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  1. That's it ladies and gentlemen, YOU'VE BEEN SLAPPED BY THE SHOW The moment they announce season 2, I was not happy lol because I have a feeling they will end season 1 on a cliff hanging note. But i did not expect to have them end on a stupidity absurd note like this one lolol.
  2. Tuning in here because of Kim Go Eun casting new :p I peek through the webtoon, hmmm, interesting but gonna be a challenge to translate it to drama. Remind me of inside out movie by Pixar. I wonder if Kim Go Eun herself is gonna act our all of her brain cells (emotional, detective, naughty, etc) It won't be an easy feat, but knowing KGE duality, she enjoys these kind of works when she have to portray multiple characters in one series.
  3. Anyone here shipping SoMun and Hana? xD SoMun is soooo obviously have a massive puppy crush on Hana, it's so adorable. I would love to see the subtle romance between these two characters. As Hana's background is being revealed; we learned that her family is dead after suicide. I thought she was in coma after this incident and was revived by the Yung people. However Hana in her straight hair went to see her samchong asking for money after the family incident make me think that Hana may have gotten herself into another accident that cause her to be in coma?
  4. Interesting series. From what I gather so far: Bong Hwa (the male chef) is smart and has high adapt skills. But he is still very self-center. This reflects in his actions. He wants to be on the Kim clan side because in history, it is the winning side. On the hand, we're being revealed little by little how miserable Se Yong (the real queen)'s life is. It seems that even since getting in palace, she can see the chaos, the lies and the tensions between the family. She doesn't get the king love and being used by the Kim clan for political move. That short flash back
  5. I just realized next week there will be no new episodes.... AAAAHHHH why do they do this to meeeee. @pad-hari thanks for the spoiler pic. You know that feeling when you watch the good guy suffers hoping the bad guy will pay at the end? The drama is currently still unfolded but seeing that spoiler it keeps my mind at rest that good guy will win in the end hahahaha.
  6. I love Dosan and Dalmi, and the final episode have me smiling ear to ear seeing the cute babies together. But I also love that grandma after being visited by Dosan, pays a visit to JiPeong's house personally because she knew Dosan and Dalmi got back together and she knew JP would be sad. To me that's super cute, and while JP can be envious of Dosan, he gets the love and support from grandma like a true family. It's great to see him decide to pay it forward
  7. I know a lot of people mention the same thing... about why JiPeong not doing anything for 3 years. But doesn't it say a lot about JiPeong's affection towards Dalmi? JiPeong is not driven by his affection towards Dalmi, but rather by competition with Dosan. A perfect example of this would be Dalmi's hairtie - When JP found Dalmi's hair tie in his car, instead of return it directly to Dalmi and maybe earn brownie points, he gives it to Dosan to provoke Dosan's jealousy and insecurity instead. Think about it, JiPeong gets work up only when Dosan appears. JiPeong's nature is competitive
  8. I just need to requote this with bigger size, to say it loud and clear :)))) YASSSSSSSSSS
  9. Maybe they will have a kiss scene here? :))) https://www.instagram.com/p/CIJ8uFdg7_C/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  10. You totally forgot that Dosan did not want to go to USA in the beginning. I usually don't like noble idiocy but what Dalmi did was part of the events making up his choice. In addition, Dosan decided to go in the end because of what Chulsan's plead that he doesnt want to be loser in honor of his lost brother. There are multiple factors that shape Dosan's decision to leave Korea and not sueing 2STO - he was about to sue to the end of 2STO if Dalmi has not intervene and be harsh with him. If it was only because Dalmi break up with Dosan that he decides to go, I would not be convinced
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