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  1. Guys, I can’t believe Court Lady Choi saw Cheoljong’s abs before So Bong did!!! No wonder her eyes go wide whenever she sees the king!
  2. It looks like someone is purposely destroying ingredients for the upcoming celebrations. Poor Cheoljong, it was the one decision he made on his own and it looks like he’s going through hell because of it. It’s just my wishful thinking but wouldn’t it be cool if So Bong saved the day? If So Bong came up with another idea how to proceed with the festival even if someone is trying to sabotage it? Imagine how proud So Bong woul feel LOL. She’d be the cool one again. There are three things I’m particularly looking forward to: 1) Cheoljong finally tasting So Bong’s co
  3. I was rewatching Mr Queen and I totally forgot this scene from episode 1. Court ladies swooning over the king. So I compiled my favourite shots of our king. Everyone has their own favourite moments but here are mine. I mean, Kim Jung Hyun doesn’t have any scenes where he looks bad but these moments stood out to me because of a particular angle, his subtle smile, or his intense eyes. I can’t be the only one who finds him more and more attractive with each episode, right? Thank goodness, his acting skill is on par with his handsome face and Greek
  4. I think one of the reasons why Mr Queen is so popular is because we still don’t know how it ends. Because Go Princess Go had multiple endings we don’t know if Mr Queen will choose one of them or if it’s going to create its own unique ending. If it wasn’t Korean drama, it’d say it’s pretty clear Cheoljong and Bong Hwan are the endgame. This is what the writer has been showing us so far. Based on a narrative perspective the writer has chosen, the main character is Jang Bong Hwan, not Kim So Yong. We’ve been watching his story while Kim So Yong is a narrative tool to progress/develop
  5. Anybody here still remember Coffee Prince and its iconic “man or alien” love confession that was parodied so many times? I mean, wouldn’t it be a wasted opportunity not to use this confession in Mr Queen??? How fitting would it be?
  6. After watching BTS video I noticed three things: 1) Shin Hye Sun is really quite tall. She’s 172 cm and looks even taller because she’s thin. Some k-actresses have to stand a stool during a kiss scene but she isn’t that much shorter than her male co-stars. 2) Kim Jung Hyun has such a perfect jawline. I thought it was a clever lighting that made his jawline so chiselled but watching BTS he has a beautiful jawline even with a normal light. 3) Kim Jung Hyun was quite serious even after a kiss. Usually actors have the same react
  7. LOL since when does So Bong suddenly trust the royal physician? Didn’t she dismiss him several times because of his incompetence? But he’s giving her a lame explanation for what she’s feeling and she believes him? Hm... I smell a strong denial... . Oh poor Cheoljong, is he so blinded by his feelings for So Bong that he doesn’t see it immediately that it’s a trap? Oh my god, is one of them going to be in danger?
  8. OMG, you’re right I haven’t thought about that! As a man he must’ve felt self-conscious about getting his trousers transparent and clingy Poor guy, no wonder he fretted so much. It must’ve been hard trying to be flirty and sexy while screaming internally LOL. Ok, I rewatched BTS again after your post and I think Shin Hye Sun noticed his discomfort. Look at her hand - isn’t she trying to help him pulling down his shirt? And the way she looked at him knowing. What a considerate noona!
  9. BTW does anybody know how SHS and KJH address each other? Does KJH call her Hye Sun noona or Hye Sun-shi? I mean, she’s only 8 months older than him so maybe they address each other as equals?
  10. Hello and welcome to Mr Queen thread! I also can’t stay away from Soompi as I need to share all my excitement and love for this drama. A “heart transplant” trope you mentioned actually fit well with what is happening to So Bong. I’ve watched several dramas/films where this trope was used. The recipient suddenly gained some or all of memories and feelings of the donor. It’s called “cell memory”, as in the body remembers what it did even though the original soul is gone. I think the majority of viewers think So Yong took over during the kiss and every time So Bong gets flus
  11. @blademan I was also thinking about how their relationship progressed! So Bong went from hating Cheoljong’s touch to wanting to touch him Also she went from being terrified of him undressing to dreaming about him undressing haha
  12. I think the king forgot about this task. Someone should remind him in the next episode! It’s the matter of the utmost importance for the country!
  13. I came across this comment that made me LOL. ZERO chemistry between the leads? Like are we even watching the same drama? The chemistry between Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun is burning! There are sparks flying around them whenever they’re onscreen together. They both have amazing comedic timing but they they’re also intense and hot with passion. This comes from someone who has been watching k-dramas for over a decade and I can honestly say they are already in my TOP 5 OTPs. They’re well matched in visuals and talents. Imagine if they had cast lesser actors, there’s no way the drama
  14. @louisawatson Amen! My thoughts exactly, I wouldn’t put it better. I wouldn’t be against Cheoljong/So Yong endgame if it was done right - if they made two souls switching and made Cheoljong prefer the queen romantically when So Yong was in control while making Jang Bong Hwan developing a platonic friendship with Cheoljong. They made this work in a drama called “49 Days” where two souls took turns to take control of a body and each of them had romantic interest in someone else. And it worked and didn’t feel too weird because there was a clear distinction of who liked who. But we’re
  15. @enzek This was my observation as well, Shin Hye Sun was actually chilled while Kim Jung Hyun fretted and was all awkward during that bathtub scene The only complaint I have about this scene... why on Earth is Kim Jung Hyun wearing clothes??? It’s only a dream, they should’ve let him do it topless and make us viewers very happy I mean, who wouldn’t want to see this, right? @tazmin I feel the same, friend! As much as I try, I just don’t know how I’d stomach the ending without Bong Hwan and Cheoljong together. It wouldn’t feel right for So Yong to come back and take Bo
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