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  1. Re: the chairman, I believe he's a shady businessman, but I'm on the fence on whether he's involved with his son's disappearance. At least not directly or intentionally. I remember in an earlier episode, he told IDG that if Sang Hun doesn't come back, there is no place for him. Then there's the scene where the chairman finds Seo Hui walking in the rain and consoles her. He seemed to show concern for his son, but assures Seo Hui that Sang Hun will come back. Unless that encounter was also a part of Seo Hui's dream scenario?
  2. @bedifferent I like the seriousness and the mystery part of the story, but I also welcome emotions too. So same as you, that was my favorite part too. My hopes to see Sang Hun return back to Seo Hui is mainly for her sake, but in part, for Tae Sik as well. He seems to still be in deep grief over his sister. Understandably so and likely why he become a police officer. So at the least, I hope that he's able to fulfill his sense of responsibility/duty in finding Sang Hun for Seo Hui.
  3. I agree with many people here that Seo Hui was totally naive in sharing her dad's letter with the assemblywoman, but I think it really goes to show how sheltered she really is. I'm hoping that as part of her character development, she now learns that she cannot really trust anyone. Except maybe Tae Sik. I'm curious to see how they will come to partner up to solve the mystery. I did like how the story incorporated Tae Sik's sister's tragedy as part of his backstory. I now better understand why he feels compassion toward Seo Hui. It was nice to see him offer her some encouragement during this tough time as he's been through a similar situation. Maybe it's the start of building the initial trust. I hope the story ends with Sang Hun returning back to Seo Hui safe and sound (limbs and all intact). If not, I hope through this experience, Seo Hui learns to be strong and independent. Instead of the corrupt politicians and businessmen using her as their pawn, I hope she learns their game quick and outsmarts them. We shall see...
  4. Another hilarious yet sweet episode! I feel Nok Du gets more and more lovable each episode. I like how he didn't beat around the bush in telling Dong Ju that he likes her. I appreciate a guy who's open and honest with his feelings. I also liked that he didn't allow Dong Ju to run and hide from her feelings neither. But then, how was she supposed to resist him in the first place when he came to her that way. Haha. I'm glad she didn't hesitate when he went in for the almost second kiss. I'm not a big fan of push and pull so hopefully, these two cuties will romantically progress Based on the preview, it looks like Lady Nok Du will have another fight scene saving the widows in the next episode. Should be awesome!
  5. Thanks for mentioning this. I watched the first two episodes back to back and the details in Sang Hun's apartment and the dream scenario were my favorite parts. I think episode one wanted to confuse us to think that Sang Hun was having an affair with the mysterious woman and is not in love his wife. But based on the details you mentioned his apartment, I also feel that it is quite the opposite. They do seem like a couple in love, but due to unknown circumstances, Sang Hun had to distance himself from Seo Hui and that drove a wedge in their relationship. I agree that he is likely doing this protect her. It really seems he intends to tell her the whole the truth once he could. I got more comfort about it when Tae Sik told Seo Hui that based on their investigation of Sang Hun's apartment, they did not find evidence that he was having an affair. Even though Tae Sik followed it up with "at least not yet", I still like that as a detective, he felt confident enough to tell her that.
  6. @Ameera Ali Yay!! I've been dying to see some more martial arts from Nok Du. I love how he can go from Lady Nok Du to athletic and manly Nok Du . I just started episode 4. The way that Nok Du replied to the kiseang keeper's question of why he would go to such lengths to help Dong Ju made me smile . He guesses it's cause he's grown affection for her. Awww...
  7. I really enjoyed episode 3. The pacing is on point all around. Especially, I appreciate that the story doesn't drag out Dong Ju finding out Nok Du's identity (the gender part for now). Despite this, Nok Du continues to fool everyone as Lady Kim (except for Dong Ju of course), leaving us all with some more laughter and finally some heart-fluttering scenes. The scene of Nok Du teaching Dong Ju how to dance by the river was so pretty and sweet. I love that they are starting to get to know each other and feel something .
  8. Wow. Such a great first episode. I was immediately captivated by the first few minutes. Loved the fight scene and martial arts. Hope we’ll get to see more of it throughout. I really admire Nok Du’s heart. How he believes that running won’t resolve the problem. Him and his family will always be chased. So instead, he sets off to get to the bottom of it and confront the bad guys. And based on the way that he treats the people he meets on his journey thus far, you can tell he has a good heart. Love that his character is both athletic and kind. Re: Dong Ju. When I first saw the poster for this drama, I didn’t understand why her hair would be short like that. So she cut it off to save the little girl at the gisaeng house. I love her guts and how she did it without any hesitation. (My impression is that Nok Du seemed to share the same sentiments as well ) Overall, I feel the writer did an excellent job with character development in just one episode. I can’t wait to learn about both Nok Du and Dong Ju’s backstories and how they became who they are today.
  9. Thanks @triplem for guiding me here!! I am really looking forward to season 2. Crossing my fingers there will be good news about Bae Doona soon. Then I would be absolutely over the moon!
  10. I can't believe it took me 2 years before coming across this show. I just finished and wanted to come here to simply say that it's truly an amazing story. Very well-written. Nothing over-the-top was needed because the dialogue and characters are so good. I even enjoyed the bad guys. It took me awhile to find out more about the show because Netflix has it titled as Stranger, but it appears to be known mostly as Forest of Secrets. I was extremely delighted to find out it has won awards and that there will be a season 2! I'm looking forward to more mystery and thriller (even some more shenanigans from Dong Jae). I may be in the absolute minority in this, but I am actually hoping to see more feelings and emotions from Shi Mok. Perhaps even his version of romantic ones for Yeo Jin. I know he has a medical condition that prevents him from processing emotions, but I just can't help think that it's slightly possible because of the last scene with Shi Mok smiling at Yeo Jin's drawing of him. It's true that Shi Mok may not be capable of being in "normal" relationship, but I feel that Yeo Jin does understand him and would wholeheartedly accept him. I'm not expecting any of it in season 2, but it would definitely be icing on the cake for me if something subtle does happen. But honestly, I'm just really happy that there will be a season 2. Does anyone know if it's been confirmed whether or not Bae Doona and Lee Joon Hyuk will reprise their roles?
  11. It's confusing for me too, but I also remember that it was Kim Gang Wook as well. It was revealed somewhere in episode 13. HTJ had a flashback of when her and her husband's thumbs were cut off by the Turtle and in the last few seconds, he took off his face mask and it was KGW. Hope this helps. Edited: It's around the 22:00 mark in episode 13.
  12. Thanks for the articles @triplem It's so awesome to know that the drama is also garnering positive responses from the local audience. With them nudging at the writer and director, it makes me more hopeful for a season 2!!
  13. @triplem I agree with you that SKJ did a really good job in his role. I’ve been impressed by him throughout, but he totally won me over in episode 15 where he, JHR and DCK all drew guns at each other upon learning that JHR was the culprit responsible for his parents’ tragedies. SKJ nailed the rush of emotions to instinctively shoot/kill JHR to avenge his wronged parents once and for all, but then let go of those emotions when DCK got him to understand that his parents’ wouldn’t have wanted him to take this path and that they’ll find “the right way” to punish JHR. Perhaps this is another reason why I’m rooting for a season 2. I’d love to see SKJ reprise his role. Now that KYG has somewhat found closure about his past and parents, I feel that there could be a more level-headed and mature KYG. I think he could offer so much more as a police officer from his experience/growth in season 1. But either way, I too was happy that KYG was able to clear his father's name in his mother's murder. I bet his parents are proud of him and can finally RIP.
  14. I agree that the end of 16 does leave the door wide open for a season 2. Though I'm glad KYG was able to obtain the truth of who really killed his mother and finally clear his father's name, I'm not exactly satisfied without them being able to crackdown on the Jang Society yet. What I enjoyed about the show was that I could never read/predict DCK so I'd love a season 2 where we could see what he has up his sleeves as leader of the CIT to root out the Jang Society and their Turtles. I want to see him prove that his unconventional decision of making a deal with Commissioner Yeom outweighed the normal course of action of turning her in. With KYG "watching" him, I hope he will be able to prevent DCK from falling into a fiery pit while fulfilling his determination of catching the bad officers. Ideally, I really want KYG to be able to seal his trust in DCK. Slightly off topic. I know that this drama isn't intended for any romantic love lines, but I couldn't help the possibility of KYG and JSY running through my mind after she stuck a cracker in his mouth. Also, I thought HTJ rooting for Jae Shik was super adorable. I really hope OCN will indeed confirm a season 2 with the return of the same cast. New characters, presumably members of the Jang Society, would be interesting. Crossing my fingers.
  15. Wow. I really appreciated that the last 20 minutes or so was essentially dedicated to PMJ, post acting-presidency. Though he returned back to his teaching post, family life and even got his old hair-do back, it's obvious that he's evolved over the 60 days. I love that his vehicle emission reduction mission came back full circle, but now his tone and approach about it is so different from day one. He now believes that policies and politics together can be the solution. Wherein the beginning, politics seemed like such a heavy weight on his shoulders, it was so heart-warming to see him speak about it with such a bright smile at the end of all of it. I was initially bummed when he withdrew from the presidential election, but the last 20 minutes completely changed that. Whether there would be a season two or not, I'm satisfied in knowing that his heart isn't able to leave the presidency behind. I thought his state of mind about it was perfectly executed through the scene with wife. She definitely knows and reads him the best. And his BH team with him at the end totally sealed the ending. Even though he did not verbally answer Cha's question, his smile at the last second totally said it all. Whether he would win the next election or not, I took the journalist's comment that his withdrawal doesn't mean it's completely over and that he has won over the people even more is that he would. Anyway, I've been silently reading everyone's posts here and have truly enjoyed your insightful thoughts and comments throughout...so thank you!
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