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  1. Yep. Im waiting and I'm gonna watch this. LSG last appared in a previous OCN drama Trap which was scary suspense weird cult like...dark drama. I enoyed from start to finish. It was short one about 7 or 8 epsiodes only I think. Good to see he's back again with OCN for another mystery thriller. twts cr: as tagged. cr:@ cr:@ Well. If they're similar... I haven't see Kairos.. I think I'm gonna check.
  2. And this.. my anticipated drama of 2021. The story plot. The leads. The excellent acting I'm waiting. I've watch majorty the dramas of the director.. and it's always in tandem with excellent writer No Hee Kyung. For this drama, I don't know who the writer is or what drama has he/she done. I better see for brilliant writing and intelligent, smart script. This is a legal drama involving justice system and how juveniles - who'd done crimes or misdemeanor- are treated or mistreated. I hope to to see talented impressive young actors who'll play the deliquent
  3. I also like Kim Myung Min and want to see him in well written drama. And this could be it. This being Legal thriller genre which means will get that suspense/mystery thriller plot I dig. I like watching actors in character taylor made for them like, in this drama he'll play a strict law professor. He's harsh one but method of teaching is addictive. So perhis like HTGAWM slash Solomon Perjury in a sense. The academe will be in shambles. Student's and professors will be suspects. We'll see legal loopholes being used to either save or bring forth justice. We'll see how law and jus
  4. Is this done? This is the historical drama of Shin Hye Sun I totally forgot but want to watch. First time in this genre I think. She's a good actress and I like her acting so. I'll binge this drama this weekend. It's good right? Is this the drama where it was report/article events was distorted ( something like that). I don't understand anything I'm not Korean but I still want to check this. By the way, I'm not much into the male lead and not familiar #sorrynotsorry but as long as acting's good.. it's okay.
  5. So I watch the the teaser for this drama. Looks dark historical. I like seeing Kim Yoo Jung in historical dramas because many moons ago I watch her in Dong Yi I'm like wow.. can we just have her throughout the whole drama. But character has to grow and those 8 or 9 episodes she appeared, I bow. Gonna watch her in this drama. See y'all when this premieres. Off topic: Indulge please cos I just want to say the two Kim.. So Hyun and Yoo Jung will both have upcoming historical dramas that will premiere first half of 2021. Good for them. Better for us we're gonna be treat
  6. The two Kim.. So Hyun and Yoo Jung will both have upcoming historical dramas (this drama and Hon Chun Gi) that will premiere first half of 2021. So I watch the the teaser for this drama. And also watch the teaser for the other historical Hon Chun Gi/Red Sky I think this is more political historical action love story. While Hon Chun Gi looks to be dark historical love story I'll be watching both of these cause I like the lead stars. Looks to be good but I'm partial to this one because I like the story plot more. It's great to see see Kim So Hyun in histori
  7. Yes please. This teaser got me looking forward already! Look suspenseful. The actings gonna top notch from the two actors. So many good dramas ( I hope good ones good script and acting) this February. My Mon-Tue is for Luca. My Wed-Thurs is for The Myth and Times. Fri -Sat is for this drama. My weekend drama for February is complete. Life of kdrama fan. I'm sure y'all can relate.
  8. I'm not major fan of SHK nor the writer. I've only seen SHK in two dramas, the classic endless love series and TWTWB. I enjoyed watching her in those two dramas. I hope, this new one will have her in pure drama like the old ones she used to do. Good plot and script and not just rely on visuals. As for male lead, I prefer an actor with same age or older by several years. If classic romantic dramas I like it Lee Sang Yoon. If suspense/political in nature it's Lee Jung Jae. If crime action Kim Jae Wook or Park Hae Jin..I guess. But I really would like LSY. Well as long as it's
  9. Maybe too early for a teaser. T his drama is from the writer and director tandem of Sky Castle.. which critics like. They're coming back with another drama. Great cast but I'm not familiar with the male lead. But I'm excited to watch Jang Seung Jo again- he's like 39 yrs old IRL but heck he doesn't even look like it. Writer: Yoo Hyun Mi (Sky Castle) Director: Jo Hyun Tak (Sky Castle) Set in 1987, when South Korea was governed by a dictatorial government. Graduate student Im Soo-Ho (Jung Hae-In) is covered in blood and he jumps into the female dor
  10. Same thoughts. I've seen drama of the director but not the writer.. And for the male lead.. I'm thinking wishing Kim Jae Young (Secret Boutique) but if I remember correctly, he will be in another upcoming noona romance with I'm not sure forgot the drama title but remember a thread. Ahh wait I also like the intern guy in in chief of staff drama.. I don't know his name.
  11. When Song Joong Ki looks more babyface than TaecYeon Waiting for This. Haven't seen SJK in a drama since..... The Innocent Man drama. I'm not the biggest fan of his or his recent dramas but I like him much in the drama he's appear before he went into service. Hoping this will be a good one.
  12. https://www.soompi.com/article/1446540wpp/watch-kim-rae-won-lee-da-hee-and-kim-sung-oh-transform-into-action-stars-in-teaser-for-l-u-c-a Yes please! All the action the running the flying. The kind I like. Definitely looks excitng. In order for us to find out what is his "special skills" we gotta watch. Maybe super human strenght? based from teaser. We'll see by Feb 1. Thanks larus.
  13. Happy New Year indeed. When we all went into lockdown 2020 and got stuck at home doing dalgona coffee and binge watching drama. This was my lockdown drama. And I'mma quote myself.... Thanks larus and jillia for letting us nnow. Congrat to them.
  14. Wow that 15 second teaser and the only thing I get was the word "guest" probably informing it's s from he director of drama "Guest." Waiting for 2nd teaser with scenes. Tnx Jillia and Larus for the updates
  15. @larus Thanks for the update on this. Is this pre produced? I think I'm gonna like this. The director and writer have impressive dramas and.. yes, writer is the one who did The Slave Hunters aka Chuno.. I've watched that like 3x already one of my all time fav. "“LUCA” tells a story about a person who was born into the mysterious world of genetics and thrust alone into society" Maybe he can see things? Read minds? Poster feels like OCN Drama. I'm already intrigue. My Mon-Tue is for this drama. My Wed-Thurs is for The Myth.
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