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  1. Kim Go Eun in Marie Claire's April 2019 issue. Article translated by Naver Papago. Spring Of Kim Go-Eun Beautiful Kim Go-eun, dressed in Chanel's new collection, showed off her new charm in the April issue of Marie Claire. Translated article via Cr Marie Claire via Naver Papago Translate Cr Marie Claire via Naver Papago Translate ****************** Edited: Added Translated Interview Part 1 translated by miyu_mocha Instagram Part 2 Translated Interview Part 3 and Part 4 ******************* Kim Go Eun Celebrates Eighth Anniversary As An Actress In Photo Shoot For Marie Claire’s April Issue VERSATILE ACTRESS KIM GO EUN CAPTIVATES IN THE PHOTOS RELEASED FOR THE MAGAZINE. In celebration of her eighth-year anniversary as an actress, Kim Go Eun shows her charms as she becomes the featured artist for the April 2019 issue of Marie Claire. Cr HelloKpop
  2. New BTS of Kim Go Eun and Jung Hae In filming for Yoo Yeol’s Music Album Cr The JAYU Naver Blog
  3. Kim Go Eun to be on the cover of Marie Claire April 2019 edition!!! She looks so pretty and can’t wait to see the new photo spreads! Kim Go Eun is the new brand ambassador for Skechers!
  4. Adding more photos from @Lids BH Entertainment Naver link. ***************************************** An older article on the knetizen's reaction to KGE appearing on JTBC's Your Song The crazy line up of JTBC's upcoming music variety show, 'Your Song' First episode to air on January 17, 11PM instiz -Kim Go Eun..???!?! -I didn't expect to see Kim Go Eun here..!! -Seems like Kim Go Eun is also a good singer.. -My ears would be blessed..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ -Kim Go Eun used to do musical shows when she was in high school, she has a nice voice and is actually a good singer! -Park Hyoshin and IU.. I am totally going to watch this show..ㅠㅠ -Whoa.. I think I might die because of too much happiness at this rate... -Whoa.. The line up is already driving me insane. I haven't heard Kim Go Eun singing yet, but I'm really looking forward to it! -Kim Go Eun has a really great singing skill.. -I can't wait..ㅠㅠㅠ -This is unbelievable.. -I'm going to watch this show no matter what.. Thank you so much for this line up.. Cr Pannative
  5. Actress Kim Go Eun mesmerizes viewers with her singing skills on 'Your Song' Original Source (Herald POP via Naver): 'Your Song' Kim Go Eun shows off her singing skills...Picks Patti Kim's song t/n: She sang Patti Kim's song 'Love That Left Autumn', you can listen to her cover here - X (YouTube) 1. [+560, -38] I was in awe because she sings so well and because it matched her well. An actress that makes you feel good whenever you see her ^^ I'm supporting you~ 2. [+322, -17] Her voice is pretty... I really like this show... 3. [+209, -22] She's an actress that has quite a pretty vibe!! She's also really good at singing!! 4. [+237, -52] She did better than I expected..... She sings better than most female idols, I quite like her singing voice~ ^^ 5. [+143, -17] I really like Kim Go Eun ♡♡♡ ughhhh seriously is there anything she can't do???? ㅠㅠ ♡♡♡ Cr ddobja
  6. Photos of Kim Go Eun with Jung Jael Il and on set at "Your Song" Cr BH Entertainment IG via Kim Go Eun PH Cr JTBC IG via Kim Go Eun PH
  7. Watch: Kim Go Eun Showcases Her Beautiful Singing Voice With Rare Performance On “Your Song” Kim Go Eun wowed with her gorgeous and emotive singing voice on JTBC’s “Your Song.” The new music variety show aims to put a spotlight on the creation and behind-the-scenes stories of classic hits through composer Jung Jae Il’s perspective. Previous episodes have featured artists including IU, Park Hyo Shin, and Lee Juck. On the February 7 episode of the show, Jung Jae Il chose Patti Kim’s song “Love That Left Autumn Behind” and invited actress Kim Go Eun to work together with him. As his reasoning for asking the actress on the show for this project, Jung Jae Il explained, “She’s not a singer, but I heard that she’s good at singing, and when I looked up her videos I thought that it would fit well with her image.” After hearing the song, Kim Go Eun said that she thought she would have to practice hard, and that her most important task would be getting rid of any feelings of shyness. She also said that she had been surprised when she had first received an offer to appear on the show, especially as she thought Jung Jae Il wouldn’t have heard her sing before. While this wasn’t her first time ever singing on television, the actress rarely performs songs on TV. When a crew member told her that there was a rumor in the industry that she’s good at singing, Kim Go Eun laughed and said, “I’ve been to karaoke with senior actors or staff members.” Kim Go Eun previously sang soundtracks for her own projects. She said, “When I see myself singing, I get embarrassed and want to hide,” and added, “When I sing, my voice sounds different than it usually does.” When talking about Patti Kim’s song that they were working on for the show, Kim Go Eun said, “I liked it because the lyrics are so beautiful and poetic.” She came to Jung Jae Il’s studio to practice whenever she had time in her movie filming schedule. Before she went on stage, Kim Go Eun said, “I feel like my heart is going to burst.” However, she amazed viewers with her beautiful performance. Watch Kim Go Eun and Jung Jae Il below! Cr Soompi
  8. Click on the link tp watch the full episode of Kim Go Eun on “Your Song” that aired on Feb. 07. See short video clips from the episode below The first shy meeting between Kim Go Eun and Jung Jael-Il Kim Go Eun, who is know to be a great singer in the industry. Jung Jael-Il x Kim Go Eun first practice, specific praise and meticulous coaching Full video of KGE performing Patti Kim’s “Love That Left Autumn Behind”. Her voice is so beautiful and angelic !! Audio track of KGE’s performance of “Love That Left Autumn Behind”
  9. KGE IG Update ************************************** Preview of Jung Jae Il x Kim Go Eun singing "Love Left Behind" premiering Feb. 07 at 23:00 KST on JTBC Can't wait to hear in the song in its entirety. Her voice is so beautiful !!! Original Song sang by Patti Kim ***************************** Kim Go-eun sings "Love That Left Autumn Behind" on stage, said "My heart is going to explode" Actor Kim Go-eun will show her singing ability for the first time on a TV show. Kim Go-eun, who has been receiving spotlight for her charming voice in the OST such as the drama "Cheese in the Trap" and the movie "Grandmother Gye-Choon," will present a special music gift. Actors Kim Go-eun and singer Jung Hoon-hee will participate in JTBC's "Your Song" on Feb. 7th. Together with Chung, the two will summon the best songs of the era to reflect on the past and deliver a deep rumbling sound.In a recent recording of "Your Song," Kim performed a re-interpretation of Patty Kim's "Love That Left Autumn Behind." "Love That Left Autumn Behind" was a huge hit when it was released in 1983. "It was nice because the lyrics were so beautiful and poetic," Kim praised the song and absorbed it like an actor. It is also rumored that she visited Jung Jae-il's recording room and practiced hard every time while she was working on the filming schedule to perfect his songs. It is said that Kim could not hide her nervousness by saying that her heart is likely to explode before going on stage. "I think my heart is going to explode," Kim said before going on stage. However, when she was on stage, she completely immersed herself in the song like an actor who was born in heaven. Kim Go-eun's beautiful voice, which sings a poem by holding a microphone, is said to have made all the staff on the scene gasped. Thursday night's JTBC "Your Song" third episode will air at 11:00 p.m. Cr BNT News via Papago Naver Translate
  10. KGE IG update with Shin Hyun Bin ( co-star from Byeonsan) Papa Kim IG update of KGE in Paris Kim Go Eun to appear on JTBC’s ‘Your Song’ on 2019.02.07 at 11pm KST Kim Go Eun has a cameo appearance in the new movie ‘ Hit and Run Squad’ (the same Director from Coin Lockrt Girl, Han Jun Hee) featuring Gong Hyo Jin, Jo Jung Seok and Ryu Jun Yeol.
  11. More photos of Kim Go Eun arriving at the Chanel Spring Summer 2019 Show - so beautiful! Cr Fashion Headline Cr Stéphane Feugère/WWD via Gong Eun PH Cr Now Fashion via Kim Go Eun PH
  12. [SBS Star] Kim Go-eun Shows Support to Yoo In Na & Lee Dong Wook with a Snack Truck Korean actress Kim Go-eun showed her support to actress Yoo In Na and actor Lee Dong Wook by sending them a truck loaded with delicious snacks to the set of their drama. On January 23, Yoo In Na's agency staff shared pictures of Yoo In Na looking happy in front of a snack truck on his social media account. The pictures show Yoo In Na taking pictures while holding her mobile phone up next to her face which shows images of Kim Go-eun. The snack truck has a banner on top that says, "I support all actors/actress and production crew of 'Touch Your Heart', including Lee Dong Wook who used to be 'Uncle Jeoseung' and Yoo In Na who was 'Sunny' a while ago." The agency staff explained in the caption, "'Eun-tak has sent us some coffee and hot dogs." Kim Go-eun, Yoo In Na, and Lee Dong Wook met through a popular drama 'Guardian: The Lonely and Great God' in 2016 where they played characters written above. Within the last two years, they seemed to have made their friendship solid as a rock. Meanwhile, Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook's new romance drama 'Touch Your Heart' is scheduled to air its first episode on February 6. Cr SBS Star
  13. New photo of KGE from Chanel.com via Kim Go Eun PH ****************** [instiz] KIM GOEUN WHO WORE THE SAME DRESS AS THE MODEL AT THE CHANEL SHOW original post: here1. That model looks awesome...2. The model isn't even wearing shoes but her leg length is....3. Goeun is so pretty when she smiles4. She fits the clothes nicely!! Also the fashion show is just set up as a beach side right?... they didn't actually do it at the beach?> It was set up!5. Wow, to be able to pull off this kind of clothes...6. Both are so pretty and suit the dress well7. Both of them suit the dress8. Oh seriously, I now understand the difference between actresses and models9. Wow but the model is seriously pretty10. Wow the model's power the pull off any clothes... she's seriously no joke cr Pann-Choa
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