coup. Though Chu Chu was willing the sa
  2. I finally finished it all. Jin Yu is indeed a brilliant man and Chu Chu is definitely not your typical lady. Not many would propose to use her wedding to bait the rebels. I have to admire her for putting the country above formalities. They didn’t matter to her as long as Jin Yu was the groom. In the end, the emperor recognized her talent and skills as coroner. Husband and wife will be working alongside each other to solve cases and uphold justice. It was the perfect ending. Other things I liked about the last two episodes: I loved that Leng Yue’s grandfather entrusted t
  3. @SC2019 Hello ~ Just wanted to pop back in and tell you that I've watched up to ep 34. Just waiting for 35-36 with subs to be loaded on Tencent via YT. I have to say that this is probably one of the best dramas I've seen. I do not watch many C-dramas, but I am so glad that I didn't miss this one. The court politics and power struggle are well-written. I liked the subtle twist that who appeared to be the rebel was truly loyal (Leng Pei Shan) and the one who appeared to be the harmless was the rebel (Minister Xue). Eunuch Qin was nutty all the way. LOL. Re: Minister Jing, I am reliev
  4. Me too. How Geu Ru's mind processes the trauma scenes and identifies the important clues is so fascinating. I admire his matter-of-fact logic and emotional neutrality in his work and in judgment of others, such as his uncle. (He strangely reminds me a lot of Shi Mok.) In an interview, Tang Joon Sang talked about Geu Ru's white head phones. He said Geu Ru likes listening to classical music. It calms and consoles him. He usually puts them on when he's beginning his movement through a trauma scene. When we viewers hear the classical music playing, I think it's trying to portray Geu Ru
  5. The Swoon/Netflix released a video of “Unboxing My Character” with the MTH trio. Lee Je Hoon, Tang Joon Sang and Hong Seung Hee go over some belongings in their actor and character boxes. Here are a few things about their characters that were interesting: Geu Ru - Puzzle TJS explains that trauma cleaning is like putting a puzzle together so every time they finish a case, he completes one. In a clip from MTH, we hear Geu Ru’s father teach him that, “There comes a moment when you begin to see what the deceased wanted to say and the thoughts they want
  6. @bedifferent and other friends here, here is the trailer by The Swoon/Netflix. It looks like a happy and feel-good story. Think it will be funny too. I'm looking forward to it!
  7. LOL. Uncle/Sang Gu is such a good balance to the story. His character is so funny. Protective/mother-hen Na Mu too. It's hilarious when the two bicker with each other. The trio make a great team. Thanks for the update on a potential season 2! My fingers are tightly crossed for it.
  8. @nrllee Totally agree that this part was really well done. Luckily, Geu Ru didn't seem completely sensitive/resistant to touch. This was Geu Ru’s father’s last vision before he passed away in the ambulance. A flashback of him and little Geu Ru holding hands while walking on the beach. In another flashback, we see that it was Geu Ru who reached out to hold his father’s hand at the aquarium while they remembered Geu Ru’s mother. It was so touching to see him able to do that and comfort his father. Even his father was amazed with him.
  9. I re-watched episode 1. I realized when we first saw Geu Ru’s father sign language to him live, viewers who do not know the language would not have known what he last conveyed to Geu Ru. The translation was not revealed to us until after the memorial where we saw Geu Ru tightly holding onto his father’s urn and flashing back to this moment. After Geu Ru nodded “yes”, we see his father satisfied with smile. Then, he takes off and disappears into the haze. Loss, grief/mourning - where you can no longer see, hear/speak to a loved again, is such a di
  10. Gardening is my mom's favorite hobby. I spent a lot of time with her during stay-at-home and ended up learning quite a bit about flowers/plants from her. So, I really really loved the revelation of the Kim's couple secret greenhouse. Each plant had its special meaning and they were surrounded by them everyday - just the two of them. When they left the world together, I was so proud of Geu Ru that he made sure they were still surrounded by them during their memorial and final send-off. But, it didn't end there. Afterwards, social worker U-Rim wanted Sang Gu to take care of one of Mr. Kim's pla
  11. I remember reading about Leeteuk’s father and grandparents years ago. So sad what happened. My understanding is suicide among senior citizens is sadly common, oftentimes due to poverty and not wanting to be a burden to their family. It seems the writer wanted to bring awareness of various social injustice/hardships through the stories and although they may be gone, they were precious people. Workplace negligence Kim Seon U (Ep. 1) Hard-working/dedicated employee who pressed on despite his injury and loving son who wished to provide a better life for his parents. El
  12. @tofumochu I watched all of Navillera and loved it. I put it up there right next to Move To Heaven. Yes, lots of tears each episode, but it's absolutely a beautiful and heartwarming story from beginning to end. I hope you can muster up the courage one day to pick it back up again. I thought 10 episodes was perfect as well, but I'm with you that I wouldn't have mind if it was 16 either. I'm hoping for a season 2 with the same MTH trio, plus more of Sooyoung's character. This part was so . It's really amazing how you can get to know a person's heart/mind from t
  13. @bee_wannabe Thanks for sharing this fact! I did not know this. I did notice that she tied the brothers' childhood misunderstanding to the Sampoong Department Store collapse which happened in 1995. I had first learned about the tragedy from Reply 1994 and then Just Between Lovers. So heartbreaking. I really appreciate that the writer chose to remember real life events in the story. Geu Ru totally shined in this story. One of my favorite parts was when Na Mu asked him what he thought of his uncle, he recited all of Sang Gu's gross habits and traits at first. But, Geu Ru r
  14. This drama is so beautifully written and filmed. Very seamless. It felt more like I was watching a movie than a series. Each of the deceased’s story was tragic but Move To Heaven’s unwavering efforts to understand and fulfill their last thoughts/wishes offered hope for them to achieve closure and peace in the final steps of the afterlife. The respect and dignity they regarded for the deceased was so commendable. The last episode was exceptionally well done. I had tears in my eyes throughout. It was so moving with how it was time for things to come full circle for Geu Ru. How he was
  15. Awww, episode 20 was such a delight. I really admire their bond with each other. And, it looks like we have another blossoming couple. Fingers crossed Jin Li will also find a match too. I still can’t shake off the strange vibes that I get from Jing Yi’s father. Thanks! @SC2019 I saw that the raws are out to episode 30. I don't think my Chinese is nearly good as yours though to take the crutches off. So, I won’t be watching un-subbed episodes. I may fall behind you all, but enjoy!
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