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  1. Are there any rumours who could be her second leading man this year in Glory? She’s done melo before so I’m really looking forward to see her in a revenge drama more. She’s going to be so savage I know it.
  2. Hello everyone! Can I ask what happened to her other drama Glory? I thought she was confirmed for that drama? Is unnie going to do both dramas in one year?
  3. Hi everyone! Do we know the release date? It’s one of three dramas I’m actually looking forward to this year. I’ve become such a picky viewer. Can’t wait to see combined talents of two of the brightest stars of Korea.
  4. I forgot to put more than 3 pictures under a spoiler tags just once, no more than once. And we discussed Mr Queen commentary and posted translated parts of it here. Can you tell me how is it off topic?
  5. Legs as strong and comfortable as Simmons bed... Looks like Cheoljong wasn’t the only with legendary stamina... ooops
  6. *incoherent sounds and noises coming from me* A lot of more photos were released by his agency here: https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=30862796&memberNo=35633842
  7. Yeah, reading their interviews makes me incredibly proud. They came from nothing, they weren’t scouted by any agency or became overnight stars. Reading how they both had hang posters of their projects by themselves makes me sad by also proud because of their incredible journey. Shin Hye Sun started as an extra and evil second leads until her talent couldn’t be ignored any longer. She’s such an acting powerhouse and if she won’t be nominated for her role in Mr Queen, then I don’t know anymore. Jung Hyun debuted late - he did mostly indie projects before being cast in Jealo
  8. I really love this gal’s colour videos! It’s funny Gu Seung Jun, who was a conman, had more muted outfits compared to Cheoljong, Soo Ho and Dong Gu.
  9. Looks like Viu heard our loud prayers I’m so happy they decided to sub the commentary though it’s not something they do normally, right? They must really love Mr Queen. I could count it on my one hand how many actors I liked this much like Jung Hyun since I started watching k-dramas. I’m usually more invested in a story itself than actors but there are times when I go crazy like this. The only actor I still like (though not following vigorously) and who my first Korean crush is Gong Yoo.
  10. This is like a dream come true. Viu Singapore truly loves Mr Queen and did better job than tvN to be honest. And the person behind Viu account is so hilarious too Does Viu usually sub commentary? I don’t think so, right?
  11. Oh shoot... is it so obvious? That’s why I envy people who like actors casually LOL. For someone who’s been watching dramas for so long I actually really liked just a handful of actors. But when I do like them, I’m like So Bong and go all in for them I can’t help it LOL.
  12. I was rewatching his IG Live from February 25 and guess this answered my question about his lashes. He totally wanted to show off his long eyelashes... why would he lean so close otherwise? So in conclusion - yes, his lashes are this long and thick naturally and he doesn’t wear mascara in his dramas And yes, he’s aware of how pretty they are LOL.
  13. Thank god he wasn’t really a teenager here. I feel less like a perv. One disadvantage of debuting late - even if you’re over 25 you still have to go through this infantile high school phase. Thank goodness he’s past this phase now, I really don’t like high school dramas. I think the person who topped JH in being even an older high-schooler was the second lead in True Beauty- that guy is apparently 30 IRL Our boy was “only” 27 @backstreetboysfan You liked School 2017? I have to say I’m kinda struggling, I relate more to older characters
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