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  1. @triplem Thank you for recap. At least I have an idea what's going on. I still haven't watch still busy with real life.. Can't wait for weekend. @40somethingahjumma You're here. happy you watchin.I like reading post ( along with bebebisous) It's easier to understand your take on the whole drama and story's about. OT: @Lmangla@brooksmom unrelated to the topic, but just want to say I'm using the new theme evolution mode, and the violet and blue font is nice against the black... but yeah me prefers white theme like the old one.
  2. Thanks Larus! Adding to my drama list. Like Like Like! I like them cast! A drama to look forward to!
  3. He's actually 38. but doesn't look like it. @triplem thanks for the recap. still haven't seen the episode but will do on weekend. @Auntie Mame gotta be premium member on Viu.. I think.
  4. @larus Second season? This drama wil have two seasons? How many episodes does this have? I like the actors here but I see The writer doesn't see to have a good rep? ( I've not watch Last Empress). At least I want this drama to have quality wriing and fluid solid story. This drama has good cast. Expensive production cost. You're right... this better be good. Why expensive? Location or.....?
  5. This premiered already but no English sub yet. It's Netflix so... there's delay but hoping to see subs after first two has aired. Please! And there they are ... awesome cast. These are good actors. Fighting! images credit to owners via twitter/press pics/JTBC
  6. My soompier friends, don't you agree.. Jan Seung Jo.. even though he's almost 40 he has this baby face type? I first watch him in Money Flower and he was alreay lates 30's. And Lee Elijah. after watching her in Chief of staff.. I was wishing she'd get another drama and gets to play main female lead, well, thank you drama gods! And Son Hyun Joo oh I like too much. I've seen every single drama he's been since Signal. He's top caliber actor like Park Sung Woong.. whom I also like. And yeah Oh Jung Se too... he's always been cast in good dramas an good actor too. I've no doubt I'll get good acting from these actors.. plus looking at the trailer....liking the thrill and action. Lets all watch this. I'm excited! Edit: adding this long trailer via JTBC twitter The main cast credit@
  7. @larus Thanks for updates. I'm intrigue with the plot. Sorta like Signal? Plus like the politcial mistery thriller .. reporter trying to save President from assisination. I last saw Lee Seo Jin in Trapt ( weird mystery suspense drama) I'm not familiar with the two other main actors but I'll be checking this. I'm not into time slip fantasy theme.. but as a long as it's well made like Signal or Tunnel.. then I'm going to watch.
  8. Sharing news and info I can get for the drama adaptation. When will this be shown.. I don't know....yet. There's not even a teaser. Hello Netflix?! This drama is from Lee Eung Bok the one who did Mr. Sunshine, DOTS, Goblin, Secret Love, School 2013, Dream High and one my fav drama specials We All Cry Differently. (cr: asianwiki) This is webtoon Manwha from Kim Carnby, Hwang Young-Chan. If you're into webtoon manwha for sure you've heard of this. You can read it first while waiting for the drama. scap cto via twitter
  9. @celebrianna Yes try to watch Chief of Stafff. I like much that I'm still wishing hoping for Season 3. Now this drama is the kind I like. Crime, police mystery investigation. The cast The genre: Credit to owner/ JTBC via twittter
  10. @nonski Any hint as to who will be the female lead? I wonder who. So If the the profiler and murderer is the female lead, she needs to have strong look apperarance and good acting. No waif looks and personality but I think if the female lead got impressive acting, it'll be okay.
  11. My favorite genre. I like the cast. I know I'll know I'll see good acting. Hoping to see quality writing and editing for this. It's a win-win for me.
  12. @Jillia So many updates. Thanks. I like the genre. I like the actors and I'm excited. Is this pre produced or live shoot? I like LSG too but excited to see Moon Chae Won back again in dramaland. I like her. @thistle we know how it is with drama. There's shocker or twist or it wanes . Hope they will be end game
  13. Oh no...why don't I know about this drama?! Bad me. @larus Thanks for the updates. Glad I saw. The title is Penthouse? I dont see this in asianwiki though. I really Iike the cast. Ill see spelndid acting from Kim So Yeon and Uhm Ki Joon They should be the match. Me thinks.Yes? I watch Ha Seok Jin most of his dramas. Last one was YHH. But I'm happy I'll see Kim Hyun Soo cast in a drama again. She's a good young actress..( for me anyway).I also like the drama she's appeared ( TWDR. Bridal Mask, Good Doctor. MLFTS, Joseon Gunman, Solomon's Perjury) But anyway... I'm familiar with all of them except for Eugene and Lee Ji Ah and Bong Tae gyu. I probably seen their dramas. I think.
  14. So several dramas ( ie: Sky Castle, Nobody Knows, TWOM) we've seen where children are caught in between complicated adult relationships and they are the ones left to suffer. Ahh these drama writers giving us something to ponder JS and JH shou;d be together. However, it willl not feel like a win-win situation. JH is married and has a Joon Seo who's classmate with Young Min .. and if Joon Seo finds out that his father is seeing and in love and wants to be with JH.. then that will trigger more Joon Seo's emotions ( it's his dad after all) and It's also the same for Young Min. ... though I know he said once he's nevious of Joon Seon having JH as dad. But then again... this is romance drama. It's not like main story line is about family it's a romance... reunited love but with two kids involve. two kids who know each other and two kids who are at odds with each other.. lets see what writer will come up. She doesn't want to subject JH for futher failure. He's being investigate, she read articles already. If she's being scrutinized, the past may surface. Plus what woulf Young Min think. Her son.. I feel sad for him the most, but.. how will she explain to him about first love , 25 year love spanning two decades. Sorry not sure if it make sense but, the more sher's involve in JH the more he will fail. Yeah. We watch many kdramas we're used good15 episodes but the last episode it deflates expectation. This is not preproduced they do live shoot.. so lets see. Correct me if I'm wrong okay but yeah live it means they write thhe script or can change. This is melodrama romance. We've seen how they met how they fell in love, the sarcifice that each of them made. They seperated, but got reunited. But their status has now change. JS has a son. JS also has a son. The son's know each other. It's JH who's got money and power, whereas JS works with 3 jobs ( grocery -before she was dismissed, piano tutor, then she plays piano in the hotel). Both have been in jail due to experiencing demoralizing siuations. Viewers expecting at the end, JH and JS will be together. However children are involve and you want to balance that with the outcome of the romance and being together. If there no kids involve....I'll be the moon they will end up together. Well what do you guys think? Lets enjoy this drama we have good solid acting from the main cast.