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  1. their 2 meetingin first ep. (literally Crash landing on you) heart melting chemistry between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Ji
  2. Merry Christmas everyone! Every now and then, do think of me. ==== In the epilog, it shows how actually, Junghyuk remembers Seri. It was when they're in Switzerland, Seri seemed trying to end her life. I am under the impression that he tried to save Se Ri from her suicide attempt by asking her to take a picture of them somewhere far from the bridge.
  3. like real couple ======= While Jeong Hyeok looked lost after they were caught because he was so affected by the kiss, Seri was still very much in character. Her expression it's almost saying "I have been a very naughty girl
  4. ESCAPE KISS! This scene is both funny and romantic at the same time. The fact that he used the “South Korean way of escaping” ---------
  5. Liked how they started it, I hope the plot doesn't disappoint. Also looking forward to the cameos and definitely feel their chemistry I must trust him. There’s no other way. -------
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