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  1. Hi all, I think these two had an unmatched chemistry and it would be wonderful if they became something real. Right now it’s all hard to tell but we never know in the future. just want to mention that I read bits of the Korean interview directly and he pretty much says that the both of them said to each other let’s view this as “business” and do our best (so it comes out good). He said the two practiced their scenes a lot together in private. He said people often told him that their chemistry is very sibling like in the bts clips. He thinks that’s what helped them do the scenes more comfortably . I do want to mention that JDY did comfort KSH because she cried in the party... I know someone thought it was some other girl not KSH (oddly) but there are now clearer videos of their seating and more writings in Korean forums of witnesses. I do think KSH is young and usually young girls like the worst type of guys. But she seems pretty mature so hopefully she is wiser than her years off camera too. i also saw a picture of her reading a Nokdu script and they had a close up of her hand. It had an actual flower ring on her finger. A real ring. I’m not sure if it was photoshopped or not. Did anyone else see it?
  2. I think every actor and actress did a phenomenal job. The PD and everyone behind the scenes did great too. The chemistry between DJ and ND was absolutely perfect. I wish the ratings were higher. They really deserved much higher ratings. So I know this is very minor but since someone here already mentioned it- I do wish the dolls that someone made had DJ in it too (the one someone gave Nokdu). Also, the little favors had mostly ND image. I think the main roles were really an equal partnership between the two. I hope the actor and actresses remain close. I think JDY is going to blow up after this. KSH is already a big star but hopefully this will open her up to many more quality roles. Best couple awards for these two!
  3. Hi, I am a huge fan of this drama. I haven’t checked but does anyone know how well the drama is doing in Korea? I hope it’s getting a lot of love. Someone mentioned that they are not getting a reward vacation. Is it because it didn’t do well? I hope they do go on a vacation. They really deserve it. I think it’s the best drama out right now. Also the chemistry between the main couple is the best.
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