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  1. his eyes spark everytime he looks at her. cto ******* BREAKING NEWS: Lee gon and Tae-eul seen strolling in dinosaur era. https://twitter.com/Taeeul06/status/1281824517858328582
  2. I like how she gets closer to him, almost as if she pulled him in or she got pulled in and couldn’t help herself. It’s the perfect anecdote to their relationship. The first pic she’s strying to keep a steady distance but eventually loses it to that charming boyish grin. c as labeled
  3. Jealous boi be like: iSn't tHeRe a tHiRd oPtIoN? directornim: A third option?? ******** the photo that lee eul took in the scene and the actual photo that's released have different pose
  4. are they teasing us? Yes they know we are waiting from 4am this morning for another update picture, now they are showing back hugging to us!! Wish for kim go eun the same transformation...Maybe she was there too WHO KNOWS ,now all we need is kge posting a pic with wdh in that same place. THATS LITERALLY ALL WE NEED *******
  5. Why sudden change of hairstyle?cut hair, coloring hair. c as tagged our ship will landed very soon
  6. Weibo stans we're counting on you On today’s episode of Lee Min Ho posts on his Instagram at god-forsaken hours *** this love story
  7. seldom i quote a post but i have to answer your post , my interpretation is just a fun post , because since yesterday we are overjoyed about what happen to our shipped couple as they say our king is the capt. of our ship she can be her future BF, now i believe they close friend
  8. new normal dating set up: go on a bike ride near at the river during wee hours while listening to a lovesong titled dancing universe. our ship *********
  9. We (shippers)admired how Lee Min Ho just shut the haters off by proving them wrong once again? I mean not everybody is capable and willing to risk something for their love. He's such a brave man for showing us who he really loves. Kim Go Eun's man is a man. what's wrong with liking someone for our girl? yes we like him BUT WE LOVE HIM EVEN MORE FOR OUR GIRL. Haters can . ********* Lee Min Ho shares a video taken during a ride and fans flood him with birthday wishes for Kim Go Eun Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun shippers found their way to The King: Eternal Monarch star's recent Instagram post's comments section and flood it with birthday wishes for the actress. Written By Dishya Sharma His comment section @codeserotonin