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  1. So the JTE we saw through the CCTV with the yoyo kid was revealed to be Luna! with her brand new identity as Koo's sibling. Look like Luna will get her own loveline with KSJ Corea version (I forgot his Corean name lolol) Also i got a bit confused at the reveal of adult yoyo boy to be the guy that randomly present at different occasion. I wasn't sure the meaning of it. Maybe he reveals to be someone to establish a connection? For e.g: when KSJ was bullied, thats how he met JTE and etc.
  2. Anyone else get sad during SJ confession? I always think one sided love is painfully beautiful. Im not sure why we don't feel for SJ as much as we should (with all his screen time and back story). But I'm glad he get to confess. And the sad thing is JTE using it to pressure him to give her the flute.. and she knows she's wrong too but she's desperate because she just loves the other person too much and afraid he will be alone. JTE knows LG would be stuck in the past and would try to pass time like he did before all by himself. She's done waiting, she wants to be next to him. Of course, SJ can never say no to JTE. If history reset, SJ would have not spending his time in ROK and would not have met JTE too. For a brief moment if i were in SJ shoes... i would feel incredibly sad.
  3. "There's no such thing as coincidences, it's fate" It's not a coincidence that both Lee Lim and Lee Gon happened to go through the portal at the same time. They both heard the flute sounds and both somehow coincidentally figured out about the saviour identity of that year 1994. Just like the fate girl narration, they both want to come back the time they want to save themselves. By the way, the way fate girl telling this story to the Mom. I have a feeling she will get the flute to travel back when she wants to save herself - and saving her son. I love that the moment the two parts of the flute met - the portal have wind and time flow for a brief moment - hence the photo got flown away and the bean sprout. When Lee Lim comes back to see his old self is also when 1994 Lee Lim gathered the courage to carry out the treason - as future Lee Lim was saying "you're here every day contemplating about treason." But 1994 Lee Lim ONLY made up his mind about treason the moment he met future Lee Lim and confirmed that the flute legend is indeed legit. His killing of his own future self is a pleasant surprise :))) (very ironic, very fitting with his character) and then there's fate girl narration: "He fails to save himself and create the monster he is today." Pretty sure 2020 Lee Lim is dead, so the sequence of moving Lee Ji Huyn's mom out of the apartment, I'm not sure if it was Lee Lim command. I'm sure Lee Lim's people cannot contact him again.. but because people are power hungry and all want the flute for their own advantage, someone will take the matter in their own hand and continue soon. We also learn Luna wants the flute for herself and not working for everyone. I'm pretty sure at the end - "I was sent by the person who promise to get your life back" - this person is PM Koo and not Lee Lim. The boss may have changed.
  4. PLOT TWIST There's another parallel world.. and in this world, the king and PM are together.. doing cf for coffee xD (this is already 9-10 yrs ago... hahaha)
  5. I think time travel can only be unlocked when you have the full flute - which means in battle between Lee Rim and Lee Gon, Lee Gon is gonna win. The climax i think is not when lee gon win lee rim but rather how Lee Gon can solve the solutions of them lovebirds be together. Also I hope I'm wrong, but when Tae Eul have voice over about certain decision she made...and how she doesn't tell Lee Gon about his future version come visiting her. I hope she is not going for the noble idiocy route... I would hate that....
  6. Remember the scene where Luna went through JTE's phone? There was no trace of Lee Gon in it, the closest one that one would have mistaken is that shinjae is her boyfriend as they are very close - theres even picture of them together in taekwondo class. I believe Luna did think Shin Jae is someone more than friend to JTE. Not sure if she knows JTE is dating the king of her world haha.
  7. I think because time stops for quite a while and he has to wait for it to pass, depite being right next to her. We were shown only a few minutes, but it's possible he waits 4489 seconds (which means 1.2 hour to get that pic taken) - as shown on the board, just my guess.
  8. THIS MUST BE THE NEW DIVERGE TIMELINE. I believe JTE would be dead in this scenario - there is no way she would survive that mass attackers with only 3 bullets in her gun, there is no way her phone message would have reached LG that fast. What must have happened was JTE sent the voice message, LG realized it waaaaay later when he went through the message and realize everything was too late. Somehow LG of this timeline knows ahead of this danger and show up just right on time. (Not to mention the interfering of fate yoyo girl) These two truly have deity on their side. THEY SHALL BE FINE!!
  9. Maybe we already spoiled with the ending. Maybe what happened in episode 1 - the capture of Lee Lim as he was questioned by JTE and Shin Jae is the ending after endless looping/time travel attempt to fix things of Lee Gon. The question is in this timeline as show in episode 1 when Lee Lim got captured, do JTE and Shin Jae aware of Corea yet? :)))
  10. This is a very well done music video compiles all the scenes of JTE and LG reunite with increasing emotions everytime. Im gonna put in under spoiler as it contains scenes of the latest episode When you watch all the reunite scene together like this, note how it always mirror their first encounter in episode 1, only in increasingly dramatic/emotional. The very last one is my favorite, so much emotions. I love their height differences when they hug. LOOK SO COMFYYYY
  11. I remember there was an announcement that a special episode will be aired today (Sunday) to explain parallel world and so on. Any idea when it will be out? If the special video managed to do a good job at explain and fill in the gap for previous episodes, more viewers would tune in next week (also the world of the married - the big competitor has just ended).
  12. At this point I believe this whole drama is a freaking loop. That would explained this direction style of jumping and confusing timelines... and that we can only understand the whole story when episode 16 comes then we have to re-watch episode 1 to sort of get the complete picture :))))))
  13. The blatant PPL in this drama is maybe its effort for comedic relief??? It's soooo obvious that it is funny. The cringey lines - such as products that the king uses, etc... Hahaha, anyone find it funny rather than annoying?
  14. Doppelgangers executions can be confusing because we have the same face but was done with different make-up and hair - thats why beside the leads (whose face we're more used to) sometimes I get confuse as who's who when they show the side characters doppelgangers. General rule: -Each doppelganger posses what their other counterpart doesn't have. E.g: One is rich, the other is dirt poor. One is royal, the other is common (Lee Gon and Lee Rim's family doppelganger). One has family, the other is orphanage (JTE vs Luna). One has siblings and family love the other has none (Yoon as the only child parent divorce vs ES who has twins with loving parent) So because of this, Lee Rim can negotiate with the counterpart whether they want to take over the other person life if it's something they desire - to his own advantage. He switch people from Korea to gain them favor or to help his people from Corea for being loyal to him. His main goal???? - I always find its odd that if he wants the other half of the flutes, why does he have to plan for so long (24+ years) and not going straight to snatch it right away from Lee Gon? Lee Rim escaped and killed his king brother in 1994, given the context that most our lead characters would be 3 yr (JTE born in 1991) and 7 yr old (both shin jae and LG born in 1987) and 9 yr old (Koo prime minister is apparently older than the king) - at this age would a swap of their family and their world possible? Would you still be old enough to remember something? Im a bit worried since Lee Rim been planning and swapping people for +24 years and here our two leads are being lovey dovey :)))
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