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  1. Finally binge watch four episodes. I like it! Politicians should watch this show. Well as they say, in politics there's wheeling and dealing, no permanent friends or enemies just permanent interest. Have to step up to achieve your goal.. by all means. Kang and Tae Jun...I like their dynamics ans Rendevous. They're ambitous, shrewed cunning, smart in their politcal ways and maneouverings. It's like watching 'Pope and Grant' ( of Scandal) on lower tier level. My favorite.. I realis is Han Do Kyung. His ideals and passion.... all things law.. wanting to repay or at least show gratefulness to Tae Jun as he was the only who visited his father.. who was also a woker and victim from the harshness of politics and business. I have a feeling in the latter episodes of the drama we will see Han Do Kyung... arc story about his father, background and family will be thrust in the political limelight and wil be used for one's benefit.. Ugly benefit. Because it's the jerk (the one who wants TJ job) who recommended him to Song. My question is.. doesn't Tae Jun remember meeting him? ( Remember the flashback scene) I also like Hyun's character- the one who was a reporter before. I don't know who the actress is but she's got mild meek gentle beauriful face. I guess she's also fighting for social rights for victims... having been a reporter before, she saw the plight of injustice. So how many episodes for this drama?
  2. Waiting for this drama and the other drama When The Devil Calls your Name. Then I want to see Lee Joon Hyuk and Lee Seo (WTDCYN)l in A drama together. Thye have that similar cunning vibe I like. Oops off topic. sry Btw, SSK looksl hottie here with this haircut ( OT: read he turned down? part in The Monarch. Heh.)
  3. Just a repost because whynot. I'm looking forward to this drama. I like the men. The maknae. The hyung. The oppa. The pretty one..and my best new actress Lee Seol. She's got a young face but she's about 25. cr: news pic
  4. @Dev11O omg watched the ep 8 raw. Did she find out while on the subway scene? Or during the wedding? Why was he panicking? Does he not remember Su Jin? Daamnn Like I wanted to know the dialogue inside the theater. It's emotional. I think she found out there's that scene she cried. She was shock annd Soo Ah had to comfort her. The shcok of finding out that Do Hyun had the alzheimers .. she's left to wonder, there was flashback.. so she must've been thinking of all her actions towards him I hated Su Jinduring first 5 chapters.. well you wanted your divorce... there's your divorce! But then I feel for her as well. Because she was wondering why he doesn't want to have a child. He actually lied about geting a vasectomy. Su Jin got pregnant pretending to be another woman but Do Hyun already found out but without her realiziing.. this was during firstt 5 chapters. Do Hyun stil able to remember. But his memory already detoriorating he can't evem remember thier apartmen passcode. And by ep 6 it got emotional.. when he ws buying the sushi salmon, the store man kept saying if he can't remember and if he's got Alzeimhers to just stay at home! which Soo Ah took offense got mad. I salute her. I like Soo Ah and Hang Seo.. they've been there for Do Hyun.. too care of him help him... I feel sd for them know seeing their friend alzeimhers manifesting as years go by. Also emtoional was the part where he he was recording a video to remember that he met his daughter . He wanted to not forget that moment but it bcame too emotional for him, couldn't continue s he cried and try to wipe his tears.. But the doctor who examines him said that modern miracles ofeten comes from patient's determination. Human bodies possess natural healing abilities that cannot befully explained. And that it applies to his brain too. That even if the deterioration of his brain cannot be stop, nothing can destroy the detrmination to use his brain either . The doctor said to think of a terminally ill mother who can't ;eave her child. But the doctor was honest with him. He said he's not capable of curing him completely but said to not lose hope. Doctor would say these to patients.. to soften and make them absorb the shock what;s going to happen. Nice acting by Kim Haneul though, she's been around. Good to see her in the drama. I don't know much about the lead actor. And yeah the fact that I watch the raw even got excited wanting to know what exactly is happening.. means I'm liking...so far. I usually to watch dramas that nobody really watch. I'm not really into big stars.
  5. Just allow me this.. so happy to see @40somethingahjumma gonna watch this. I always like reading her thoughts and inputs with the dramas characters and story. @bebebisous33 another one I like and enjoy reading post about dramas. Gonna watch too? Lets watch this.
  6. Woooh! I se someone I like cast in this drma. I see Seo Young Joo. @spark101 you know what his character's going to be? I always watch his dramas cos he'a good young actor. I'm not a fan of the main leads though.
  7. Oh...Netflix. Why is it with Netflix? I'm prolly the only one who's not fond of them when it comes to Korean dramas. Good luck to subbing... which will take weeks. Oh well.. I'm whining I know. But want to watch with sub a day after the raw. Viu, Kocowa sub fast....they don't have the rights?
  8. Woah those intense stares. Thank you larus for all updates for this drama. Excited to watch a new one.
  9. I'm watching it. It's hard for couple to stay married esp if one is suffering with alzheimers.. but..in 'sickness and in health' they should be together but..there's the concequence and suffering of the partner....so ultimately one will make a decision which will make it easier... or not.
  10. Another politcal drama! I like the plot. Thanks you larus for this thread. I'll be waiting and watching.
  11. Woo excited. The one I'm waiting for This drama, Aide/ Chief of Staff and When the Devils calls your name.
  12. Welll I said back on pg 2.. I'm going to watch this for my two fav child actors. Heo Jung Eun (young Tanya) and (Kim Yejoon ( young EunSom) and so I'm watching. They are future Daesng winners. But I'll likely continue watching this. I actually enjoyed episode 1 Haven't watch episode 2 yet. I felt like it was Game of Thrones but not really. When I saw still so SJK I though of Jungle book. From the start I Think understood the story. They offered those things to the Neathals(?) when they were in the mountains but it was rejected. And from watching ( reading sub) Sanung Niruha tried to win them over again sending beautiful gifts . before that the tribe already found out that there's been infectious disease that affected only Neathals and some animals The gifts that Sanung wanted to give to them- the fabrics that's been wrapped around the horses and other animals infected by the disease. Asa Hon was the sacrificial victim. These was all planned by Tagon.. he brag about it this plan during the scene they were rejocing killing the Neathals.- They wehre shooting them with arrow fires Trying to wipe them out. I think they are going to fight for iark. EunsSom discovered the way. Asa Hon has been looking for the cliff that will lead to iar and it's been 10 years and her child was the one who discovered. Thsi is the place where she said "No God of Arth can excersice their authority" that in order for them to live they must go down there. But from the ending scenes Tagon's father wants to send him there which the other leader protested (Asa Ron? the one wearing the white robe or something) Sanung said who can he entrust this but to his son. This drama is very interesting. I like the cinemtography as well. Here's hoping my interest will not fade. Because I'm more into crime action psycho thriller. I'm not fan of the lead stars but as long a I find the drama good, I'll watch/ BTW, do you chingus know who's going to the actor for the adult version of the Itugu child? The one that Tagon raised? Hmmm
  13. Watched ep 1 woth sub. It's a drama for matur audience because it's about marriage problems. getting vasectomy. SJ wants to have a child. DH doesn't want. At the start of their marriage they were sweet to each other and talk about having children but you know how it is when you're married for several years now you're not lonmger bf/gf so the sweetness and promises gone. SH had miscarriage- probably due to husband and stress. DH is most time drunk and impatient and bossy. We're not given hints if he knows that he's got the beginning of Alzeimhers disease. Though SH asked one scene if he's got one and then he also receive a call from the sushi shop saying he forgot the food. Strain in the marriage is and DH attitue SJ attitude. She wanting to get pregnant. Him, oppose to it. The ending. he got a vasectomy... tied tube. Told the SH which shock and hurt her. She serve him with divorce paper but DH think it's getting out of hand and doesn't believe her. In real life when husband gets a vasectomy, that is senstive decisiom that should be talked out escpailly with the wife. In this case DH just got one wihtut even talking it with the wife who wanted to try one more time to have child. So I'm thinking.. maybe he knows already that he's got the symptoms?
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