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  1. This may be wishful thinking on my part, but there are 10 episodes left so there's still room for the storyline to get better (fingers crossed) though maybe not so for ratings. With YC arrested now (hopefully for good), it's likely the nonsense killings/revivals will stop and the storyline will shift its focus to unraveling the mysteries of Seo and his connection to YC. If it does that, I think it could bring the storyline somewhat back on track. Either way, I agree that there are many plot holes and the writing could be so much better, but it's been fun trying to figure out what the heck is going on when in truth, no one really knows what's going on. P.S. Really enjoyed reading the differing theories on Seo. Can't wait until the truth is revealed!
  2. Seo's motives are still a mystery to me too. I agree that based on his flashbacks as a child with YC, he wouldn't be fond of YC so why help him? I am wondering if it's possible that he is helping YC only to conceal the truth that he is YC's biological son. Maybe he doesn't want to be linked to a serial murderer for a father and that's why he's been preventing SY/detectives from breaking the cold cases. I don't know...just a thought.
  3. @turtlegirl As usual, thanks for outlining all those great questions and @raziela @greezlybee thanks for the answers! They were very helpful! This drama definitely makes the impossible seem possible . Even with CM trying to explain to SY that her situation is far different from his as her parents saw her dead and buried her, she still seemed determined to try . They did find her body missing from her coffin so we'll see if they go back later and address that part. I agree with CM though, that it would hard for her parents to accept it. (This reminded me of poor Dong Cheol. He clearly saw a dead CM, but now alive again. I would put up a cross and faint too LOL.) Sigh...because HJ is selfish/dumb and as @raziela mentioned above, nothing but trouble . It's a good thing CM has seen her true colors and won't fall for her shenanigans again. However, if she was abused by evil YC, I do feel bad for her though.
  4. I was only able to sneak in half of today's episode during lunch at work, but boy does the mood feels so much better having CM back! Both alive and regaining his identity as CM. It's funny how the notoriety of plastic surgery in Korea and some biometrics made it quite easily believable to everyone LOL. I'm happy we're finally getting a bit rom-com. I loved how CM said he'll be immortal as long as he has SY and the Abyss . Also, him moving a sleeping SY into his arms/shoulders in the taxi was super sweet. Looking forward to more!! So, did I hear right that Seo seemed to call the older prosecutor "father"? Hmmm... I'll need to finish the last half when I get home later.
  5. Wow, not sure what to think of today's episode. I agree that there's way too much violence and killing. Probably more than necessary to emphasize that it's a crime drama. (Write/director - Please don't forget the rom-com too.) They could have omitted the gruesome scenes and used that airtime to bring CM back sooner. Also, I wasn't a fan of HJ also knowing about the Abyss and the truth about them all being revived by it. In the end, I don't think she did much to help SY's plan to revive CM. And she's still claiming that she's pregnant with CM's baby ?! PBY did a superb job carrying this episode pretty much by herself though. At least we know she'll have CM back by the beginning of the next episode. Looking forward to their reunion. Loved how she throws her arms around him with so much happiness in the preview!
  6. Since it's been mentioned here that prosecutor Seo and HJ could be siblings and possibly the children of YC, do you think the photo of the two children that SY found in the murder victim's home in episode 1 could be of them two? I've been wondering why SY's friend from law school would be a target of the murder case. Maybe he was also a prosecutor and found some leads to the cold case (such as the photo); therefore, YC and/or Seo had the need to kill him off? Based on episode 4, it seems like HJ's mother is very well connected to YC. Did it also seem like her mother was in YC's hands and that's why she's been following YC's orders? So this then made me think of Seo getting a call from "J" with a frantic woman saying to let her out. Someone here had pointed out that the woman was unlikely HJ because she sounded older. Could YC also have Seo's mother and that's why Seo is helping him? Just some wild/random thoughts while I'm anxiously waiting for Monday's episode .
  7. LOL...I'm crossing my fingers and toes that how and when will be in the next episode, but I agree that both are a big giant question mark. When it happens though, I do have high hopes that the plot and relationship department will reset and go. Prior to CM dying again, he was totally obsessing over finding HJ. It even made SY worry about him. Now that CM has learned that HJ is not the fiancee he thought he knew and loved, I think he will start to let go of her in that sense which will truly make room in his heart for his relationship to grow with SY. This should be easy because she's been there for 20 years. SY seemed pretty heartbroken when CM died so I think when he is alive again, she will start to realize her feelings for him. How does that saying go? You don't know what you got until it's gone. At least please have his second revival be meaningful in that sense. All the loose ends (and there are lots) will need to start coming together soon so hopefully next week will tie in at least some together for us.
  8. I hope so too! The unpredictable flow of the story is the main reason why I'm still on this train ride even though I'm not quite sure where the writer is taking us . Lee Si Eon's character is a total sweetheart to MD/SY. I don't ship him with SY (for obvious reasons), but I do love how SY calls him "oppa-aah". You can see CM rolling his eyes when she does LOL.
  9. So I finally watched episode 4 and have some questions... Is it presumed that Seo faked the attack/head injury so that old YC can get away? Has CM started to doubt HJ? He seemed to treat her a bit coldly after finding out that she lied about being pregnant with his baby and quickly saying that she was single, but I couldn't really tell because he brought her home. Is he doing this in order to figure out her motives? In the preview for episode 5, was old YC digging up a grave? Any idea on who's arm was sticking up from the ground?? There were indeed no real cute fluff scenes between CM and SY, but there was something behind a few scenes of theirs that I liked... When CM was sulking from not being able to find HJ, I liked the part where SY offered CM water and encouraged him to recharge himself so that they continue searching for HJ. CM was a bit surprised at her gesture, but she said she was willing to help CM in order for him to move on once he saw that she was doing okay. SY has been mainly thinking about herself so I thought it was a sweet move on her part. When HJ's interrogation with the police made CM look suspicious to SY, she seemed to be in a bad place because she didn't feel like she could trust CM anymore. Once she was able to confirm CM was CM, she was so relieved and glad that it really was him along. Now trust is of no issue between the two. When CM died (again...smh), it was sad, but now SY probably understands the grief CM felt when SY died. When CM is revived and back again, I bet she'll value his existence even more so now. Previously it's been CM who's shown care and regard for SY so it was nice to see SY show them in return.
  10. I am most confused by these parts and how they can be connected to each other. When I heard YC say to Seo that "my blood runs through your veins", the first thought that came to mind was that YC is implying that he's Seo's father, but how can that make any sense? I'll be wracking my brain about this part. I'm going to sleep so confused LOL. Apparently, CM tried to learn more about how the Abyss works by referencing the user manual, but he said it was in alien language. I guess we can cross the user manual off the list LOL. I felt sorry for SY in that moment too and wanted CM to have been there, but on the flip side, it was sort of nice to see her be vulnerable under her tough exterior for a change. I hope she will open up more about her inner feelings, especially to CM.
  11. @lingx2 @adqu Thank you so much for all the stills, etc!! I'm heading out for work and will not be able to watch until about 10 more hours (cries), but VERY excited for today's episode, especially what looks like a very cute PBY drunk scene!
  12. Oh oops, sorry - I missed it was already pointed out that it's a boy and girl. You have a good point that the prosecutor did say that Seung Hun and SY were close in law school so it's less likely that the girl in the picture in SY. I thought SY picked up the book at random and then coincidentally found the picture, but now you got me thinking...
  13. I am re-watching episode 1 and remembered this part of the discussion yesterday. In the picture, I think my eyes actually see a boy on the left and a girl on the right, rather than two girls. If my eyes aren't deceiving me, based on SY's reaction upon seeing it, I think the boy is Seung Hun (the dead victim) and SY is likely the girl. Also, it seems like SY and Seung Hun have known each for a long time and that may be simply her reason for taking the picture too. She even lit an incense stick and seemed to have prayed for him. Regarding the cardboard man, I cannot clearly tell if he intentionally or accidentally took the picture. Either way, I agree that there will be a reason for him and the picture to re-appear later.
  14. I don't think they will re-appear again because when they accidentally hit and killed CM, JSM asked SIG why did he have to cause trouble on their last day here. Later, she tells SIG that the 100th million star has fallen and that they must hurry off. I’m not sure what that all means, but it leads me to believe that they won't be back and that’s why SIG left the Abyss with CM. I hope I'm proven wrong though because one, I love the the couple and two, they would be the best people to enlighten us about the Abyss. So...if they do not re-appear again, who else would be capable of fully explaining what is the Abyss? Will CM learn the true being of it when he finally pulls out the user manual as SIG instructed him too?? Or will he and SY gradually learn more and more about it as they try and solve the murder mysteries??? I hope the remaining 14 episodes will be enough to answer our long list of questions LOL. Interesting...I was actually wondering if the prosecutor may have been revived before or if he knows about the existence of the Abyss...now you have me thinking about the surgeon too. This may sound farfetched, but the reason why I think this is when CM kept calling MD as SY outside the funeral home, the prosecutor was shocked, but at the same time, he seemed to easily believe that it was possible that MD could be SY. If I was the prosecutor, I would outright think these people are crazy and leave it at that because realistically how is it logically possible when he saw SY dead in her apartment, etc. Why would he later feel the need to dig up her coffin to confirm? Regardless, this prosecutor is very strange and creepy. Same here...I've been going back and forth as to whether the prosecutor likes SY or if he just wanted to stay close to her to make sure she doesn't solve the murder case. I guess it could be both.
  15. LOL...seriously! I logged into the thread tonight thinking..."Oh I'm only two pages behind from last night", but after reading everyone's super detailed thoughts (and questions), I find that I need to completely re-watch episodes 1 and 2 to better prepare myself for 3 .
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