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  1. #HyunBin takes the cover of Esquire China - February 2021 issue Full spread - https://m.weibo.cn/1195397063/4598676591219680 Hyun Bin as the cover for Esquire China, February 2021 “It’s not a coincidence, it’s fate. Hyun Bin is someone who stands out from others be it in appearance, acting skills or how he treats people. — c @cheonnunn
  2. “I hope there will be more smiles this year.” -Son Yejin national tresure indeed Hyun Bin leaves a lasting impression at the '2020 APAN Star Awards' with his acceptance speech AKP STAFF Posted by olmal Actor Hyun Bin took home the Daesang(Grand Prize) at the '2020 APAN Star Awards'. On January 23rd, the 7th 'APAN Star Awards' were held to recognize celebrities who made a contribution to Korean Television and Hallyu. The
  3. c tw. #HappyYejinDay ******** "let's fly together to achieve our dreams of building a happy household and blessed with beautiful and handsome children
  4. we have been crossing paths as strangers, to the day we became colleagues until good friends, but now here we are, lovers ready to become just one c cloyarchive *******
  5. Happy new year. For the first time, I'm addressing my personal matters and not work in front of you all so I feel shy... Hmm mmm... Yes.. that's what happened.. ^.^ haha... umm...^^;; I don't know what I should say, but I thought I should say something to you all..- I'm feel awkward/shy and weird..^^; I'm so grateful I met a good person and going forth, I'll put in effort to do well.. I'm always keeping everyone's love and support in my heart.. I hope more good things will happen in the new year. Stay healthy. Bbyong "
  6. Breaking: Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin Confirmed To Be Dating BREAKING Dec 31, 2020 by E. Cha Updated January 1 KST: It’s official: both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have confirmed that they’re in a relationship! On January 1, Hyun Bin’s agency VAST Entertainment stated, “Actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin met through their projects, and after the end of their drama, their positive feelings towards one another develo
  7. Dispatch has revealed their annual New Year’s Couple for 2021: Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are currently dating, and this time, for real. — DISPATCH
  8. **** “Just like Ri Jung Hyuk, when something interests me I fling myself at it wholeheartedly.”
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