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  1. What a great find...thank you!! Watching this made me realize that the two have come such a long way and have been through so much together. One of SY's lines to CM from the hilltop scene totally stuck with me. She said, "The entire situation is absurd, but I've been enjoying my life with gratitude as well. If I hadn't died and been brought back to life, I may never have lived so passionately and honestly like this. Especially when it comes to love." The Abyss story may be a bit bizarre, but it's been heartwarming to see CM and SY getting a second chance to realize how important they are to each other. If I was that mysterious man who saw them on the hilltop so cutely, I would be smiling at them like he did too .
  2. OMG I was smiling like a total fool while watching their hilltop scene. We finally find out that SY indeed did like CM a few times over the past 20 years. Only she felt he gave up too easily after she rejected him (harshly) a few times LOL. Love how CM is so adorably cheesy and SY is so direct. So happy they are official and going steady now . Same question as you all - who was that man looking at them? I'll need to go back and re-watch. I felt bad for Dong Cheol getting blamed for the fraud paternity test. It seems SY is refusing to give up so easily on her instincts so I hope she figures out the relationship chart and is able to link the coma son to the chief prosecutor then expose him and shady Seo. I'm so sad about HJ's mother. She really did try her best to protect her kids . RIP. Evil YC finally dies!! Interesting that it was HJ and Seo who masterminded the plan. After all that abuse by him, I'm glad it was them who killed him. Preview: So it looks like some of the unknowns from episode 1 will circle back and be revealed in next week's episode. I've been itching to know why SY's law school colleague was killed by YC and/or maybe Seo and what is the meaning of the photo of the boy and girl that SY found slipped inside the comic book. It must be of Seo and HJ or else why would Seo be upset that SY has it now. SY seems fierce in the upcoming episodes. Can't wait to see her showdown with Seo!!
  3. I enjoyed today's episode a lot and thought some progress was made in the storyline. It's confirmed that Tae Jin is shady Seo. It seems like he has love/hate relationship for his mom because although she tried to protect the children from evil YC, he felt that she was incapable doing so and only provoked him further. That's why his behavior toward her is both caring and indifferent. I thought it was courageous for the mother to still instinctively protect Seo from YC and to tell him to run way. Also, I was glad to see Seo stand up to YC when YC almost gave a deathly blow to the mother. But I was so MAD that Seo didn't successfully kill YC. Come on...ugh!!!! Young Tae Jin/Seo saw the chief prosecutor's wife fall to her death and the chief prosecutor cradling his injured son. He offered to cover everything in exchange to be his son. I don't think it was explained how/why the wife fell or the son was injured. I assume the chief prosecutor caused it or why else did he need to cover it up. Now we just need to know how/why HJ and her mother believed Tae Jin was dead, but I guess the chief prosecutor must have fabricated it in order for Seo to become his son. Park Gi Man was the person who sent the message/photo to the chief prosecutor. I don't think he has any ill motives, but he wants the chief prosecutor to do the right thing and reveal the truth about Seo's identity. Seo has abused his prosecutor position which has allowed YC's serial murder case to go cold and get out of control. He wants the chief prosecutor to put a stop to this by outing Seo. SY finally figures out that Tae Jin is Shady Seo and is the second accomplice who took part in killing her. Thank goodness! Preview: Looks like shady Seo and evil YC are still going work together . YC wants to be revived again, but needs someone who sees the Abyss to do so. It looks like Seo will lure HJ into doing so. Not sure what information YC obtained/learned to make him think that he will become a different person after he gets revived again. CM was still the same person after his second revival. Hmmm... CM and SY's scenes together were super cute! I loved how CM came up with all these reasons for them to sleep together and how SY then complained that the bed was too big LOL. I was so upset that they didn't kiss!! It would have been such a good one. They better make it up by giving us a really good one later. CM's mom is crazy, but if she wants CM to marry Mi Do (really SY), I'm on her side .
  4. I totally missed that part in the episode. How can he use the Abyss on his dead self though? If he asked that lady to help him, she can't see it unless he killed and revived her . I hope he simply dies and goes away . Then I believe the Abyss will go to SY next? I really wonder what will happen to the Abyss in the end. Maybe the alien couple will come and take it back .
  5. Thanks @adqu @lingx2 for the previews! I too was hoping for another kiss, but I'll take another cute scene of the two . @turtlegirl Glad you're still watching even though your friend decided he isn't anymore ! I love the secret room too! The set designer did an amazing job with every little detail. Not sure how CM did it, but I commend him for creating that room for himself and continuing to do/keep the things that his mother didn't want him to. Very resourceful. I like that now it's become CM and SY's secret room . I'm looking forward to this week's episode. YC will be on the loose again, but hopefully the writer's intention is to start connecting the dots between YC, Shady Seo, the chief prosecuter, son in a coma and all the photographs. Who or what else am I missing? Also, where is the Abyss? Not that I want to see it being used again (especially not by YC), but it would be really nice if the alien language can be decoded so that we can finally know the truth behind all the rules. The one about reviving into one's soul still confuses me. I don't see a consistency in that one based on all the revivals we've seen so far and it's totally bothering me...ugh.
  6. We'll see! I was confused for a bit when I saw Park Gi Man too, but I'm glad they brought him back rather than leave us wondering what happened to him. Based on the earlier episodes and notebook, it seems like Park Gi Man has done extensive research on YC so maybe he was able to link him to shady Seo and the chief prosecutor. I don't think the revenge is over for him yet either so now that he's back, I hope he shakes things up for the bad guys. For sure that the mom does love him, definitely in her own way haha. Good question on how she ended up marrying CM's dad because they seem like night and day. She scares me every time she yells .
  7. The aunt is indeed SUPER cute! She is another side character that I really like. It's a good thing CM had her throughout his upbringing especially after his dad's passing because his mother is one CRAZY lady.
  8. This scene of father/son made me smile then cry . I knew CM's mom was evil, but she is too cruel in keeping father/son apart and to only be able to see each other in secret. At least before his father passed, they were able to capture a memorable moment together. His father seemed like a really good man so I can see who CM got his kind heart from. I LOVE her past OSTs so a duet with AHS would be a wish come true! Totally agree with you both on SY, Dong Cheol and Mi Do! I have mad respects for SY after this scene. I was super nervous and scared for her, but she totally remained calm, cool and collected while she was with Seo and didn't break-down until CM got to her. Like WOW. It was admirable to see that she was able to use her quick-thinking to save herself from what could have been a very bad situation. I love it when a drama gives us amazing side characters. Dong Cheol and Mi Do's character development have been a pleasant surprise. We knew that they were funny and provided humor to the story, but this episode showed us a deeper/caring side to them. Love these two individually, together and as friends of SY and CM. Haha!! I guess it was too easy for me to think the visitor could be Seo. Seriously, the visiting policy is way too relaxed! Isn't that the same photo that SY found in Park Gi Man's notebook? Could it be him who is blackmailing the chief prosecutor?? The timing is interesting because it happened right after CM gave the notebook back to Park Gi Man. Not sure what his motive would be so I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem like Park Gi Man is going to let go of his revenge so easily.
  9. Mi Do's fake death last week was supposed to lure out YC's accomplice who they mistakenly thought was the same person who attacked/stabbed SY. I think Dong Cheol foolishly felt comfortable giving SY's number to shady Seo because he was confident YC's accomplice was the dead/suicide guy and by then, Seo already knew about their sting operation. SY told CM that the circumstances surrounding the suicide were fishy and believed the real accomplice was still out there. Too bad Dong Cheol didn't share her instincts or that her concerns were this strong. Prior to that, I am not sure why SY was out and about everywhere. I really enjoyed the scene with her and her mom at the chicken shop, but to be honest, it was probably not the right move yet. Is it too easy to be Seo? Maybe he went to inform YC that Mi Do/SY is still alive. Also, in the preview, Seo said something about telling YC not to do something. LOL. I may be the loner in this world who feels some pity for HJ and was happy for her. I totally get it though. I enjoy Seo as the main villain over YC for the same reasons too. Does it look like YC will escape prison in the next episode? In the beginning, HJ's mom wanted to call Tae Jin which the grandmother said she needs to let him go because he is dead. Does it seem like Tae Jin is likely Seo? Seo does seem kind to her especially at the end where she was treated for her burn at the hospital. I'm like 99.9% sure that evil YC was the cause of her mental state. Overall, I agree with you all that this was a great episode and well-balanced - hope it keeps it up...especially in the rom-com department !!
  10. LOL, the staff/writer is definitely messing with us. The only thing I can think of is that Seo was revived by a different Abyss so he couldn't see this particular one that revived CM, YC, SY and HJ. I know...crazy, right? I can't help it. What's interesting in episode 8 is that the grandmother that Seo brought HJ's mother to said that her and HJ's mother's kids both died in a car in accident. I don't think it could be HJ, so could it be Seo? That would have put the theory on the right path, but for that Seo couldn't see the Abyss.
  11. I really liked the scene with CM, SY, MD, DC and even HJ all hanging out in the same room together. It's nice seeing SY and MD friendly with each other. Despite how much MD disliked SY in the past, she wouldn't wish death upon her and was upset at learning about her murder. I'm glad she is willing to help SY and be a part of their master plan. MD and DC are definitely made for each other LOL. I now understand why DC treated SY so cutely while thinking she was really MD. I felt bad for HJ just by herself in the background, but SY was shown to be the bigger person and kindly included her. Wow, that kiss!! I'm happy before it happened, CM confirmed that he's over HJ and that he realized he never really loved her. Looks like he's going to make it official with SY in the next episode. This guy! LOL, that is the theory. Though in episode 8, where Seo was visiting YC in jail, it didn't seem like he could see the Abyss while YC was holding it up. I believe one of the facts we learned was that only the revived can see it. So hmmm...
  12. I only got to see 20 mins and had to hit pause. So far, I'm liking Mi Do. She's sassy like SY. No wonder they had butted heads. Speaking of butts, poor Dong Cheol (again) for being blackmailed with photos of his butt birthmark and he needed his partner to check it LOL.
  13. Not crazy at all. Early on, there was speculation here that Seo could have been revived by the Abyss or knows about the it because it didn't appear crazy to him that SY could be alive in the form of Mi Do. Now that you've linked that this could be the reason why HJ couldn't recognize Seo and Seo looks like the chief prosecutor's son, it makes sense and is shaping up to be a plausible theory. Seo and the chief prosecutor's relationship does seem fishy. There is definitely a mutual gain behind it though not sure what it is yet. It's also interesting that the chief prosecutor's son and HJ's mother are patients at the same facility. It can't be a pure coincidence. (I'm going to watch episode 8 now. Let's see what else we'll find out.)
  14. Definitely! The glimpse into their childhood friendship was pleasant to watch ! Gave a better understanding of how CM's crush on SY could have been 20 years. I'm glad it's looking more obvious that they're totally feeling each other . Oh no...really? I guess I'll need to brace myself for potentially more evil YC . I hope it doesn't ruin the current vibe. I do see SY getting stabbed in the preview, but I cannot tell by whom. It looks like she was trying to protect Mi Do. Hopefully, the last scene of her resting in bed under the care of CM means that she is fine though. Question... When HJ went to visit YC in jail, did anyone find it odd that Seo recognized HJ, but HJ didn't seem to recognize Seo? A few episodes ago where HJ had a flashback of YC abusing her as a teenager, she called out for her brother for help. I assumed that brother was Seo, but it's weird that she didn't recognize him. Maybe it's because they've been separated for too long. Or maybe she recognized him, but pretended she didn't. Hmmm... Also, we learned that YC is HJ's stepfather, but if YC said that his blood runs through Seo's veins, he would have to be Seo's biological father. That would mean they are step-siblings and the lady that Seo kidnapped from the medical facility would be his stepmother, not real mother. In the preview, it didn't seem like Seo would hurt HJ's mother, but if he could kill SY, I guess I shouldn't put it past him.
  15. Omg poor Dong Cheol! I hope he ends up getting back with the real Mi Do. The pace is so much better with YC behind bars and finally with limited screen time. I like that it's now focusing on the second accomplice and Seo. It's getting more interesting! As for CM and SY...
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