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  1. Kim Jae Young... he was just one those cops in one of my favorite drama called "I Remember You". I also watch him in "Master of God.. noodles" something like tha.. aka "Master of Revenge". Dind't think much of him. He was just one the cast/orpha character. But Perseverance and hard work and love for craft pays off. It's good to see him getting reconize and getting lead roles. Didn't think much of her when I saw in another tvN drama called "Live" then saw her "Hundred Million Stars From The Sky" good acting. Great to see actors given a chane to shine and show their skills. Hope she can part of the new drama "Live" writer is doing.
  2. @randomlee Thanks for updates. Looking at the shooting locations, scenery, praragliding.. can't wait to see cinematography. I hope it's scenes are shot well. Finally a romance drama where there are mature leads and the plot is something I like. Frm page 1 the writer and director, and the story plot. Please be a good one. I'm looking for ward to this drama.
  3. What! Is Netflix taking over Korean dramas? or the subs for most of of them. If you happen to see my post from other threads, I have aversion of Netflix. It's super great for intl viewers but not for me. Oh well they did show Bad Guys 2 from OCN but the sub was like one month after it premiered. But anyway. I'm still going to watch. Not sure what is the post below but sharing
  4. Episode 14. Oh that slap! SH found out about contract between Da Jung and Dae Han. She nows already it was a farce. The man she likes and has a crush and supports the candidacy kept everything a secret. So what to do to remedy the effect of the lies. As to the real father....whaaaat the twist?! So Da Jung's biological dad is a criminal. A rapist. Da Jung is product of tha t. And Da jung doesn't know about this. Imagine how she would feel knowing she was So why did the mother say he was an assemlyman in the first place?! So it's not KKH but rather criminal. By the way not fan of SSH but when one thinks of him first drama you'll think of is always Autumn in my Heart. Belated Happy Birthday Wie Dae Han.. I mean Seong Seung Hoon. October 5. Looking good and dapper. credit to naver ssh And little Song Yi is favorite. I hope to see this child actress ( don't know her name) more in other dramas. Cuteness overload. Wi Dae Han Song Yi Tae Poong... hehe calling them by their character names. credit naver ssh
  5. Yey for Go Min Si. I actually like her and the acting She was in tvN drama 'Live' then another tvN drama K-version of 'Hundred Million Stars From The Sky.' Then she was cast in 'Love Alarm' and is currently appearing in 'Secret Boutique.'
  6. Looking for updates for this. Okay. I'm going to answer my own question I guess. Song Kang aand Go Min Si reported cast since since April 2019. ( They both appeared in Love Alarm) Song Kang will be the main lead Cha Hyun. This webtoon adaptation has been reported as early as Arpil 2019 anyway. Even before Love Alarm. He's got more of the boyish looks and and tne main character in this drama gets bullied. Lee Do Hyun was added in the middle of Hotel De Luna and same with Lee Jin Wook. cr: namooactors Huh. Netflix? So this will be pre produced. I bet. Please I don't like when it's with Netflix. Don't like Korean Youth dramas in Netflix. I didn't even watch the Ji Soo's 2 seasons Netflix youth drama. I also didn't watch Love Alarm and I don't think I'll watch that Nam Joo Hyuk upcoming Netflix drama too. I'm just interested in this because I like the webtoon and it's a pyscho thriller not like rom-com.
  7. @shamrockmom same here. I feel you. Even ep 10 we can see the political direction of the story and less with the kids. Writer should focus on the main gist of this dram which is th the 'fake family'. The title The Great Show is all for the 'fake' portrayal of DH as a father to 4 kids. . I don't want focus on love rivalry as major plot arct. It's not eveb love story as it is a family story with political implications of a candidate lying to voters to get empathy and sympathy. Plus the biggest probably non secret... who is DJ father. I have free time so I'm just about the watch 11 and 12 episodes. Oh wow.. didn't know. When I check Lee Sun Bin is only 24. Korean age 25. Sheee's young! I rwally thought she's like Nana's age (28) or Shin Hye Sun (30 ) even Won Jin Ah (28) Her leading men here And Song Seung-Heon is 42! Lim Ju Wan is 37! I'm more surprise. LSB is young. But since this ain't love story I didn't bother with the ages I know right. Odd casting. Now that you mentioned it. I wasn't even thinking of their age gap because I didn't think of this as romance type drama. IKR... thanks for pointing that one. yeah the characters they are like college friends/lovers but they have huge age gap. Not that I'm bothered just.. yup odd. Well he is nice character for me. If you saw episode 1 He even went on national TV to defend him instead of the father. And when DH got the top spot JH looked gloomy. Plus I also think e also did not know that back in high school DH went to his father's office and begged the father not to close the store of his mother. The catalyst for DH was that incident. This was shown in ep during the flashback. He wanted to show KKH that using power, tramplie their small business is abuse of power and authority and will have his revenge. JH knows his father's political career comes first before family, that his father doesn't pretty much are about his mother. Hence he didn't want to enter politics and run. He was insisting on this. Even told his father, SH and DH. And he isn't spoiled. He works for a law firm. But he likes SH.. The father's insistence for hin to run and SH excitedly telling him about DH. He even move to SH neighborhood. It's all for SH and not for DH though e's threatened more of SH love for DH... To quote my post review after ep 7 And then I said....on ep 8 review But anyway we have character that we like.. for me. I don't find JW annoying. I hope he doesn't do anthything annoying and use dirty tactic just to impress SH and beat DH because him running is not because of of his father.
  8. Done episode 6 and the fact I wanted episode 7 already after that last scene. I like this OCN drama. I think he had weird stare towards HYS because HYS is alike with her younger sister. This boy seemed to have a crush on HYS's sister back then. His weird stare to HYS makes me worried a bit. He may be innocent 7 years ago, but like you said, he doesn't get treated properly, hence his action and behaviour are unpredictable. He may stalk HYS mindlessly, which is no good as HYS is living alone. I also think he's innocent for now. He's mentally challenged but he's able function normally (buy food pay for it and all that). The drugs used must have come from the vet. Maybe he follow her or maybe h him then got drug and did it or was asked to do something bad which due to his disabilities had to follow orders. I mean who knows. So it's either the the boy or the vet or.. someone else? By the way, that nuisance guy who always at the HRC building and complains just about everything ( because hey, it's HRC after all).Everytime I see his scenes, I'm thinking what will he complain again this time. Even the guard knows him already and everybody there. I think there's that type person in real life..somewhere.
  9. @QSD@bebebisous33 Thanks for explaning and sharing thoughts. My drama choices hasn't failed me. I like this type of drama. Glad I'm watching this. I don't even know who are the actors here. Just finished episode 5 wow. Thumbs up. I really enjoyed the espiode. the precise procedural way. The detailed way and step by step flashback to what happened with the old police officer. We now know committed suicide. I did think he really wanted shot him out of anger. You think it's an after reflex? Maybe he was mad at that time because of what happened. He was elboyed, he fell on the floor all bloodied. Didn't he get the taser gone try to aim it at the back of the guy holding the broken bottle. Before the range exploded, he was holding the taser already. But perhaps, due to the explosion he fired it..out of shock? I feel bad for the officer but. It's how I saw it. But the investigation is who's to blame? Was it fired intentionally or not. Was it a missfire. Taser.. doesn't really kill anybody I dont think so. ( I don't know anything about taser gun so you can correct me if I am totally wrong about it). I know it will just halt you/ the body or put the body in shock. There were other factors why the guy died. About to watch episode 5... so I can shre my thoughts as well.
  10. Okay, I 'm feeling I'm in the minority here. I don't like romance between them. I guess we have or own preference. Meanwhile.. is the butler feeling something for the chairwoman? I remember the somewhat intimate massage of her back.
  11. @40somethingahjumma@zenya22@qynn@triplem@Yippeun_eonnie@philosophie@ilmare@luvabe And others who would like to watch a more like serious drama aboput Politics @larus Thanks for updating. 11. 11 Season 2
  12. So I decided to check this as I see the director is the ame one who did two of my favs.. Man from Equator and White Christmas. Got free time I've fnished episode 1. The style feels like that of dorama from Wowow. Even the graphic subs..oh an even bgm.
  13. The shocker of end scene ---> I don't know about soompier friends here but I don't like JJ SW romance. For reasons it doesn't feel right. If you weren't in love with YN and you ain't bad... i'd like you, jerk!
  14. @larus I'm waiting for this. I like the lead stars I like the plot. I want drama that's dark and gritty and myterious. (I drop Vagabond as it just doesn't cut it for me) I'm hoping this political thriller will be good one. A dramatic suspense thriller. I feel this has more drama and more chilling. It's OCN it should be. ctto koreandrama_tr
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