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  1. I see weak ratings. Wonder why. The writing is good the cinematography is okay. The actors can act and they're young good looking rising stars of kdrama. Is it the BL tones? I've never been influence by anything I read about a drama. I check just to gauge how readers feel. It's not the ratings I'm after, it's the drama itself and the actors. I've never seen Park Ji Hoon and Bae In Hyuk, and Na In Woo in a drama. As long as acting is decent and good and the drama does not border on cringe, bad editing, writing and directing, I'm going to check. First time watchin them.
  2. When all is too much..... It's the beginning of friendship. But just that. Because..... And at the end of Ep 2. Yeo Jun gained a friend in Soo Bin and perhaps looking and wanting from Soo Hyun. Becase Joo Wan the big brother is not demonstrative but I feel.. he cares for Yeo Jun. He's alone in his trauma. It's Soo Bin who's going to be there for him all times. Yeo Jun needs that friend whom he can run to who will listen to him. The writer though. The umbrella scene.... where YJ referenced "Bungee Jumping of Their Own". If you've seen
  3. I read that In the webtoon it focused more on Soo Hyun Yeo Jun, and Jun Wan. And Soo Bin was like side character. But this is kbs drama and perhaps have to twist it. It's bromance/friendship but nothing like the ones in cdrama. And I like that Kang Min Ah has main female lead. ****** The irony I suppose. Jun Wan (Na In Woo) is the older version of Nam Soo Hyun (Bae In Hyuk). Cold. Emotionless. But there's a glint of concern for Yeo Jun. JW as hyung of YJ is cold and aloof but it's evident he does care in his own cold way. Even defending him on the cho
  4. I know this is a webtoon. I don't know who the author is. I don't know the writer but it's good. the inner voice. conversation and dialogues. Doesn't have to be complex but can be relatable. The actors are good too. Quotables ep 2... This is when they were doing the group project and the cold and aloof SH as group leader doesn't wnt to wait for other members and doesn't trust them to do their part. SB is confused as to SH reaction. Their exchange is simple but it delves in the emotions of both SH AND YJ and how they deal with their struggles in thei
  5. Growing pains and coming of age for the youth. I like the first two episodes. Nothing corny or cringy or annoying female lead. For me anyway. low key angsty.. but will probably be high. quotables ep 2 The sky is blue, the feeling is too. Spring is not green for them. Each of the characters hides something choose to represent them in a different manner. *all tw post cto@
  6. more quotables....ep 1 After watching Ep 1 and 2.YJ SH SB MJ mentally and socially have inner struggles. The fact that they're in the prime of their youth and should be enjoying college life.. and yet. there's demons inside their head and struggles to move and persevere in life. Because after you graduate, you'd want to succeed. The dialogues/pov voice over good. actually written well. Not sure who's the writer for this. Ep 1.. tells us no one has ever seen NSH smile. YJ appears to to suffer from trauma/ child abuse. YJ wanta to be freinds SH. I
  7. More quotables...... Ep 1. Their POV of life and their current state of the three main characters. Awww. cto@ "It's the easiet thing to do, right? Making friends, I mean" - Yeo Jun "Leisure? Those are a luxury for people like me. Because those who barely scrape.... by don't have any free time" - Soo Hyun "The Hours you study determines your grade. So what now? All I knew how to do was put in the hours, but that won't cut it anymore" - Kim So Bin
  8. Quotables already.. and it's just episode 1. "The world tells me I'm physically an adult. But that's not how I see myself. This smile hides really what I feel inside" "They say this is our youth. Youth, the green spring of one's life. Spring is only green at a distance" "It's the easiet thing to do, right? Making friends?" ****** There's already complicated relationshipos and bungee jumping. And it's only the first episode. Gonna watch two episodes before I post thoughts.
  9. @larus Sharing the below photos from IG. This his character for this drama?? OMG *heart eyes* When do yoi think this will air? Why you gotta be like that Kim Jae Young?! Food truck support
  10. The stills given me a sota Cruel City/ Heartless City vibes. Like him in that suit feeliks Jung Kyung Ho. I'm liking this. Excited to watch Nam Goong Min. Keep those updates coming. Thanks larus.
  11. If you've watchd Beyond Evil. Another pairing.. similarto that of Jingoo and shin ha kyun. Jinyoung and Jisung Uh huh Could be. something like that but Judge version..instead of police version
  12. Bae In Hyuk is in demand at the moment. Current drama - Gumiho, and this one on 14th and there is another one upcoming I believe "Why Oh So Jae". Drama Preview Jun 11, 2021 by E. Cha “At a Distance Spring is Green” stars Park Ji Hoon and Bae In Hyuk dished on their budding friendship and working together behind the scenes! Based on a popular webtoon, “At a Distance Spring is Green” is a new KBS drama about the real
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