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  1. Just finished episode 2 with sub . I enjoyed this drama once again. I like their acting too. Jin Ki Joo as JGH funny adorable and good. It's not the 'annoying' type of female lead. And KYK.. great with the changing ecxpression of confusion. They have good dynamics and tandem is something enjoyable. I feel like the second lead DJ is being used to ruin DMI in the company. We see frwom the cctv footage, he met with the attacker prior then left. The one tried to hurt DMI is now the new driver.. recommended by DJ.. the attacker is clean cut already... and young. And this all happened after DJ met with the elders in the company... w/c based on ep 1 he was suprised to be metting them and wasn't happy. DJ is suspicious but... need more episoded to see if my hunch is right about him. What I'm confused abou is DMI sickness. When he sees people he doesn'g recognize they alway show no face t all and it's kind not scary but I find it weird. What exactly happened to him. Is it caused by the brain aneurisym? When his head got hit, something from brain remove his ability to recognize faces. Is it treatable? I enjoyed ep 2 wanted ep 3 already but... I'll wait with sub.
  2. Waiting to watch this. When he learned he's got Alzheimers he divorced her but but they meet again after 6 years. I guess he didn't want the wife to suffer with him hence after finding out the disease, he decided to divorce her. 4th teaser
  3. Watch ep 1 sub. I enjoyed so I'm looking forward to ep 2 sub. DMI got knifed after some bad guy tried to stab and harm him. With the accidened it triggered something and he cannot recognize easily the faces of people except for JGH. Fortunately for him she was there at the right and was able to thwart the mask man.. She's loyal.. and I guess she's used to hearing boss . It's just thye start so we;re being introduced to how the story will go nbut if I have to guess who could be behind, it's the one noona with th short who was talking to DJ (bff of DMI). The executives wanted to probably get DJ on their side. Either he was threatened, given something like incentive or blackmail.. but he was suppose to meet with DMI but change at the last minute. By the way when DMI phone rang.. he called DJ "wifey" (as per the sub).. guess that's how it's stored on his phone. We havin bromance or what? Both male leads are very tall. Female lead too but they still tower over her. Whereas Park Min Young as secretary Kim with previous drama is sassy classy secretary with how she dress and moves. Our female lead her as secretary in this drama is fast talker.. up beat, on the go dresess convenietly for all the long walks and running of errands. Wearing heels is no-no. Because she at the beck and call of the boss. Not sure how old is Jin Ki Joo but her character as scretary feels young but it's good because it blends with the character. @triplem and other soompiers here. I'm confused about what happened with the secrtary before JGH. I guess that previous secretary did something to DMI hence he never never allowes a secretary to stay with him for more than a year. He changes every time.
  4. I'm with you. It's a family drama but boy.. TJ and MR from start all the way till present and future episode... we want to see their relationship grow. TJ better with MR in all her fights.. side with her be with her be there for her.. But .... revelations, confrontations, conflicts, misunderstanding, separating but at the end of day. It's TJ and MR we want to see together. At least there's no 'other' woman' involve..yet..... so no usual jealousy but it's more familia and IS and abandonment. Busy with real life ( you know how it is..hehe) haven't watch the episodes yet but got time later. Yes!
  5. It's the kiss! Sealed with the kiss. Thank you elevator for being useful @larus watch and stare at the kiss By the way, how many episodes this drama has. 100 seems..long..... misunderstanding then make-up then break up then together again.. then married? Hello writer.. you checking soompi thread? Ha.
  6. We get updates. Thank you chingus. I said at the start of this thread I'm going to watch this.. becaue I like spy dramas even if they're historical ones. It's intriguing. I just hope I don't get bored. After 7 or 8 epidoes I always get bored with dramas (and esp historical) But hey Yoo Ji Tae's here.
  7. From the teaser. I've feeling it's going to be heavy. I like serious drama with good plot and writing. Pleabe be good! I like JTBC dramas anway. They always make good serious youth dramas and mature ones.
  8. Is this confirmed? You mean from movie The Negotiation to the small screen now they're going to team up in a drama? But what's the plot about?
  9. Hahahaaa like I said whenever I watch this it's like thw two daughters doesn't exist. Yeah.... yeah they can do away with the other two daughters story... we soo bad... We can't get enough of TJ and MR, currently we're all in love with both them! Aahahahahaaa bless ya chingus! IS is queen B with an itch!. Same here I want SJ to have time for herself.. she's just too good to her daughters.. like the martyr mom.. but that's what mothers are.. and not like IS. Her selfish reasons abandoning. Karma will get to her. IS wanted career and fortune and using rich man to climb to social ladders of success and fame.. and because she wanted to that she left her child. How can amother abandon a child?! She is not reedemable.
  10. Chingus I still haven't watch the episode with the 'kiss' I will have my thoughts on that and their relationshio once I'n done. @Juni Asat Same here! I'm boling mad at her! Can I teleport to the screen curl that short hair! The nerve. I'm just glad TJ is with MR but omg.. once the revelation begins.. and knowing who he is what his relationship with IS. of course she will be hurt. TJ gotta fight for her abdn be with her be protective! Edit to add: @my0therside Yup they match evenly.. they're both adults and it's not like puppy love. He's straightforward and says what's on his mind. I said at the start of this thread I'm no fan of noon romance but this one I like.. you don't actually feel the age gap but yeah in real like HJH is 10 years younger than KSY.. in this drama he's 32 she's 34/35. Credit to writer and their good acting
  11. MR anf TJ best couple in kdramaland right now! And I've said this sveral post already I'm going to repeat myself again. TJ and MR characters are so well written for them and they have chemistry the spark which makes us root for them. Hong Jong Hyun and Kim So Yeon acts their character so well. Thanks writer nim. I just started watching sub for yesterday's episode I have to pause because.. I don't like IS! Karma's gonna get her for what she's doing to MR! I better not see TJ side with IS I'll be hatin him if he does something to hurt MR. Everytime I watch the new episodes. it's like the two other daughters doesn't exist Back to the drama.. I'll have more once I'm done.
  12. @lu09 Thanks chingu for recap. Yep love is in the air!!! Omg..... Two words! TJ & MR Why was she crying?! on video clip???? Heck I'm just going to watch raw.. even if I don't understand. I gotta see them
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