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  1. So the final boss of the series, dun dun dun: Mr. Ko I'm sure Lee Man Ho may have a soapy story background. It's a good learning lesson for Kang Sol A to defend him. She is full of judgement right now, and she forgot how she used to be in the "bad guy seat" and no one would defend her. Prosecutor Jin, Lee Man Ho, are all victims of Mr Ko. They are being used and will get thrown away the moment they're not useful anymore. Also, we get a glimpse of lee man ho's son. He speaks english and seems to be abroad.
  2. Ok, Do Gi hugged Go Eun and consoled her, i like i like. These two interactions are so pure, need to protect. I also enjoy the taxi and truck of doom race - where Do Ki got out of the taxi while doing the front impact with the truck. There's not much other things I like about the episode. If taxi treat us with satisfying revenge in the beginning, now it's just frustration... seeing the good side sufferings. I also dislike that everyone needs Do Ki to come and save them.... and i mean everyone in the team. I wish they would give other members some credits for fighting a
  3. He's the boyfriend who start the illegal video of Go Eun's sister. He's seeking revenge, he seems to think that Go Eun is the cause... somehow he targets Go Eun and not Kim Do Ki lol
  4. That's true I completely forgot about the bomb incidence where she has to be hospitalised. That make sense she got her original hairstyle back. This taxi episode is so stressful, the circle of revenge never ends. Now the criminals all seeking revenge to taxi crews. None of them actually change for the better like Mr Wang has hoped to achieve lol. It's like a ticking bomb. Another wasting character is Mr Jang, he always got this dual character with him where he can be either good or bad. I don't get why he is so gullible and trusting Ms Baek til the end. For the
  5. It was already hinted in the very beginning that Prosecutor Kang mindset is similar to Taxi's team especially Do Ki. She mentioned multiple times that if she were the victim family she would seek revenge and Mr Wang is someone who constantly keeping her off her temper lol. That's why I find it weird that she was suddenly so obsessed with stalking the taxi team and insist on "criminal rights". Also there is this weird changing of hairstyle (from wavy hair to straight hair) that is not hinted by any event or noticed by anyone in the show. Usually a change in hairstyle for female
  6. Episode 10 and finally Prof Yang is deemed innocence haha Some crumbs of Kang Sol A and joon hwi here and there Im not sure Lee Man Ho's importance in the big story, he is still being a mysterious figure with no clear agenda (good or bad side). The hidden camera seems like a running theme... like father like son.... and the fact that the prosecutor who tends to leak news very wary about recording when facing lee man ho (some red flags to say something)
  7. My guess is that Madam Baek will arrange evidence to blame taxi rainbow for this human organs trafficking. I don't dislike Kang Hana. I was lowkey shipping her and Mr Wang, Mr Wang is such a teddy bear kind of person who provide support and comfort to Hana, a real supportive colleague. I feel like his dead was being used for the shock factor and partly to push Kang Hana to the taxi side. There has been less romance crumbs to Go Eun and Do Ki... Since Go Eun's story resolve, she also receives less screen time. Base on the preview for next week, it seems Go Eun will be
  8. From all the titbits from the show so far: -Kang Sol and Kang Dan are twins and look exactly like each other (identical twin). Pretty sure Ryu Hye Young is doing dual roles here. Her voice from the phone is the same, and the flashback shows Kang Dan briefly looks like Kang Sol with a different hair style. - The books Kang Sol tried to sell belong to Kang Dan, so in fact those books belong to the person who passed Hankuk admission. Kang Dan is indeed Joon Hwi's sunbae. - From the way Kang Sol's mom speak about Kang Dan. Kang Dan seems exceptionally smart, and I'm sure Kang Sol
  9. Someone said taxi driver shows Do Gi almost an exclusive one man show, looking at the amount of fighting he does... make me wonder no one in the team can do the job if Do Gi is on vacation leave or sick leave lolol. I'm happy to see that the other duo will be in charge of the next mission, some variety. We learned that without Go Eun, the group lose its brain lolol, they were trying to find the data center by physically looking with the googles, hahahaha (I know the duo are there for comedic relief, but come on they're suppose to be smart engineer ). Pyo yejin looks good with le
  10. Thanks for the input @Haeun and @poloska Hmm the webtoon sounds very different, so they basically adapt base on the idea, but the stories are completely rewritten. I love how it's going so far. I feel like the editing is a bit choppy, at times they were in the middle of car chasing scene then it got cut to flashback scene.. random editing. One of the thing I enjoy from this drama is collecting "romance crumbs" of Go Eun and Do Gi. I almost get mad at chairman to stop Do Gi from visiting Go Eun, hahaha, on one hand I understand where chairman coming from, that Go E
  11. New to taxi driver. I caught up all 6 episodes :))) Love Go Eun and Do Gi chemistry. I enjoy their support for each others and companionship. I hope there will be a loveline between them but it looks more like sibling at the moment. Go Eun called Do Gi as ahjushi. I noticed that Do Gi gave Go Eun a present which is the colorful kids bandaids. She has a habit of covering her finger tip with bandage, wonder if there's any story behind this habit. It's so cute that Do gi noticed it. Anyone has any spoilers from webtoon? :p
  12. hahahha i was like "did CY just friendzone vincenzo?" Vincenzo get all the spotlight man.... I'm sad CY become more of a background character. Oh, and Han Seo is the real highlight this episode, look how giddy he is finding a brother figure in Vincenzo, so cute. AND HOW PEOPLE ADDRESS VINCENZO AS VIN!. I die, "vin-hyung". I love collecting crumbs for this ship though, one of my favorite thing to do these days... looking at romance bread crumbs.
  13. The song could be interpret as motherly love between vincenzo and his mom too....
  14. Enjoy the new ost ya all, I personally love this jazz style of ost in Vincenzo so much, so jazzy, so classy.
  15. Enjoy watching some interpretation video from the korean audience. (There's eng sub cc in this video). Some good points here. Main point discussed in video: - He dissect the scene Han Seo looking at pictures of Vincenzo and his bro to see who he should choose to side with. Junwoo mention Elizabeth Holmes as an innovator, the author here explain who is Elizabeth Holmes - she's basically a scam, coming up with an idea of attracting investors with nothing. But Junwoo believes Elizabeth Holmes is innovative, shows Junwoo's mindset of running business. Han Seo after his
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