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  1. Ah I watched it all in one day over the week-end and LOVED it. It was so touching and yet never too melodramatic. I also LOVED the music - no lyrics, all instrumental pieces and it somehow adds to the whole mood of the show. I have to admit I cried quite alot, especially the first story and the old couple... Thank god I was alone at home because it was not pretty to see. But there was also something heartwarming about someone trying to make sure you were remembered/understood. I am actually going to get my mom to see it so I'll be able to see it all again...
  2. I know!... This was one of the best moments in the episode. Somehow, seeing an old man crying because of something he cannot control, being scared, and calling for his parents... It just moved me a lot. No matter how old you get, you still feel like a kid most of the time and you rely on what you perceive as authoritative figures... @nrlleeI so agree with the use of flashbacks. I like how the past emerges in the present without confusing the viewer. I also think it is touching to see the life of a man as he nears his death... It could be sad but somehow I feel a sense o
  3. Oh so happy to see some familiar faces here. I started watching because I needed a break from too-dark "Mouse" and this took over, completely. @nrlleeIt's nicely written and that is why I got hooked so quickly. No surprise that it is such a good writer. "Tunnel" was great and so coherent till the end.
  4. This show is so weird though; it is starting to feel more like a social experiment now. As in the three babies were put togethe rin situations to see what would happen. Perhaps to control it later? To see what types of environments would pushc somewhere to committ a crime? That would be the only coherent explanation for this spree of violence.
  5. @nona88 and @Ale - hugs to you too. I had to give up three episodes ago but I feel your pain. I always say it is good to give the show the benefit of the doubt so hang on. In case you give up, we'll be three here! I still lurk but I just needed a break. I have been watching happy shows lately so to get over all this darkness. I like darkness but this is too much for me, and god knows I can take (I am a lit professor who specializes in genocide literature!!) a lot but when it is pointless or to just shock in an entertainment context... So hugs to you both!
  6. Join me @nona88 - I am waiting fo rmore episodes to come out to resume watching...
  7. Love reading all your theories! I have been MIA because of teaching/marking, but also because I am a bit pissed... Such a wonderful subject, such great writers, and then... nonsense story!!! I have not watched the last episodes and will take a break before starting again as I want to make sure it won't be crazy RickRoll'D That said, I love reading all your crazy thoughts.. because if that person can be a writer, so can we, no? (I am being mean but god I was so pissed two days ago that this is an improvement actually, I watched "Navillera" and it made me all warm ins
  8. I agree with you on this one... I am just going to wait and see. I am hoping subs will clarify some questions but man, it is getting messier and messier. @Gretule I am too! I found him an interesting character, killer or no killer. I also hate when main characters are killed off so early.
  9. Ha ha... tried to catch up this morning and we see the same theories over and over again. I agree with @nona88 on this one, let's wait and see... Two more days! What about we say what we'd like to see and what we'll hate to see? I'll start: What I want to see: more of BR's background and story. I am not asking for big answers, but just a bit of information to help us. What I don't want to see: more animal killings, please. I had to fast forward so many scenes already...
  10. At this point, I really hope that neither YH nor BR is the killer. Just beacuse we are at episode 6 and it would be too bad for us to already know That said, if we are gonna suffer, like @holyfea and @nona88 mentioned, I also want a shower scene, or several. One for each of our potential killers. @nrllee I also agree that if BR is the killer, some real good explanation in terms of timeline will be needed. The same difficulties arise in relation to the killing of MC's brother as he was checking footage at the police station just before. I hope this is not how the whole
  11. I agree but I hope it will be deployed in coherent ways so that it is logical (the whole arrival at the Church for the murder of MC's brother especially!). If what you guys are pointing out to, I wonder how BR got involved with his Church. The killer keeps saying that he was abandonned by God but the whole front and him being part of the Church makes me wonder why he says that? Let's imagine after leaving the police station, he goes to the Church and that is the whole praying we see him do. Two scenarri: the first, no intervention and he leaves, while keeping his murderous tendenci
  12. Very interesting! I also thought that YH could have said something important to YH hence him looking right back at him. Or perhaps he tried to kill the bird because he though well, why not since I am a killer? Maybe he also fell to the prejudice that other people have? Also let's see if he feels guilty or not... We only saw a few seconds after and perhaps later he will realize what he did... I know I keep trying to find excuses for BR but like I said, it is very important for one of the gene not to be expressed at all. No fight, nothing. Because you can have the ge
  13. I also believe that but what if YH wanted to kill BR because YH knows BR is also someone with a psycho gene and he wants to hurt BR because his was expressed but not BR's (or so he believes)? @ferilyCould that emptiness be linked to him trying to act like a psycho in order to understand? Ha ha.. I am trying to find possible scenarii that would make more sense than what we got
  14. I read all your posts, and especially the ones about BR's gene having been woken up, the multiple personalities, and the mothers being faced with their inability to change their sons... what is making me angry with the writer is if she chooses one of those, she is just wrong scientifically! A gene is just not expressed by physical trauma, going from no expression to full expression. It was proven that the environment plays a major role whether a gene/part of a gene is expressed or not. Multiple personalities was popular in the 80s and 90s and their existence has been questioned. I have a BA in
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