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  1. See you in 2021, LJH! https://www.soompi.com/article/1430479wpp/kim-ok-bin-and-lee-joon-hyuk-confirmed-to-star-in-new-ocn-thriller Kim Ok Bin And Lee Joon Hyuk Confirmed To Star In New OCN Thriller TV/FILM Oct 8, 2020 by C. Hong Kim Ok Bin and Lee Joon Hyuk will be starring in OCN’s new sci-fi thriller “Dark Hole” (working title). “Dark Hole” is a monster action thriller
  2. Last episode was indeed very good. The writer wove in so many meaningful scenes. Bravo! I particularly loved how the legacy of the season 1 characters continue to impact the recurring characters until the end. Not just the obvious of LCJ, but also Eun Soo and even Park Moo Sung’s son, Kyung Wan. I remember when he visited YSW in prison in season 1 finale, he was not visibly angry at him. Similar to Shi Mok, he asked him if he felt better after he killed his father. YSW could not respond, but after some silence, he tearfully apologized to Kyung Wan as he left. Though YSW was obvious
  3. BTS video from the latest episodes. They are so cute and funny together. Will definitely miss them after this weekend.
  4. Apparently, Yeo Jin's smack on Shi Mok's back on the stairwell was a throwback to the season 1 (ep 7) when they were fishing for the cell phone in the sea. Back then, she also asked him if he was mad her afterwards. Though he denied it, she can tell that by his face he is indeed mad at her. LOL. They are just so darn cute together.
  5. This was definitely Shi Mok’s episode. He is so sharp and nothing gets by him. I also liked how we got to see some vulnerability in him - when he started to second-guess himself about investigating ineffectively which could possibly delay Dong Jae’s rescue and when he apologized to his mother for not letting her know that he was back in Seoul. When he was recounting how he last treated Dong Jae, I got the sense that he felt a little bit of regret. I wonder if this influenced his perspective of his relationship with his mother and why he was more responsive to her this time. It would be nice if
  6. Hi everyone, awesome discussions! I watched the latest episode twice and I still don't know what to think... So many details making so many people suspicious. (@AC95 @bedifferent @nrllee Feels almost like TLW's LJH again with the 365 head-spins. ) Not saying that they are likely suspects (at least not yet), but I agree that both Jung Min Ha and Kim Sa Hyun's behaviors are strange. JMH seems especially interested in the Segok case and pushing for it to be properly re-investigated. With KSH, when Shi Mok asked him if he thought WTH would dig dirt on CB, the gist of his response was t
  7. It seems there is not much of a mystery that some kind of corruption and/or abuse of power/intelligence were involved in the cases. Since they are old cases that are resurfacing at a prime time and seem to be putting CB, WTH and LYJ’s goals at risk, I am getting the impression that season 2 will be more about how they were all connected and how far each person involved (willingly or dragged) will go to keep them under wraps or will they know when they should stop. There are still opportunities to do the right thing. As Shi Mok said - *sobs* The last few minut
  8. @pompyavi I think it is all a mix of both. KWC does not want him to re-investigate Nam’s case because it will cause problems for prosecution and for Shi Mok individually as well. He brought up a similar case where a politician abused his power to get his brother hired, but he was never prosecuted. Instead, the prosecutor in charge was sued for defamation and reprimanded by his own council. He told Shi Mok that Nam’s case would not be any different for him. I think KWC does not want to see this happen to Shi Mok because he knows that Nam’s case was covered up by prosecution and they (including
  9. I am very excited about this one! Absolutely love the casting. - - - - - - - - NETFLIX NEWS Netflix Announces Casting Lineup For New Original Series “D.P.” By abbyinhallyuland | September 3, 2020 Facebo JUNG HAE IN, KOO KYO HWAN, KIM SUNG KYUN AND SON SUK KU HEADLINE NEW NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES – D.P.!
  10. @nrllee I agree, YSW would be one so far. A few pages back, bedifferent also wrote a heartfelt post about their encounter in prison as well. After some time has passed and likely self-reflection, he does seemed to be more at peace and Yeo Jin seemed to be able to greet him like an old friend, not a prisoner. A stark contrast of their last encounter in season 1. I was pleased that we got that scene of them. Regarding the care package, my initial gut feeling told me that it had to be sent by Shi Mok. Like you and larus mentoned, it seems very Shi Mok-ish to not leave a note of some
  11. These are all a good points. I can see that the characters' personal experience and journey may be key to guide them in the right direction. The cases in season 2 may not just be mystery-solving for police-prosecution, but may shine some light on where the cracks are on both sides and exactly what changes are needed. @nrllee @bedifferent I am in favor of the U-turn. Hopefully, the concept may be applied to other characters as well. Shi Mok and Dong Jae’s bonding time was precious. Dong Jae really tried with the “reminds me of the old days” line, bu
  12. Technically, I do think that she abandoned Nam’s son’s case. The police/intelligence bureau knew of his drug offenses and kept them confidential. Then, when his father got appointed as committee chairman, this intel became useful to her. She somehow got the drug dealer to name the son to the police, but let him go anyway to manipulate his father to move the police bill forward. Her rationale of not really letting him get away with it is by relying on that he’s an addict. That it is inevitable that he will repeat the offenses again. It is after they have achieved their agenda is when she sugges
  13. I guess the way I was looking at it, as humans, we have a conscience and so Choi Bit’s actions were outcomes of moral dilemmas. Though justified, she recognized when abandoning one cause for the sake of the other, the one forgone – by default – resulted in some kind of wrong. But, I understand that her character was written to serve a purpose in the story so I may need to separate my thoughts on this part from it. From the beginning, I liked her and hoped there was more to her than meets the eye. Also, I could tell that she likes Yeo Jin, but her style/delivery in their latest conv
  14. @Seiran029 That’s a very interesting perspective of Choi Bit and her conversation with Yeo Jin. I recently finished a show where it was not just the “bad” characters who manipulated the system, but even the “good” characters felt that they needed to go around it and turn a blind eye or two to achieve the greater cause. As a viewer, I understood their reasons, but it still left me questioning whether their actions were morally justified or not. I mean, could they still have obtained the desired outcome the righteous way? Anyway, your take on Choi Bit reminded me of that story. If your speculati
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